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San Francisco - 157 jobs in June 2015

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SpaceX flight software is hiring! Most openings are in Los Angeles, but we're also looking for senior engineers in SF and Seattle.

We have openings in a bunch of different flavors:

* C/C++/realtime systems - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7464

* C++/physics simulation - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/4337

* Frontend web development - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7374

* Java/Python/Go automation services

* Dev ops - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7579

There are a ton of more openings listed in the career site, peruse and feel free ask me any questions


And for a little inspiration, here's a video of our last landing attempt -- the magic sauce was mostly software!



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Plethora - http://plethora.com - San Francisco, CA

Plethora is building the "Full-Auto Factory of the Future" - giving you the engineering superpowers to make hardware as easy as software.

We use custom robotics and advanced software to automatically manufacture prototype and production parts using CNC milling.

We're well funded from top investors, generating revenue w/ growth, team of 20, and lots of fun/hard problems.

★ Computational Geometry / Applied Math - https://plethora.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=4

★ Backend Engineer - https://plethora.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=13

★ Technical Recruiter - https://plethora.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=12

★ Marketing Generalist - https://plethora.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=5

Profile: https://angel.co/plethora

Email me (founder): jeremy@plethora.com

Also happy to answer any questions below!


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Planet Labs (http://planet.com/) in San Francisco, CA has a large number of positions open. We're a collection of electrical, mechanical, aerospace, software, science, etc. folks looking to image the whole planet on a daily basis with a large number of small satellites. It's a terrific bunch of folks doing what we call "agile aerospace".

I've personally been with the company for almost a year, working on "Mission Control", an internal web app for managing the satellites and make life easier on our "Spaceship Captains" -- the operators who manage them. This is definitely one of the most interesting and fun roles I've had in my career (and I've had a few).

Python (Flask, Django) and Javascript (React, Backbone) are used heavily in the web projects. We of course have systems programming to do for the onboard software. Plenty of other interesting work from the satellite design and various subsystems, manufacturing, georectification of images, image corrections, and heaps of possibilities with a supremely interesting dataset that we're growing.

Some gigs are onsite only, others may be available to remote workers.

Full list of jobs at https://www.planet.com/careers/#openings


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- Front End UI Developers - Front End Application Developers (React) - Back End Java & Ruby Developers

FileRight is a profitable, fast growing company with offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Think TurboTax for U.S. Citizenship or Green card applications. We created FileRight.com because government forms are confusing, the risk of rejection for making small mistakes is high and help from attorneys can be expensive. We have streamlined the immigration process with a focus on beautiful interfaces, transparent policies, modern technology, and extraordinary customer service.

The FileRight Engineering team is a small but growing group. Individual knowledge and opinions are valued within the team as a source of discussion and perspective. Visit https://www.fileright.com/pages/about/our-story to read more about FileRight and our story.

See a list of open positions here: - https://www.fileright.com/pages/about/careers

If you think you might be a fit for either role, take a moment and get in touch.


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Scalyr - Frontend, Backend Engineers - San Francisco Peninsula (on-site) - $110k-$150k+, >1% equity

We know you have a choice of employers, and we thank you for flying Scalyr.

We're rebuilding server and log monitoring from the ground up, bringing Google Search levels of power and responsiveness to operations visibility. We have a small team (lots of room for personal growth), traction, plenty of runway, a low-stress culture, and lots of meaty problems to tackle. Be part of an awesome founding team (including the cofounder / lead engineer from Writely -- now Google Docs). We’re aiming high, rethinking everything from large-scale data filtering to how engineers interact with their tools. Come help us figure it out!

https://www.scalyr.com/jobs, or I'd love to hear from you personally (contact info in my profile).


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MapD | San Francisco (city) | Frontend Visualization Developer, Backend Developer MapD (http://www.mapd.com) is a Google Ventures/Nvidia backed seed-stage startup that builds a hyper-fast big data analytics visualization platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We literally can run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems and since the results are on the GPUs, we easily visualize the result sets or feed them into machine learning pipelines. We’re looking for: Frontend Developer – Someone with lots of experience with D3.js, preferably also with Crossfilter.js and WebGL/Three.js. Needs to have good design sense and significant data visualization background. Knowledge of WebWorkers and WebSockets a plus. Backend Developer - Someone with strong experience in C++ and database/systems programming. Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL, X64 Optimization, and/or OpenGL a major plus. We’re a small but growing team with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive ($100K-$130K / 1+%). Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!


