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Palo Alto - 16 jobs in June 2015

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Lambda Labs, located in downtown Palo Alto. We're hiring for a full-time position of Machine Learning Research Engineer. Math, EE, CS, Physics and Neuroscience PhDs / dropouts / candidates / postdocs and curious individuals interested in deep learning and machine learning are welcome to apply. If you love math and software engineering, you'll fit right in.

Required experience:

- B.S. Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Neuroscience, or other quantitative field

- Extensive experience training neural networks with gradient descent

- Strong Math and CS fundamentals: Linear Algebra, Probability, Multivariate Calculus, Mathematical optimization

Ideal candidates will have:

- Excellent academic record

- Demonstrated ability to create and implement state-of-the-art research

- Published work in top journals (NIPS/ICML/ICRL)

- Experience with recurrent neural networks

- GPU programming (Cuda/OpenCL/Theano)

- Programming / Mathematics Olympiads: IMO, IOI, Putnam

For full job descriptions and more information:


To apply, please email your resume and github link to:



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Walker & Company Brands | Bevel - Palo Alto, CA http://walkerandcompany.com https://getbevel.com

------ Software Engineer ------

Walker & Company Brands is an e-commerce company that is completely reinventing the way consumers learn about, purchase and enjoy health and beauty products. We’re starting with a focus on the $50 billion personal care segment. Personal care manufacturers and traditional retailers are neither building brands nor merchandising experiences which cater to the uniquely differentiated needs of black, latino and asian consumers --- three of America’s fastest growing and most culturally influential demographic groups.

We're inventing a new class of commerce company that will build beloved consumer brands, will win on customer experience, and will win on technology.

Our stack is Rails, Postgres, Sidekiq, Rspec, and a few new(er), exciting things in the works. More details here: https://jobs.lever.co/walkerandcompany/6e38e241-cae6-4a9c-a3...

I just joined the team in January and I can tell you I've never worked with a more fun and intelligent group of people. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at colby@walkerandcompany.com, or else send your info to jobs@walkerandcompany.com and mention that you saw the post on HN!


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Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl http://challenge.shopcurbside.com Curbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbside’s investors and advisors include Index Ventures, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxman’s TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

http://www.shopcurbside.com/jobs • Palo Alto, Ca. • Relocation Available • Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1B’s, but we can transfer existing visa’s and sponsor new E3’s, TN’s, and O-1’s.


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Slice | http://careers.slice.com/featured-jobs/ | Palo Alto | FULL-TIME| Software Engineering, technical lead, data science, sales and marketing

Slice is building one of the most powerful e-commerce data sets in the world from email receipts. We're challenging assumptions and transforming businesses along the way, and we’re just getting started.

Slice was founded by Stanford GSB professors and entrepreneurs who have built, sold, and taken multiple companies public. Last year Slice was acquired by Japan's largest internet company, Rakuten. As a result, we offer the best of both words: a start-up mentality with the backing of an established global company. We are a curious, creative team of people who love to solve fascinating, challenging problems. We foster a culture of learning and thrive on continuous improvement through teamwork to build better products and a better company. We are growing rapidly and hiring world-class software engineers, data scientists, data analysts, sales directors, sales, and marketing communications managers.

Website: http://careers.slice.com

Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY8OKR85KMk

Please send resumes/portfolios to sean+resumes [AT] slice.com and mention the HN Who's Hiring thread when applying! Thank you!!


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Better | Palo Alto, CA | Full-time | On Site

Senior Rails Engineer, Senior Android Engineer

The health technology space is seeing rapid growth and Better’s goal is to deliver a seamless, on-the-go, and affordable healthcare concierge experience so consumers can focus on getting healthy and staying healthy. Basically, subscribers get unlimited access via mobile app to personal health assistants to help with medical, scheduling, insurance, billing, planning, etc - anything health-related you need, our assistants can handle it!

As an early stage engineer, you will be joining a lean and fast-paced team to build out Better’s product foundation. You will tackle interesting and complex challenges involving sensitive HIPAA compliance issues and non-intuitive problems.

Being a Better engineer, you will be entrenched in a wide range of the product area and carry engineering responsibilities across the board.

The office is right next to the Palo Alto Caltrain station.

Right now we're hiring the following positions [from https://www.getbetter.com/jobs]

* Senior Rails Engineer - http://getbetter.theresumator.com/apply/X3gwCv/Senior-Rails-...

* Senior Android Engineer - http://getbetter.theresumator.com/apply/oR2R6s/Senior-Androi...


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Robinhood (Palo Alto, CA) www.robinhood.com

Data Infrastructure Engineer - We're looking for an experienced infrastructure engineer to help build our real-time data and event processing pipeline. This system will power several new product features and our real-time risk monitoring framework. Your work will help process an unprecedented amount of financial data. (Experience with Kafka/Kinesis/Storm/Spark & Hadoop preferred)

Web Engineer - We are seeking an experienced frontend web engineer to help build the Robinhood web app, for both desktop and mobile. The product features real-time, live-updating data and context-dependent interfaces, so you’ll be building a very rich client-side web application.

