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Burbank - 2 jobs in May 2015

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Walt Disney Animation Studios ~ Burbank, CA

If you're reading this then you're looking at a super-rare opportunity. We're looking to hire a CTO!

We also have opportunities for Linux-savvy software engineers. Disney Animation is a great studio working on cutting-edge animation tech.

We are a primarily a Linux, C++, and Python shop.

Shoot me an email (my username @gmail.com) if you're interested, and please apply online:


Here's a sampling of some of our publications in case you're interested in some of the areas we've been exploring lately:



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Disney Studios | Burbank, CA | Data Engineers

We're looking for passionate "learners" to work with on our platforms and do some interesting analysis. We're leveraging Apache Spark, Mahout, MLlib, GraphX, Kafka and other fun technologies.

The Data Services team does things like extracting media meta information from digital assets and analyzing how people are talking about/consuming content (Movies, Music & Stage).

Expecting people with strong Linux & Java; Scala, Python & R are nice to haves.