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Open Whisper Systems ➡ San Francisco ➡ Full Time

Open Whisper Systems is making private communication simple. Our technology is used by hundreds of millions of people, and everything we produce is open source.

What it's like to work with us: https://whispersystems.org/workworkwork/

★ iOS Lead -- Someone intimately familiar with iOS development and internals, who has an appreciation for the craft of software development and experience with making decisions that result in great products. No experience with cryptography necessary, just solid experience developing for iOS and an eye for good design.

★ Mobile UI / Product Designer -- We’re seeking an original thinker with strong visual design skills ready to help make private communication simple. You'll take on developing the look and feel of Signal on iOS, Android, and the desktop. You’ll be responsible for updating the visual design for the app and helping shape consistent guidelines to communicate a compelling user story across our products and other touchpoints. You’ll work closely with a team of engineers with a passion for making usable software. No experience with cryptography necessary, just intuition for what makes a great product and solid experience designing products that are a joy to use.

★ Product Support / Project Manager -- We're seeking someone with strong writing skills and a passion for collaboration. This is an integrated position that incorporates both supporting our users and project management of software development. You will be responsible for providing support for our users both directly and by distilling knowledge into appropriate documentation, surfacing user feedback to help make product decisions and define development priorities, and using those focus points to help drive sprint planning and coordinated development. No experience with cryptography necessary, just a solid technical background, strong writing skills, a large capacity for empathetic listening, time spent organizing and coordinating development, and the ability to juggle wheels within wheels.

See more at the link above, or send us a note at workwithus@whispersystems.org


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Amazon | AmazonUI (AUI) | Seattle; San Francisco | Onsite | Full-Time

AUI is the Front-end platform being adopted on Amazon.com. We are modernizing the company's front end code base, while diving deep on latency, performance, API design, user experience, and cross browser/device compatibility. Basically, we need people who can build libraries, not just use them.

Our team is incredibly customer-centric. For any given situation, we have to make the right choice on behalf of the folks using our platform -- and we have to do it at scale. That may sound cliche, but within the next hour AUI will be used to generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on about 90% of requests across all device categories.

It's a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity. For example, we can run experiments that change almost every page on Amazon.com. We can also impact the page load time for the entire site. Have you ever tried to figure out why your site is 6ms slower? We have.

We use these tools (but don't expect you to know all of them): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Perl, Git

And to give you an idea of who you will be working with, the folks responsible for this articles are on our team: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-...

If you're interested, drop us an email. Heck, you can even drop us an email if you're in Seattle or San Francisco and you just want to have coffee:

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        company = company.replace(/\.com$/i, "").toLowerCase();
        return String.fromCharCode(97, 117, 105, 45, 104, 110) + "@" + company + ".com";


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Developer | $125-175k | San Francisco | gerad@sagansystems.com

We got a pretty good response when I posted this last month, so I figured I'd repost and put in another a word for the startup I just joined.

- We've got a pretty cool tech stack (mostly React/Node/Go/Docker), and product architecture (real-time pubsub microservices)

- We're super early (<15 people), but well-funded and growing.

- Our founding team is B2B serial entrepreneurs who have done it before, so there's a healthy culture.

It's a good place to wear a lot of hats, learn a ton, and grow with the company. I'm enjoying it. Let me know if you'd like to hear more, or check out http://sagansystems.com/#hiring

We're also looking for devops, a designer, and a product manager (yeah, growing fast)!

on site only, interns ok


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Spire Global | Glasgow/SF | VISA OK | Onsite

Spacecraft Hardware Engineer (Glasgow) | Spacecraft Software Engineer (Glasgow) | Communications Architect (SF/Glasgow) | Technical Director/Project Manager (SF/Glasgow) | IT/SysAdmin (Glasgow)


SPACE!!, Linux, C, Python, embedded systems, RTOS, microcontrollers, aerospace, hardware, EE, PCB, FPGA, etc.

