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Chicago - 19 jobs in May 2015

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SEC | NY $125,000 - $205,000

We're building the SEC's next generation analytic platforms to keep our markets safe, effective, and trusted. Come build awesome tools to analyse big data (and small data!). We do quantitative analysis, machine learning, plus good old fashioned product development. At the end of the day we ship modern, elegant applications that helps our government be more awesome.

Join a small team of talented developers, capable researchers, and former finance people that saw the light.

Our stack: JS, React, Python, pandas, Flask, C++, KDB, q

Your workstation: .5 TB RAM, plus a gabajillion cores (we each have one)

You are: anyone that wants to help! Awesome front end dev? Machine learning expert? Pythonista? Data scientist? Whatever! We want you! Doesn't matter if you know our stack or not, if you love to learn you'll fit right in.

(Also, if you're more of a finance person and less of a dev/quant/science-person/whatever we have spots for that too, in Boston, Atlanta, NY, Chicago).


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Socrata (http://www.socrata.com) - Platform/DevOps Engineer - Seattle, WA

At Socrata, we believe that data – when made transparently accessible – can illuminate, inform, and inspire. Socrata builds cloud-based software products that democratize access to public sector data and put it into people’s hands so they can use it at work, at home, and on the go. We power open data portals for City of Chicago (https://data.cityofchicago.org/), Los Angeles (https://data.lacity.org/), and many more.

We’re looking for a strong engineer to focus on developing our Mesosphere/AWS/Chef runtime platform. The full description of this position is at http://careers.socrata.com/jobs/?jvi=oNu7Yfw6,Job If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me noah.meyerhans@socrata.com (I'm an engineer, not a recruiter!)

We release nearly all of our work, both from a DevOps and general engineering perspective, under Open Source liceses. Check out some of our repositories on GitHub at https://github.com/socrata/ and https://github.com/socrata-platform

Or, if you're not interested in our DevOps roles, considering checking out some of our other engineering roles at http://careers.socrata.com/engineers/


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Various Engineer positions | www.rallyhealth.com | on-site only in SF, DC, Chicago

  -Full stack (scala/play + angular)		-Full stack (C#/.NET MVC + angular)
  -Front end engineer (angular + SASS)		-DevOps engineer (AWS, Chef, MongoDB)
  -.NET release engineer (Jenkins, Nuget)	-QA Engineer (python/robot)
  -Mobile architect				-Mobile engineer
  -Site reliability engineer			-Director, IT Security
  -InfoSec engineer				-Data analyst
We're looking for lots of great people to join our team that's aiming to make all aspects of healthcare better for consumers. Our Wellness product (https://www.rallyhealth.com/our-product/) is the best wellness program on the market, Marketplace makes enrolling in insurance as easy (or easier) than TurboTax, and Connect helps find the doctor you need in your area (and in your plan).

We'll be growing a lot more visible in 2015 and into 2016, starting with a partnership with comedian Kevin Hart[1] which we're all pretty excited about.

Our Chicago office is on a .NET MVC stack and SF and DC are on Scala/Play with mobile teams as well. I can answer more detailed stack/tech questions if anyone is curious.

The benefits are great, including $0 deductible for employee health insurance (and dependent coverage isn't much more), catered lunch every day w/ snacks and drinks everywhere, and unlimited vacation (that we're heavily enouraged to use).

If you have any questions, you can email me (ryan.stelly@rallyhealth.com) but otherwise, all postings are available at https://www.rallyhealth.com/about-us/ Cheers!

(what other kinds of details do you all look for? I'll be sure to include them next time!)

[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rally-health-and-kev...


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Backstop Solutions Group, Chicago IL

Backstop Solutions is looking for a Ruby on Rails whiz. If you have any questions, email Chris Agocs: cagocs@backstopsolutions.com

Info copied from https://www.backstopsolutions.com/careers-software-developer...

