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Mountain View - 9 jobs in June 2015

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RealScout - Data Engineers/Data Scientists - Mountain View, CA - Full-time

We're taking on the real estate industry with data.


* Classifying images into 1 of 9 rooms using the Caffe deep learning library (currently at 90% accuracy)

* Graph analysis on what percentage of the market our RealScout agents have transacted with

* Predicting time on market and final sale price for homes on the market

* Scaling our direct MLS api integrations from 10 to 100


* More than 10 million homebuyer events (home views, saves, hides, email opens, etc)

* ~ 1 million active and sold homes directly from the regional MLS apis

* Over 1 million human-annotated photos of homes


* We're backed by Joe Lonsdale (Palantir founder), Ken DeLeon (2012's #1 Realtor) and several others ($7m to date)

* Our agents have closed $962m in sales with RealScout

* We like to have fun [1]

* We pair program, have hack days every other Friday and hold lunch and learns regularly [2]

If you're interested working with large and robust data to help agents change the way they use technology to sell more homes, feel free to reach me at chris (at) realscout.com.


[1] - https://www.realscout.com/team

[2] - http://eatcodeplay.com/


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Mutually Human – Developers/Designers – Grand Rapids, MI & Columbus, OH (on-site, full time)

We're always looking for developers, but we're especially looking for a senior designer to join our team right now.

A little bit about us:

  - We write custom software of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the US.

  - We aren't limited to any specific set of technologies, which is a great
    opportunity to learn. In the past two years, I've worked with Python, iOS,
    Angular.js, CoffeeScript, QT, Node, Ruby, Rails, and more.

  - We practice a sustainable pace. Late nights and > 40 hour weeks are
    rare by design. For example. last year I worked an average of 40.408 hours per

  - We offer competitive salaries, health/vision/dental insurance, quarterly profit
    sharing, retirement + match, weekly catered lunches, and a top-floor office
    with snacks, guitars, and your choice of standing or sitting desks.
A little bit about Grand Rapids:

  - 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, less than an hour to the beach.

  - Lots of great beer. Founders Brewery (a mile from our office) has 3 beers in
    the Beer Advocate top 15. HopCat is a “World Class” bar on BA.
    Just look here: http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/43

  - Low cost of living. I bought a nice house with a mortgage payment
    30% lower than the rent of my 1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View.
A little bit about you:

  - You love making software, and you have experience with a variety of technologies.

  - You learn new stuff quickly. You’ve used a lot of technologies, but you’re not
    afraid to use more.

  - You believe software is written for humans, not computers.
I'm a software developer on this awesome team. If you're interested, check out our website:



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Final (YC W15) - Mountain View, CA - Full Time, On-site

Final is building the next generation of credit cards and is looking for:

Backend Engineer (https://getfinal.com/jobs/backend/) - To architect and build the APIs, integrations, and mission critical backend infrastructure that power a new kind of credit card.

There will be opportunities to work with and scale infrastructure across AWS and Azure, work with technologies throughout the stack, and build things that really matter to people.

About Final:

Final is a credit card that gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships and transparency in their spending. Rather than a single card number, Final generates multiple card numbers the consumer can restrict, and manages them automatically.

It works everywhere you buy; online, and offline, and implements with digital wallets like Google Wallet and ApplePay with zero updates to the payment infrastructure. With Final, you’ll never lose access to your spending ability from a breach, fraud, cancelled or stolen card ever again.

More about this position: https://getfinal.com/jobs/backend/ About others: https://www.getfinal.com/jobs/ You can apply directly by emailing: jobs@getfinal.com


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Tubular Labs | http://tubularlabs.com | Mountain View, CA

Tubular analyzes the engagement of 290+ million viewers and track 1 billion videos across 30+ platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, AOL, and Yahoo. Our data empowers Video Teams to refine their video content strategies.

Right now we're looking for:

  * Front Engineering: AngularjS, CoffeeScript
  * Production Engineering (DevOps):  Python, AWS, SaltStack
  * Backend Engineering: GoLang, Python
We're also building out a team in Toronto, Canada - same skills as above.

Interested: Contact david@tubularlabs.com or submit online (mention HackerNews for priority consideration)


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Yuzu- https://www.yuzu.com/ - ONSITE in Mountain View CA Mid/Sr/Lead Ruby Development role for Yuzu. Yuzu by Barnes & Noble College is our new digital education platform/online ecosystem. Design and develop SOA web API's that provide the foundation for our educational software. TDD using RSpec. Built primarily in Ruby on Rails 4, our technical stack also includes internal gems/engines, Mithril JS, Node, CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Sidekiq, Rails API, Chef, and AWS. No legacy to maintain and we have 2 JavaScript Developers who cover most of the front end stuff.

