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Mountain View - 12 jobs in April 2015

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Nod Labs - http://nod.com - Mountain View CA - Full Time, no remote work.

We believe our motion and gesture technology will fundamentally change how we interact with computers and our environment. We have built the first and only pixel accurate gestural control device, and we are just getting started.

Yourself: Self starter and mostly importantly a finisher - pick something up and deliver without supervision. You will be a manager with a team size of one - you. You will need to pick the next problem on the way to achieve our goals and solve it. You could be working on our custom OS twiddling GPIOs or you could be hacking on the backend or polishing off our iOS app. You will need to hold a lot of complexity in your head and have solid CS fundamentals. For what we do, Google may not have all the answers to your questions, github may not have any such sample code and Stackoverflow may have a vaguely related question with no replies, but you will be responsible for solving the problem.

We are currently looking for a) Embedded SW Engineer b) Game developer with Unity/Unreal experience. Motion Capture pipeline would be a plus. c) Mobile developer who can architect and build great multi-platform SDKs (think Unity, Parse etc) d) Web Frontend developer. Build what is next for nod.com

Team: ex-(Apple, Blackberry, Facebook, Google, Jawbone, Lab126, NASA, Samsung). Approximately 1/3rd of the team are PhDs (or PhDs on “pause”) in various fields (Math, Physics, CS) from MIT, Stanford, CMU etc.

Drop us an email at stdin@nod-labs.com


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Khan Academy — Mountain View, CA (remote possible)

We're a small, non-profit tech startup bringing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Millions of people in all walks of life use our free educational platform to learn (check out some testimonials at https://www.khanacademy.org/stories). Most of you reading this are familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers, partnerships with organizations like MoMA and the California Academy of Sciences, and a huge library of interactive exercises.

A few things we're currently working on building right now:

– Major improvements to our mobile offerings to let students practice skills on the go [1]

– Improved knowledge models so we can better know what you know and don't know [2]

– Infrastructure improvements to make the site more reliable and faster for our millions of visitors every month [3]


We're especially looking for mobile and ops engineers, but we have a handful of other positions open. Unfortunately, we've filled up our slots for this coming summer internship, but we'd happily talk to intern candidates for future terms.

Apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers - feel free to ask me here if you have questions about applying or about KA in general.

[1]: http://www.kasrak.com/writing/khan-internship/

[2]: http://mattfaus.com/2014/05/improving-khan-academys-student-...

[3]: http://www.alangpierce.com/blog/2014/07/07/bigbingo-khan-aca...


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RealScout - Mountain View, CA - Full-time - Full-stack (Rails) & iOS engineers

Thousands of real estate agents have chosen RealScout to help convert $20 leads into $10,000 commission checks. We amass hundreds of data points on every single property, track buyer preferences and behavior, and expose analytics and insights to agents so they can appear super-human to their clients.


Earlier this year we inked our largest brokerage deal with Sereno Group at 250 seats and we’ll double our addressable market by end of year by moving into SoCal.


We're backed by Formation 8/Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir), DCM Ventures ($2.5B under management), Ken DeLeon (#1 Realtor in the US 2012) and Matthew Moore (former EVP at Realtor.com).

Along with our recent announcement of $6m in funding, we’ve attracted some amazing people:

* Duke Fan, former VP Product of Mobile at Realtor.com * Pierre Cadzilla, one of the first employees at Trulia * Betty Kayton, former CFO of Dropbox


We value continuous improvement and having fun. We have a small team focused on shipping great product and being the #1 engineering team in real estate.

We recently upped our game by spending 3 months at Pivotal Labs in SF and our team is cranking - from engineers to design to product. We also recently launched our engineering blog: http://eatcodeplay.com.


Feel free to email me at chris at realscout.com with any questions or to apply.

https://www.realscout.com/team http://eatcodeplay.com/careers


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RethinkDB - www.rethinkdb.com - Mountain View, CA - C++ hackers

We're making it dramatically easier for the world to shift to realtime apps with an exciting new database access model -- instead of polling the database for changes, the developer can tell RethinkDB to continuously push updated query results to applications in realtime.

We're hiring C++ engineers to work on performance, the continuous computation engine, and the distributed system -- http://rethinkdb.com/jobs/systems-engineer/

RethinkDB is fun, very technically challenging, well-funded, and is growing very quickly. Intellectually, we're also PL nerds (mostly Lisp and Haskell/ML), so if that's your cup of tea you'll be right at home!


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Addepar - Mountain View, CA; New York, NY; VISA

We are engineers rebuilding the infrastructure that powers global finance. Current technology in the space is broken and opaque; it enables scandals like Bernie Madoff to go on for a decade while $64 billion vanishes from the economy. We're building a platform around transparency and connectedness to encourage responsibility and reward good decision making.

