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San Mateo - 6 jobs in May 2015

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Duo Security (duosecurity.com, @duosec) is hiring in Ann Arbor, San Mateo, and London. We recently raised $30M to build (and market and sell) the next generation of access security. Come work with smart (and fun!) people at a fast-growing company.


- Product Designer - Ann Arbor, MI

- SaaS Scaling Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA

- Senior Windows Software Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI

- Sr. Front End Software Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI

- Sr. Software Engineer (Integrations) - Ann Arbor, MI


- Senior/Principal Product Marketing Manager - Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA

Duo Labs

- Director Labs R&D - Anywhere

- R&D Software Engineer - Anywhere

- Security Researcher - Anywhere

- Senior Security Researcher - Anywhere

Plus many more positions in sales and customer success.

Job board (scroll down): http://grnh.se/bqvst2


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PacketZoom | SF Bay Area (San Mateo) | INTERN | VISA:

We're looking for interns with skill-sets (or just desire to learn) ranging from Network Protocols (TCP/HTTP/UDP based protocols etc), mobile programming (iOS/Android), Unix System level programming in C/C++ to Big data analysis and front-end technologies (HTML/JS/CSS/mysql etc.). Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).

PacketZoom was started with the goal to completely change how mobile devices communicate with the cloud. We've created a tech stack and cloud service to upend the tired old TCP/HTTP stack with a more mobile friendly networking protocol built on top of UDP.

Read this for the background and our motivations: https://packetzoom.com/blog/

Discussed here on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9354279

We ran an Intern program for the first time last year with two amazing interns from Harvard and CMU respectively. One of them wrote a review:


Come join us in the beautiful Downtown San Mateo, CA for a summer of fun combined with occasional hard work and learning.. or the other way round.

Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).


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Collective Health, ( http://collectivehealth.com/ ), San Mateo, CA (Full time, on-site only)

We're tackling the employer-sponsored healthcare industry (our favorite analogy is how Tesla takes on several verticals at once, such car makers, dealers as well as the oil industry). We can lower both the first and second derivative of the rising health care cost curve, nationwide. There's some compelling evidence for it, if you'd like to chat.

The company just under a year and half old. We punch well above our weight-class with experienced founders, 50+ team members (~ one quarter is engineering), and paying customers.

We've got a ton of interesting problems to solve around distributed systems, data analytics and predictions, system reliability, security, privacy and more. We're looking for experienced SW engineers up and down the stack, front end, back end, infrastructure, data, dev ops, test, generalist, etc.

Our tech stack is a mix of Go and Java components with Angular on the front end. We use a custom service bus to tie our SOA together, microservices style. We love docker, postgres, riak, automated testing, and continuos integration.

As a company, we're strong believers in transparency, trust and balance. As an engineering team, we believe good code is easy to read and should have a short "time to understanding". We expect all of our engineers to continually teach as well as learn. We also believe that everyone should write good code, yet balance that against the need to ship.


We're super proud of the company mission, engineering culture and tech stack we've put together and would love a chance to explain it all in detail!


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Datanyze - San Mateo, CA | Product, engineering, sales and everything in between!

Jon from Datanyze here. We grew our ARR over 500% in 2014 and our headcount 10X in the last year. We just released a new product into the market (http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/29/datanyze-give-us-your-sale...) and the response has been amazing. We're looking for talented people to fill many roles and would love to hear from you! Email me directly at jon@datanyze.com with your resume, etc. for more information.


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Narvar | San Mateo | Noida | Onsite Only | Fulltime | Frontend Engineers | Java Developers We're an early stage start-up working towards improving customer experiences and maximizing customer lifetime value for businesses through a smart, engaging, and technology-and analytics-driven approach to supply chain using open APIs, SaaS technologies. http://corp.narvar.com/jobs/ or email me directly daya@narvar.com

We will do Visa/GC transfers Please make sure you meet the min experience for each location :)


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Coupa is looking for many Rails engineers of all levels in San Mateo: http://www.coupa.com/careers/openings/