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Denver - 7 jobs in May 2015

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Oracle Data Cloud | Westminster, CO | Engineers | Full Time | On Site Only

The company I work for is looking to hire engineering talent. Here are three job descriptions in particular:

Director Cloud Services - https://oracle.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=1...

Sr. Cloud Systems Engineer - https://oracle.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=1...

Sr. Software Engineer - https://oracle.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=1...

A couple of notes (personal notes, not the corp speak in the job reqs): This is on-site work in Westminster, about 25 min from Boulder and 30 min from Denver. Lots of java running on AWS deployed via puppet, but python, node, groovy and R are all used as appropriate. Small teams (3-7 engineers) with a fair bit of autonomy--use Rally and agile processes. Quarterly hackweeks. Forward looking engineering culture--continuous deployment, testing.


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Levels Beyond - Denver, CO, Software Developers May 1, 2015

We’re looking for Software Developers who want to have engaging, challenging, and rewarding software experiences. We are looking for you if you like to solve tough problems and you value working on a team, sharing ideas, and delivering good software. Responsibilities Be a responsible engineer and team member Write good, smart code which solves our customers’ business problems Take ownership, be responsible for your successes and failures Be Pragmatic, use the right tool for the job and balance design with delivery. Experience Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent; some of our best have degrees or education in other, non-related fields. At least 3+ years of JEE experience developing successful web applications for clients. Worked in an Agile environment, with more than just a small amount of TDD experience. Strong working knowledge of relational databases. Familiarity with PostgreSQL a plus. Experience working with text based search engines. Lucene and Elasticsearch a plus. Experience working with NoSQL databases. Familiarity with MongoDB a plus. Experience in Spring, or other DI frameworks, and Tomcat. How to Apply Send your resumé to jobs@levelsbeyond.com


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Galvanize, Inc. (http://www.galvanize.com) San Francisco, CA | Denver, CO | Seattle, WA

We are looking for a data scientists and software engineers with teaching experience to join our instructional team.

Practical, industry-based education is hard to access in the exciting and growing field of data science and software engineering. Galvanize has a tight-knit team of established professionals, educators, and community builders that are creating pathways into industry’s most demanding data science and engineering teams.

We are growing our instructional staff across all of our campuses. Our instructors train technical professionals with programming experience to solve real-world problems utilizing innovative educational techniques. We’re looking for passionate educators and practical problem solvers with demonstrated flexibility and curiosity.

Join us in building the world's hub for education in data science and software engineering.

Interested in working at Galvanize? Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/galvanize


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Workiva | Denver, CO | Interaction Designer (Mid /Sr) | Full-Time

About Us Workiva is reinventing financial and managerial reporting. Our cloud-based applications enable real-time collaboration for the most important and challenging reports, including SEC filings. The easy-to-use interfaces and controls, specifically designed for financial professionals, make the Wdesk product platform the top choice of the most influential organizations in the world.

About You Interaction Designers (IxD) at Workiva are responsible for designing and prototyping superior user experiences across the entire product suite. IxDs work closely with Customers, Engineers, Product Managers and User Researchers to discover, validate, design, prototype, test, and iterate on products that ship continuously.

What You'll Need You have some serious design skills, and the track record of shipping user driven designs and experiences that have delighted your users. You are obsessed with creating great products that enrich and improve the lives of real people. You enjoy utilizing the best methodology to fit the problem, from sketching and whiteboard to bending the Lean Canvas to your will in order to validate opportunities that are quickly translated into the product backlog.

Your safe place is in front of Illustrator/Sketch, where you can quickly produce wireframes, user flows, lightweight personas, mockups and production ready assets. You also possess truly inspiring communication skills, and are constantly iterating on your communication methods to be as effective as possible.

View full posting: https://www.workiva.com/content/interaction-designer-3

Website: http://www.workiva.com


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# Lead Mobile Developer

Fusionbox is a software development agency located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We are committed to the open source community and we're serious about architecture and design at every level of the stack.

We've built our name on Python development and security, but now we are looking for an experienced mobile developer to support our clients more fully.

## Job Description

You will be in charge of the iOS stack, working closely with the backend engineers and the designers to deliver top-quality products to clients. Ideally you are also fluent in Android application development.

At Fusionbox we open source anything not core to a client's business. Our rule is: if you've used a piece of code in more than one project, it's time to open source it. So you'll be tasked with maintaining your open source contributions.

Finally, you will be expected to have opinions. If you see some aspect where Fusionbox could be improved, whether it be in the engineering process or in the way the company is run, patches welcome. You understand iOS conventions and best practices and are willing to defend them.

## Requirements

We are looking for an iOS developer with at least 3 years of software development experience. You don't have to be an expert in all of the following subjects, but if you feel comfortable with about half and you are interested in learning about the other half, please get in touch.

  * Experience with RESTful integrations
  * At home with version control
  * Understanding of relational databases and data normalization
  * Knowledge of software security, including common attacks and how to prevent them
  * Love of open source
  * A need to do things The Right Way®
You would like to get paid to write open source software.

For more information, contact info@fusionbox.com

Please do not contact us if you are a recruiter or outside of the United States.


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Fusionbox (www.fusionbox.com) -- Denver, CO

Python/Django Software Engineers

YOU: You are passionate about open source and like to try new technologies. You do not necessarily come from a traditional computer science background, but you have achieved mastery and you are particularly well suited to engineering. You are a self-starter and learn easily. You would like to get paid to write open source software.

US: Fusionbox offers custom software development solutions to a wide range of clients using new technologies. Fusionbox is a place for talented people who are serious about engineering. We are committed to the open source community (https://github.com/fusionbox) and Pythonic sensibility.


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Brandfolder.com | Fulltime | Denver, CO | Senior Fullstack Developer (Ruby, Javascript, Go)