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Palo Alto - 21 jobs in May 2015

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Theranos - Palo Alto

Visit a lab for a Doctor’s appointment recently? Two vials of blood is a lot isn't it? Theranos is looking to completely redefine healthcare by solving speed and accuracy issues of current lab testing by combining SW engineering and life sciences using 1/1000 less blood than what is typically drawn today; our process have results in Doctors’ hands in as little as 2 hours allowing them to provide significantly more accurate treatments in a timely manner.


An advanced stage startup, Theranos primary stack is .Net - We are looking for engineers who want to make a positive impact in healthcare. Also looking for embedded, Senior iOS & Android developers.

VISA & Relo assistance (for those already in the North America) - Sorry No remote – No International Relocation.

What’s it like working @ Theranos? http://vimeo.com/107759726

For more about each position: http://www.theranos.com/careers/software-development

email michaelw at theranos dot com


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Syapse (Palo Alto, http://www.syapse.com), a startup that helps doctors treat cancer, is hiring DevOps, UI, and Semantic Web engineers.

We are a part of the genomics-based personalized medicine revolution that's taking medicine by storm. Our customers include some of the world's most prestigious hospitals such as Stanford and UCSF, as well as large hospital chain, such as HCA, the largest hospital chains in the world: http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2015/01/29/syapse-brings-pr....

Yet we are still a young rapidly growing startup!

You do NOT have to be a biologist or a doctor to work for us. Instead, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer, hard-core lead UI engineer, and a Semantic Data Platform engineer. Enabling doctors to make better decisions for each patient saves lives.

Our technology stack includes AWS, Semantic Web (SPARQL), Python, Java, and heavy Javascript.


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Jiff - Palo Alto, CA - http://www.jiff.com/ - Ruby Engineer, Frontend Engineer (AngularJS), QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer - Full Time

Jiff is an enterprise health benefits platform that enables employers to reduce health care spending by delivering smarter and simpler benefit programs customized for each employee. We’re fully funded Series-B company currently looking to fill multiple open positions in Palo Alto. Benefits working at Jiff:

* Higher than average salaries * 100% medical and dental coverage * Unlimited and paid vacations / time off * Really fun working environment and lots of smart people

All openings are here: http://www.jiff.com/careers/

Feel free to apply to me directly at andrey@jiff.com and I make sure that your resume won’t be lost. Folks with active GitHub accounts preferred.


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Make School (https://www.makeschool.com, YC W12)

We're building a university replacement for computer science. Students spend two years learning CS theory, shipping products and interning at a tech startup. The program has no upfront cost for students, they pay tuition through future earnings. Our founding class graduated to Snapchat, Pandora, Edmodo, etc. Our investors include YC, a16z, Tim Draper, and Mitch Kapor.

We're looking for:

Curriculum Engineer with Rails focus (SF - https://www.makeschool.com/jobs/ruby-on-rails-instructor)

Summer iOS Instructor (NYC, SF, Palo Alto - https://www.makeschool.com/jobs/ios-summer-instructor)


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IdeaPad.io | Palo Alto, Boston | Software Engineer Full-time or INTERN hard-core Web/mobile devs, and NLP/ML programmer. Contact: jcole@mit.edu

Whitepaper and demos: http://about.ideapad.io We're a team of MIT AI and web programmers (advisees of Tim Berners-Lee and Patrick Winston) building a shared brain for organizations and the world. Our first product is a collaborative UI for graphs that enables enterprise analytics teams to discover and visualize the patterns and connections trapped within their spreadsheet data.

We're mega-passionate about personal information management, the intersection of philosophy and AI, and connecting people with related ideas!

We are early-stage (have paying enterprise customers, investment committed) and offer sizable equity, or competitive salary.


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Slice | http://careers.slice.com/featured-jobs/ | Palo Alto | FULL-TIME| Software Engineering, technical lead, data science, sales and marketing

Slice is building one of the most powerful e-commerce data sets in the world from email receipts. We're challenging assumptions and transforming businesses along the way, and we’re just getting started.