Spire builds and launches small satellites (cubesats) to capture valuable data which we then offer to companies (AIS tracking, weather/climate, etc.). We’re expanding across the globe and will have 20 cubesats in orbit by the end of 2015.

We are a fast moving, energetic start-up applying agile development principles to a traditionally sluggish and overly-burdened industry (and having fun doing it).

You will never be bored at Spire!

Please email Darin@spire.com if you are interested in learning more. Previous work in satellites not required.


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Mesosphere - [mesosphere.io] - San Francisco

We're hiring for a number of positions in both our Hamburg, Germany and our San Francisco, CA offices:

+ Engineering Manager + Frontend Engineer + Distributed Applications Engineer (especially Go!) + Distributed Systems Engineer + Linux Systems Engineer + Solutions Architect + QA Engineer/Manager

Full details are at http://mesosphere.io/jobs/, please apply online or email me at ryan@mesosphere.io for more information!

We've raised 40m in less than 2 years, are visa friendly, contribute extensively to open source (we're building products and services around the Apache Mesos project) and have great investors, advisors and engineers.

Work ranges from Javascript to Python to Go to Scala to C++, depending on the layer of the stack and application to hand. Get in touch!


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CodeHS | CS Curriculum Engineer | San Francisco

Want to help change the face of computer science education around the world?Join the CodeHS team as a curriculum engineer. As a curriculum engineer, you’ll be responsible for helping to create curriculum and build the tools around it. You’ll be responsible for projects from end-to-end: You’ll make the videos, the exercises, the lessons, the quizzes, write the autograders, and build tools to make it all work better.

We’re planning to make courses for the high school level and beyond, so extensive familiarity with many programming languages and web development is required. You are someone who could be or already is a professional engineer, but really wants to write curriculum too.

You like to bring creativity to your job every day, and likely have experience teaching programming, either at the high school or college level. You will have creative freedom to create the best possible learning experience for students. Why should you work at CodeHS specifically? We are a small team working on a big problem. We already have a program that students and teachers really love, and we’re making it better every day. You’ll have an opportunity to make a big impact on education. Thousands of students will take your courses.

A few more details: We work in SOMA, near lots of public transportation, get lunch every day, provide health benefits, and have great team activities like a monthly hackathon and weekly team recess (yes, to play games, juggle, learn new skills, etc).

If this sounds like a role you’d be interested in please apply at codehs.recruiterbox.com


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Karmic Labs | San Francisco (SoMa) | Onsite | Backend (Systems/API), DevOps, Frontend

We're building the first extensible payment card platform for teams.

It's called Dash and it's powered by Mastercard. Dash is designed to help teams distribute funds in real-time and communicate about spending (auto-magic-accounting). We're also building real-time APIs to allow others to build plugins for new and interesting use cases, and accounting.

We value:

* Shipping product, delighting our users, elegant systems, and each other.

* Using first principles, code reviews, testing, collaboration, and mentorship.

We're looking for someone who is excited by:

* Bringing new ideas and abstractions into an existing industry currently dominated by older products and larger companies.

* Forming clean architectural patterns and beautiful APIs to handle messy, underspecified payments backends and communications problems.

* Having the opportunity to step up as tech-lead or to own parts of the codebase.

We're currently building with Python 3, Flask, React, Postgres, and AWS.

Our team includes experience from the founding teams of Netscape and Pinterest, executives from Visa and American Express, a seasoned venture capitalist, two high school dropouts, and a Physics PhD. Standard startup perks included (competitive salary, insurance, home cooked meals, etc..)

Check out https://karmiclabs.com and send email to jobs+hn at karmiclabs.com.


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Heap | San Francisco, CA, USA | Intern, Remote (from anywhere in the world), or Visa (from Canada/Australia/Mexico) all welcome | Software Engineer

Heap is a team of 12 building tools that help 3000+ companies make data-driven decisions and create better experiences for their users.

Other analytics tools require you to define events upfront and manually instrument code. Instead, Heap automatically captures every user interaction in your app. This lets our customers analyze data instantly and retroactively, without writing code.

We're eager to meet all types of engineers, regardless of where you live or what tools you use day-to-day. Your creativity and intelligence are much more important to us than your experience with our stack.

