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Dublin - 4 jobs in April 2015

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LegitScript - Portland, OR and Dublin, Ireland

We make the online health product sector safer and more transparent for individuals and businesses. We analyze and report on rogue online pharmacies and dangerous health products. Our services include monitoring, investigative reports, online pharmacy certification, and health product classification. Our mission includes protecting consumers from fake cancer cures, cosmetics that contain mercury, "all natural" supplements that contain dangerous pharmaceuticals, and illegal online pharmacies that fake their certifications and sell prescription medications to anyone who asks. Our clients include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Visa, Twitter and the FDA.

We have open positions for software developers in both Portland and Dublin, and are also looking for a full time DBA.



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ServiceFrame - Dublin, Ireland - Full Stack Software Engineer

ServiceFrame improves the quality of outsourcing relationships. Outsourcing brings together two organisations in an unusual alliance to deliver a set of services. Objectives are misaligned, cultures and sometimes languages differ. Until now, this has resulted in fractured communication between the two organisations, and eventually in failure. ServiceFrame establishes clear and consistent communication between the two organisations, better control for the customer, better margins for the supplier and a higher success rate for both.

We're looking for full stack product developers; people who are as happy designing and implementing new UI features as they are building out distributed data integration systems in AWS. Self-starters who can own the development of features from day one. People who are passionate about quality and can deliver. People who are brave enough to fight their corner and big enough to know when they are wrong. People who like to put themselves in our customers shoes and who are able to think big. People who are innovative and also able to simplify.

We currently use technologies like C#, CoffeeScript, io.js, Docker, AWS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Handlebars, Stylus. We believe in functional programming, SOLID principles, DRY, testing, continuous deployment, REST. We don't care if you know our specific stack already: the right kind of developer will pick it up quickly, and show us how we can improve it (Haskell, React and etcd would be easy sells, for example). Our development process relies heavily on GitHub, Slack and emoji.

More information at https://jobs.github.com/positions/d891f6da-ce4b-11e4-9534-f8...

If you're interested, contact us with your CV and cover letter at info@serviceframe.com


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Statwolf LTD - http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/84952/software-develop... - Dublin, Ireland, Web developer for data analysis platform


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== tl;dr ==

Amazon Web Services security team is hiring. We're looking for security-minded engineers at various skill levels. Our positions range from journeyman support engineers to principal engineers.

Locations: Seattle WA, North Virginia, Dublin Ireland (EU), Sydney Australia

Positions: http://amzn.to/HackerNewsQ2

Questions: @z1g1 or via email aws-itsec-hacker-news [at] amazon [dot] com.

== Full ==

Key focus areas include:

* Recognize, adopt, utilize and teach best practices in security engineering: secure development, cryptography, network security, security operations, systems security, policy, and incident response.

* Collaborate to ensure that decisions are based on the merit of the proposal, not the proposer. When none of the proposals is the obvious winner, you are still decisive, able to disagree and commit to the team’s decision

* Demonstrate high capacity and tolerance for extreme context switching and interruptions while remaining productive and effective

* Participate in efforts to promote security throughout the Company and build good working relationships within the team and with others across Amazon

* Partner with teams throughout the Company to develop pragmatic solutions that achieve business requirements while maintaining an acceptable level of risk

* Solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context

* Maintain an understanding of the Internet threat environment and how it affects the company

* Find and fix flaws in existing company systems and sites

* Leverage current state of network and application security tools and how they can benefit the company

* Maintain knowledge and skills required to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape

* Participate in efforts that create and improve the company’s security policies

* Work under extended, extreme pressure, handle situations calmly and lead incident response teams effectively

* Proactively support knowledge sharing within the team and across the company

* Help recruit the very best people for Amazon through active participation in the overall recruiting process

* Large-scale security engineering Cloud security experience is obviously a plus, but not a firm requirement.

Full Listings are available here: http://amzn.to/HackerNewsQ2 .