Slice was founded by Stanford GSB professors and entrepreneurs who have built, sold, and taken multiple companies public. Last year Slice was acquired by Japan's largest internet company, Rakuten. As a result, we offer the best of both words: a start-up mentality with the backing of an established global company.

We are a curious, creative team of people who love to solve fascinating, challenging problems. We foster a culture of learning and thrive on continuous improvement through teamwork to build better products and a better company.

We are growing rapidly and hiring world-class software engineers, data scientists, data analysts, sales directors, sales, and marketing communications managers.

Website: http://careers.slice.com

Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY8OKR85KMk

Please send resumes/portfolios to sean+resumes [AT] slice.com and mention the HN Who's Hiring thread when applying! Thank you!


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Point | Palo Alto, CA | Software Engineer | existing H1B VISA holders welcome

Point (https://point.com) takes the biggest single asset that most folks have in their lifetime - the home - and makes it liquid, divisible and tradable. Point's first product lets homeowners "sell" fractional equity in their home. There are no monthly repayments -- instead, homeowners get a tax-deferred lump sum now and the investor “exits” when the homeowner sells the property.

We’re using Rails and will build services in Go as we scale. The ideal candidate is comfortable with back-end design + implementation, has the potential to be dangerous on the front-end, can build micro-services, and is thoughtful about product and design.

Andreessen Horowitz led our initial 3M seed in January; Bloomberg, Greylock, Ribbit Capital, SV Angel and a few others also participated. We're super-early -- five folks as of last week -- and looking to build an exceptional team that wants to change how folks think about homeownership. If you are passionate about a ground-zero engineering role with us, would love to chat, contact eddie@point.com with your info!


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Medallia - Palo Alto, CA - http://engineering.medallia.com

Medallia is hiring engineers to build our micro-service platform. World-class companies (Apple, Mercedes, Nordstrom to mention a few) use Medallia to create awesome customer experiences. Our platform is already used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, but we need your help to handle the next 10X of growth.

Dividing our codebase into independent micro-services will make it easier for new engineers to get up to speed, enable much faster deployments of new code (by the engineers themselves) and make it easier and cheaper to scale with much better resiliency.

Despite the popularity of micro-service architectures, and plethora of available frameworks, there are still many unsolved problems (especially around RPC performance, storage and freely moving processes around) in operating at scale in production. We not only want to solve these for ourselves, but share our findings and tools with the wider community.

We are using a blend of the best tech out there: Docker for containerization; Aurora/Mesos for data center / server management; CEPH for fully redundant storage and putting it together in a way we haven't seen anyone else do. We held a tech talk about it at a recent Docker Meetup:


Please send me a note at kristian@medallia.com if any of the above sounds interesting to you.

Kristian Eide, Software Architect


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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Palo Alto, California | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping.

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest position: - Software Engineer - Storage Core

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow) - Test Automation Development (our test system is ... awesome) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind) - DevOps (debian, python, buildbot, git, bash)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, please head to our website to learn more about us and our open roles, we'd love to hear from you: http://www.cohodata.com/jobs


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Nickel | Palo Alto, CA | iOS Frontend Developer

Our attitudes and behaviors around money are formed early on and via our parents. That's a tall order for most parents. Nickel is giving parents the superpowers they need to raise money-smart kids.

Longer term, our vision is to disrupt financial services by focusing on people rather than money.

We're early stage (pre-launch) and we're well-funded.

We're looking for a lead iOS developer with exceptional skills in UI implementation.

We're building in Swift because it's awesomer. A penchant for functional programming would fit right in.

Here's more about the role: https://angel.co/nickel-2/jobs/63215-ios-developer

Here's more about Nickel: https://angel.co/nickel-2

Here's our web site: http://nickel.co/

Reach out with questions or to apply: work@nickel.co


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Quartzy (YC W2011)- Accelerating Science in Palo Alto, CA (www.quartzy.com)

Quartzy is working to change the tools scientists use to manage their labs from post-it notes to something a little more in line with the world class research they’re doing. We are well on our way to radically changing the way a $100B industry does business.

