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REMOTE - 88 jobs in April 2015

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Toronto - CTO & Backend - PressureNet


We're building high-accuracy weather forecasts using barometers in smartphones. You will architect and build our server infrastructure to collect, store, analyze and distribute this data. We currently receive 5M measurements per day from 400,000 devices and are scaling quickly. The data comes from crowdsourcing apps like PressureNet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.cumulonimbu...

Our current server is in Python, using Django, hosted on AWS, and is open source: https://github.com/Cbsoftware/PressureNet-server

You will have the freedom to choose new technology if you see fit. Eventually, you will also work with our Numerical Weather Prediction team to take the data you've processed and input it to high-resolution weather models. Machine learning experience would be helpful.

Equity: ~10%

Salary: TBD

Remote work possible.

Contact: I'm Jacob, CEO, email me: jacob@cumulonimbus.ca


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https://webflow.com (YC S13) - San Francisco, CA - VISA OK, REMOTE could be an option. Salaries range from $70K to $140K depending on experience and location.

At Webflow, we're building software to give superpowers to the 99.75% of the world that doesn't know how to code. We push the boundaries of what's possible in a browser-based app, and have tons of interesting (and hard!) engineering and design challenges yet to solve.

We're hiring exceptional people across the board, including front-end engineers, back-end engineers, product designers, devops, sales, and customer success.

Our hiring process is super simple and fast - Skype chat with the CEO, then set up a short-term (2-4 days) paid contract at a fair hourly rate to work on a real project that you ship to production, then we fly you out to meet the team, and make a decision right away.

If you like what we're doing at Webflow, and you can see clearly see yourself contributing in a meaningful way, please shoot me an email to vlad@webflow.com so we can get started! Instead of the usual resume/CV application rigamarole, let's just start with a Skype chat instead :)


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Web/Mobile UI Designer - REMOTE or Bloomington, Indiana, United States - [$55K - $75K]

We're looking for a designer with an eye for simple, clean design with a touch of playfulness, and strong technical skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript mainly; iOS/Android experience is a plus).

We run FormAssembly.com, a SaaS that helps enterprises build online forms and power their business processes without the need for IT.

We're bootstrapped, profitable, growing rapidly, and hiring employee #17 and beyond!

We embrace remote work. Our team is spread across 3 different countries. You're welcome of course to move to Bloomington, Indiana, where the majority of the team is located. It's been named one of the best cities for doing business (well, until recently — check with the governor for an update on that) and perhaps more importantly, is the #7 in the US for best places to bike!

We run a lean operation with an impressive roster of customers, so your work will not go unnoticed. Everything you'll work on will make our customers happier and give us a better competitive edge.

Position is full-time, local or remote. Pay range is $55K - $75K + health benefits and 4 weeks paid vacations, stock options negotiable.

To apply, go to https://formassembly.workable.com/j/D77A6D8560 or email jobs [at] formassembly.com


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Company: Praetorian

Location: Austin, Texas Citizenship Required

Keywords: REMOTE (For principal positions)

Positions: Directory of Security Research, Security Engineer (Penetration Tester). More details at http://www.praetorian.com/company/careers.

Why Join Praetorian? Praetorian strongly encourages company paid security training, company paid attendance to major conferences such as BlackHat, DEFCON, and AppSec USA, and company paid bench time to do the research you enjoy. In addition, Praetorian offers competitive salaries and benefits that include health, dental, vision, life, and short term disability coverage, as well as a 4% company match for 401k.

Praetorian fosters a startup culture that is both challenging and rewarding. We're always looking for talented software and security professionals to join our team. If you are looking for a fast-paced environment with no red tape to cut through, read more about us at http://www.praetorian.com/company.

To Apply: Please send resumes to careers@praetorian.com and mention this post. Part of the interview process involves the completion of one of our technical challenges. If you would like to get a head start, please view our tech challenges at http://www.praetorian.com/challenges/.


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Catalyze | REMOTE or Madison WI | Full-Time

At Catalyze we're building the underlying infrastructure for some of the most exciting and innovative technology companies in healthcare. In short, we provide a compliant platform and data services to power the scaling of digital health. We love working on open source, solving difficult problems and we're growing rapidly.

Over the last 2 years we’ve grown our team from just a few to over 20 full-time employees. During that time raised over $6m in venture capital, and signed some of the biggest brands in healthcare (the VA, Amgen, Blue plans, and many more).

Our team and board is made up of experts in healthcare, security and compliance, data control, and cloud engineering. We have several levels of engineering positions open including a Healthcare Integration Engineer, Junior - Senior Software/Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Support Ops and several other non-technical roles. For more info - https://catalyze.io/jobs


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Tokyo, Japan || Full Stack Engineer || [REMOTE is a possibility]

We are a pre-release startup based and are looking for full-stack engineers that are interested in Go (golang) and Bitcoin. We ambitiously aim to bring Bitcoin to the general public in Japan, and although there has been bad press about Bitcoin, we believe we can make an impact in improving the lives of users of our (soon to be released) service. We strongly believe in testing, continuous integration and code reviews, so you will love the benefits of having well tested code in production and being able to learn (and teach) others from critiquing each others' code. As a startup, we are focused on shipping our product, so you would be expected to be reliable and able to self-manage your own time.

You will be our 2nd engineer hire and work directly with the CTO in getting the service ready for release by early Summer. This will entail helping with the architecture of systems, coding the backend systems, writing client side JS, setting up servers, and keeping everything running.

Our current stack looks like this: Golang, Beanstalkd, PostgreSQL, Salt Stack, Knockout.js, Durandal, Bootstrap


    - Comfortable with SQL
    - Familiarity with Linux and the command line
    - Basic knowledge of Bitcoin
    - Experience with AWS EC2
    - Strong communication skills and working as a reliable team player with a remote team
    - Fluency in either Japanese or English (both are a plus)
Bonus Skills: - Go and other parts of our stack - Startup experience - Experience using JSON-RPC interface of bitcoin client

Please send your cover letter and resume/github repos to golanghn@fastmail.com


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Snowplow Analytics - Remote, INTERN.

Snowplow Analytics is looking for 1-2 open source software interns this Summer (May through August), for a 6-8 week paid internship. Our interns will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack (https://github.com/snowplow). A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working "in the open" on community/team projects. Technologies we use at Snowplow include Scala, JRuby, Go, Hadoop, Kinesis, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Kafka and Samza.

This a paid internship; we will consider remote candidates who are up to UTC +/- 5 hours maximum. Interested? Please email intern@snowplowanalytics.com, and tell us about a piece of software you are proud to have written. (And don't be afraid to suggest specific projects/initiatives/features that you would like to work on in your internship.)

For background on our previous internships check out:



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Front-End Software Engineer, Mozilla Foundation

Portland, Toronto, Vancouver. Remote or other Mozilla locations considered for the right candidate.

The Mozilla Foundation is looking for a great front-end developer and all-round good human being for a full-time position. We're looking for someone who can bring some expertise in modern front-end techniques, so experienced Web front-end engineers are preferred. That being said, anyone with experience working on user interfaces, with a passion for detail and a desire to better the world is encouraged to apply.

We're best known for creating Firefox which is used by half a billion users around the world. Our mission is even bigger than just the browser. We are proudly non-profit and our principles ( https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/manifesto/ ) guide our mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web.

You will focus on building Web software for a new generation of digital creators and webmakers, giving people the tools and skills they need to move from consuming the Web to actively making the Web. You'll work on software that's translated by an amazing global community into 110 different languages. You'll write software that will be used by people in their first experience of the Internet. Does that get you excited? Ready to css-transform the Web? -- Tell us about it.



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DuckDuckGo (REMOTE or local in Paoli, PA). If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user, please check out our hiring page at https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring In particular, we have the following explicitly open areas, but are always looking for good fits regardless:

- Front-end engineering (JS/CSS)


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Neo Technology ( http://neo4j.com ) - Sweden, UK, Germany, San Mateo, and REMOTE.

Roles: Database Engineer, Pre-Sales Engineer, QA Engineer, Field Engineeer (+others)

We are the company behind the graph database Neo4j. Looking to hire 40 new people this year in all kinds of positions. Move to one of our offices, work from home, work from a co-working space, whatever you want. I promise it to be one of the best jobs you ever have, lots of freedom to do what you believe is right, very little corporate overhead. You will get to travel and meet interesting people solving real problems. If you like community building, evangelism, writing technical blog posts, then you get to do all that (if you want).

The company is run by Swedes. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8_7yPocGPg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8_7yPocGPg for what that means.


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Haskell dev at Standard Chartered Bank , London UK

Strats team at Standard Chartered, London. A typed functional programming developer role on the trading floor. The role is highly development focused, and you will use Haskell for almost all tasks: data analysis, market data publishing, database access, web services, desktop GUIs, large parallel tasks, quantitative models, solvers, everything.

We have our own Haskell compiler, and many of the people involved in the development of Haskell.

Experience writing typed APIs to external systems such as databases, web services, pub/sub platforms is very desirable. The role requires physical presence on the trading floor in London. Remote work isn’t an option.



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Visidraft (www.visidraft.com) is hiring REMOTE, Washington D.C. area:

- OpenGL developers (Experience with screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) or Horizon based ambient occlusion (HBAO))

- Computer Vision developers (Focus on SLAM)

- Full stack developers

We aim to own the Augmented Reality 3D CAD visualization, collaboration and Augmented Reality market by 2017. Our current market is Architects, Engineers and Construction workers (AEC) who use CAD.

