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Copenhagen - 4 jobs in June 2015

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Dixie | Copenhagen, Berlin, London | Technical co-founder

Every business needs a back office, yet no business owner enjoys doing bookkeeping, accounting, payroll or the like. Most people end up either taking away precious time from their business and their loved ones, or simply outsource these tasks out of sight, thus losing the benefits of knowing what's going on in their company.

With Dixie we want to challenge the way the back office works. By taking care of the tedious tasks and providing actionable insights - not just numbers - Dixie’s goal is to help everyone do what they love and their business be successful.

So what kind of product will I be building?

Dixie is a tech company, tackling a real life problem. At the core of our product is a personal advisor who assists business owners with their administrative tasks and provides them with valuable insights.

Your job is to craft an elegant and easy to use interface between business owners and our advisor team. Focus is on providing a day to day overview of how a business is doing, ignoring all the noise. Advisors communicate with the business owners by submitting them actionable tasks and answering ad-hoc questions.

Behind the scenes your job is to evaluate and glue together the best existing tools into a unified platform. On top of this we will build the automation that allows our advisory team to focus on their client relationships and not menial tasks. 


   - You are passionate about entrepreneurship and technology - and maybe even back office ;)
   - You are passionate about and have strong experience with modern frontend & backend technologies
   - You have previous experience as a CTO or lead developer in a startup environment
   - You are confident that you can build and lead an amazing team
   - You have experience running agile(ish) / lean product development
   - Willing to relocate to Copenhagen, London or Berlin
Please apply @ https://dixie.workable.com/jobs/62065


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Founders | Copenhagen, Berlin, London | Technical co-founder

Founders is a startup studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We partner with exceptional people and provide capital, expertise and talent flow to turn ideas into great businesses. We are in it with you 100 percent and we get our hands dirty, just like we expect you to do.

About the opportunity

As a co-founder in residence your objective is to turn an idea into a company, working with us through the steps of the Founders Creation Process. You will work on one of our early stage ideas together with us. We expect you to act as a founder from day one and show that you have what it takes to build and lead a team in order to create a successful company. As part of Founders you will have access to a team of people who do nothing else than building companies and products.

Your profile

The typical technical co-founder is an accomplished developer who is already a passionate entrepreneur or has an extraordinary track record leading projects during her / his career. We value your experience and previous accomplishments, but most of all we value your attitude. As a co-founder you are expected to be able run and grow a company. You will have access to Founders’ resources, but you are responsible for building a great team, a great product and doing what it takes to win in the market. 


  - Drive, passion and curiosity
  - You feel at your best contributing production quality code every week
  - Track record of delivering polished features based on operational and customer feedback
  - The ability to fight for your opinions while remaining open to feedback
  - A track record of getting shit done
  - You know how to build a team and create a good product development culture
  - The stamina to work hard and go through tough times
  - An analytical and data driven approach to decisions
  - You love getting your hands dirty
Bonus points

  - Previous entrepreneurial experience
  - You already know your first hire
Please apply @ https://founders.workable.com/jobs/23077


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Founders | Copenhagen | Onsite | Prototype Developer

Founders is a startup-studio which continuously develops new products, systems and services, and turns them into great companies. As part of our company development process, we love to put interactive prototypes in front of potential customers.

As a Prototype Developer at Founders, you will quickly create web and mobile prototypes working directly with the Founders core team and entrepreneurs in residence. We work in a quick and iterative manner, with light-but-clear specs and lots of user feedback. You will have input into how the product is designed and architected, and be responsible for delivering great prototypes with minimal supervision.

When you are not working on prototypes of new projects, you will work on internal tools to power our portfolio companies. We believe that solving problems for our own startups, also can lead to developing a potentially great comercial product.

We have some big ideas in the pipeline and we would love for to be the person who helps bring them to life.

Please apply @ http://founders.workable.com/jobs/63949


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Mac Application Software Engineer at Phase One - Frederiksberg, Denmark - Full-time ONSITE

We are looking for a top-notch software engineer to join our world-class software R&D team behind the award-winning Capture One Pro software. As a part of our highly skilled and motivated team, you will work with OS X technologies on the Mac in the exciting world of pro photography to bring the best products into the hands of our demanding customers.

You will be an integral part of the Mac software R&D team in Copenhagen. In close cooperation with your colleagues, you will design, implement and maintain Capture One and our other software products. You will have the opportunity to work on many different parts of our software and be involved broadly in the development process. In addition we offer:

* A challenging job at the forefront of technology.

* Innovative international environment with highly skilled colleagues.

* An informal environment with freedom to innovate.

* Great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

* Attractive salary.

Whether you have many years of relevant expertise or are right out of school, you might be the person we are looking for!

Check out our new medium format camera system : https://www.phaseone.com/en/Products/Camera-Systems/XF-Camer...

Take a stab at Capture One : https://www.phaseone.com/en/Imaging-Software/Capture-One.asp...

Read a little about us here : https://www.phaseone.com/en/FooterMenu/About-us.aspx

Upload your application to us via Jobfinder : http://www.jobfinder.dk/job/329513288/mac-software-engineer/

Some keywords could be: Objective-C, C++, RAW, Photography