Join a growing team of passionate, self-motivated, talented, and creative people with big ideas about the future of software for the investment industry. Backstop is a Chicago based company that makes web-based software applications for hedge funds and the people who invest in them. Over the last few years, we have grown considerably, won several awards, and built a lot of great software. Backstoppers take our customers and our service very seriously, but pride ourselves on not taking ourselves too seriously in the process.

We're looking for excellent, experienced software developers. Our technology stacks are heavy on the server side, Java and Rails-oriented, but that doesn't stop us from using the right language or tool to solve a particular problem. We love using Ruby to drive the browser and API tests of our Java applications, building Fitnesse suites to organize our Scala-based integration tests, scripting data loaders in Python, and even hacking at, and in, Perl5 when we're feeling retro.


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Pangea | Chicago, IL | Full Time | Web (React.js), Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C/Swift), DevOps (AWS/Chef or similar), Backend (.NET/C#)

Pangea is an emerging payments company that is developing an innovative value transfer system that leverages retail, mobile and web connectivity to address the high costs and lack of transparency in the money remittance space. We aim to empower the 2.5 billion global underbanked community that have limited access to basic financial services. Pangea is 1 of 8 companies selected for the inaugural class of the Impact Engine, a venture accelerator led by Chuck Templeton, the founder of OpenTable (NASDAQ: OPEN) with guidance from world-class mentors and entrepreneurs. We're located at 1871, the entrepreneurial center at the Merchandise Mart.

Full job descriptions:

- Lead Mobile Engineer (https://gopangea.com/jobs/lead-mobile-engineer.html)

- DevOps (https://gopangea.com/jobs/devops-engineer.html)

- Android (https://gopangea.com/jobs/android-developer.html)

- Backend/Full stack (https://gopangea.com/jobs/full-stack-software-engineer.html)

Currently, our backend is mostly .NET (C#) running on Amazon Web Services (using ElastiCache with Redis, RDS with MySQL). We use git (on Bitbucket), Chef, TeamCity, JIRA, and Slack. The keyword here is ‘currently’. We believe in using the right tool for the job. Your input will help shape the future of our tooling and the business.

Developers get fully loaded Retina Macbook Pros, dual monitors and your choice of keyboard and mouse. We run Parallels for .NET/C# work and hope to move to VSCode or Xamarin for backend development when the time is right.


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Anyone Can Learn To Code | Chicago | PT Marketing Manager

Anyone Can Learn To Code is ranked among the five leading professional web development coding bootcamps by Tech Cocktail. Our students emerge from a broad range of backgrounds and are all invested in pursuing ambitious futures in web development. ACLTC is a part time full-stack web dev program so that students retain their full-time jobs while studying weeknights and Sundays. We’re now entering our second year in Chicago and will begin our first cohort in San Francisco this Fall.

We are now seeking a Marketing Manager that will coordinate all online marketing efforts. This is a part-time contract position that has potential to develop into a more permanent role.

The Marketing Manager will lead and develop various marketing strategies not limited to:

Manage social media accounts Handle marketing our events and meetups Create, plan and execute email marketing campaigns Excellent communication, professional and interpersonal skills required. Must be self-motivated and a self-directed professional, requiring minimal supervision for successful execution. 3+ years experience in marketing and teamwork.

For more details and to apply - https://angel.co/anyone-can-learn-to-code/jobs/65185-marketi...


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Ruby on Rails Developer

U.S. only - remote available depending on experience)

20spokes - Chicago,IL

Who we are

20spokes is a small and growing web development agency in Chicago. We work with a large variety of clients, from launching a new web app to expanding an existing business with a new mobile app. We're looking for #4 to join our team and help us to continue to grow!

Who we want to hire

A talented full stack Ruby developer who wants to help us build great projects.