We are looking for exceptional engineers. What you build will impact hundreds of thousands of scientists on a daily basis. You’d join a closely-knit team that works hard and has fun doing it.

Tech we work with: php(laravel), mysql, ember-js, redis, beanstalk, nginx, vagrant.

Front-End Developer: http://grnh.se/76onl2

Full-Stack Engineer: http://grnh.se/s4q63l

If you’re interested or would like to chat about the positions, shoot me an email - jane.eisenberg@quartzy.com

We also have a handful of ops positions open that you can check out here: www.quartzy.com/careers


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VMware - Palo Alto, CA - Full-time Data Architect for Product Analytics

We are looking for a Chief Data Architect to lead the architecture and design of our Data Analytics Infrastructure.

If you have experience building end-to-end back-end data infrastructure (ingestion, modeling, processing) that uses scale-out architectures to deal with large amounts of data and numerous access patterns, we would love to have you in our team!

You will design v1.0 data infrastructure for product usage analytics with the most appropriate technologies to suit existing and to-be-discovered customer use-cases. Knowledge of Hadoop and Hadoop-related projects, NoSQL and MPP databases is very important, and so is a passion for building great software systems.



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mPath - http://mpath.com/careers - Palo Alto / San Francisco / Remote

mPath is a new type of productivity app for businesses. Most people don't need all of their business data on their phone – just the pieces that matter to them. With mPath, regular folks can modify the app for their needs (without coding). All of this takes between a few minutes and a few hours. We connect to existing data sources like Salesforce and Box.

Right now, we have a small but very talented team. We're looking for a few more folks:

1. iOS Engineer - Swift/Objective C

2. Startup CTO - full stack engineering leader

3. QA Automation Lead - build a testing program

4. Devops Engineer - Docker, AWS

5. Web Services Engineer - Dropwizard, Phoenix

6. Web UI Engineer - Sinatra and React

Check out our careers page or ping me if you want to know more. http://twitter.com/asagray


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Robinhood (www.robinhood.com) - Full-Time in Palo Alto, CA

Data Infrastructure Engineer - We're seeking an experienced data infrastructure engineer to architect and build our real-time data analytics and event pipeline.

iOS Engineer - We’re looking for an experienced iOS engineer to help build the Robinhood iOS app, for both iPhone and iPad. This is truly a next-generation trading app that takes advantage of all the newest iOS 8 features, while featuring a highly custom UI. Extensive experience with CoreData, UIKit, and RestKit is a big plus.

Web Engineer - We are seeking an experienced frontend web engineer to help build the Robinhood web app, for both desktop and mobile. The product features real-time, live-updating data and context-dependent interfaces, so you’ll be building a very rich client-side web application.

Please send resumes to careers@robinhood.com with subject line HN:[Title of Position]


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CareerVillage.org | Palo Alto, CA | Product Manager I'm the founder of a non-profit tech startup that crowdsources career and college advice for low-income students. We're sort of like StackOverflow, for careers, for low-income youth. We've raised a round of funding recently and I'm looking to bring on a product person to help us build mobile apps based on the successful website we already run, and take our entire platform to the next level of user delight (especially for the students). Apply by emailing us at the email address on the bottom of every page of our website :)

p.s. This job is PERFECT if you're looking to do something with real social impact and PURPOSE! p.p.s Please don't contact us if you're a recruiter. We're looking for direct applicants only at this time. Thanks!


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WebAction | Downtown Palo Alto, CA | Big Data Platform Engineer (Java), UI Engineer (HTML/CSS/JS/Backbone), UI/UX Designer


WebAction is a Big Data Analytics Platform providing end-to-end real-time, streaming analytics. We mask complex, scalable analytics behind a visual, interactive web-based experience and a familiar declarative SQL-like language. Today, our end-to-end product is used to solve some of the toughest analytics challenges at large Telco, Finance, Retail, and Cloud companies.

