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Cork - 1 jobs in April 2015

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Barricade - https://barricade.io - Cork, Ireland (relocation package available).

Imagine a beautifully designed product that monitors your servers' security, alerts you of serious threats and tells you how to handle it. That’s Barricade.


- Infrastructure Engineer [Starting at €45,000 and 0.25% equity]

- Frontend Engineer [Starting at €40,000 and 0.25% equity]

- Data Science Engineer [Starting at €45,000, and 0.25% equity]

What we do:

We are working at the intersection of amazing user-experience, advanced security and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Our approach to work is drastically different to other security companies.

Every discussion, every feature starts from the customer's point-of-view and from a design perspective. We work very hard on understanding the pains, figuring out what our customers want and ultimately give them what they need.

We don't understand why security products have to be so complex, ugly, expensive, and ill-adapted to today's application development and deployment lifecycle.

Our goal is to take these complex systems and completely abstract them from the user. Security is hard, managing and responding to security events shouldn't be hard.

See https://barricade.io/jobs.html for more information!