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Madison - 5 jobs in April 2015

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Catalyze | REMOTE or Madison WI | Full-Time

At Catalyze we're building the underlying infrastructure for some of the most exciting and innovative technology companies in healthcare. In short, we provide a compliant platform and data services to power the scaling of digital health. We love working on open source, solving difficult problems and we're growing rapidly.

Over the last 2 years we’ve grown our team from just a few to over 20 full-time employees. During that time raised over $6m in venture capital, and signed some of the biggest brands in healthcare (the VA, Amgen, Blue plans, and many more).

Our team and board is made up of experts in healthcare, security and compliance, data control, and cloud engineering. We have several levels of engineering positions open including a Healthcare Integration Engineer, Junior - Senior Software/Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Support Ops and several other non-technical roles. For more info - https://catalyze.io/jobs


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ChatID (New York, NY) http://chatid.com

ChatID is a quickly growing platform for brands and consumers to directly communicate via chat across any website and on any device. Our chat product is live for partnered brands on Walmart.com, Sears.com and Newegg.com

Our current openings:

* Head of Engineering

* Junior Python Engineer

* Engineering Intern

All of our openings and their job descriptions can be found here: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?k=JobListin...

About the company:

- We're 25+ people mostly based in NYC, but also SF and Austin

- Our NYC office is in Flatiron between Union Square and Madison Square

- Our chat services are written in Lua and powered by Prosody [https://prosody.im/] an open source XMPP server maintained by two of our cofounders, one of which is a member of the XMPP council

Technologies we use:

- CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Flux and React, D3, SASS/LESS

- Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, RabbitMQ, Apache Spark

- Lua, OpenResty/NGINX, Prosody

Sound interesting? Apply at http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?k=JobListin... or send us an email at careers@chatid.com


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Madison, WI and Atlanta, GA - Shoutlet http://www.shoutlet.com/careers/

In Madison, WI - we have a Front End Engineer, User Experience Engineer, Web Application Designer, Mobile Application Developer, Tech Support and QA.

In Atlanta, GA - we have a Sr. Software Engineer focused on Big Data Analytics (Hadoop, Mongo, Pentaho).

Shoutlet is a leading enterprise social media software company based out of Madison, WI with an office in Atlanta, GA. Great company culture and opportunities!

Feel free to email careers@shoutlet.com for more information or apply at our website above.


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Shopbop - Madison WI, New York and Vancouver - Senior Software Engineers

Shopbop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon. Shopbop.com and EastDane.com have customers in 165 countries and can be found on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Kindle. Plus you get the perks of being a part of the Amazon family while still functioning like a smaller organization.

Apply at: http://bit.ly/19FJsX0 Or email your resume to:mujoanne@amazon.com


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healthfinch, Software Engineer - Madison, WI

Join our modest development team and change the way the health care industry works! We’re scaling to more customers, integrating with a broad range of medical systems, and building out capabilities that will impact the day-to-day lives of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other heath care practitioners.

We work with Ruby and Javascript on our current apps, but believe in the philosophy of using the best tool for the job.

Minimum Requirements - A minimum of 3 years experience working as an application developer or software engineer - Interest in working with a small development team at a start-up - Proficient oral and written communication skills History of collaborating well with other developers and stakeholders - Experience with modern web development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Knowledge of SQL and modern RDBMSs like Postgres, Mysql, SQL Server - A good understanding of MVC design patterns - An interest in perfecting the practice of healthcare through more usable IT!

Bonus Points for These Skills - git, Ruby (or other dynamic language), Ruby on Rails, RESTful web service, development JavaScript, RSpec, Cucumber, jQuery, Cache and MUMPS - A GitHub profile you can send us