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Calgary - 2 jobs in May 2015

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MethodExists - REMOTE - Based in Calgary, Canada

We are building out our engineering team from our startup roots. We need developers with initiative, self-starting attitude, and willingness to work in a high performing team solving challenging problems in the enterprise space.

We collect complex data sets from the field, build meaningful visualizations, and are growing in the areas of machine learning and data science. We have built a modern organization around a disruptive platform in what is an old-school space. We are happy to shake things up.

We have real long-term clients that are some of the largest companies in the world executing the most difficult projects, and they share this vision of what we are building.

If we chat and there is a fit apparent, we would put you on a paid trial project. Real-world performance are all that matter to us. You need to be able to self-start, iterate on your ideas, clean up your garbage, stay out of the weeds, and deliver business value. Concepts you should be comfortable with are test-driven development, functional programming, asynchronous and isomorphic javascript.

We are a full-javascript stack and use technologies like node.js, socket.io, React, mongoDB, d3.js.

Things that are important to us are: security, configurability, scalability, performance, reactivity, visualization and of course user experience.

We also have a position for an excellent client-facing support person.

Apply at ffab00 _ gmail com


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PrintToPeer | Calgary, Canada | Full-Stack Developer | on-site only

PrintToPeer is the first universal printing system for 3D printers, connecting them to the web. With a web interface and using Raspberry Pis as print servers, our system makes it 10x easier to use and share a 3D printer. We have challenged ourselves to redefine 3D printing, making the technology accessible, and enabling entirely new applications.

Our users have printed thousands of times, and we are expanding the platform to connect with other services. Our main objectives are to implement a RESTful API, and scale the service internationally. PrintToPeer is primarily built with rails on AWS.

We were 250% successfully crowdfunded, and have funding in place for a dev hire. You will be joining two technical founders with a love of cutting edge technologies.

https://angel.co/printtopeer/jobs | contact me at tom[at]printtopeer[dot]com