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Philadelphia - 3 jobs in June 2015

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Wingspan Technology, Philadelphia Suburbs (Blue Bell) We're looking for multiple software and DevOps engineers. If interested, contact careers@wingspan.com.

Wingspan Technology is a small, family friendly software company headquartered in Blue Bell, PA. The Wingspan engineering team is responsible for architecture, implementation, and maintenance of the company’s enterprise software products that target highly regulated industries, primarily life sciences. Current projects span the whole software lifecycle, from maintenance of industry-leading solutions to the development of new, unannounced products; some are on-premise and some SaaS.

Our engineering team has exposure to a wide range of technology; for new projects we’re using Scala, React, Solr, and Postgres, with an emphasis on functional programming techniques where appropriate. Internally we use Atlassian tools for defect tracking, continuous integration, and code reviews. Engineers involved in tier 3 support typically work with older technologies, but are able to see how real customers use their work. New engineers typically rotate through a series of projects over time. These might include building new UI features in Javascript, writing database migration scripts, or tier 3 support for a SaaS application, depending on the candidate’s interest and experience. Project selection is based around the current needs of our customers, and offers many opportunities to take ownership of projects that have real value to the company.


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CloudMine - Philadelphia - https://cloudmine.me/careers/

CloudMine is an enterprise mobility company that provides HIPAA Compliant Mobility solutions to accelerate development, eliminate maintenance and standardize cross-organizational mobile IT. Our team is revolutionizing the way mobile apps are developed in the enterprise, and we are quickly rising in market leadership.

DevOps Engineer - Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the operational systems architecture and development of a Ruby on Rails/node.js based MBaaS API in a cloud environment. We also use Docker, Puppet, OpenStack, AWS and Rackspace Cloud. There’s even some nascent work with Deis and other open source PaaS technologies.

Platform Engineer - You will have the opportunity to work on various interesting projects – from mobile development and platform design to server operations and deployment, and everything in between. Our core technologies include MongoDB, Ruby, Node.js, Kafka, and ElasticSearch. On the mobile side we also use Objective-C, Java (both for Android and back-end), C#, and client-side JavaScript.

You can apply through the above website or directly to SDriver@cloudmine.me with an attached resume.


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PipelineDeals - https://www.pipelinedeals.com - Philadelphia, PA or remote

PipelineDeals is looking for Senior Engineers. Our engineering team is based in our Wayne, PA office (Philadelphia suburb), but remote applicants are more than welcome.

An overview of engineering at PipelineDeals:

- Work with a smart, highly functioning team of developers who care about learning and bettering themselves. - Our team champions learning, bettering yourself, and teaching to the rest of the team.

- 20% of your time is investment time. One day a week, you'll invest in yourself, learning about new technologies, working on open source, or side projects that help the company.


- Excellent benefits package

- Competitive, better-than-market salary

- As part of our core values, we go on a fantastic company retreat each year. This is a very important part of our company culture, and is always a blast!

- Reimbursement for conferences or meetups you would like to attend, books you want to buy, screencasts you want to watch. Buy the hardware setup you want. Requirements:

- Must have at least 3 years of experience working directly with ruby, either with a company, or via open source. Past contributions to open source projects, or maintaining your own, are looked very highly upon.

- Extensive Javascript experience. We utilize client-side Javascript frameworks, so knowledge of any of these is a big plus.

- A strong understanding of relational SQL databases, and query optimization. We use MySQL and Postgres.

- Willingness to learn every day, and to share what you learn to the team. Learning is a core value of our Engineering team.

- Experience with operations is a big plus. At PipelineDeals, Engineers are also in charge of the operation of our Production site. Previous experience with configuration management, AWS, and other operations related tasks are a big plus.

More info here:


To apply, please send your resume / Github profile to careers@pipelinedeals.com. Thanks!