Backend Engineer - Robinhood is looking for an experienced backend engineer to help build our brokerage web API. This includes systems such as market data, trading, accounting, authentication, and security. An ideal candidate would have previous experience designing RESTful APIs and the backend systems that implement them.

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/robinhood


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Quartzy (YC W2011)- Accelerating Science in Palo Alto, CA (www.quartzy.com)

Researchers in the life sciences make discoveries that impact the way we understand our world, but are stuck using post-it notes and excel to keep track of it all. At Quartzy we are building the software infrastructure for researchers manage their labs more efficiently and help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.

With 1/10 scientists in the US using Quartzy already, we are well on our way to becoming the de-facto global standard for lab management and change the way a $100B industry does business.

Tech we work with: PHP/HHVM, Laravel, MySQL, Ember.js, Redis, Elasticsearch, beanstalkd, nginx, Ansible, Vagrant and more.

Front-End Developer: http://grnh.se/76onl2

Full-Stack Engineer: http://grnh.se/s4q63l

If you’re interested or would like to chat about the positions, shoot Jane an email - jane.eisenberg@quartzy.com

We also have a handful of ops positions open that you can check out here: www.quartzy.com/careers


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ShareThis is HIRING: Site Reliability Engr. DevOps. Big Data. Full Stack. Front End. Publisher Support Tools. Dir. Data Product Manager. - Palo Alto, CA.

ShareThis is an incredible social sharing data start-up backed by DFJ - who also funded huge successes like Tesla, Twitter, Skype, Box and much more - DFJ.com. We analyze & visualize terabytes of social data in real-time. We're passionate about building quality software (unit testing/continuous deployment) and work in small teams. Our clients have massive budgets, e.g. Toyota, Microsoft, AT&T. If you're interested in solving big data problems with us, contact me. Stack: Java, JS, Angular, Kafka, Aerospike, Hadoop, Cassandra

Engineering Blog: http://engineering.sharethis.com

Learn More & Apply: http://ShareThis.com/rocketship

Feel free to contact me directly about any questions. Yes - H1B transfers. Onsite positions only. No Recruiters. EEO.

-Dat Nguyen

Head of Talent, ShareThis e: dat@sharethis.com


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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Palo Alto, California | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping.

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest position: - Software Engineer - Storage Core

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow, python) - Test Automation Development (python) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, please head to our website to learn more about us and our open roles: http://www.cohodata.com/jobs


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PlaceIQ | Software Engineers/Data Scientists | NYC | Palo Alto, CA | Full Time | http://placeiq.com/about-us/careers/

We are a small team of software engineers and data scientists, working on the next generation of location-based reasoning/analytics platform. The platform is built on hadoop stack (hbase, kafka, pig, hive, cascading, and many other technologies), leveraging our geolib (for geo-temporal processing) and rule-based domain-specific languages (for classifying user behavior).

If both of these conjuncts satisfy your personality model: (a) you thrive on technical challenges in an agile environment, (b) you care deeply about your craft, we can't wait to hear from you!


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[ original post ]

WebAction | Downtown Palo Alto, CA | Big Data Platform Engineer (Java), UI Engineer (HTML/CSS/JS/Backbone), UI/UX Designer


WebAction is a Big Data Analytics Platform providing end-to-end real-time, high velocity analytics and machine learning for operational teams. We mask complex, scalable analytics behind a visual, interactive web-based experience and a familiar declarative SQL-like language. Today, our end-to-end product is used to solve some of the toughest data management challenges at large Telco, Finance, Retail, and Cloud companies.

Big Data Platform Engineer (java): Using open source tools like ZMQ, Elasticsearch, and Kafka in harmony with platforms built-in house you will build cutting edge data processing infrastructure

Senior Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

UI/UX Designers: We don't have a job post up yet, email me at john@webaction.com if you are interested! Bonus for you design unicorns who use code to build prototypes

Technical Content Marketing: If you love writing well thought out, technical posts about how products can improve the lives of our customers, WebAction is the perfect environment for you!

WebAction is founded by a team of Silicon Valley executives with a track record of creating multiple successful enterprise products including WebLogic (now Oracle WebLogic) and GoldenGate software (now Oracle GoldenGate). We've raised north of $11m since 2013 and our advisors/board have done amazing things like creating the Apple logo and founding one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley. With every product release, we delight our customers and engage new ones at an ever-growing rate. We're based in Downtown Palo Alto, minutes away from the caltrain, philz coffee, and everything you need to make your work life even more enjoyable!


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MUBI :: San Francisco, CA :: Senior Engineer

MUBI is hiring a senior software engineer to start growing our San Francisco team. We are a VoD company with a focus on bringing the best films to our customers around the globe. What sets us apart is true editorial credibility in the film world, and a strategy where we built traction with a cinephile audience first before throwing money at massive content deals. We have run very lean for a number of years to find product-market fit and we are now at an inflection point where we will scale the subscriber base and generate real profits. If you have been looking around the Valley and concerned that valuations are out of control and investors are chasing too many flimsy business models, then you should take a look at what we're doing.

