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Culver City - 2 jobs in June 2015

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NFL | Culver City, CA

The NFL (http://www.nfl.com) is looking for great software engineers to help build out its fan facing web, mobile and backend services. The NFL properties see hundreds of millions of users worldwide and its mobile applications are installed on tens of millions of devices.

We are primarily hiring iOS, Android, Web and Backend engineers (with a bit of a lean to people with an interest in full stack development). Currently we are building (and rebuilding) a lot of our core architecture. Our new iOS app is written entirely in Swift, our Android application using RxAndroid and our new web platform is based on React.js. On the backend we are in the middle of rebuilding a lot of our services experimenting with a lot of different technologies generally with an eye on immutable data and functional programming.

If you are interested, please email me at todd.berman@nfl.com


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Beverlywood / Culver City, CA - Stasis Labs - http://www.stasislabs.com | INTERNs OK

Stasis Labs is a health technology company building connected medical devices. Our first product is a vital signs monitoring system for non-critical patients. We’re initially targeting middle-class Indian hospitals, and our business model is especially suited for that market. We’re starting in India but have global plans long-term, including coming back to America.

Our tech:

  — Electrical engineering, analog circuit design
  — C++ code on ARM microprocessors
  — Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) networking
  — Android app: Java, material design, information display
  — Web: Sails.js (node.js framework which includes Express), React.js
Your role:

  — Work with a microprocessor and Bluetooth 4.0 chip running C++ code and an Arduino stack to send data to an Android application
  — Research Bluetooth capabilities and help design an effective data transfer implementation
  — Work with Android developers as well as hardware designers.  You'll be on the software team, but very close to the hardware
Ideally you'd have strong skills in C++ or Java, with experience working with Arduino or a similar stack. Having Bluetooth experience is a huge plus. You should be comfortable in a quickly changing environment. You should be willing to collaborate with everyone in the team, and potentially to play a larger part in the company as it grows.

We’re very early stage, but have had a lot of success at business competitions at USC and elsewhere. We’re now taking this full-time and raising money on a convertible note. We're working out of a house in Beverlywood (near Robertson and Pico). Salary and equity compensation both flexible based on experience and skills. Less than 10 employees this summer.

We're fine with working from home a few days a week, but we'd like you to start in the office for a week or two. We're still figuring out this policy, but we don't believe in micromanaging people and want our engineers as comfortable as possible.

If you're interested, email me (Clayton) at: stasislabs+hn@gmail.com