Stack: C++, OpenGL, Objective C, Angular, C#, Jade, Less, SQL Server, AWS

We are 100% remote

Open to worldwide developers

Competitive pay

Minimum vacation (At least 10 days with no maximum)

Equity grants are similar to ESOP for full time employees which means you own the shares outright and will not have to come up with a bunch of money to exercise. We have a 5 year exercise window.

Treat you like an adult. Which means we also expect excellent communication because nobody is going to hold your hand.

Send me an email to apply: Andrew@visidraft.com


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Naked Apartments

Full Stack Rails Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time

Naked Apartments has set out to simplify renting, starting in NYC. We’re a small team, growing fast, and already taking a big bite out of Craigslist’s juicy NYC revenues, but we’ve set our sights on much bigger goals.

Our team is optimized for developer impact and freedom.

* A TRULY REMOTE job. We’ve taken Jason Fried’s TED talk [1] to heart and built an entirely distributed team, including even our CEO. This isn’t a remote bait-and-switch job, we have no physical office for employees to report to.

* Flexible work schedules. Work the times that work best for you. Our team cares about what gets done, not about how many hours you stare at your screen.

* No wire frames, pixel perfect designs, or 35 page specs handed down from out of touch product managers. We trust our engineers to help define business needs and shape them.

* Engineers get to take an idea from conception all to way to production, coupled with a team support system to get feedback and iterate until you’ve built a something we’re all proud of.

* Friendly, funny, energetic co-workers.

* Our company is profitable and growing.

We want team members we can trust, who not only care deeply about well written and tested code, but our business as well. Be ready to learn, grow, and help the team do great things together.

Send us an email, we’d love to hear from you: jobs@nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com/about/jobs

[1] http://www.ted.com/talks/jason_fried_why_work_doesn_t_happen...


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ShareLaTeX.com / getdatajoy.com - Remote only - Flexible working - Open Source

We are looking to grow our tech team, we are ideally looking for someone who likes to work in the front end. But if you like what we are doing then please do get in touch as we will consider all sort of technical people.

We focus on making great tools for scientists, our established product is ShareLaTeX which is used by thousands of academics every day to write their LaTeX papers. Our new product getdatajoy.com is aiming to make scientific programming easier and more accessible for scientists.

We are profitable and bootstrapped, you will be the 4th full time tech member of the team. The entire team is currently based in the UK but we are open to people being based anywhere. We are fully distributed so being remote is the only option, the hours are also very flexible, if you want todo a reduce week to look after your kids etc that is not a problem.

You will be mainly working on open source code as well - https://github.com/sharelatex/sharelatex our stack is node/redis/mongo/angular/coffeescript/less

Get in touch with me at team@sharelatex.com


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Hi Hacker News, I'm Colin, CEO of http://Customer.io.

We're hiring for a few different roles:

Head of Product (Remote) http://grnh.se/crqpm0

Scaling Engineer (Remote) http://grnh.se/1ia7yk

Front End Engineer - Ember.js (Remote) http://grnh.se/2ckgoy

Account Exec for New Business (Portland) http://grnh.se/g7tqpw

About Customer.io

Customer.io is a messaging platform that helps companies communicate better with their users. Developers do a simple integration that allows marketers to send email messages based on what people do or don't do in a web or mobile app. Our customers include DigitalOcean, Shutterstock, Olark and over 580 others.

The company started in NYC in 2012 and moved headquarters to Portland, OR last August. We're a geographically distributed team of 13 people.

If any of the positions seem interesting, please apply through the site. If you have any questions, you can always reach out - colin at customer dot io.


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InQuicker - Remote (Canada/US) or in office (Nashville, TN) Seeking: Full time Ruby developers, front-end developers, and UX designers

We are on a mission to break down the barriers and inefficiencies that separate people from the healthcare they need. Our market-leading online scheduling system is used to improve patient’s access to health care in hundreds of hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the United States.

We have an inclusive culture with competitive compensation, we focus on results and have good work/life balance, and are dedicated to making a positive impact on how health care is accessed.

We are growing and are looking for people to help with UX/design, front end development, and backend development. We are looking for experienced people who are self-motivated, opinionated, and interested in both learning from and teaching their peers.

If this sounds like it might be for you, check us out at http://inquicker.com - and then email jerrett@inquicker.com. Let me know who you are, why you want to work with us, why I should hire you, what you are looking for in a job, and what questions you might have for us.



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Button | NYC | Full time | H1B - yes | Remote - no

Roles: Front-end, Back-end, SRE

I've been a Back-end engineer at Button for 1.5 months and it's the best job I've ever had.

Some specifics:

- a monetizable product that I can get behind

- an amazing team of 16 intelligent, friendly, and experienced individuals across all parts of the organization

- a slew of fun engineering challenges

- a focus on delivering excellence in everything we do

- a team where everyone is deeply committed to making the best product, company, and lives for all of us

- a culture focused around questioning everything

At Button, we think unlocking the interconnection of mobile apps through deep linking is the next big step in the evolution of apps. Deep linking is critical on the web, so why does it barely exist on our mobile apps? Button is focused on tackling this issue, so that your app experience isn’t on-par with the web, but better! Watch our demo video on http://www.usebutton.com/ to learn more.

If any of this resonates with you we’d love to hear from you, so please apply at http://www.usebutton.com/join-us or drop us a line at recruiting@usebutton.com.


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FreeAgent - Edinburgh or REMOTE (within UK) - Full Time

We're looking for software engineers of all levels to come and work on our flagship product FreeAgent (http://www.freeagent.com). We're a growing team of 75, based in Edinburgh but with remote staff around the UK (5 engineers are fully remote).

We have a lot of happy customers (40,000+, NPS=75!), a lot of traffic (13 million+ page views/mo), and some lovely staff to work alongside, learn from and have fun with (http://www.freeagent.com/company/about-us). We invest a lot of time in our platform (code health, scalability, security) as well as working on new features, which is nice.

Our engineers tend to be full stack, but we’re seeing people move towards more specialist work these days, such as front-end programming (we're doing a lot of React.js, primarily on our iOS app), our real-time accounting engine, data science. People play to their strengths really. Our stack is intentionally straightforward. It's sensible and sustainable. Javascript aside, we mainly write Ruby alongside MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Puppet.

We are looking for UK-based full-time staff right now, but I'd also be interested to chat to UK-based freelancers interested in a longer-term contract (e.g. 12 months+).





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The New York Times | New York, NY (Remote is ok) | DevOps

The New York Times interactive news team is looking for a dev ops engineer to work on developing our infrastructure for creating breaking news applications, cutting edge data visualizations and immersive reader experiences. We don't develop the core web site or mobile apps (though those teams are hiring) we work on highly creative, very deadline driven applications that sometimes need to go from concept to production in hours. We work mostly in AWS and are transitioning from a chef based environment to Docker. We believe in work-life balance, shipping working products, and open source. Working in a newsroom isn't like working at a startup or a big company. Try it, you'll like it.

For more about this job and interactive news: http://jobs.nytco.com/job/New-York-Interactive-News-Develope... (the description isn't quite right, it describes a generalist but we're looking for devops)

More about the NYT: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9038615

And the journalism and code commnunity: https://source.opennews.org/en-US/organizations/new-york-tim...

Our open source code: https://github.com/newsdev/ https://github.com/nytimes/

Other NYT tech jobs: http://developers.nytimes.com/careers/


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Trello (New York City / REMOTE)

Current Openings

•IT Engineer

•Account Executive

•Site Reliability Engineering Team Lead

•Windows Mobile Developer

•ECMAScript Developer


Private offices. Free, catered lunch. Top-of-the-line benefits.

Born out of Fog Creek Software, Trello was built to be an awesome place to work. We treat employees like royalty.


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Houston, TX - Pariveda Solutions

Pariveda Solutions is a project based company that deals with cutting edge technology and solutions to include Mobile, Web, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration. We are going through a tremendous growth phase in our Houston Office and are looking for high potential developers with two to six years of professional experience to join our team. This position will be based out of Houston. Remote work is not available.

I think the video in the link says a lot about our focus as an organization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmSdVsZ3gcM

If you are interested in learning more about us, please send your resume to shanna.wright@parivedasolutions.com.


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[ original post ]

Giant Swarm - https://giantswarm.io/ - Cologne, Germany/San Francisco, CA (Remote OK)

We're a German based infrastructure company provide microservices hosting, support Docker containers, and can run your application in a wide variety jurisdictions depending on the levels of trust you need for your particular use-case.

On the hunt for a devops obsessed individual who wants to work on the next generation of cloud services. Intercloud operations FTW.

Review our job openings and apply here: https://angel.co/giant-swarm/jobs

Also, we love beer.


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http://www.stryd.com, Boulder, CO

Athlete Architect is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the world’s first wearable power meter, Stryd, for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We're looking to expand our still small engineering team of only 3 people. We're looking for:

#1 Lead iOS Developer. We use Swift. But we want you to have deep understanding of Objective-C and iOS programming best practices. Good sense of design is bonus.

#2 Firmware Developer. You need to have knowledge of microcontroller-based firmware design and development. Experience with relevant technologies, such as BLE, hardware debugging, analog and digital sensors, ultra low power / ultra small footprint software design. Strong skill in C. Good in assembly is big bonus.

