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Atlanta - 10 jobs in June 2015

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Atlanta, GA - CallRail - On-site - http://www.callrail.com

We build call tracking analytics software for small and medium sized businesses and the digital marketing agencies that serve them. The company is profitable, with a paying customer base of 18,000 companies, and recently raised a small series A round. The current product team consists of 8 people, all Atlanta-based. We're looking to add two or three more to help us build out the platform faster. Current tech stack is Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Postgres, and Redis.

Senior Software Engineer - Looking for full-stack engineers who can help us expand the platform. Upcoming projects include refactoring key components into services, building out automated call scoring using machine classifiers, deeper integrations with other services, and improving our analytics tools.

Senior Mobile Engineer - We have aspirations of building native mobile applications, but nobody to do it. Looking for someone with experience building apps from the ground up, part of which will be scoping what features the app should include. No strong opinions on pure native vs hybrid vs Cordova vs Xamarin, but regardless there will eventually be some WebRTC components. Prefer to start with iOS, as that's where most of our customers are.

More at http://www.callrail.com/careers, or email me directly.


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Tourbuzz - http://www.tourbuzz.net - Atlanta, GA

Tourbuzz is a leader in the real estate photography and listing marketing space, now serving 2M+ unique visitors a month.

We're bootstrapped, profitable, growing fast, debt-free, and in a brand new office, all with only 10 people. This is a great opportunity to join a successful product team that's still very early and playing in a huge market.

We are looking for full-stack engineers (PHP/Postgres/Angular) to help lead development of major new functionality.

Apply online: http://about.tourbuzz.net/careers/


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Nomi - New York, NY / Atlanta, GA

Nomi helps businesses deliver the best possible in-store experience by offering solutions for brick-and-mortar analytics. We provide comprehensive enterprise-grade interior analytics and proximity marketing in a single platform. Our customers use our platform to measure traffic, analyze shopper behavior, and optimize the in-store experience. To date we've installed over 150,000 sensors, cameras, and beacons that collect over 6 billion data points every month.

We believe building a strong engineering culture is the key to building a great company and product. Part of that vision is working with the best tools, many of which are open source. We consider ourselves language and framework agnostic and strive to use the best tool for the job. Our core platform is comprised of Python, Java, Ruby, Apache Storm, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hbase, Tornado, Kafka, sinatra, redis, AWS, and ReactJS. Our team loves to build, hack, and solve hard problems. You should as well.

We are hiring data engineers, algorithms engineers, data scientists, backend developers, embedded systems engineers, and computer vision engineers. Visit http://nomi.workable.com/ for detailed job descriptions and submission forms.


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Atlanta - Onsite - Engineering and PM positions at StrataCloud!

Systems Engineer - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/systems-engineer/

Technical Product Manager - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/technical-product-manager/

Support Engineer - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/support-engineer-junior/

Sales Engineer - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/sales-engineer/

QA Engineer - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/qa-engineer/

Java Developer - http://www.stratacloud.com/job/java-developer-2/


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Sandy Springs (Atlanta) ... Great place to work

Can you handle being part of a fantastic team? Are you ready to fearlessly add skills to your experience while maximizing your potential? You've come to the right place.

AnswerRocket is expanding to meet the parallel challenges of demand for our products and the drive to do new things. We are seeking a few software developers with a passion for amazing design, scalability, quality and innovation.

Are you a smart and flexible thinker for whom programming is second nature? You will love it here.

React.js, Python (and Java (data server). Agile/Git/Jira.

Our product focus is the Business Intelligence marketplace, which is exploding with opportunity. We deploy in Amazon's cloud or at customer premises.

We hate putting people in boxes, so think of these points as inducing a high probability of success with us:

- 3-5 years experience as a software developer - Knows our tech stack or has long track record of learning fast - Self-teaches new technologies, but not always anxious to use them - Loves design almost as much as implementing modules and fixing broken things - Knows how to hit a deadline but also knows when and how to explain a delay

We move fast and require you to manage yourself. What we lack in formality, we make up for in results.

contact: mike@answerrocket.com


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Hi-Rez Studios - Onsite in Atlanta, Ga

We are looking for: UI Artist, Environment Artist, Game Designer, Senior Level Designer, Associate Level Designer, Associate Motion Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Senior AI Programmer, Systems Programmer, UI Programmer, & Character Rigger.