- 2-5 years of experience as a mid to senior level engineer. - Ability to develop a feature from a concept - Understanding and experience with other web technologies such as Sass, Javascript, Rails, Postgres, React, Backbone - Team player who is respectful and looking to contribute - Pragmatic in making decisions - Passionate about learning and enthusiastic to share with the rest of the team

Why should you work with us There's a ton of great places for developers but we stand out as the little shop with great ideas. You'll have the opportunity to directly impact 20spokes. We're small with you joining as #4. Fridays are open days to contribute to our own products that are in use now, work on open source, write a blog, and more. We invest in the people who join us. Your time is also very important to us. We don't want our team to be in the office late at night but out enjoying their lives.



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KnowledgeHound (knowledgehound.com) | Chicago | Full Stack Engineer

WHY WORK FOR US? Because the team is incredible. A-players on the tech, design, and business side. Tons of talent without blustery egos or corporate politics. Every day is a joy. Because we build a great product. Our design and engineering is head and shoulders better than our competitors and we work with the latest technologies. Because it’s the perfect time. We’ve got Fortune 500 clients, serious revenue, and investment, but we’re still small enough that we want you to own substantial parts of the product, technical organization and the business as a whole.


Expert with:

   - At least one backend language, ideally PHP or Python
   - At least one backend framework, ideally Django
Serious experience with:

   - JavaScript and at least one JS framework, ideally AngularJS
   - DevOps (automation tools, ideally AWS too)
   - Version control
   - Automated testing
Bonus points if you have:

   - Experience using and tuning ElasticSearch
   - Experience leading Agile/Scrum teams
Beyond the purely technical, any great candidate will have excellent communication skills and dedication to personal growth, learning and teaching others. Email me and tell me how you learn & get better at your craft.



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Anyone Can Learn To Code | Chicago & NYC | Lead Web Development Instructor

Anyone Can Learn To Code is the only immersive part-time web development bootcamp in the country that makes its students job ready. After its success in Chicago, it has begun national expansion starting with a new course offering in San Francisco in Fall of 2015. ACLTC has also been recently ranked one of the five best code bootcamps in the world by Tech Cocktail. While our stack includes Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL, and Git, we first and foremost train our students to be engineers who can learn any new technology. Our graduates are proficient in creating APIs and SOA systems, along with dynamic AngularJS clients that consume those APIs. Classes are held from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00pm on Sundays.

You are the right fit for the Lead Instructor role if you are both an educator and developer who cares to make a difference in people’s lives as you help them to launch new careers in web development. You should have a minimum of three years of web development experience, a successful history as an educator/mentor, and have the skill of effectively communicating technical concepts in plain English.

If you fit the bill, we want to talk to you. From a development standpoint, you should have significant experience with: Ruby Rails HTML/CSS JavaScript SQL Git

To apply, please check out our posts on AngelList: https://angel.co/anyone-can-learn-to-code/jobs/65380-lead-in...


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KnowledgeHound (knowledgehound.com) | Boston Engineering Intern

Deploy real-world code to production week one. Develop code and your skills. Spend some time in the sun, working in Boston and Cambridge.

WHAT WE DO: We build KnowledgeHound, a data search and exploration tool, on top of some fantastic technologies. We've got a real product, real revenue from Fortune 500 clients and real investment. We're looking to add some more interns & developers to that mix.


   - You believe that work doesn't need to be all consuming to be productive and fulfilling,

   - You are committed to getting better at your craft every single day (tell me how you do it!),

   - You want to get your hands dirty in a real code base (sorry, powerpoint doesn't count as work here),

   - You thrive on flexibility not micromanagement and

   - You've built something real (class or side projects or previous internships are great examples)
WHAT'S THE SUMMER GOING TO BE LIKE? We've got a backlog of new features/bugs, and we're overhauling one of our major systems. We want you to join hands with the rest of our tech team and deliver production code. Just like everyone else, you'll pull a new bug/feature from the queue, work with anyone else necessary (e.g. our world-class designer, Joe) and put together a pull request. I'll be a personal resource and I'm dedicated to learning and to teaching. If you hit a snag or don't know the best way to do something, we'll work on it together.

We are a collaborative team. We count on everyone to think critically, bring ideas for improvements and champion those ideas. In other words, "We do pay you to think." Be a part of designing our product and our business.

