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Madrid - 1 jobs in June 2015

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Software Engineer | Madrid

If you love tapas and think immutability is a game changer when building software, this is a great opportunity for you. We're a Madrid based start up and we're looking for software engineers to expand our team.

To give you a high level overview, our Clojure platform runs on AWS that serves as a "central server" for other components such as a back-office web app, public website, kiosks, mobile apps (Android and iOS), etc. The kiosk is a ClojureScript/Om web application interacting with a local web server. In the back-office web app we show events as they arrive into the central server given an overview of what's going on in the whole system.

- Some of the interesting problems we're working on:

    * System modularity
    * Data security in the kiosks
    * Unreliable communication with a central server over weak links (mobile networks)
    * Kiosk offline support (and all its complexity, e.g. data synchronization)
    * Kiosk communication with hardware components (designed and developed by the "Hardware Team")
    * etc
- Tools and languages:

    * Clojure / ClojureScript (Om)
    * PostgreSQL / H2 / SQLite
    * Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS)
    * ZeroMQ
We really love Clojure and the ideas behind the language, we try to follow a event based (log like) approach in our infrastructure, avoiding the usual "update in place" pattern.

If this seems interesting we would like to hear from you, please send your CV to:

(str \i \p \@ "ride-on" \. \e \s)