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Louisville - 1 jobs in May 2015

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Location: Louisville, Kentucky

The company I work for, Techshot (http://techshot.com/), is currently looking to fill a couple of positions. We're a small contract engineering firm located just outside Louisville, in Greenville, Indiana. We focus on high-tech development, with most of our contracts coming from the government. We do a ton of work for NASA, DoD, NHS, and others, in addition to corporate and start-up clients.

We've been in business for 25 years, sent multiple payloads up on the Space Shuttle, built several new medical devices, and spun off a business making rugged LED lighting. We recently sent a payload up to the ISS, and we're under contract to deliver several more! With only 36 employees, it's a great work environment, with lots of schedule flexibility, and freedom to "go your own direction" with projects. We're currently looking to fill two positions: A Software Engineer and a Machinist.

Machinist Posting (http://techshot.com/documents/Machinist%20Posting%201_19_15....)

Looking for a general purpose machinist who can turn parts around rapidly when necessary. We shop out a lot of stuff, but sometimes we need to make things quick. If you have less experience than requested, but can demonstrate the ability to learn quickly, it's still worth applying.

Software Engineer Posting (http://techshot.com/documents/Software%20Engineer%203_13_15....)

Any software engineer would need to be reasonably comfortable with low-level interfacing with hardware. Embedded development experience a huge plus. Our software interacts with lower-level embedded device we've developed in-house, giving users a nice front-end interface, and offloading some of the heavy computational lifting.

I'm an Electrical Engineer here, and I can pretty confidently say that it's a great job for a technically curious engineer. There isn't a lot of opportunity to move "up the management chain" within the company, but the work environment is super-flexible, the projects are technically interesting and challenging, and the current team is intelligent and motivated.

If you have any questions about the company, job postings, or would like to submit your resume/cover letter, send me an email, bluyster@techshot.com.