We are currently on the lookout for software engineers, along with a motivated security expert with in-depth knowledge of industry best practices to join our team. For more information please visit careers.addepar.com. Or email careers [at] Addepar [dot] com.


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WhatsApp - Mountain View, CA

About: WhatsApp is the world’s largest and fastest growing communication company with over 700M Monthly active users globally. A Top 25 iOS app in more than 100 countries and an Android app with more than 1B installs on Google Play! Using your startup mindset and your experience developing web based applications, you will create new, awesome features used by 700M+ current WhatsApp users. Our offices are located in downtown Mountain View, CA.

Mobile Software Developer: http://goo.gl/pe7Omo

Web Software Developer, Web Client: http://goo.gl/w5KmX0

Full Stack Web Developer- Tools: http://goo.gl/Zd3DP3

Software Developer, VoIP:http://goo.gl/hR06EB

Mobile Software Developer, New Grad: http://goo.gl/YWdgDl

Mobile Software Developer, Intern: http://goo.gl/e9J4v6

See more here: http://goo.gl/oljZsw

To apply, submit your resume to the links above or email jobs@whatsapp.com


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Kifi (http://www.kifi.com/) - Mountain View, CA (H1B okay, prefer already in the area) - Front-end, backend, ML, etc. Full list: https://www.kifi.com/about/join_us

We're a social network for knowledge, bringing you the things you should know, based on who you are. VentureBeat wrote about our vision recently: http://venturebeat.com/2015/03/10/a-new-company-fighting-the...

We use Scala, Lucene, Akka, Play Framework, browser extensions, AngularJS, Gulp, etc.

• Front-end Engineer

Build the desktop product, creating an excellent user experience & easy-to-use product.

You: Highly proficient in JS and HTML/CSS; Well versed in HTTP semantics and web API design principles; Comfortable learning/using new web technologies to build rich applications (think MutationObservers, CSS Transforms, SVG …)

• Mobile engineer

Design and build high quality, modern consumer mobile user experiences. It's our fastest growing market.

You: Prior iOS or Android experience; Passionate about user experience

• Machine Learning / Information Retrieval Engineer

Using a massive amount of user events, analytics data, social graphs and web documents, you will build a new breed of ML and IR systems with tight throughput and latency requirements.

You: Proficient in at least one JVM language and can easily pick up Scala; Passion for elegant and efficient algorithms and data structures; Experience with implementing high quality ML/IR systems

If you're interested, the best contact address is careers@kifi.com, or direct: andrew@kifi.com


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Mountain View, CA - ScriptRock Technical Account Executive

YOU: An Account Executive with a great track record of sales success, a technical or semi-technical background, a natural wit, and the ability to tailor their message to clients of any technical level, from layman to IT Demigod.

US: Our product, GuardRail, is revolutionizing IT administration as a comprehensive configuration monitoring platform, and is being used around the world in businesses of every size.

APPLY AT: http://www.scriptrock.com/careers/account-executive


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DEVOPS & EMBEDDED ENGINEERING - Verdigris - Mountain View, CA - Full-time, VISA

Verdigris' mission is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence.


What we do: advanced electricity metering and analytics for Hotels.

Team: 16 - 5 bus, 11 eng

Investors: Jabil, Stanford, Founder.Org, Data Collective

Customers: WHotels, Intercontinental, Marriott

contact: jobs@verdigris.co


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Location: Mountain View, CA

Position: Lead/Sr. Frontend Developer

Full-time, onsite

Skills: Javascript, Angular.js, node.js, JSON. 3+ years exp.

GetInsured, Inc.

Do you want to build something that matters? Your work will help millions of customers ease their worries, save money and take care of their families.

GetInsured is a successful start-up revolutionizing health care.

Take up the challenge.



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eShares (https://esharesinc.com/) – Mountain View, California – FULLTIME

We're looking for FULL STACK engineers to help us bring private corporation ownership tracking into the modern era. We're replacing the dead-tree versions of stock certificates and option grants with fully electronic versions, shaking up the 409A valuation industry, and have a lot more exciting projects launching through 2015.

We're growing rapidly, in terms of customers, revenue, and employees. We recently raised our $7 million Series A investment through Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital in January.

General skills we are hunting for:

- Python / Django

- Javascript

- AWS / dev-ops

- SQL (PostgreSQL)

Financial background not required!


Contact/Questions?: eric+hn@esharesinc.com


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Location: Mountain View, CA

Position: Sr Ruby on Rails Developer

Full-time, onsite

Skills: full stack RoR development. 3+ years experience.

Realscout, Inc.

Well-funded, series A funded start-up re-inventing real estate search for agents and home buyers.