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Vancouver - 10 jobs in May 2015

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Roam Mobility (MVNO) | Wireless Space | Vancouver BC Canada

Front-End Web Developer

If you sit anywhere in the spectrum from artsy designer to hard core javascript (back-end of the front-end) we'd love to hear from you! * ractive.js, grunt, bower, metalsmith, handlebars, jasmine and all the usual web dev suspects (HTML5, responsive, CSS, LESS/SASS, etc.) * integrate with back-end RESTful services (python)


Intermediate to Senior Back-End Python Developer

If you are a full stack, devops, or straight-up back-end developer and want to work on exciting stuff in the mobile space, we have a strong team to support you. * python, flask, nginx, uwsgi stack * celery / rabbitmq * nosql/sql hybrid on postgres * RESTful web app with API first development * AWS

More info: https://www.roammobility.com/careers/devops careers @ our domain name


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Human API - Redwood City, CA & Vancouver, BC http://humanapi.co/

== What you will build ==

Human API is the easiest way to integrate health data from anywhere. Users can now securely share their health data with any application or system, regardless of how that data was recorded, processed or stored. As an engineer on our team, you'll tackle the challenges that arise as we build a large-scale system for data processing and distribution.

== About us ===

We're a small, product-centric team focused on opening the world of health data. For us, life is all about moving fast, crushing hard problems, and enjoying the journey. Our investors include a16z, Eric Schmidt, Blue Run Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister, and Alex Payne.

== Open roles ==

You can read more about the Dev Ops, Full Stack, Front-End, Sales, and Marketing roles here: http://humanapi.co/company/join We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people not roles. andrei@humanapi.co


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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Palo Alto, California | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping.

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest position: - Software Engineer - Storage Core

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow) - Test Automation Development (our test system is ... awesome) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind) - DevOps (debian, python, buildbot, git, bash)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, please head to our website to learn more about us and our open roles, we'd love to hear from you: http://www.cohodata.com/jobs


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Addictive Mobility | Front End Web Developer | Toronto

APPLY NOW - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/41675142 (mention HN when applying!)

About us

Addictive Mobility is a successful, rapidly growing company, with expanding offices in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, London and Dubai. We’re one of the most innovative companies in Toronto, and one of Canada's fastest growing startups. We increasingly exceed the needs of our diverse client base, including major, well-known retailers and internationally recognized agencies in the US, Canada and the Middle East.

About the role

We are looking for a web developer well-versed in JavaScript to help us build a next-generation dashboard for mobile advertising. The role will focus on developing our front-end single page application built on top of Backbone, Marionette and React. There will also be opportunities to work on our back-end, a Node.js-powered API. You must be have experience building non-trivial JavaScript-powered web apps. Web pages with some scripting does not count.

We are located in Liberty Village in downtown Toronto.

About you

- You want to work on exciting projects with only the latest technologies and modern techniques - You understand IIFEs, function scoping, context switching, and know "the Good Parts" by heart - You’re not afraid of asynchronous code - You make use of new HTML5 features, but also know how to fall back gracefully - You lint your code with JSHint / JSLint - You believe in Atwood's Law

If you do not fit the above descriptions, you need not apply.


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Avigilon – Full Time - Local - Boston, MA (currently in Billerica but moving to Somerville in the next several months)

Avigilon is defining the future of protection through innovative, end-to-end surveillance solutions. Delivering the world’s best protection, Avigilon’s industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, access control and video analytics products are reinventing the security market.

Avigilon is based in Vancouver with an office in the Boston area focused on research and development. The Boston office is team of 25 engineers looking to double this year.

We are hiring people with strong C++ skills, embedded, video (h.264 compression, streaming and storage), iOS, android, UI/UX, automation and testing.

If interested or for more information I can be reached directly at christopher.kopec [[at]] avigilon.com or to apply online our positions can be viewed here: https://careers-avigilon.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchLo...


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Zenefits Hottest startup of the year http://www.zenefits.com/jobs SF bay area/Canada VISA/Remote

This is Radhakrishnan working as Software engineer at Zenefits, San Francisco USA. We are building a kickass engineering team in SF to work on hard and totally new kind of technical problems. We are disrupting the whole Heath Insurance industry which is taking off in US now by providing free software.

We have penetrated only 0.6% of the market. This is without considering international growth and upselling to big companies.

We are looking for engineers who can take a concept from inception to market. The process is extremely autonomous, with little to no, management. You are the PM, tester & developer, building full-stack, who coordinates with our in-house designers. Our revenue model is one of the best in the world and we have seen the hyper growth like no other company in the world.

More info: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/14/zenefits-financials/

Startup of the year 2014: http://onforb.es/1IoK3aU

Our Tech Stack: Website running on Django/redis/RabbitMQ/Celery. Backend: Python/AWS

We're hiring for engineering offices in San Francisco, CA, USA and Vancouver, Canada

For more info: https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=zenefits

To apply for job: www.zenefits.com/jobs To learn about the company and challenges: rad@zenefits.com


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Zenefits - http://www.zenefits.com/ - HQ in San Francisco, CA, Zenefits is being called one of the fastest growing SaaS businesses ever. We provide free cloud HR software to any business below a thousand customers, and make most of our money selling health insurance.

• San Francisco, CA - Software Engineer, full stack (Full Time) - Python, Django, JavaScript, and CSS. 2+ yrs exp.

• San Francisco, CA - UI Engineer (Full Time) - JavaScript, Ember.js, CSS, and MVC with Django.

• San Francisco, CA - Lead Application Security Engineer (Full Time) - 5+ yrs exp.

• Vancouver, BC - Senior Software Engineer (Full Time) - Python, Java, C++, OOP, XML/JSON, REST API, Agile, Git. 5+ yrs exp.

More info on these openings: http://www.zenefits.com/jobs


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UX/UI Designer at Mozilla Foundation, Remote for the right candidate or in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland and NYC; note we can only hire for this position in the US, Canada and UK.

Come join a world-class team of designers who care about making the world a better place. Just submit your portfolio – that part is pretty important. Show us what you can do. Longer posting here: https://careers.mozilla.org/en-US/position/oCLY0fw5

Contact @cassiemc or cassie@mozillafoundation.org


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LemonStand | Vancouver, BC | Web Designer

We're growing our design and development and are looking for a junior Web Designer to round out our store themes and be a hero to our customers building stores online.

You can post your blossoming portfolio and resume to:


Or, email me directly at bruce@lemonstand.com

On-site only.


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Hootsuite - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Full-time scala and full-stack engineers

See https://hootsuite.com/about/careers