How we work:

Happy Customers > Perfect Code. We're out to solve real problems for real people, not to write slick code or play with the hippest frameworks. We spend a lot of time thinking through how to build new features, but the goal is always for the implementation to be maintainable, not for it to be "pure."

Vision > GroupThink. A big idea starts in one person's head. We make sure he or she has the space to develop it into a fully-articulated thought before we iterate on it as a group. No brainstorming, no design-by-committee -- these produce watered-down initiatives and incremental ideas.

Writing > Talking. Instead of sitting in meetings, we develop our ideas in writing, asynchronously. Written proposals encourage clearer thought and more thorough deliberation. Our plans are always documented and our culture is remote-friendly.

We'd love to hear from you at jobs@heapanalytics.com.


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SAN FRANCISCO: The vision of Alpine Data Labs is to make data science so straightforward that it becomes a tool for business users as well as data scientists. Alpine's data-mining software scales to huge datasets, but it is driven through a simple graphical interface. We deliver on the promise of Hadoop, Spark and big data by providing a collaborative and intuitive visual environment for teams to quickly create and deploy analytics workflows and predictive models. We are a well funded, rapidly growing startup backed by major venture firms. Our customers include Bosch, Sony, Morgan Stanley, and GE.


1) Platform Engineers: http://jobsco.re/19TQM1n

2) Applications/Front-End Engineers: http://jobsco.re/1DvTIi9

3) Software Engineers in Data Science: http://jobsco.re/1bUp5qw

4) Senior Software Engineer in Data Science: http://jobsco.re/19TRxr3

5) Big Data Integration Engineer: http://jobsco.re/1NHaQAW

6) Data Science Advisors: http://jobsco.re/1bUphpv

7) Technical Writer: http://jobsco.re/1DvUBas

If you have any questions, please email me: emily@alpinenow.com.


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Merchbar - San Francisco, LOCAL, REMOTE is also an option. Competitive Salary, Etc.

We’re building the online source for authentic music merchandise from your favorite artists: Nicky Minaj, Chvrches, The Rolling Stones and more.

We help people find and purchase the best authentic gear for their favorite artists, and it’s important to us that our customers not only find the best gear, but that they thoroughly enjoy shopping with us.

To get an idea of what we're building, check out our iPhone app: http://mrchbr.co/1CGdVxC and our website: http://www.merchbar.com

What are we looking for? Interested and motivated engineers and designers of all skill levels; people who enjoy teamwork, discussions, and getting things done. If you’re interested in working with us-- get in touch! Email me at ganit@merchbar.com, and tell me about yourself in a sentence or two, show me what you got (github, dribble, or a link to your latest project or side project), or just say, “Hi!”



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Docker | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | Onsite | Software Security Engineer

Docker represents a big opportunity to significantly improve security for every infrastructure taking advantage of it. Docker’s security team has broad responsibility for all of Docker’s open source projects and infrastructure. We work across the community to design and implement secure services, libraries, and frameworks to support the entirety of the Docker Ecosystem. We're looking to take the best ideas in crypto and system design and apply them to Docker in a usable, secure-by-default way.

We're looking to grow the team and are interested in Security-minded software engineers at every layer of the stack: kernel to web app.

You're a good fit if you're excited/obsessed with shipping secure code. Please e-mail me at nathan.mccauley@docker.com if you're interested in talking about Docker security. Even if you aren't looking right now, I'd still be happy to chat!


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San Francisco - Conversant - http://conversantmedia.com - Machine Learning; Computer Vision; Javascript / UI; Python

Our team applies cutting edge machine-learning and computer-vision technologies at scale - we apply thousands of labels to millions of pages and videos. Our APIs process thousands of content queries per second, and all of this data is presented to the customer in a beautiful, fast UI.

We're looking for engineers with a background or expertise in any of the following:

- Machine learning

- Computer vision

- Python (for the web, or for infrastructure)

Please contact me if you're interested: cglennie@conversantmedia.com


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[ original post ]

Software Engineer | True Link Financial | San Francisco, CA

Did you ever want the code you write to make the world a better place?