#3 Full Stack Engineer(Intern or Part-time, REMOTE is OK). You need to be Strong multi-lingual developer, interested in writing code using technologies like JavaScript/CSS, Go, and Python.

For #1 and #2 relocate to Boulder is required. But you know what? If you like running/triathlon, this is your dream place. You get unlimited opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to stryd@stryd.com


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Realm (YC S11) — San Francisco, Copenhagen, REMOTE

Realm is hiring Android Developers, iOS Developers, C++ developers, .NET developers, JavaScript developers, Designers, QA Engineers and more. See all positions at http://realm.io/jobs

Realm (http://realm.io) is building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLIte & Core Data. In 9 months, we became the 2nd-most deployed database in the world, running on well over 100M devices. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but we also have a big office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and employees distributed around the world. We just announced we raised a $20M Series B last week [1][2][3][4]

See positions, locations and how to apply here: http://realm.io/jobs

(If you have any questions, I’m VP Product at Realm and always happy to chat: tim@realm.io.)

    [1]: http://www.businessinsider.com/realm-started-by-former-nokia-engineers-is-going-bonkers-2015-3
    [2]: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/realm-can-expand-its-reach-with-20m-investment/
    [3]: http://venturebeat.com/2015/03/24/mobile-database-startup-realm-picks-up-20m/
    [4]: http://www.forbes.com/sites/benkepes/2015/03/24/realm-picks-up-20m-to-further-its-mobile-ambitions/


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Knack | http://knackhq.com/jobs | REMOTE | Senior Software Engineer | 70-120k +equity

Knack (http://knackhq.com) is a database PaaS that makes it easy for anyone to build online database apps. We're growing rapidly and looking for software (node/mongo/solr) engineers/developers.

We're focused on building a profitable long-term business with a product our customers love. We don’t compete with Google on start-up perks, but we can more than compete if you’re looking to sink you teeth in and make a difference:

* Impact: we’re expecting anyone that joins to come in and have a major impact. We’re small enough that every customer interaction, every marketing spend, every line of code has an over-sized impact.

* Equity: we don’t need hired-guns, we want team members. We want to share our long-term vision and success, and make sure you have equity in that journey.

* Autonomy: we don’t look for specific roles, we look for good fits. You’ll be able to contribute with your strengths and determine the projects you want to drive forward.

* Flexibility: supporting our chosen lifestyles is major part of our success equation. Join a remote team and create your own hours. Work how and where you want to.


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Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Developer @ FreshTemp (https://freshtemp.com) - Part time, Remote, Pittsburgh, PA

We are a fast growing combination software and hardware company that monitors temperature for food safety in restaurants. We're well funded.

Our mobile application is currently used by restaurant owners and employees to take spot temperatures required for corporate or legal compliance. We've proven that customers want this, and now we need to take it to the next level by adding non-temperature question and answer capabilities and improving the UI.

You would be improving upon our existing codebase to add functionality and make improvements. Commits will go through stringent code review until your advisor has ensured your code has met all requirements.

You have strong JavaScript skills.

You are fluent in English.


This is a part-time job with flexible hours. We'll have at least 15 hours of work per week for you for the foreseeable future. You have to work at least a few of those hours between 10am and 10pm US Eastern time. You must be legally permitted to work in the US. You'll be paid as a contractor with a 1099.

To apply, fill out our Google Form here: http://goo.gl/forms/s7pFMEfk7t


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[ original post ]

QUESTRADE INC. | SENIOR FRONT END ENGINEER | TORONTO, CANADA OR REMOTE Questrade is a rapidly growing online financial service firm in Canada. Our mission is to help Canadians achieve financial independence by offering our clients with great investment products, cutting edge technologies, and quality customer service throughout. We offer self-directed trading platforms for Do-It-Yourself Investing, as well as professionally managed portfolios at ultra-low fees.

---- ABOUT THE POSITION ---- In a nutshell, the Senior Front End Engineer will see through the full software development life cycle at Questrade; from requirement-gathering, design and development, to implementation of both small and large-scale projects. You will collaborate with our user interface team, our back-end engineers, and other front-end engineers to design and develop functionally rich, robust, and user-friendly web and mobile applications, as defined by business requirements.

---- ABOUT YOU ---- You have hands-on and proficient knowledge of web technologies (such as (such as HTML, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, SASS and Node.JS), system environments (Windows and Mac OS X), and tools (MS Visual Studio, Subversion, JIRA), as well as a strong understanding of OOP programming and MVC architecture. You have experience with tools like JSPerf and JSFiddle for performance testing and prototyping, as well as a demonstrated ability to work under minimal supervision.

Wanna know more? Check out this and more of our opportunities: http://www.questrade.com/why-questrade/careers


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REMOTE - FULL TIME - Intermediate & Senior Web Developer - Ushahidi http://www.ushahidi.com/jobs/

Looking for someone who can be a senior developer on our core platform team, be a mentor and inspiration to the other developers on our team with a solid work ethic comfortable working with people in difficult time zones. We don’t just need someone who can bang out code, but sometimes that’s required to meet deadlines.

We code primarily on a LAMP/LEMP stack but aren’t terribly opinionated. This position will initially be on our “V3” team which codes https://github.com/ushahidi/platform and https://github.com/ushahidi/platform-client.

More about the position at the jobs link above.

We are a non-profit technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya building open source tools to help citizens, journalists, organizations, governments, and others gather, manage, analyze, and visualize crowdsourced data.

Most recently, our tools have been used to support organizations during the recent Nigerian elections.

Contact jobs+dev@ushahidi.com with your resume.

- Brian


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Pirate3D (Singapore) − Part time, REMOTE. Web back-end & front-end. Later VISA sponsorship to Singapore possible.

Our main product is the Buccaneer, a 3D printer designed to be affordable, sleek and user-friendly. The printer comes with native smartphone and PC apps to control the printer, and with access to Treasure Island (http://treasure.is/), our webstore for 3D models. The focus is on providing a one-click printing experience, where users can expect any object on the store to print well without changing any setting. The challenge is to get Treasure Island to provide printers with the optimal printing settings for each object.

You will join our team over on GitHub, Slack and Google Hangout, and will be given the responsibility of leading the development of the Treasure Island project. The web stack is AWS, Lavarel, MySQL, Ember.JS. You will also be expected to help the team with integrating the store within our native apps.

You are not expected to excel in every part of the stack, as we will accept up to 3 part-timers on the project, and each can specialize according to their strengths.

If interested, send an email with your achievements and aspirations to Kai at contact@kaielvin.org


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[ original post ]

Toronto, ON; Vaughan, ON || Full stack engineers, Rails, generalists || REMOTE is possible

Nano Magnetics is at the cutting edge of magnet innovation. Driven by a mission to enhance people’s interaction with magnets, Nano is pioneering new ways to merge magnets and technology.

We are a small team of people who have to wear multiple hats every day. Everyone is expected to have an opinion, contribute and be accountable for what they do. You take charge of your time, your knowledge and your work. We encourage transparent communication and asking questions.

Your first task will be rewriting one of our social media style platform site from the ground up in Rails (currently it is in PHP + Doctrine + MySQL).

And even if you aren’t into Rails, get in touch. We are actively searching for general talent to build out our team.

Shoot me a line to discuss at david (at) nanomagnetics.com and mention you found this on HN.

Our office is currently located in Vaughan but we will be moving. Remote applicants can be considered, whether locally or internationally, but should have significant overlap with Eastern Standard Time business hours.

Ideal applicants must have a passion for technology, interactive and web trends, and a general curiosity for magnets.


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Olark | http:/www.olark.com Customer Support Champions | Part-time | Remote | Anywhere, USA

== About Us ==

Olark was founded with the goal of helping small businesses create deeper (and more human!) connections with their customers. Since our initial funding from Y Combinator in 2009, we have bootstrapped a profitable company centered around a simple, powerful, and beautiful chat product that 9000+ businesses use every day to talk to customers. With two major offices and remote teammates across the world, our small 30-person organization is tight-knit and collaborative despite the distance between us. We believe our positive, participatory, and peer-driven team culture plays a big part in driving our growing success. Come chat with us about it!


== Positions ==

Are you fanatical about providing great customer support and have meticulous attention to detail?

We are looking for a new member to join our crack support team, doing front line chat, email and occasional phone support!

Please apply online: https://www.olark.com/jobs

(NOTE: We'll have a bunch of additional positions opening soon)


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Software Developer (Web and HMI) @ MDA (http://www.mdacorporation.com) - Vancouver, BC

Previous domain experience not necessary as long as there is interest in satellite image processing.

You will be working on a highly valuable and impactful project, using your skills and knowledge of the web to create a beautiful user experience.

For this role, we need someone with:

- Diploma or Degree

- Significant front-end experience, with AngularJS/Ember/Backbone

- Solid understanding of databases and server architecture (you understand and can be involved in various parts of the stack despite being a front-end expert)

- Knowledgeable about system security

- A team-friendly attitude and a willingness to learn and work on various stages of the standard software lifecycle including post-delivery support

- Experience with version control SVN/Git

Nice to haves:

- Experience with test tools and test data generation

- Remote sensing (SAR or Optical)

Successful candidate(s) must be able to obtain and hold security clearance.