Big Data Platform Engineer (java): Using open source tools like ZMQ, Elasticsearch, and Kafka in harmony with platforms built-in house you will build cutting edge data processing infrastructure

Senior Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

UI/UX Designers: We don't have a job post up yet, email me at john@webaction.com if you are interested! Bonus for you design unicorns who use code to build prototypes

WebAction is founded by a team of Silicon Valley executives with a track record of creating multiple successful enterprise products including WebLogic (now Oracle WebLogic) and GoldenGate software (now Oracle GoldenGate). We've raised north of $11m since 2013 and our advisors/board have done amazing things like creating the Apple logo and founding one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley. With every product release, we delight our customers and engage new ones at an ever-growing rate. We're based in Downtown Palo Alto, minutes away from the caltrain, philz coffee, and everything you need to make your work life convenient and comfortable.


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Tophatter - Engineering, Backend Rails & Full Stack | Palo Alto (local)

We're a rapidly growing mobile commerce platform, think eBay but live. 3mm+ mobile app downloads. We started in 2012 and we're experiencing 100% year over year growth. Funded by leading SV investors.

Compensation is competitive with a benefits package and as much paid time off as you need. We offer catered lunch daily via EAT Club, subsidized Equinox gym membership, and subsidized public transit/shuttle.

You can reach me directly at jared at tophatter.com.


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Upstart (Palo Alto)

We take a radical approach to lending by using nontraditional data to evaluate borrower creditworthiness. Our goal is financial fitness for all. We're 30 person team and we're looking for 1 or 2 few full-stack engineers passionate about building robust systems and moving fast.

Technologies: RoR, AngularJS, Django/Python, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ




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BetterWorks | Palo Alto | Fulltime Senior Fullstack Engineers https://boards.greenhouse.io/betterworks/jobs/25738


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AeroFS, Palo Alto, CA careers@aerofs.com https://www.aerofs.com/careers

We're hiring for software engineers across pretty every single part of the stack you can imagine.


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Palo Alto, Ca - Branch Metrics - Full Time - Solutions Engineer

As a Branch Solutions Engineer, your job is to inspire and equip customers to build transformational app experiences using the Branch SDK and API. As the primary technical contact for a diverse customer base, Branch Solutions Engineers are highly competent IT/software generalists who share knowledge during all stages of the customer’s lifecycle.

A few of things you'll find yourself working on:

- Educate customers, from developers and product managers to C-level executives, on what is possible with Branch. - Understand customer requirements and communicate the business value of solving technology problems using mobile deeplinking technology. - Create technical content to show customers how to implement specific use cases or best practices for new technologies. - Prepare demos and proof of concepts to demonstrate various use cases for Branch's SDKs and API. - Distill and communicate customer needs and product feedback to Product Management, Engineering, Marketing and Sales. - Develop feature requests for high value partners. - Document the architectural solutions that customers have designed and deployed for internal use. - Position yourself as a thought leader in the mobile growth space. Prepare talks for industry events. Collaborate on blog posts, technical articles and other content with Branch's marketing and sales groups.

We're Looking for Someone With:

- iOS and Android programming experience (building apps or SDKs) - Three to ten years professional experience in a client-facing technical role. - Professional software engineering experience preferred. Experience in the design, configuration, deployment and debugging of mobile applications and SDKs is a strong bonus. - A firm understanding of the technology stacks common to the mobile and web ecosystem. - A world class communicator. Confident dispensing knowledge to a highly skilled and experienced audience including C-level executives.

Branch (branch.io) is a deeplinking and tracking technology that helps mobile developers attribute app installs, optimize and create invite systems, and do smarter in-app sharing through our unique device fingerprinting and deep linking technology. We dynamically generate short URLs on the fly that pass and track data from the originating source through install, across devices, and across platform. We use this technology to provide brands a deeper insight into app installs, more personal customer acquisition, and better engagement of users with our variety of SDK features. Our business is growing rapidly, is loved by our customers, and would provide a very rare opportunity for someone looking to get the true entrepreneurial experience. You’d be joining at a time when we're growing from 25 to 50 post Series-A.

Email sahil+hn@branchmetrics.io if you're interested. Please attach a resume.