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Tokyo - 2 jobs in May 2015

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Treasure Data | Mountain View, CA & Tokyo, Japan | Full-time

We are a Big Data cloud company (16 trillion rows of customer data so far) that provides data warehousing powered by Facebook's Presto query engine. Users query their data through our API (built with RoR) or web app, which we are currently rebuilding with Flux+React. If you want to build a beautiful user experience with the latest and greatest in frontend tech, talk to us!

This is a list of Engineering positions we currently have open:

  * Fullstack Team Lead (RoR, AngularJS, ReactJS + Flux)  Mountain View
  * Senior Fullstack Dev (RoR, AngularJS, ReactJS + Flux) Mountain View
  * Integrations Engineer (Java, Ruby)                    Mountain View, Tokyo
  * MPP Software Engineer (Java, Scala)                   Mountain View, Tokyo
  * Distributed Systems Engineer (Java, Ruby)             Mountain View, Tokyo
We also have these other technical positions open:

  * Data Scientist                                        Mountain View
  * Director of Sales Engineering                         Mountain View
  * Technical Support Engineer                            Tokyo
A description and full summary of the open positions is available at https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data?by=team

We are currently hiring only for on-site and full-time and we're open to people needing Visas.


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Company: International Systems Research Co. (ISR)

Location: Tokyo

Visa: support offered

Roles: Software Engineers. Java, security(SSO, PKI, SSL, authentication protocols), TDD, Continuous-Integration, JavaScript, UX, Android, iOS.

Job Descriptions: Develop CloudGate, a cloud based SSO that offers secure access for business users to cloud services without sacrificing productivity.

About the company: ISR was established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP) and sponsor of FIDO Alliance.

Email: javier at isr.co.jp