I work on this team, feel free to respond to this post with your method of contact for more information.

Also hiring in other positions http://www.mdacorporation.com/corporate/careers/current_open..., let me know if any of these interests you.


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Doist - http://doist.io/ - REMOTE - Senior Android Developer

We’re looking for a passionate Android developer to join our awesome team. You will be joining our 4-person team of developers, collaborating with them as well as working independently on various Android development projects. Most projects will be related to the mobile development for Todoist for Android (ranked last year by Google as one of the best apps in the Play Store!)

Required qualifications include: 2+ years of professional Android development or an impressive portfolio, experience with Android Studio, deep awareness of the Material design guidelines, familiar with Git, passion for what you do, and responsiveness and good communication (in English).

It’s a bonus if you have experience in JUnit / Espresso and/or the Gradle build system, and if you’ve contributed to open-source projects. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact me directly at amix@doist.io if you are interested.

If you refer a developer and we hire this person we'll gift you the new MacBook (worth about $1299) - - or $1000 in cash. You are welcome to refer yourself.


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PlotWatt | Durham, NC | Full Time | Remote | https://plotwatt.com

PlotWatt helps reduce humanity's energy consumption. We do this by monitoring the energy that a building is using in real-time, analyzing the results, and messaging our customers about exactly how to save money and understand the operations of the building. We can detect sick appliances and warn you before they break. We can help you understand how your building is being used. We can help you reduce your energy bill.

We're all very excited that we get to reduce humanity's energy consumption every day.

- Distributed systems generalist: We have lots of exciting challenges to solve to scale up our machine learning and analytics systems (python, with a shift towards a more multi-lingual environment).

- Lead Rails/Front End: We're also hiring for Rails and front-end devs. We don't have anyone else dedicated 100% to front-end at the moment so there is lots of room to own that stack.

Keywords: Python, Rails, Backbone, AWS, Machine Learning, Docker, Service Oriented Architecture

If you're interested get a hold of me at zdwiel@plotwatt.com


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Software Engineer | Fully REMOTE U.S. Permanent Resident | Full time

TargetSmart Communications (http://targetsmartcommunications.com), a leading Democratic political data firm, seeks full time software engineer with Python and database expertise. This is a full time salaried with benefits position. Telecommute is required.

A TargetSmart software engineer works on a variety of software development projects. These individuals should be versatile and eager to tackle new problems with an innovative and practical mindset. TargetSmart Software Engineers work as "full stack engineers", i.e., backend, frontend, and everything in between.

Join us in building service platforms for large scale data access, data processing, and data science. These software solutions are powered by TargetSmart's industry leading political and consumer data products.

Additional details here: http://targetsmartcommunications.com/careers-2/#se

Please email résumé to jobs at targetsmart dot net.


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DevOps Engineer | LA & OC | Full-time | Remote | TechAccelerator | http://www.techaccelerator.com

We build virtual environments to showcase new and disruptive enterprise technologies. Looking for a DevOps Engineer to build applications and systems and will be responsible for driving forward initiatives for automation, continuous delivery, monitoring, high availability, and scalability. The work you accomplish will be used by engineers selling the latest Enterprise solutions. visit: http://www.techaccelerator.com/careers

Some of the things you'll do:

- Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies

- Understand, implement, and automate security controls and governance processes

- Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems

- Implement systems that are highly available and scalable

- Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes

Some of the tools that we leverage (or would like to leverage) in our environment:

- Config Management: Primary: Puppet; Optional: Chef, Ansible, Salt

- Version Control: Github & GitLab

- Automation: Vagrant, Packer

- Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Cucumber, Serverspec

- Virtualization: VMware vSphere, OpenStack (optional)

- Directory Services: LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory

- Internal Communications: Google Hangouts, Slack

- Project Management: Jira


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Pirate3D (Singapore) − Part time, REMOTE. Embedded, C++, Andoid, iOS, Mac & Windows native. Later VISA sponsorship to Singapore possible.

Our main product is the Buccaneer, a 3D printer designed to be affordable, sleek and user-friendly. We are currently ongoing a partial rewrite of our entire software stack −from native apps all the way down to the firmware−, and are looking to expand our −currently 5 programmers strong− software team, to help in this endeavor.

You will join our team over on GitHub, Slack and Google Hangout, and will be given the choice over which project you want to contribute to. Projects include the firmware −to control motors and sensors−, the backend −to give the printer intelligence and behavior−, the protocol −to interface between printer and smartphone over WiFi−, and the native-apps −for users to communicate with the printer. Firmware, backend and protocol are written in C++, while the native-apps are in the platforms' respective languages.

We will send you a printer to experiment with if it works out after a week or two.

If interested, send an email with your achievements and aspirations to Kai at contact@kaielvin.org


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We're giftgaming, an unintrusive in-game advertising startup and platform: http://www.giftgaming.com

We deliver power-ups and coupons from brands as delightful in-game gifts. Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/20/giftgaming/

Our background:

- We have a few clients now

- Platform built and running on AWS -- need sales person to help us scale

- Won TechCrunch London Meetup 2014 & launched at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe

- Named 1 of 10 Silicon Fen Companies to Watch in 2015 by StrategyEye

Want someone who is passionate about intrusive ads in games -- and wants to fix it.

More detailed info about this role: https://angel.co/giftgaming/jobs/60023-publisher-sales-direc...

Note: We're in the process of setting up options scheme.

Contact nick@giftgaming.com - NO RECRUITERS. NO 'GROWTH HACKERS'.


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Solution Architect | LA & OC | Full-time | Remote | TechAccelerator | http://www.techaccelerator.com

We build virtual environments to showcase new and disruptive enterprise technologies. Looking for a Solution Architect to design and implement complex solutions within our virtual portal. Must have a solid understanding of networking, virtualization, and storage concepts with experience working with the varying operating systems found in enterprise environments. visit: http://www.techaccelerator.com/careers

Skills That Will Help you Succeed in This Role:

-Operating Systems: Windows (2003, 2008/R2, 2012/R2), Linux (CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu), ESXi 5.5

-Virtualization: VMware vSphere 5.5

-Storage: NetApp, OpenFiler, FreeNAS

-Networking: Solid understanding of core networking concepts (routing, switching, load balancing, firewall, WAN optimization)

-Scripting/Config Management: PowerShell and/or Bash

-Enterprise Applications: Experience designing, deploying and supporting

-Internal Communications: Google Hangouts, Slack

-Project Management: Jira


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Gyazo (https://gyazo.com) - Kyoto, Japan - Full Stack Developer - REMOTE, VISA

Gyazo is a cloud-powered screenshot app with over 9.5 Million monthly uniques.

At this time we are recruiting full stack engineers who can help us develop and extend the Gyazo.com sharing service. You can work remotely from anywhere in the world or at our office in Kyoto.

Back end is developed in Ruby on Rails & MongoDB. Front-end Web uses ReactJS, Mac / iOS client uses Objective-C, and the Windows client has been developed in C# andC ++.

We are using a modern development flow with such tools as Github, and we are pursuing day-to-day development efficiency such as managing tests with CircleCI.

We also welcome people who speak english only as our CEO is bilingual, head of marketing is a native english speaker, and all staff speak english decently well. We are a group of mostly young people who have fun and work hard to make communication online easier and more natural.




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TrueSocialMetrics - Full time Remote. Hiring software engineer

We are a small passionate team. Inspired by the ideas of Avinash Kaushik, we created a one page app in March 2012 - that’s when TrueSocialMetrics was born. Since that day we have constantly improved TrueSocialMetrics, adding new features, aiming to provide deeper and more insightful analytics. Our goal is to help all kinds of businesses to benefit from their social media marketing by investing money only in profitable social media sources. We strive to change the global approach to social media marketing and become a standard for social media analytics by implementing the best practices and knowledge from top experts.

Tech Stack: php, ruby, mongo, memcachedb, elasticsearch

Problem space: stream data processing, analytics, distributed systems, machine learning

If you're interested, feel free to apply https://www.truesocialmetrics.com/about/careers/software-eng...


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Dialogue Group | http://dialoguegroup.com.au Melbourne, Australia | Full-stack JS dev, Fulltime REMOTE OK

Dialogue Group is hiring a jnr/mid NodeJS fullstack developer. Love MEAN, but you're a nice person? You'll enjoy this role.

We build awesome stuff that helps people have conversations. Current projects you'd be working on are in the HR/forms space, and healthcare/communications space. Experience with building massive forms and/or protocols like XMPP a plus.

Super flexible for the right candidate, remote totally 100% OK, even encouraged (unless you're in Melbourne, Australia). You need to have a few hours overlap with our timezone (+11) though, as not everything can be done asynchronously (haha terrible NodeJS joke).

More details and apply: https://dialoguegroup.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hm3m/


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New York, NY or Remote

Senior Full Stack Engineer | General Assembly

We're a new kind of education company teaching people who either want to level up in their career or make a career change in tech, business, and design. In the two years I've been here, the development team has become a tight-knit, get stuff done team with a seriously good work-life balance.

The position details:

- You have 3-5 years of experience as a mid to senior level engineer

- You're used to working with Rails & Ruby and you have advanced experience building RESTful web services & APIs

- You have experience working with a variety of languages, with a strong grasp of their pros & cons

- You're a kind & respectful person, invested in contributing to a wonderful team culture (bullies & big egos strictly not allowed)

- You are occasionally enthusiastic to the point of being profoundly uncool

- You get insanely excited by at least 1 thing that has absolutely nothing to do with computers

Some other things that would be really nice to have ...

