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Pretoria - 1 jobs in June 2015

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Pretoria, South Africa | ONSITE | Full-Time | Various

Every day millions of people in South Africa have to suffer through long wait times, and +2 hour long commutes just to get into work and back. We are on a mission to change how people commute, in a more efficient, safe and cost effective way. We are going to positively make a difference in millions of peoples lives. There are some difficult challenges to solve in this space, join us and work on these challenges while making a positive impact on people. We are a funded startup within a larger group and you will be a key member of the team who will be building meaningful products that affects millions while shaping and driving the technical architecture.

We are looking for:

* Front End Developer - http://bit.ly/zap-fr

* iOS Developer - http://bit.ly/zap-ios

* Android Developer - http://bit.ly/zap-an

* Senior Developer - http://bit.ly/zap-sd

You can find my email in the links above or my HN profile.

Feel free to mail me, or reply here if you want more details.