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Madison - 1 jobs in May 2015

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healthfinch, Software Engineer - Madison, WI - jobs@healthfinch.com

Join our modest development team and change the way the health care industry works! We’re scaling to more customers, integrating with a broad range of medical systems, and building out capabilities that will impact the day-to-day lives of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other heath care practitioners. We work with Ruby and Javascript on our current apps, but believe in the philosophy of using the best tool for the job.

Minimum Requirements - A minimum of 3 years experience working as an application developer or software engineer - Interest in working with a small development team at a start-up - Proficient oral and written communication skills History of collaborating well with other developers and stakeholders - Experience with modern web development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Knowledge of SQL and modern RDBMSs like Postgres, Mysql, SQL Server - A good understanding of MVC design patterns - An interest in perfecting the practice of healthcare through more usable IT!

Bonus Points for These Skills - git, Ruby (or other dynamic language), Ruby on Rails, RESTful web service, development JavaScript, RSpec, Cucumber, jQuery, Cache and MUMPS - A GitHub profile you can send us