- Strong front-end development skills

- Experience designing service-oriented architecture

- Web operations or system administration experience


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Parse.ly (http://parse.ly) - Fully Remote - Full-Time

Parse.ly has built a real-time content measurement layer for the entire web.

Parse.ly's analytics platform helps digital storytellers at some of the web's best sites, such as Arstechnica, New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Next Web, and many more. In total, our analytics backend system needs to handle over 10 billion monthly page views from 400 million monthly unique visitors.

Our entire stack is in Python, and our team has innovated in areas related to real-time analytics, building some of the best open source tools for working with modern stream processing technologies like Apache Kafka and Storm.

Our UX/design team has also built one of the best-looking dashboards on the planet, using AngularJS and d3.js.

Some blog posts about our technology:

- The Magical Time Series Backend Behind Parse.ly Analytics => http://blog.parsely.com/post/1633/mage/

- Lucene: The Good Parts => http://blog.parsely.com/post/1691/lucene/

- Whatever It Takes: Building Elegant, Beautiful, and Timely Data Digests => http://blog.parsely.com/post/46/whatever-it-takes/

We are hiring a backend engineer and a UX engineer, with the only requirement being some experience in Python/Javascript. Apply via work@parsely.com (CV, github link, 1 paragraph intro), and make sure to mention this HN post!


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Los Angeles, CA - (mt) Media Temple is hiring a Solutions Architect for our Cloud Services team. This is a Full Time onsite position. No Interns, Remote, or Visa Sponsorships for this opporutnity.

As a Solutions Architect on the Cloud Services team you will have an opportunity to get involved on the ground floor of an exciting new business line launching at Media Temple. You'll be architecting and implementing cutting-edge solutions for Media Temple and for our customers as we build out systems on the AWS platform. You will be a key member of a team of Media Temple's best and brightest cloud thought leaders, and you will have the rare opportunity to put your personal stamp on a new business line that is going to give Media Temple a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

To learn more, please follow this link: https://hire.jobvite.com/j?cj=oNoA0fwv&s=LinkedIn


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Full Stack Application Developer | LA & OC | Full-time | Remote | TechAccelerator | http://www.techaccelerator.com

We build virtual environments to showcase new and disruptive enterprise technologies. Looking for a Full Stack Developer to build applications and systems that will be used by engineers selling the latest Enterprise solutions. The role combines hackery with software engineering. You will be responsible for driving forward all pieces of the application stack and lifecycle. visit: http://www.techaccelerator.com/careers

Some of the things you'll do:

- Plan, design and implement high quality and scalable core functionality to our web platform

- Collaborate with team members to efficiently determine solutions that leverage best practices when appropriate, and utilize a methodical approach when there is a need to implement custom code

- Deploy tested code into production daily and enjoy the responsibility of supporting the effects of each deployment

- Suggest and build tools to make our internal processes better, faster, stronger, and that can be reused by our customers

Some of the tools that we leverage (or would like to leverage) in our environment:

- Config Management: Primary: Puppet; Optional: Chef, Ansible, Salt

- Version Control: Github & GitLab

- Automation: Vagrant, Packer

- Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Cucumber, Serverspec

- Virtualization: VMware vSphere, OpenStack (optional)

- Directory Services: LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory

- Internal Communications: Google Hangouts, Slack

- Project Management: Jira


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RedMonk - http://redmonk.com/jobs - Remote or Portland, ME or London, UK


## Who is RedMonk

We're the analyst firm that thinks developers are the most important constituency in technology. Our work shows up here on HN from time to time.

## What You Need to Have

- A rational, fact-based based approach. Opinions are fine. Data is better.

- The ability to synthesize disparate data from different sources, both quantitative and qualitative.

- Excellent communication skills, and ideally experience presenting.

- The ability to write clear, digestible and insightful analysis of complex technology – and not take months to do it.

- A reasonable online presence. You don’t need to be Taylor Swift, but if you don’t know what Twitter is there’s a problem.

- Deep and relevant technical expertise in technology infrastructure.

- A personality that both we and our clients enjoy working with. You can call this the no assholes rule.

- The ability to travel regularly to industry events and client sites. - A passion for developers.

## It’d Be Nice If You Had

- A background in statistics, economics or both.

- Exposure to/training with statistical programming languages (R or Python if you must).

- Experience as a developer, whether as a hobby or profession.

- A broad range of technology exposure (as opposed to being expert in a tiny niche).

- Familiarity with media creation and editing; audio, video or both.

- An affinity for craft beer.

To apply for the position, please submit a cover letter, project samples, resume and anything else you think we should consider to hiring@redmonk.com.


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## The Department of Better Technology - http://www.dobt.co/ - REMOTE

Our one-sentence tagline: We are dedicated to making great software that helps governments and non-profits better serve their communities.

If you've ready some of the recent posts about US Digital Service or 18F, we're doing similar stuff, but from the outside-in, with mostly SaaS products. (Our flagship product, Screendoor: http://www.dobt.co/screendoor)

We're bootstrapped, profitable, and we'd love to find folks who are passionate about this kind of work. Stack is Rails / Postgres / JS -- nothing too fancy, but we're serious about the quality of our code. We're big on open-source, too: github.com/dobtco/

If you're interested in hearing more, email me at adam (at) dobt (dot) co


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Software Engineer @ Baremetrics // Remote

Baremetrics is the leading analytics tool for Stripe. We are a small, tightknit, completely remote team. Learn more about us at https://baremetrics.com/

We are looking for an experienced engineer to help make Baremetrics even better. We are growing quickly and are at the point where we need to adjust the architecture to handle the growth. These are exciting times with interesting challenges.

Looking for someone who can communicate effectively and work with a remote team easily (we are in Slack all day). Familiarity with data analysis/statistics is not required, but definitely a bonus.

Our stack includes Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Mongo, AWS, D3, the Stripe API, and more.

For details and to apply, visit:



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Sonian Inc. - http://www.sonian.com/ - Dedham, MA (REMOTE)

We're a cloud file archiving shop looking for engineers who are really excited about working with Clojure, Elasticsearch, and cloud technologies and infrastructures.

Search Engineer (Elasticsearch) - http://sonian.com/about/careers/software-engineer/

Analytics Architect - http://sonian.com/about/careers/software-engineer-analytics/

Data Scientist - http://sonian.com/about/careers/data-scientist/

Backend Engineer (Clojure) - http://sonian.com/about/careers/software-engineer-core/

Analytics Full Stack Engineer - http://sonian.com/about/careers/software-engineer-analytics-...

Archiving Full Stack Engineer - http://sonian.com/about/careers/software-engineer-archiving-...

Cloud Ops Engineer - http://sonian.com/about/careers/cloud-operations-engineer/


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EnerNOC, Vancouver Canada - REMOTE okay. Back-end software engineer.

We are a data-driven SAAS company that helps energy utilities and their end-customers manage and reduce their energy consumption. Our team in Vancouver was a late-stage startup, Pulse Energy. We were acquired by EnerNOC about four months ago and this has allowed us to scale up the team.

We value work-life balance -- once we find a good developer, we want to keep them. Many team members work from home occasionally and some are full-time remote. We all take our vacation time, and for those who need an extended break, unpaid leaves of absence are fine. Family-friendly - many of us are parents.



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We're hiring at Circa! -www.circanews.com / https://jobs.lever.co/circa

Looking for an Android Engineer. This can be a fully REMOTE position. See job posting for full details!


-You will create and improve native Android code that is maintainable, and performs well on a variety of target devices. -You will work with the rest of the team to develop a mobile experience that is consistent with our iOS app, while also respecting Android design conventions.


-Minimum 2 years experience writing Java -Minimum 1 year experience developing with Android SDK(s) 4.0 -Experience having at least one app deployed in the Google Play Store -Practical experience working with a mobile designer -Experience defining custom views and/or smooth animations -Strong grasp of fundamentals of computer science


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Insight Informatics - http://libero.com.au/ - Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia or REMOTE

We're a team of 12 responsible for delivering a world-class Library Management Platform to Public, Corporate and University Libraries around Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide the best set of tools that empower libraries to build communities, run smoothly and provide exactly what their members need.

Full Stack Developer: We're entirely web-based but our stack is quite unique (InterSystems Cache, Python, ASP.Net, Go, Solr, Docker, AWS). We're after experienced people comfortable on both the front and back end to help make the library industry a better place.

Shoot us an email at seb@libero.com.au to chat if you're interested.


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Chute (YC W2012) - http://getchute.com - San Francisco, CA or Itapema, BR or REMOTE (US time zones)

Hiring full-stack and front-end engineers to build our marketing technology platform that is used by Nike, Condé Nast, Starbucks, Benefit, Vogue, ESPN, NBC, NYT among others, as well as many independent developers. We're working with the latest technologies and <3 open source.

We're using Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Node.js and Go on the backend (plus Python on the data science front). We're running on AWS, Postgres, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Storm. On the front-end we're using React/Flux/ES6 (transitioning from Backbone/Marionette).

