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Jersey City - 1 jobs in May 2015

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Insight Catastrophe Group (Operations Engineer, REMOTE or Jersey City, if you like)


The Insight Catastrophe Group is a portfolio manager and risk adviser that specializes in innovative solutions to improve the profitability of property and casualty insurance companies. Our software platform leads the industry in usability, customizability, and quality and depth of analytics.


We're looking for an Operations Engineer to help modernize how we deploy and manage our platform. Our ideal candidate loves getting their hands dirty helping people in order to build tools to solve their problems permanently. You can't be scared of Windows, Linux, Docker, Chef, PHP, ColdFusion, Shell scripting, Python, Ruby or anything running on the JVM (but you don't have to love them either).


You can apply at https://icg360.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hwx7, or email me at alec.munro@icg360.com for more details