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Minneapolis - 1 jobs in April 2015

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Vidku - Minneapolis, MN - Android engineers

Vidku is the social video startup that created Flipgrid, a cloud-based, mobile video SaaS product currently used by millions of teachers and students in K-12 and college classrooms around the world.

We raised $17M in our series A so we're looking to grow a world-class team.

We'd love you to have proficiency in as many as possible of these:

  - Android Studio
  - Android Media and Camera API
  - OpenGL ES
  - Android UI and battery-saving guidelines
  - Persistent data structures using ORM libraries
  - Android Networking Libraries like Retrofit and Picasso
  - Software development workflow (Git, Testing, Continuous Integration)
  - Interest in RxJava
We'd also require that you want to be a part of a full-time team, help shape culture, and take ownership of your amazing work. You also have a portfolio of industry-leading work (with your specific contributions outlined) published in Google Play.

If you match our needs, you will enjoy all of this:

  - Valley-competitive salary packages based on displayed experience and expertise
  - Best in class health, dental, disability, life, and 401k plans
  - Equity compensation in one of Minnesota’s hottest startups
  - “All in” culture that you will love
Are you ready to be a part of something incredible?

To apply, submit your resume to work@vidku.com. We look forward to hearing from you!