For more info: http://getchute.com/jobs


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Bit9 + Carbon Black: https://www.bit9.com/joinus/ (Walthan, MA and other locations):

  - Principal SW Engineer Bit9 Platform, Central or Eastern Region (remote role, location open)
  - Sustaining and Escalation SW Engineer Technical Lead
  - Sustaining Engineer
  - Principal ETDR Engineer, Cloud (Remote, North America, USA)
  - Principal Performance Test Engineer
  - Principal SDET
We also have openings in Threat Intelligence:

  - Threat Researcher - Atlanta, GA
  - Cloud Development Engineering Manager
And many others. You can send your resume to me (dcuthbertson@bit9.com) with a note about the job you're looking for, and I'll gladly guide it through the system.


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Arnia Software, Romania - Bucharest, Brasov, and REMOTE

We're the most ambitious software development company within Eastern EU region, and we're growing like crazy. Challenging projects, nicest people, great offices in Victory Sq in Bucharest. Besides, we do a lot of cool stuff - we contribute to half a dozen open source projects, and we operate #1 humor site in Romania.

Looking for top technical skills backed by strong academic background. Multiple positions available:

- C/C++ developers for RDBMS engine development

- Java developers for special-purpose (financial) query engine development

- Machine learning specialists with a focus on image processing

- Front-end developers (Javascript/TypeScript, jQuery, Angular, PureMVC)

- Test automation developers (Cucumber/Ruby)

- UI/UX designers

Please apply by sending your resume to careers@arnia.ro and mentioning [HN] in the email subject.


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Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA; Remote OK for devops

Say Media is a platform for digital magazines. We are looking for programmers, UX, and devops.

We're not looking for proficiency in a particular language, just good engineers who enjoy learning. Our API layer is in python and our front end is angular. There are lots of other technologies sprinkled in as well.

We're growing our platform from 50MM pageviews to 500MM this year, so there are lots of fun projects and challenges. Say has a great culture and great work/life balance.

I'm not a recruiter, just a guy that works here. Check out http://www.saymedia.com/jobs or email me and I'll hand your resume to the right person (email in profile).


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New York, NY | Remote possible | Cafe

At Cafe, we're building tools for scalable storytelling: we're improving the quality of writing on the internet through technology. With great publishing tools (our CMS is awesome) and sophisticated analytics (we're building systems which crawl the social graph to discover the appropriate audience for every story), we're helping great writers to reach massive audiences. We're hiring software engineers & data developers. If you'd like to make the web a better place while using cutting edge tools (Docker in production, isomorphic javascript, etc.), please get in touch!

More info here: http://www.themid.com/careers


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Rainforest QA (YC S12) - San Francisco or REMOTE (most of our dev team is remote)

We are looking for: - Front-end engineers - Full-stack engineers - Devops - Data Nerd - Sales (SDR) - Sales (AE)

Rainforest is a better way to do testing. We're building Rainforest to let everyone focus on the important things and spend less time thinking about QA. Get full QA for your product in ~ 30 minutes in general.

Our stack: - Rails, Grape - QueueClassic (we're maintainers) - Postgres - Coffeescript, SASS (scss), Haml - Backbone (we started to work with React recently, we might fully move to React soon!) - KVM - Puppet - Heroku - AWS

Please join us by applying on https://www.rainforestqa.com/jobs/ :)


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Loha | Remote | Part-time (6-8 hours per week) | Backend (Ruby on Rails) Dev https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/loha/id866898916?mt=8 http://www.loha.co

Recently-launched, bootstrapped web/mobile startup looking for a backend Ruby on Rails dev or, if the stars align, a technical cofounder who's willing to work for equity in exchange for a few hours of work per week.

Tech: Ruby on Rails Postgres Heroku

Outsourced team works on the iPhone app and so we're looking for someone to manage API updates as well as do small web and data projects.

Email sayloha at loha dot co (co not com!)


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Runscope - San Francisco/New York

Runscope is building tools for developers working on API-driven mobile and web applications. We have a clear vision for the future of service-powered software and the tools that will be required to build the next generation of applications. We're an experienced team backed by top-tier investors looking for people who share our passion for building great tools and want to help shape not just our products, but the company as well.

We are looking for talented Engineers including but not limited to Data Systems Engineering, Product Engineering, & DevOps. Also looking for a Customer Support Engineer (SF or Remote).



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BaseCase - http://basecase.com/careers

Location: Berlin, Germany

Our primary product is a sophisticated web application which allows non-developers create interactive presentations.

We're looking for talented developers. Our technology stack is Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 on the front-end, and Python / MySQL on the back-end. But you don't need experience in our stack - we know a good developer can learn on the job. We can support REMOTE workers, and are willing to assist in obtaining a work VISA for Germany if required.

We have been profitable for several years, so we can offer very competitive salaries, with stock options.

If this sounds interesting, please contact careers@basecase.com.


Diarmuid Glynn / CTO


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Zoomer is building a new take on food delivery - a platform to handle an extraordinarily high volume of concurrent deliveries from restaurants that already deliver (i.e. pizza, wings, sandwiches, etc.). We’re bringing much needed change to local high-volume delivery restaurants that are still doing delivery the way they’ve always done it. Our restaurants and their customers love the service, and our order volume is surging. You’ll make a real impact working to build and scale Zoomer as we continue to grow to new restaurants and territories.

We have amazing investors behind us, including Y Combinator (S14), First Round Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Eric Ries, Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo and others. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground-floor - we’re making key hires to build our core team. You’ll have a ton of impact – lots of freedom to evolve our platform, stack, and apps. We follow strong dev practices, put an emphasis on testing, and deploy rapidly.

Help us build cutting-edge technical solutions to:

  - tough logistics problems, quickly routing orders to optimal drivers in near-real-time.
  - on-demand prediction and forecasting models
  - scalable compute and data infrastructure
  - multiple mobile apps - for restaurants and drivers - on both iOS and Android
  - range of complex real-time frontend interfaces
Our stack: We have an AI backend service that handles order routing, multiple mobile applications – for our drivers and restaurants, and several Ruby on Rails applications for customer-facing/internal services. We’re using Angular.js and CoffeeScript on the frontend. Our data team uses Python.

The roles we’re hiring for:

  - Ruby on Rails and Frontend engineer (Angular.js) engineers
  - DevOps engineer
  - Artificial Intelligence engineer
  - Data engineer
  - Data scientist
If this sounds interesting and you'd like to learn more, please apply here: http://www.zoomerdelivery.com/#jobs


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REMOTE, Authorized to work in US; full-time/part-time/contractor/perm - ReactiveOps

We're a completely distributed company performing two important services for our clients:

1) DevOps consulting (infrastructure automation, containerization, creating high availability infrastructures/DR, chatops implementations, etc.)

2) Ongoing retainer-based services, functioning as our client's "outsourced, in-house (dev)-ops team" (stuff from #1, database administration, ongoing platform maintenance and support, pager duty, etc.)

We're looking for Ops professionals from mid-level to CTO: DBAs, Ansible coders, Docker architects, AWS experts, Linux kernel hackers, etc.

Contact me, the CEO and co-founder at: matt [at] reactiveops dot com

I look forward to speaking with you!


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Benzinga -- is getting massive amounts of new traffic and we need some more team members to help us handle all the new visitors either REMOTE or local full-time in Detroit, MI.

      ☆☆☆ Lead Front-end engineer
      ☆☆☆ Senior Django Developer 
      ☆☆   Senior Drupal Developer

   Quick Stats
      ★ Customers include TD Ameritrade, Microsoft, Yahoo
      ★ 20 million+ monthly readers
      ★ 1000s of subscribers to our private Marketfy trading communities

We're a financial media company, a poor man's - lest we say everyday man's - Bloomberg competitor, and a financial product SaaS all forged together into a powerful trident that is attacking the high seas of Wall Street in a relentless pursuit of transparency.

And conquer we shall! We've grown 100% quarter over quarter all last year and another 100% just in the last month. Our team has surged to 30+ people and the waves of revenue washed together to form a rushing roar with just one of our products going from nothing to $200k/month in under a year.

Being a media company we find our way into all kinds of cool stuff. Our office is furnished with things like a $3000 high-end bed that was sent to us to review. We got to talk to and get pictures with Warren Buffett and Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) when they came to Detroit.

But, you interject, finance is one of the toughest startup seas to sail upon! The old boys club runs an ironclad ship with no visible decks for boarding. Avast! We've built a battering ram of a business in just a few short years that has pummeled its way deep into the heart of Wall Street. Old Ironsides has warmed itself to Benzinga and once a taste the thirst cannot be quenched.

And if you happen to trade or invest yourself you'll find us inside almost all of the major brokerages in the US. So, where do you fit in this rigging, you swashbuckling scalawag? Well, our team is crazy ambitious, motivated, and experienced with shaking shit up. If you know your tech, and want on deck this is the place to do it. Your exact technical background and language of choice doesn't matter as much as your motivation and your ability to adapt quickly.

Why be a ninja when you can be a pirate? This ship is forging a new course, send an email to careers@benzinga.com to board! Email us now: careers@benzinga.com

Check us out: http://marketfy.com and http://benzinga.com


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CloudHelix - San Francisco, CA near Bart - https://cloudhelix.com/careers.html

Fullstack, Backend, SRE, DevOps | Fulltime | Local or Remote

We build a terabit scale Saas and on-site platform for ingesting, visualizing, traffic engineering and detecting anomalies on network traffic. Today it uses both netflow and BGP from routers and host traffic capture and stores that info into a clustered in-house built columnar database handling tens of millions of rows per second.

