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Minneapolis - 1 jobs in May 2015

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Best Buy - Minneapolis, MN (actually Richfield, MN) - http://www.bestbuy-jobs.com/job/Richfield-API-Lead-Engineer-...

Best Buy is looking for an API Lead Engineer. What's the culture like? Well, look at https://developer.bestbuy.com/team - this is where you'll be. We're looking for somebody who is passionate about RESTful APIs and believes that APIs are the future of the web.

The details of the tech stack are in the description, but the highlights of responsibilities and requirements: - You want to help shape a culturally self-governed team

- You'll work on defining strategy and requirements and then leading feature and platform development

- You have experience in eCommerce technologies (ideally with Java and something like Dropwizard)

- You have experience with large database-driven applications and/or distributed computing

(If you'd like to learn most first, my email is in my profile. I'll only reply to emails from actual potential candidates, too many offshore agency lurkers in this thread for me to answer you all...)