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Irvine - 1 jobs in May 2015

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TenantBase | Orange County / Los Angeles, CA | Jack-of-all-trades Software Engineer

TenantBase is the first online commercial real estate brokerage for companies seeking office space. Think Airbnb, Zillow, or Trulia, but to find your company an office. The commercial real estate space is massive. To compare: $48 billion in VC money was handed out in 2014... and there was $957 billion in commercial real estate leasing and purchases. Our average signup is worth over over $100. Commercial real estate's current technology is antiquated—finding an office is as difficult as residential house hunting circa 2004. We're changing that.

We're now at six people. We've operated for the last year in Nashville, TN as a test market. Me (tech), my two cofounders with commercial real estate backgrounds, and three employees we've hired to handle local brokerage work as business has expanded in Nashville. You'd be our first tech hire. Our pay is competitive as fuck and you'll get a good chunk of equity.

We're expanding to LA (Irvine) and Dallas this month. We're hiring in LA.

Technology: React and Flux on ES6 frontend, Django/Python backend with Postgres.

There's a really broad variety of skills that we need, so say hello if you're at all curious. If you have tech chops and have done management or recruiting before that's a strong plus. SEO experience, awesome. We're also finance nerds, so there's a world for creativity there.


Email me at andy@tenantbase.com

Or text me at 734 545-8789 and just say that you're from HN and curious about the job. We'll arrange a time to talk and shoot the shit for 20 minutes.