You'd be architecting, expanding, developing and maintaining this platform. We're a small but quickly growing company that moves quickly. You'd make a difference.


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mPath | Palo Alto | Remote possible | RESTful APIs, Sinatra, react.js, Swift, J2Objc, iOS, Android, Dropwizard, Haskell etc.

mPath is building a platform that allows regular folks to assemble native mobile apps via a drag and drop interface. We have our own data platform, but we connect to others, like Salesforce and Box.com. We're focusing on internal productivity apps for the enterprise right now.

We have a strong engineering, design and security focus.

Opportunities include:

Startup CTO (full stack experience; more doing than managing)

Web UI Engineer (Sinatra / React)

iOS Engineer (Swift, j2Objc)

Android Engineer (Java, j2Objc)

Devops (Docker / Jenkins / AWS)

Automation / QA Engineer

Check us out at: http://mpath.com/careers


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REMOTE - Developer - Portland, OR - http://teamtreehouse.com

We're hiring five backend developers. Any language experience is fine, but you'll be working primarily with Ruby and Coffeescript.

At Treehouse we're on a mission to make technology education affordable and accessible for everyone in the world. Come join us and do the best, most meaningful work of your career.



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Nooklyn - https://nooklyn.com/ - Brooklyn / Remote - Rails Developer or iOS (Objective-C) Developer - Contract

Nooklyn makes it easier for people to find apartments or roommates in Brooklyn.

I'm currently looking for a contractor (remote is fine, bonus points for living in/near Brooklyn, NY).

Right now Nooklyn.com is a one-person operation (me) with a couple contractors and I'm looking to grow the team of contractors and eventually hire someone full time.

Just email me at moiz@nooklyn.com


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Product Hunt - www.producthunt.com - San Francisco/Remote - Lead iOS Engineer


Imagine if reddit and the appstore would have a baby - that's Product Hunt

Mobile will soon be our most important platform and in 5 years from now we wont "install" apps. We wont "open" apps. How will our app look then? We are looking for someone who wants to have a say in this future.

The role is essentially an hybrid between Product Owner of the mobile app and the Lead Engineer that brings in structure to the team.

Given that the role has a big part in product design, it's easier if this person is in SF. That being said the majority of our team is remote (no further than Eastern Europe). Consider also applying if you are "close enough to SF" that you could come by regularly.

There are more details on the role here: https://angel.co/product-hunt/jobs/47947-lead-ios-engineer

But in a nutshell:

* Strong opinion on codestyle, structure, automated processes, product building

* Being able to learn from and enable others

Everyone in the team works quite autonomous and we value maker craftman ship highly.

https://twitter.com/rrhoover/status/540950035827916800 (we also do livestreamings to brainstorm with the community on upcoming or about-to-release features)



To apply simply email me andreas()producthunt.com - or use angellist if that's easier for you :)

Will be around this thread - ask me anything.


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HumanLink / Fayetteville, Arkansas / Remote possible

Software Engineer / Full-time or Intern

We are a small team based in Fayetteville, AR building a platform where we provide access to affordable, high-quality caregivers for elderly adults.

As one of the few engineers, you will have the opportunity to make big impact. Some of the technologies we use: Google Cloud Platform (App Engine, Cloud Endpoints, NDB, etc), Python, JavaScript (+AngularJS), git, bower, gulp...

Let's chat support+jobs@humanlink.co


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Fit For 90 - http://fitfor90.com/jobs - Durham, NC or Remote, Full Stack Dev

We're hiring a developer as employee #4 at Fit For 90. Get in touch if your interested in joining a small team making a massive impact in the soccer space. We work with the USWNT, MLS teams, NWSL teams, and tons of colleges and clubs, and they'd love to have you hacking with us.


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Remote - Help Scout, a help desk software company, is looking for a Software Engineer (Java + Solr). 75% of the team is remote and we work hard to support a remote team culture. Please check out the job description and apply here - https://help-scout.workable.com/jobs/51883


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Foild.net - Sydney, Mid North Coast, Australia - Remote possible

We are a stealth startup building the next generation of automated identification verification. We have various contracts with government and banking groups and are growing fast.

Any lang experience is fine, we currently have only 1 developer and the majority of the codebase is in PHP (Symfony2) with various java and node.js micro services.

Contact me at david@foild.net


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Wikimedia Foundation

Many positions are REMOTE (or in SF if you want), some are SF-only. VISA help/sponsorship provided for candidates willing to relocate to SF. There are also INTERN positions open right now.



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Elastic (formerly Elasticsearch) – https://elastic.co – Remote

Remote senior software engineer with experience developing and/or operating large scale distributed systems, and more.

See also: https://www.elastic.co/about/careers


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SEEKING WORK - New Delhi (India), REMOTE

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Backbone.js, jQuery, MongoDB, AWS

Bio: Ex-SlideShare developer with 8+ years of experience. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gauravgupta123 E-mail: gauravgupta123@gmail.com


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Frontend Engineer | San Francisco | INTERN REMOTE VISA

Site Reliability Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE VISA

Chief Architect | VISA

Sales Development Rep | San Francisco | VISA

CrowdFlower helps companies clean and enrich their data with a massive online workforce. Our platform is used by data science teams at startups, tech companies, finance and retail. We are series C and growing fast.

Email me at lukas at crowdflower dot com.


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RendoSoftware | Remote (anywhere) | Front-end developers and UI/UX designers

RendoSoftware, a new startup located in Boston, is looking 2 seniors front-end developers to join our remote team.

We develop web applications and HTML5 apps for several clients, using JavaScript, Angular, Node, Express and Apache Cordova.

Please send your application to: rendosoft[at]gmail.com


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REMOTE, VISA. Joinemerge.com / looking for developers to join our innovation team, building new products from scratch and experimenting with a bunch of new technologies


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orangecaffeine.com is looking for freelance web and mobile designers and developers (full-stack, front-end, iOS, Android).

LOCATION: San Francisco, Boston, Bangalore REMOTE: OK VISA: NO

Please send resumes to grace@orangecaffeine.com.


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Virtru | Washington, DC or REMOTE | Fulltime | Javascript fullstack, Android, iOS, .NET

== Who we are ==


Everyone has a right to keep their digital content private and secure. We founded Virtru because we believe that exercising that right should be easy and convenient.

Virtru allows you to send end-to-end encrypted email using your existing email address and existing email provider with the flip of a switch.

We have browser extensions for Chrome/Firefox, apps for iPhone and Android, and a plugin for Outlook desktop. Our full time team of ~20 is currently 50% engineers. We value automated testing, readable/maintainable code, documentation, and code reviews. We run in 2 week sprints and dedicate about 20% of total capacity to things the dev team thinks are important (technical debt, refactoring, exploring a new technology, etc), while the rest goes to feature development and addressing bugs.

We are well capitalized with investments from Bessemer Venture Partners [0] and private investors.

== Current positions ==

We are currently hiring full stack NodeJS/Javascript developers to support our front and backends and a .NET developer to support our Outlook desktop plugin.

I work on the backend, so I can provide some details on that role. Our client facing API services are built on Express.js. We currently run in the AWS cloud and are looking for someone with experience deploying/maintaining services/infrastructure who can also help add new functionality to the application layer.

We are working on building out an automated and immutable infrastructure using Packer, Ansible, Terraform/CloudFormation, and other tools. If that sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you!

Some things we play with on the backend: NodeJS, ExpressJS, PassportJS, AWS (EC2, SQS, S3, IAM), CouchDB, Packer, Ansible, ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), HAProxy 1.5, PagerDuty.

== Get in touch ==

If you care about privacy and are interested in creating security products at a company which thinks that user experience is a first class citizen, please get in touch! Send a secure email (using Virtru!) to feedback@virtru.com with subject “HN who is hiring response” and tell us what interests you about Virtru. It would be great if you can provide some sample code that we can check out (github, bitbucket, etc), but is not a requirement.

If you have any questions, I’ll monitor this thread and/or you can email me directly (email in profile). [0] http://www.bvp.com/portfolio/virtru


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West Hollywood Hills Ruby Developer and DevOps Engineer


Remote ok


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Company: Enlitic http://www.enlitic.com/ Location: San Francisco REMOTE is fine if you're happy to visit regularly

If you have world-class machine learning, math, programming, stats, or physics skills, and want to use them to positively impact a billion people, please read this. We believe that what we're working on is the biggest financial and social impact opportunity in the world today. Enlitic uses recent advances in machine learning to make medical diagnostics faster, more accurate, and more accessible. Founded by Kaggle's past president and chief scientist (that's me!), its mission is to provide the tools that allow physicians to fully utilize the vast stores of medical data collected today, regardless of what form they are in - such as medical images, doctors' notes, and structured lab tests. To realize this vision, we are building on state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and partnering with top research hospitals and medical device manufacturers. We've raised $5m funding and have a small team of 10 applied machine learning experts.

If you're interested in playing with cool hardware and data, we're a great place to come. We use a cluster of hundreds of Tesla K80 GPUs, and have many millions of medical images - some single images are over 10GB in size. Many are 3d, which makes for some really interesting engineering challenges.