We are a young startup focused on protecting the elderly and other underserved communities from financial abuse. Our first offering is a pre-paid debit card that blocks undesirable transactions in real-time.

At its core, it’s a Java server connected to the major card networks with multiple instances spread geographically. It responds in 10-20ms, and has to stay that tight for us to grow. Understanding distributed systems (construction, diagnosis, and management) is key.

We also have a large Rails stack for our customers and our own rapidly evolving business. Join us, and you can touch it all: front-end, back-end, asynchronous queue-driven workers, real-time rules processing, complex calculation engines, mobile, etc.

All of this great technology helps make someone have a better day. We offer a mixture of salary and equity, and the chance to work with an amazing team of people across a range of disciplines. If all of that sounds good to you, let’s talk.

Because of the stage of the company we unfortunately cannot consider candidates with minimal experience (e.g. recent dev bootcamp graduates). We need people that have professional experience working as an engineer. We are also only looking to make an in-house, full-time hire here in San Francisco and cannot support part-time, remote, or contract work at this time.

To apply for a job, email jobs@truelinkfinancial.com.


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[ original post ]

CoverHound (SF @ 2nd and Mission, ONSITE) is actively seeking full-stack Rails and front-end engineers at mid-to-senior experience levels (3+ years professionally)... We're a Series-B fintech startup changing the way consumers find, compare and purchase personal lines of insurance. Check out our offerings through our site (coverhound.com) or our integration with Google Compare in CA (https://www.google.com/compare/autoinsurance/form).

Full-stack Rails: https://coverhound.com/job_detail/10

Frontend Engineer: https://coverhound.com/job_detail/9


Our San Francisco office at 2nd and Mission is where our Product and Engineering teams are located. There's a bunch of great reasons to join us here in SF:

* Use modern technologies to change the way people find, compare and purchase insurance online.

* Solve interesting technical problems around consumer experience and scale, backend integrations and data analytics.

* Help scale our data-driven company and our full-stack, agile team.

* Work in an awesome office with the SF norms - macs, snacks and standup desks.

* Competitive salary, equity and benefits.


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Aclima - http://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Aclima is an early-stage company based in San Francisco that designs and deploys distributed, large-scale sensor networks to empower people with actionable environmental quality data. Our end-to-end solutions collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data from thousands of sensors, enabling a level of environmental awareness that has never been possible before. We believe our technologies can redefine the way we imagine and manage our buildings, communities, and cities, helping us improve our collective well-being. We are looking for passionate engineers to help build, scale, and improve our platform. We have no required list of skills or years of experience. Instead, we’re looking for engineers who are smart and get things done. Our engineering culture values rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and as much automation as is sensible. We work in a relaxed, purpose-driven atmosphere with flexible hours and competitive perks.

Positions open:

* Full-time Backend Engineer

- great coding skills

- solid understanding of distributed systems

Our stack includes: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible


If you’re up for the challenge, apply directly:



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[ original post ]

Backend Senior Software Engineer (python) * Data Engineer * Data Scientist | SAN FRANCISCO

We have an opening for a senior level data engineer who is entrepreneurial and passionate about leveraging big data and search technologies (e.g Hadoop, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Crawling) to build out a unique product that will transform how businesses are able to analyze relationships in their network to uncover new opportunities. We're looking for fast learners who can get their hands dirty, quickly; who know when to duct tape and when to have 100% test coverage (think like a hacker, ship like a pro); who don't mind being wrong occasionally; and who are intrigued by the overall space we're in. You'd be single-digit employee and have a significant opportunity to influence our culture and growth, as well as immense impact on the product itself. For the past 12 months we have been heads down building Node and running a successful private beta. Now we're looking to build out our core engineering team that will shape the foundation of our company. We are a stealth startup comprised of ex-Google, IBM, and Salesforce players and backed by a reputable list of investors including NEA, Mark Cuban, Felicis, and Dave McClure.

Here is a recent article written by our CEO which speaks to the evolution of network intelligence and our ability to harness this data to transform the way business gets done: recode.net/2015/03/31/the-network-intelligence-movement-will-add-personal-context-to-the-online-world/

Are you interested in hearing more? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Email falon@node.io


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[ original post ]

Samba TV - San Francisco, CA or Austin, TX

Hiring full-time front-end engineers (HTML5, JS, CSS), backend engineers (Python, PostgreSQL), embedded engineers, data scientists, product manager, QA manager.

