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Zurich - 2 jobs in April 2015

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Switzerland, Zurich | Full-time | DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end.

This might be a very exciting, well-paid opportunity if have a Swiss work permit or if you are from the EU. You should speak some German or be willing to learn.

We're a Swiss software shop that is re-building an existing e-commerce solution from scratch. Our young, motivated web-team is looking for DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end people. We currently use the following tech-stack:

- Python/Flask

- MongoDB

- Elasticsearch

- RedHat and Docker

- Gulp

We are open to other technologies (e.g., we are looking into NodeJS and React).

We look for people who can reason about technology and contribute with their ideas.

Contact me for further info: iwang at fastmail . net

I myself moved to Switzerland only recently. My very positive experiences living and working here can be found on medium: "Eight reasons why I moved to Switzerland to work in IT" http://goo.gl/EIX4UX)


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IMIS AG - Z├╝rich, Switzerland Software Engineer: Scala/Java, Play Framework, HTML5, WebComponents

We are looking for people to help us build our next generation B2B application platform (Play/Scala, REST). We're looking for people that have Java or Scala knowledge and have experience with/are interested in learning to create modern HTML front ends.

Opportunity to experiment with new technology and learn.

Medium sized company, 30 people, good team spirit and very family friendly.