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Munich - 1 jobs in June 2015

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We at STYLIGHT build a fashion website where users find inspiration and can search for fashion. We're among Munich hottest startups and quite international. English is our company language and we have colleagues from 20+ nations. We run joint engineering and business teams, to maximize the impact of each engineer. --------------------------------------

You want to further STYLIGHT’s brand awareness within the tech scene? -> http://stylig.ht/Engineering_Evangelist

You want to enhance the ranking of products? -> http://stylig.ht/Data_Scientist_Search

You want to build and maintain our AWS Data Warehouse Infrastructure -> http://stylig.ht/Data_Engineer_BI

You want to dockerize all our services? -> http://stylig.ht/AWS_Engineer

You want to work on the service that powers all our result pages? -> http://stylig.ht/Software_Engineer_Search

You want to code the next look of our magazine? -> http://stylig.ht/_Frontend_Developer

You want to create our single page applications -> http://stylig.ht/Frontend_Developer_Single_App

You want to tweak our website to withstand being slashdot'ed? -> http://stylig.ht/Senior_Java_Developer

You want to build the software to manage our categorization process? -> http://stylig.ht/Software_Engineer_Categorisation

You want to work on the interface for our partner shops? -> http://stylig.ht/Software_Engineer_Shop_Team

You want to keep our computers running in the office? -> http://stylig.ht/Desktop_Support_Engineer

You want to shape our internal infrastructure -> http://stylig.ht/System_Administrator

-------------------------------------- Find out more about us at http://engineering.stylight.com/. Also see our upcoming developer conference http://daho.am/ Interested? Use the application form on the site or send an mail to dominic.phillips [at] stylight.com or directly to our CTO sebastian.schuon [at] stylight.com. 2 1/2 years ago I was hired through this thread, been happy since.