WHERE IS THIS PLACE? I'm currently our entire Boston office (there are another half a dozen of us at the home office in Chicago and one on the West coast). On that account, we don't have a permanent office here yet. I'm planning to spend the summer working from co-working spaces, coffee shops, home, and places in the sun. I like to alternate between working surrounded by great people and taking a full day somewhere quiet to knock out some "real work" (writing code). If that sounds better than the cube farm, email me (john@knowledgehound.com).


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Civis Analytics | Chicago, IL | https://civisanalytics.com

Civis is building cloud-based products to help organizations do data science better and easier. We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data—transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We help organizations solve their biggest problems with Big Data.

A few of our open positions:

Devops Engineer - http://bit.ly/1P30uit Senior Security Engineer - http://bit.ly/1anABtS Systems Engineer - http://bit.ly/1GCZQkn Full Stack Software Engineer - http://bit.ly/1Hn3As1

Civis is hiring Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Product, Sales, Marketing managers, and more. View all of our open positions at https://civisanalytics.com/careers


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Curiosity.com (https://curiosity.com) - Frontend Developer - Chicago, IL

Email: andy@curiosity.com if interested

Want to build mobile and web apps that people all over the world use every day to have fun learning? We’re using backbonejs, reactjs and everyone deploys to production every day. We're 18 people (5 backend and 4 frontend engineers). $6M Series A funded and growing.

At Curiosity.com, we’re a startup of passionate learners, strong engineers and designers executing on our mission. And we’re bringing the best learning content to the world. Our audience spans over 200 countries and is growing at a rapid pace. 2015 will be a year of exponential growth for us.

Who You Are: Software generalist at heart that has developed deep expertise in building products that users love.

Need experience in: Javascript HTML5/CSS3 Python (nice to have) Jinja (nice to have) Flask (nice to have)

Qualifications: Must be familiar with OS X/Linux 2-5+ years of experience with web development Strong understanding of OO programming Must know MVC pattern

Only applicants with code samples and/or a GitHub account will be considered.

Email Andy O’Dower, our Head of Product andy@curiosity.com to learn more and apply.


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MPA Healthcare Solutions | Chicago IL

Member of the technical team – Software Engineer

MPA is looking for a software engineer to join our small but growing development team. Our team has three primary responsibilities:

1. Supporting and maintaining existing code for building and applying predictive models.

2. Importing datasets from a variety of sources and preparing them for use in modeling.

3. Supporting the research work of our clinicians (which is usually directed toward extending or improving the methodologies employed in responsibility #1).

Skills & Requirements

* Experience in analyzing information, software algorithm design, software design, software debugging, software development fundamentals, software documentation, and software testing

* Demonstrated experience translating business needs and requests into functioning software

* Ability to grasp broad concepts, an acute attention to detail, and the capacity to translate between the two

* Ability to meet deadlines, work within project timeframes, and to quickly adapt to changing business needs

* Strong verbal and written communication skills and organizational skills

* Excellent problem solving skills

* Comfort with and capacity to work in a semi-structured environment

Experience with the following is strongly desirable but not required:

* Healthcare related database experience (e.g. Billing, claims, and registry data)

* Background in statistics, using and creating mathematical models and working with other analytics

* Experience with SAS or R

* A degree in Computer Science, Statistics or a related field

To apply, please send an email to hr@consultmpa.com


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Chicago, IL -or- Remote | Full Stack Developer | ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a platform focused on email, marketing automation, and sales for small businesses.

We are looking for a talented full stack developer to join us as we extend our marketing platform and work to scale with our quickly growing user base. We work primarily with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and Ember.js.

While we have an office in Chicago, we are looking for the best fit whether you are near Chicago or a thousand miles away. We have people in the United States, Canada, Belgium, & Australia. Decent time overlap with the CST timezone is preferred.