You can read more about them at www.hirezstudios.com. Or message me at sdangerfield@hirezstudios.com if you are interested!


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SidePrize - Atlanta, GA or Remote - Lead Developer


SidePrize sits somewhere between traditional fantasy and daily fantasy sports. You can think of us as a bridge between the two. We partner with fantasy sports platforms and leagues to provide additional game types, real-money contests and payments.

Fantasy sports is our first target, but we'll be heading into video games and other verticals soon.

We’re looking for someone to lead our backend development efforts. The challenge at hand is building a solid integration with our partners using a combination of APIs and scraping.


* Experience writing and maintaining web applications, specifically back-end (server-side).

* Experience with the Ruby programming language and/or the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

* Great writing and communication skills. One or more members is often remote, being able to communicate by writing is of critical importance.

* Good requirement-gathering skills. Starting with a problem and working from there to understand how the problem can be solved is a valuable skill.

* A strong interest in sports.


* Experience maintaining the front-end of web applications (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

* A strong interest in fantasy sports and sports statistics.

* Experience building fantasy sports or similar applications.

Both fantasy sports and mobile payments were crowned as two of the 10 hottest industries for 2015—we operate in both. Plus, we’ve got a solid team with a proven CEO at the helm.

If you’re interested in statistics, technology or sports, there isn’t a better opportunity than SidePrize. If you’re interested, send an email to tareq@sideprize.com.


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AT&T's "Big Data Center of Excellence" in Roswell, Georgia (Atlanta area) is hiring:

- data scientist: http://connect.att.jobs/roswell/it_engineering_technology/jo...

- data engineer: http://connect.att.jobs/roswell/it_engineering_technology/jo...

Feel free to e-mail me (see profile for e-mail address) if you've got any questions - the ads are fairly generic. (I didn't write them.)


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UserIQ | Front End Engineer | Atlanta | Full time | http://useriq.com

UserIQ is looking for a front end engineer who is passionate about good design and creating amazing user experiences. The ideal candidate will have deep experience with Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Angular is a plus.

If you love learning, creating great experiences for customers, and solving tough engineering problems, then we want to talk to you.

Benefits: In addition to a very competitive startup salary with equity, we offer a full range of benefits including: Medical / Dental / Vision / Life / HSA / 401k.

Email us at jobs@useriq.com and let us know why you'd make a great fit.


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NCC Group

Atlanta. Austin. Chicago. New York. San Francisco. Seattle. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time, work visa sponsorship available


Long-time Hacker News readers will be familiar with Matasano Security, and will expect to see us post in this thread. This month, there will not be a post from Matasano Security. Effective today, there will no longer be a Matasano Security. Instead, we're officially rebranding as NCC Group.

In late 2012, Matasano was acquired by NCC Group joining iSEC Partners and later Intrepidus Group. Since that time, we've been working together, cross staffing projects and benefiting from each other’s expertise. It's been a slow, steady process of increasing cohesion. We've reached the point where we need to assume a single identity, that of NCC Group.

Being a part of this process as it unfolds reminds me a bit of watching the Voltron cartoon series as a child in the '80s. The show featured pilots each commanding their own robot lions. Robot lions are fierce, powerful beings. But when they came together they'd form Voltron - a giant humanoid robot with the lions compromising each of it's parts. I like to think this is what's happening at NCC Group. What were previously separate companies each well accomplished in computer security are becoming a single even more formidable entity. "Form arms and body! And, I'll form the head!"

So, what does this have to do with hiring?

Growing a larger company requires a larger number of individuals. We still need candidates with the same skills as always; programming, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, web application building/breaking, adversarial thinking. We need people who understand technology and can identify flaws in how it's implemented. We need those who can look at a security weakness, and accurately gauge it's relative risk to the organization. And we need folks who can communicate that risk to multiple audiences, in varying levels of detail.

There's no better time than now to join us. Our integration effort has opened up opportunity within the company to focus on areas of specialization, advance skills, and take on ever more complex projects and challenges. If you've always wanted to be part of something new, but found yourself averse to the risk of early stage start ups, joining us now might be a way to do both. We're stable but we're evolving and changing, and our employees will shape what we become.

If you want to learn more about us check out our: Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/

Please, bear with us on the sites above. We've migrated a boatload of content, and it's likely there will be some website wrinkles. We'll iron them out as soon as we can (mostly we'll just keep breaking interesting software).