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Mumbai - 2 jobs in April 2015

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Python/Django Backend Developer // Tripnary // Chicago, IL or Mumbai, India // jobs@tripnary.com

Tripnary (http://www.tripnary.com) is a seed-funded, an early stage travel startup. Tripnary is a disruptive mobile app that lets you create your travel bucket list and compare airfares to EVERY destination on the list in one tap. Tripnary can be best described as Pinterest meets Kayak.

We are looking for a Python/Django Backend Developer to join our team in Mumbai, India or Chicago, IL -- http://www.indeed.co.in/job/pythondjango-backend-developer-4...

If you are interested to be part of Tripnary please drop us an email with your resume at jobs@tripnary.com. Thanks a lot for your interest!


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Mumbai, India -- Looking for someone to set-up and head Web-team

We are a husband-and-wife team who have found modest success in our online merchandising business. Presently, we operate mostly through marketplace websites. We are looking to hire someone who can help set-up and run independent online presence of our brand.

Email me at afplindia.jobs@gmail.com with your details to take this forward

Edit: Regarding your location, it is imperative that the job be done on-site during the initial few months due to our involvement needed. We are willing to provide visa-assistance if we like you.