More details & apply at: http://www.activecampaign.com/about/employment-developer.php


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Chicago, IL. http://vokal.io

Backend Engineer - Python Developer

Frontend Web Engineer - HTML, LESS, Javascript, Angular, Grunt


Vokal is an industry-leading digital experience agency specializing in mobile application development, responsive website development, user experience design, and branding in an interconnected world. We are redefining the expectations of what value mobile can create through our success in enterprise mobility management, digital development, and mobile experience design innovation.


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[ original post ]

Rocketmiles — Senior Developer (Java/Grails), Front End Developer (Angular JS), Designer (Visual or Product)

Rocketmiles (recently acquired by Priceline) is looking to grow our in-house development team at our headquarters in Chicago, IL.

We're looking for several experienced backend developers (Java/Grails) and one front-end developer (angular.js).

Rocketmiles helps frequent travelers be heroes at home and vacation faster by accruing loyalty miles or points just for booking hotels.

Interested? Please email me directly. jordan@rocketmiles.com


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edo Interactive - London/Chicago/Nashville - http://www.edointeractive.com/

Both based in London:

- Senior Data Analyst / Modeller - own our EU predictive models (mainly in SAS, also translated to R / Hadoop ecosystem) and contribute to our analytics product roadmap

- Data Analyst with specific European retail market knowledge (drop me a line for details; if we're not in your country yet, we might be next year)

Other locations at http://edo.theresumator.com/

We're a 100-person funded startup providing an easy way to personalize offers and make them automatically available through credit or debit cards and mobile devices. We work with major national advertisers, and with 180+ banks and top card issuers including Visa Europe.

Apply or ask questions at jennifer.berk at edointeractive.com - say you came from HN.


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[ original post ]

Zebra Technologies - Chicago, IL Data Scientist

We are looking to hire a full-time experienced data scientist for our team, which is working on next generation enterprise applications and research.

If interested contact me using the email in my profile.


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[ original post ]


MATASANO SECURITY - Chicago. New York City. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time, work visa sponsorship available


The security of computer systems has increasingly become an everyday concern. The news all too often brings word of yet another compromise, exposing financial information, personal details, or simply salacious pictures. Whatever the impact, it's clear the technology industry has a problem, and there are few easy solutions.

Some seek legislation to impose harsher penalties on the responsible parties. This ignores the fact that many of those responsible are outside the jurisdictions which seek to punish them. In some cases, they may have tacit approval of their own government, or even be operating on their government's behalf. Others turn to established security products looking for antivirus and network filtering technologies to add protection. This is an also an imperfect solution. It places the defender in a reactive posture, responding only to those threats which have been previously detected, and for which countermeasures have been developed. There's no perfect solutions.

At Matasano, we believe the best way to combat security weaknesses is at their source; by discovering and remediating software vulnerabilities before others leverage them for ill effect. Our clients see the value in this approach. We're engaged to work on some of the most interesting and important software on the planet. Aside from identifying vulnerabilities, we help our clients identify the root cause. Through this, they can adjust processes to reduce the likelihood of similar problems in the future, while increasing their ability to identify and correct them. The goal is more resilient software.

We've assessed hot startup web applications, low level device firmware, mobile platforms, and everything in between. With this breadth, we have need for employees skilled in frameworks like Node, Rails, Django, and Spring. We need people comfortable with x86 and ARM assembly, reverse engineering, and binary protocol analysis. If you're skilled in a programming language with the letter 'C' in it, that's desirable. Newer safer languages like Rust and Golang are in demand. In short if you share our focus on helping secure our software ecosystem one piece at a time and want a chance to do something about it, we should talk.

Learn about our hiring process at http://www.matasano.com/careers or contact us at careers@matasano.com Get a taste for some of what we do at http://www.microcorruption.com and http://www.cryptopals.com Check out our blog at http://chargen.matasano.com

Next month, you'll notice a change in these posts. Since being acquired by NCC Group in 2012, Matasano has been working increasingly closely with our peers at iSEC Partners and Intrepidus Group. The time has come to formalize this, by adopting a common name; next month I'll be posting under that name.