The product is a streaming service and social network currently available on the web, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Samsung Smart TVs, and several more on the way. It is build primarily of Ruby, Rails, Backbone + Marionette, and the usual client-side frameworks. We are heavily invested in Chef for configuration management, both at Engine Yard where we host our main applications, and also for newer infrastructure such as our custom-built CDN that we are tuning to deliver a better QoS than off-the-shelf vendors can provide.

The position is for the first engineer to be sitting next to me (Co-Founder & CTO) and our Head of Product in our San Francisco offices. Although we were founded in Palo Alto, currently the CEO and bulk of our team is based in London due to the UK being our primary growth market. We are now looking to move the product and engineering center of gravity to San Francisco in a run up to make the US a primary market in 2016 and beyond. You would be #9 software engineer overall, and will play a strong role in defining the architecture of our application. Strong ruby and rails skills are ideal, though this can be substituted by strong web and backend development skills in similar languages and architectures. VoD and client-side video app development are a bonus but not required. You will have significant opportunity to define your own position and work on any area of our technology where you can add value.

If you are interested please contact me by email, which can be found on my MUBI profile at https://mubi.com/users/2


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mPath - http://mpath.com/careers - Palo Alto / San Francisco, Remote

mPath is a new type of productivity app for businesses. Most people don't need all of their business data on their phone – just the pieces that matter to them. With mPath, regular folks can modify the app for their needs (without coding). All of this takes between a few minutes and a few hours. We connect to existing data sources like Salesforce and Box.

Right now, we have a small but very talented team. We're looking for a few more folks. Some of these openings haven't been listed on the site yet, so hit us up at:

interested [at] mpath dotcom

1. iOS Engineer - Swift/Objective C

2. QA Automation Lead - build a testing program

3. Senior Web Services Engineer - DropWizard, Docker, AWS

4. Web Services Engineer - Dropwizard, Phoenix

5. Web UI Engineer - Sinatra and React


Check out our careers page or ping me if you want to know more. http://twitter.com/asagray


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imo | Palo Alto | Full-time or intern | Backend, Mobile, Audio/Video

"Based in Palo Alto, imo is a fast growing startup founded and funded by one of the first 10 employees at Google, Georges Harik. We’re building products that help millions of people around the world easily connect with family and friends through text, voice and video chat. imo.im is available on iOS and Android.

We are a close knit engineering focused organization. Since our product pivot last March, our userbase has been growing tremendously! According to AppAnnie, we are ranked a top 10 in communications app in over 50 countries, and continuing to climb the ranks daily."

We're all ex-yadda-yadda and XYZ champions, and compensation is solid. More importantly it's a work atmosphere that creates a lot of energy. I love working here because of the incredible impact, self-direction, and quality of my peers.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/nh5ba6

My direct email: echo Y2R1bmRlckBnbWFpbC5jb20K | base64 -


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Corqboard.org – Safely buy, sell, and connect around campus.


Located in sunny Palo Alto, CA.

We connect college students with the things they need and have a lot of fun doing it–



VP of Marketing


Tell us why you're interested at careers@corqboard.org


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Palo Alto, California - Bloomboard - http://schools.bloomboard.com - Full stack engineers

Job post: https://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=o6kSYfw0

Make a difference in the quality of education in US. Supporting teachers to be champions for the students.

* Our products are used by million of teachers already.

* We just started working on a new exciting product and you will be able to have a major impact on the direction of the product.

Walking distance from Palo Alto Caltrain station with many nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops.

More info:

- https://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=o6kSYfw0

- http://schools.bloomboard.com/hiring

- https://www.facebook.com/bloomboard

What sets us apart

* Big impact: Shape the future of education and directly impact products used daily by educators. * Data driven: We look at performance and we optimize. * You will have the autonomy to adopt the best technology for the job. * Unique culture: We live our values: Candor, Impact, Team Work, Joy!


* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience.

* Being able to write awesome code in art least one language

* Good critical thinking

* Passion for making education better

What you will do:

* Write awesome software in the language that you love. We have pieces of our product written in Ruby, PHP, Javascript and other modern languages. We use Node.js, nginx, AngularJS, Redis, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

* Provide technical leadership across engineering and help guide the overall engineering vision Improve developer productivity through better tools, processes and frameworks

* Evangelize software development best practices and develop/conduct training on core architecture and libraries

* Develop API and integration points within the product to provide customer exports and connectivity to third-party applications.

* Participate in system requirements sessions, platform architecture, database design, and scrum standup and planning meetings to gain thorough understanding of the product, to incorporate into daily work.

* Analyze data to determine, recommend, and plan installation of Bloomboard platform for clients. Benefits

The team

* Work with a diverse community of talented engineers, former educators, and business professionals

* Competitive salary and equity for Silicon Valley

* Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans

* Free lunches, snacks, beverages, and weekly FroYo trip

* Team outings: like shotgun shooting, go carting, cooking lessons, etc.

* Ping pong table and nerf apparatuses

* Subsidize gym membership and office parking

* WFHF (Work From Home Fridays)!

Job post: https://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=o6kSYfw0