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Oakland - 5 jobs in April 2015

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BabyList - Oakland, CA

BabyList is making it easier for expecting parents to prepare for one of the biggest events in their lives. These parents-to-be look to us to help them make decisions about what to buy for their baby and where. We have an extremely engaged user-base, we’re growing quickly, making real money and building new products that will take us to the next level.

We are hiring for two positions:

1. Frontend Developer - Lead the development of our website. Obsess over user-experience, A/B testing, code maintainability and page-speed. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Backbone/CoffeeScript/Javascript.

2. Supply Chain & Operations Manager - BabyList is a platform on which $2.5M products are being purchased every month. We are starting to experiment selling products ourselves. We want someone who can get us from our first sale to our 1,000th. Your initiative and experience will take us through this new business vertical quickly and efficiently.

Why should you consider BabyList?

We offer:

- fascinating work that users actually notice and love

- extremely smart, diverse team

- actual work/life balance

- benefits of an early stage startup (autonomy, fast pace, many hats...), without the risk of the an early stage startup (i.e. our revenue is paying for our growth)

- great office location - Old Oakland neighborhood (3 blocks from 12th street BART)

If you’re interested in hearing more, email me at natalie@babyli.st


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npm, Inc - Oakland, CA (remote ok, H1B ok)

www engineer, registry engineer, support tech, cli engineer

If you program in JavaScript, or use a frontend framework like Ember or Angular, you have probably used "npm install" to get new modules, or install tools to help you get your job done. We are the company behind npm, dedicated to improving the experience of JavaScript developers all over the world by reducing friction. We are hiring for all four of our teams:

- support: "npm loves you" is our unofficial motto. Taking good care of npm users who run into trouble is central to our mission.

- CLI: maintain and improve the npm command itself. With over 3MM users, we get a lot of feature requests and edge cases.

- www: we get 5MM page views a month, and a bunch of new features are in the works.

- registry: more than 50MM fresh downloads every single day, we are a big, high-traffic distributed system.

The CLI, the website, and major parts of the registry itself are all open-source.

We are not a typical startup. We believe that working sensible hours and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is the best way to ensure long-term productivity. We care deeply about making tech a more inclusive and diverse place to work.

For more details on the jobs and us, see https://npmjs.com/jobs


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Airphrame -- San Francisco, CA

Drone startup hiring full stack web developer.

We’re looking to hire a Full-Stack software engineer with solid foundational programming skills and at least 4 years professional experience and has built several large web apps using different front end frameworks.

--Interesting Technology-- Scala Backend. Technologies include http4s, Slick, Postgres, PostGIS With a preference for statically typed languages front end. (ie. typescript) AWS skills a plus. Linux System Admin a plus. Devops skills a plus.

--Interesting Business-- At Airphrame, www.airphrame.com, Our goal is to deploy a fleet of fleet of flying robots, potentially 10,000’s across the world, that are constantly updating geophysical data (such as 3D point cloud sets) for mapping platforms, environmental & civil engineers, and other business who can utilize such data. We’ve been in business 3 years, have recently raised 5M serA, and have paying customers who love us. In the present, our data is invaluable to maintaining utilities infrastructure (dams, powerlines, highways, rail, etc). In the future, robots (for delivery, cars, etc) will depend on good mapping data to navigate the physical world - and we will be an essential part of that.

--Interesting People/Place-- We’re a small and highly skilled group who prefers working with top talent than at a big company. Founded by three engineers: Mechatronics, Unmanned Systems, and Software, you’d be in the first 10 employees. We have a young environment with offices in MidMarket SF and a robotics laboratory (aka adult treehouse) in Oakland.

APPLICATION PROCESS Please send an email to: jobs at airphrame.com, subject: [Position Name] Please include github account or code samples

Career Page: http://www.airphrame.com/careers/


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Javascript Developer | UtilityAPI.com | Oakland, CA | Solar job


We are a white-label SaaS that is used by solar and energy efficiency companies to collect their customer's utility bill and usage data automatically. You will be in charge of writing tools, scripts, and libraries that collect utility data from utilities. Often these utility data formats are complex and unique to each utility (pdf bills, xml data, csv data, etc.), so you will need to be very clever in collecting and parsing a huge variety of formats. Also, these scripts can break unexpectedly when utilities change their interfaces, so being able to update them quickly is important. You will be working in our office at the SfunCube in downtown Oakland. Our current codebase is well organized, documented, and tested.

==Experience Required==

No education or certification requirements, but you do need to be able to convince us that you know and have experience with:

* Javascript (not JQuery, vanilla javascript)

* Regular Expressions (we use them heavily)

* Python (basic knowledge)

* PGP (basic usage)

* Other (side projects, hackathons, hobbies, stuff you do for fun)


$100k-$120k depending on experience.

==How To Apply==

Email me, Daniel Roesler, a cover letter and a PGP-encrypted pdf resume. Please include links to your github, bitbucket, or personal side project website (for reference, mine is daylightpirates.org).

==For Solar Skeptics==

In the last few years, the solar industry reached "grid parity", which means that the unsubsidized installed cost is now cheaper than buying power from the grid. That's why this industry is the fastest growing industry in the country. This isn't some subsidy-dependent industry anymore. We work hard and we make real money (while conveniently also saving the planet).


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Ask.com - Oakland - Frontend JavaScript NodeJS Developer. We are developing brand new sites based on cutting edge NodeJS platform. http://about.ask.com/ask-jobs/frontend-javascript-developer-...