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Melbourne - 3 jobs in April 2015

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Wow, no love for assembly/assembler yet? Enjoy:

Raytheon SI could be the place for you. We are hiring technical staff at all levels, from INTERN (hurry, the competition is fierce) to people with decades of experience. We hire doctorates (PhD), but don't actually require any degree at all. Desired skills relate to reverse engineering, disassembly, emulators, JIT, hypervisors, security vulnerability research, compilers, binary static analysis, formal methods, malware, hacking, boot loaders, x86, PowerPC/PPC, MIPS, ARM, IDA Pro, kernels, constraint solvers, drivers, and embedded systems.

SI is mainly in Florida (Indialantic), Maryland, Virginia, and Texas (Austin, San Antonio). It's a place with extreme flex time, T-shirts and jeans (or shorts even), normally 40-hour weeks with the option for paid overtime if you want it, your choice of desktop OS, real walls (most locations), and lots of mischievous bright nerds with maker attitude. We get you a security clearance, so US citizenship is required.

To apply, go to https://rtnsi.theresumator.com/ and select one of the following job titles:

  * Software Engineer / CNO Developer
  * Static Analysis Research Engineer
  * Vulnerability Researcher / CNO Analyst
(note: the "Melbourne" location is actually Indialantic, where you can get a house within a mile of the beach for 5 figures)


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Dialogue Group | http://dialoguegroup.com.au Melbourne, Australia | Full-stack JS dev, Fulltime REMOTE OK

Dialogue Group is hiring a jnr/mid NodeJS fullstack developer. Love MEAN, but you're a nice person? You'll enjoy this role.

We build awesome stuff that helps people have conversations. Current projects you'd be working on are in the HR/forms space, and healthcare/communications space. Experience with building massive forms and/or protocols like XMPP a plus.

Super flexible for the right candidate, remote totally 100% OK, even encouraged (unless you're in Melbourne, Australia). You need to have a few hours overlap with our timezone (+11) though, as not everything can be done asynchronously (haha terrible NodeJS joke).

More details and apply: https://dialoguegroup.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hm3m/


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Culture Amp - Melbourne, Australia - http://CultureAmp.com - VISA - Full-time Front End Lead Developer (Not considering remote workers for this role)

We're looking for a front end specialist to join our development team in Melbourne, and lead the evolution of the JavaScript and SASS/CSS within our codebase. Our application is built primarily in Ruby on Rails, with a MongoDB back end, and hosted on AWS. We also have a Java component (but we won't subject you to that).

You love crafting beautifully designed and intuitive user experiences, and you believe that creating well tested, clean code is just as important for the front end as the back end. You enjoy being surrounded by talented engineers, learning from others, as well as contributing to their development. To top it all off you've got a passion for culture and changing the world of work for the better.

There are plenty of challenges in the front end code to keep you interested. Our user-friendly survey capture form needs to work across a wide range of browsers and devices, and provide a simple, enjoyable user experience. On the reporting side, we use JavaScript and CSS to visualise and make sense of big data. We use JQuery and some JQuery UI and Bootstrap components, and we know there's a need for other libraries to help streamline the code - that's where you come in.

We're a small development team, using lightweight agile processes and working closely together on the codebase. We use git and an automated CI for builds, and review each others' pull requests. We believe in automation over repetition, and aim to make our code and infrastructure modular and reusable.

We work with some of the worlds most innovative tech companies (Airbnb, Pinterest, Etsy, Uber, Slack, Squarespace, yelp, are just some of our well known clients) to help them better understand and improve their culture. We're located in one of Melbourne's most vibrant co-working spaces, Inspire 9's Foundry9 - a stone's throw from Richmond Station, and the monthly venue of the Melbourne Ruby user group.

We care about who you are and what you've achieved, not what pieces of paper you hold. For this role, we're looking for a front end focused developer with strong technical skills in JavaScript and CSS, leadership experience, a keen interest in learning and an awareness of existing libraries and frameworks.

If you're excited by the opportunity to work in a fast growing start-up, where there's plenty of opportunities to pitch in on anything from shaping the next product feature to influencing our technology stack, and building a global software company from Melbourne, reach out to us.