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Paris - 5 jobs in April 2015

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Linkurious SAS - http://linkurio.us - Paris, France

We are building a graph visualization platform for exploration and edition of graph data (on top of neo4j). We use NodeJS for the backend and AngularJS for the front-end.

You are a full-stack JavaScript engineer, join a small company located in the center of Paris, with a lot of growth and only 4 employees (3 engineers).

Our (Mostly out of date) jobs page: https://linkurio.us/jobs/


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Placemeter – New York, NY or Paris, France – Computer Vision Engineers FULL TIME

APPLY HERE: http://grnh.se/1yvxfb

We are looking for computer vision engineers from entry level to experienced level, to extend, develop, and maintain our algorithm stack.

  + You will design the next generation of computer vision algorithms
    to extract more from our video feeds.
  + You will use and master the tools to build, 
    optimize and deeply understand these algorithms and scale them.
  + You will design and maintain the quality assessment tools 
    required to make sure our algorithms perform well in all cases
We use computer vision at a massive scale, on a large number of rich and ubiquitous video feeds, to understand what is going in in the physical world in real time. We measure how busy places are, what people do, how fast cars go, and much more. We offer that data to developers, citizens, cities, and retailers, radically changing the way they interact with the physical world.


Placemeter uses computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods. Placemeter’s technology gives businesses, cities, and people the ability to take a place’s pulse.

APPLY HERE: http://grnh.se/1yvxfb


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Startup Studio eFounders is looking for great talents, with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, to start new companies. It’s a highly demanding job with full responsibilities to manage a technical team and build a robust and flexible product that will last. Working with eFounders, you will learn from experienced and successful entrepreneurs and you will be part of a strong family shaping the future of startups. Location : Paris, France More infos: https://efounders.co/cto Apply here: http://efounders.workable.com/jobs/2332


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Criteo - Software Engineers and Research Scientists. http://criteo.com San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles , CA Paris, France

Frontend/Backend/Everything in Between. Data Scientists, Machine Learning Experts. The Criteo Prediction Engine analyzes 230Tb of data every day.

Criteo is a performance-based internet advertising company. We historically focus on display ads with an emphasis in retargeting strategies.

Criteo does not have a large presence in the USA, but we're a rapidly expanding global company with offices everywhere I've mentioned. Here's some stats to put our footprint in perspective:

- $198b sales transactions analyzed in 2013 - 590b+ ads served in 2013 - 994 million unique users globally (comScore MMX, September 2014, Age 15+) - $12b in post-click sales in year ending June 30, 2014 - 6000+ advertisers across 50+ countries

In case you missed the significance, there's about 2 billion internet users, and half of them saw an advertisement placed by Criteo last year.

I'm an engineer here at Criteo, so feel free to reach out to me for info on our tech stack, what life is like at the company, and any other questions. Also I can put you in touch with a recruiter directly if you contact me (I'm not sure where the jobvite submissions go).

s.verhasselt@criteo.com http://www.criteo.com/careers/


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Grid Mobile New York | Paris

Software services company becoming an MVNO in order to deliver on business integrated mobile service that replaces the need for a desk phone and lets you have work and personal on one phone.

Looking for super smart developers - Rails, ErLang, iOS/Android Have passion for building beautiful products...