We are leveraging our 30 years in the college textbook business with Barnes and Nobles College Division who run over 700 college textbook stores in the US (locally Santa Clara Univ, SJSU, also Harvard and Yale) reaching over 5 million students which is approx 25% of the college students in the US. We also have a strong partnership with Pearson ( largest online publisher in the world).

This is a full time role in Mountain View with competitive salaries, generous vacation (18 days per year + sick + Holidays), matching 401k, work/life balance, Flexible hours, daily catered lunches etc! We are nice people too! Caltrain shuttle and pre-tax commuter programs will help get you to our Mountain View office. https://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj06/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?or... or email kmoritz@yuzu.com


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Coursera | Mountain View, CA.

Coursera is hiring! We are looking for frontend, backend, and mobile engineers to join our team. We use scala/play, react, cassandra, and other technologies across our stack. If you are interested in working with a great team focused on making the world's best education universally accessible, join us!



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Treasure Data has a trove of roles open from Frontend Lead (angular.js) to Sales Engineers. Some roles are remote, the rest are in our Mountain View, CA office. Yes on H1B's.

Lots of things open: Frontend Lead role (partial remote OK): https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/f670b692-b9a7-432e-bec1-... Sales Engineer, solid data analytics experience needed: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/4753052d-4a83-43cd-b3e3-... Account Exec, NY/Boston area: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/c06e2d66-bf3d-49d8-8fbb-... Data Scientist, customer facing: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/2991e41d-fea8-4ca6-a19c-... Director, Demand Gen: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/9cc0fafd-b02d-4d1f-a1a7-... Distributed Systems Engineer (systems programming, algorithms, data structures, Java, and C++): https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/411beebe-3612-4c9b-a389-...

Lots more going on here. You can reach me directly at petra@treasuredata.com with questions or interest.

You can find out more about Treasure Data on this video: https://youtu.be/lFxJgTD5eqw (yeah, a little long for the general public but I bet this audience will want more details...)


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eShares (https://esharesinc.com/) | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE | FULLTIME | VISA

eShares is set to bring technology to a financial market that's been stuck in the dark ages. Prior to eShares, private companies tracked ownership with rusty legal documents and paper stock certificates. We're replacing that with technology and bringing needed transparency to the process for companies, founders, lawyers, investors, and employees. We're in the process of launching the one and only zero-cost tender offer, letting companies offer liquidity to their investors and employees.

Many of the companies you see on this page use eShares, from the early stage startups all the way up to tech giants in the $1B+ club; clients range from a few entries on their cap table all the way up to thousands+ of employees/investors.

We're looking for a few more FULL STACK ENGINEERS / FULL STACK GENERALISTS. Desirable skills include:

* Python / Django * JavaScript * PostgreSQL * AWS / general dev-ops (not strictly required, but a nice to have) * General web development

A financial background is not required. We're great at teaching newcomers how private equity works, and have a trove of domain knowledge at your fingertips through our private equity teams.

Why choose eShares?

- Great benefits - Get involved at the financial center of the startup world - We recently raised our Series A funding through Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital - Rapid growth (more than doubled in the last year) - Great engineering/product team with some fantastic product designers - Sane work/life balance

We're also looking to hire a few equity analysts (strong Excel, strong communication skills, multi-tasking, eager to learn private equity).

CONTACT: eric+20150601@esharesinc.com


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Khan Academy — Mountain View, CA (remote possible)

We're a small, non-profit tech startup bringing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Millions of people in all walks of life use our free platform to learn (check out testimonials at https://www.khanacademy.org/stories). Most of you reading this are probably familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers and a huge library of interactive exercises.

A few things we're currently working on building right now:

– Mobile apps to help students learn on the go and increase access to those who might not have access to a computer [1]

– Improved knowledge models so we can better predict what you know and what will help you [2]

– Infrastructure to make the site more reliable and faster for our millions of visitors every month [3]

Our current summer interns have already started arriving(!), but we'd happily talk to intern candidates for future terms.

Apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers

[1]: http://www.kasrak.com/writing/khan-internship/

[2]: http://mattfaus.com/2014/05/improving-khan-academys-student-...

[3]: http://www.alangpierce.com/blog/2014/07/07/bigbingo-khan-aca...