We use a wide range of tools and languages, including AngularJS, React, ES6 / Coffeescript, Python (Theano, Pandas/Numpy/etc, Flask), and C++ (Caffe). We have regular journal club talks (mainly recent deep learning papers), and a good mix of research and applied work. Our day to day work covers a lot of cancer detection and treatment planning, as well as a wide range of other high impact medical issues - the consistent underlying theme is using a data-driven approach to improving patient outcomes. There are particularly big opportunities (both financial and social impact) in the developing world.

We're working with many of the top academics in the medical diagnostics field, and are partnering with some of the top hospitals around the country and around the world. We are looking for people that have an in depth understanding of linear algebra, convex optimization, algorithm design, and software engineering, to join us as data scientists, full stack and frontend engineers, and dev ops engineers. No medical or life sciences background is necessary. Python, C++, and CUDA experience is helpful - but the proven ability to learn quickly is more important. We're also looking for MD/PhDs with physics or comp sci backgrounds to help us brings the worlds of medicine and machine learning together. In addition, we’re looking for a senior business development person, as well as a product manager and UX designer.

Have a look at our team to see whether you think you might be a good fit http://www.enlitic.com/team.html . We're interested in building a diverse team, so if you don't fit the standard Bay Area "ninja rock star programmer" mold - great! For more background on the company and technology, see my TED.com talk here http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_ter.... . For more information about careers and how to apply, see http://www.enlitic.com/careers.html or https://angel.co/enlitic/. If you're not sure whether you have the right skills or background, just shoot us an email anyway and we can figure that out together...


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Head of Data Infrastructure | First Leads | Durham, NC or Remote

== Who we are ==

We're reshaping the way realtors find their next client. We find people who are interested in buying or selling their home _before_ they start looking for a realtor and we connect them with the best realtor.

We're building a new kind of data engine, one that combines data from dozens of sources and is capable of highly accurate correlation. We achieve this by leveraging the best of algorithms and humans together through unique workflows.

We've got a healthy seed round, and are already booking revenue.

I'm the CTO and co-founder - give me a shout if you're interested in solving some really interesting data problems: jess@firstleads.net

== What you will do ==

You'll be a core leader on our rapidly growing team.

You'll work closely with managed workforce providers to engineer new ways of integrating human intelligence via API. Basically, you'll innovate and improve on ideas present in Amazon's Mechanical Turk and apply it to particular problem domains.

Architect and implement a highly-scalable data aggregation and correlation platform. You’ll solve genuinely new challenges by rewriting First Lead's data infrastructure workflows from scratch, blending algorithmic approaches and a managed workforce.

You'll also own the majority of our operational infrastructure on which we're constructing unique product offerings. You'll drive key strategic decisions about our system architecture and deployment. Together with the CTO, you'll discuss tradeoffs around technical debt, incoporate new technologies when significant leverage is demonstrated, and craft a consistent, comprehensible, maintainable system.

You'll hire a team that codes, scales, and supports our rapidly growing data engine. You'll be on the lookout for areas of our system that can be cleanly separated out and contributed to the open source community. You'll be a thought leader in our industry, with deep, applied knowledge in the area of integrating humans and algorithms.

Within 3 Months, You'll: (a) Deeply understand the existing capabilities of our data engine, (b) Fully own the development roadmap for the data engine, and (c) Implement and extend the core functionality to support multiple new data sources.

Within 6 Months, You'll: (a) Integrate with a managed workforce provider to scale up our human-powered intelligence stations, (b) Participate in product design discussions mapping out novel ways to utilize our data to improve realtor lead generation processes, and (c) Hire and train 1-2 software developers to scale up the buildout of the data engine.

Within 12 Months, You'll: (a) Facilitate the creation of statistical models around our data engine to better predict when intent data will connect with a purchasing decision, (b) Manage and grow a team of data scientists to build out our statistical models, and (c) Oversee continued development of the systems and train the team on best practices.


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Chicago, IL or REMOTE - Full Stack Engineer @ Spantree - http://www.spantree.net

    Web Front End: Angular, Backbone, React 
    Web Back End: Spring Boot, Grails
    Data Stores: Elasticsearch, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, Neo4J
    Clustered Systems: Mesos, Marathon 
    Systems Management: AWS, Docker, Docker Compose (Fig), Vagrant, Puppet 
    Build Automation/CI: Gradle, Grunt, CircleCI, Jenkins, Sonar
    Test Automation: Spock, Selenium, Mocha, Jasmine
Who we are


Spantree is a boutique software engineering firm based in Chicago, with some members scattered around the western hemisphere. We're looking for an engineer who's not afraid to tinker and break things. You should enjoy solving tough problems, coming up with novel solutions and delivering a polished product.

We're a small team with a fairly flat organizational structure. Everyone has specialties, but everyone is encourage to work on every aspect of a project.

We love sharing and open source. We constantly hunt for better and smarter ways to do things. And, since we're often pushing our software and our systems, you should feel comfortable communicating with developers in the open source community. Pull requests to open source projects are highly encouraged.

What we work on


Our clients range from small and scrappy startups to large enterprise companies. We have 3-7 projects going at any point in time. We tend to focus on greenfield development, building web applications from the ground up. We also work on integrating the old with the new, bringing technologies like Mesos, Elasticsearch and Drools to large companies. Helping people make better decisions is the central theme of most of our projects. This can take the form of a search engine to help people find interesting stuff to do on a Saturday night, a complex rules-oriented workflow management system for evaluating health insurance claims, helping people find the right doctor, or a matchmaking and scheduling system to help people book face-to-face meetings at conferences. In the next year or two, we also plan to get into product development, taking our experiences solving the same sort of problems for multiple clients and rolling them into a generic framework which we plan to open source and support directly for our clients and the rest of the world.

Contact us


Drop us a line at jobs@spantree.net and tell us a bit about yourself. If you have a resume or CV, feel free to pass that along as well. Github and LinkedIn profiles are also helpful. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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[ original post ]

Terabyte Technologies - http://terabytetech.com/ - West Palm Beach, FL - General IT wizards able to support various small/medium business clients

(not my company, owned by a friend who I consider a pretty good guy. below is the text of their help wanted ad. in case it doesn't make things clear, these positions involve doing all kinds of IT work for companies too small to have their own IT department, or supplementing small IT departments as needed for the larger clients. You interact with a lot of different people and often in somewhat stressful situations.. some clients only call when something is broken. You must be somewhat local to WPB.. Ft. Lauderdale, PSL, etc)

We are looking for smart, reliable and hardworking people who are looking for a place to shine. People who think outside of the box and know what good customer service is all about. We are looking for people who are looking to make a place for themselves and who are always looking up. People who don't job hop and are looking for a permanent place to plant their feet. If this sounds like you then we may have a place for you.

What you'll need to do: This position will require you to wear a lot of different hats: - You will need to go onsite to take care of our clients and their various computer/server needs. (you must have valid DL and a reliable car) Remote support for our clients is a daily occurrence so you must be able to walk our clients through their issues remotely.

You will be working with server disasters and un-routine computer issues so you must have solid problem solving skills and be able to work well under pressure. You will need to be able to translate geek. Know how to explain what the problems are in a way that our clients can understand and then find solutions that will save them time and money. (must have people skills and work well with others)

This is a dress casual work place. Long sleeve dress shirt, slacks and dress shoes are required. These are just some of the things that are required to fill this position but we are looking for people who are ready to jump in when needed and who are always looking to learn something new.

What you'll need to know: Experience is key! Must be a Windows wizard. Many of our clients run Windows workstations against Windows servers. The ability to intelligently navigate a variety of hardware and software issues is a must. Mac/Linux skills a plus. To be able to think outside the box. Problems in this industry have more than one solution. You need to have the ability to find that solution quickly and efficiently and with a cool and level head. Be a multitasker. We work in a fast-paced, action-packed environment. If you can't multitask your head may explode.

Apply by sending your resume via email to info@terabytetech.com. Please note why you are different and why we should interview you.


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CircleUp - San Francisco & Remote [US]. Hiring full stack software engineers that love Python & the web.

CircleUp is building an online investment marketplace that helps non-tech consumer & retail businesses raise the capital they need to expand. These are companies selling products such as greek yogurt, granola bars, energy drinks, footware, athletic gear, baby food, pet care, cosmetics-- something you might buy in a Whole Foods or Costco. Venture Capital firms don't invest in these categories, and these deals are still too early-stage for traditional private equity. So these entrepreneurs struggle to raise the money that would help them keep up with demand; at the same time, many investors could benefit from the returns of this asset class, if only it could be made easily accessible.

We have been named one of the Top 5 Most Disruptive companies in Finance by CNBC, one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes, and one of the 50 Best Fintech Innovators by KPMG. We are backed by top-tier investors including Google Ventures & Union Square Ventures.

Our stack is Python (Django) + AngularJS. We use some exciting applications of Machine Learning in Python. We are 11 engineers and growing fast. Half the engineering team is in SF, half is remote (distributed across the US). We're looking for smart generalists that never stop learning, like working full stack, and are excited to have some impact on the economy outside of silicon valley tech.

Help us shape the future of finance! Apply at: https://circleup.com/jobs/engineer/


More info:

# on our last round of funding http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/26/opening-consumer-products-t...

# success story about a company we helped http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/n-y-small-businesses-tur...

# article about crowdfunding pioneers. first half of it describes CircleUp http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/06/business/crowdfunding-for-...

# article about how CircleUp helps eliminate the "funding gap" for women owned businesses http://www.inc.com/ryan-caldbeck/female-led-companies-thrive...