We started Samba TV in 2008 to with one goal: To improve the TV experience for the people who watch, broadcast and advertise on TV. Our team has deep experience in digital media, algorithms, large-scale Web engineering, big data & design.

At Samba TV, we work together to make television the best it can be.

Samba TV's technology is built into connected devices like Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, Smart Phones and Tablets. Across phones, tablets, and TV, Samba TV delivers a personal television experience. Our data and insights are transforming the way stakeholders across the media landscape are thinking about their business. Given the dramatic growth in streaming services, connected devices, time-shifting, and multi-screen viewership, our data products solve real problems and create tremendous competitive advantage for our clients. TV advertisers and TV broadcasters can now better understand and execute media plans using our insights on viewership. From post docs and PhDs working on complex video and audio algorithms to hackers and designers working on insane web and mobile problems – we’re looking for the best and brightest. Bonus points if you don’t hog the remote.

We were recently written up in the New York Times! http://nyti.ms/1bid5Pu

For more info: https://www.samba.tv/jobs/


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[ original post ]

Benbria (http://benbria.com) — New York NY, Ottawa ON, SF - Multiple positions — VISA, INTERN

We are looking for full stack Node developers, data scientists, and interns (Sep-Dec 2015). We have various openings across the US and Canada. We will help with your visa process and your relocation.

Benbria builds customer engagement solutions for large enterprises. Our product, Loop, is changing how businesses and consumers interact with each other. We are looking for developers to join our new NYC office. You will be working with some of the largest enterprises and organizations in the world and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many.

We use and enjoy the following: Node.js, CoffeeScript/JS, Backbone, Mongo, Cassandra. You'll be joining our small team and helping us enhance the product by designing and implementing new features.

Who are we looking for?

  * Strong JavaScript knowledge, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js
  * Front-end web development knowledge (HTML5/CSS3/JQuery)
  * Web development & full stack experience
  * Preference for simple, elegant solutions to complex problems
  * A history of getting things done

  * Experience with scaling web applications
  * Experience building fault-tolerant systems
  * Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Erlang
We also have multiple other job positions available. To find out more or to apply, please visit: http://benbria.theresumator.com/apply


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[ original post ]

Distil Networks | SF, DC (Arlington), NC (RDU) | ONSITE (with a few exceptions) | We block bots on the internet. http://www.distilnetworks.com/

Distil Networks is a rapidly growing company that allows our customers to stop bad bots from scraping content off their websites, along with reducing fraud, spam and security issues arising from automated traffic. We have a global network and actively block traffic based on our bot / human signatures. Our customers love us. Our investors love us.

We're Hiring:

- Senior Lua Developer - Dive into the guts of NGINX to build the next gen of our bot blocking system.

- Senior Solutions Architect / Solutions Engineer - The nitty-gritty work of getting customers hooked into our network and happy with the performance.

- QA Automation Engineer - Automate all the things!

- Front End Engineer - Change the face of what our customers see.

- Senior C/C++ Platform Engineer - Make the bot blocking guts fast.

- Senior Javascript Engineer - We need deep, framework-less, JavaScript experience to build fast bot-fingerprinting systems on the frontend.

- Ruby/Rails Developer - Our customer facing systems are Ruby/Rails and we need more help.

- DevOps Engineer - We run a vast global network and East/West coast engineering teams that need support.

We're also hiring sales and marketing.

I'm a data scientist at the company and I'm having a great time working there. If you want more information or want me to push your resume into our hiring stack, contact me: william dot cox at distil networks dot com.


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[ original post ]

Company: Postmates

Location: San Francisco

Visa: offer visa transfers and green card sponsorships

Roles: Software Engineers (backend, front-end, Android, iOS, reliability, infrastructure)

Job Descriptions: check out our website at https://postmates.com/jobs

About the company: Founded in 2011 and located in San Francisco right next to Caltrain, Postmates is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Our revolutionary urban logistics and on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city. With the largest on-demand delivery fleet in the country, we currently operate in 26 cities across the country and continue to expand each month. We built an API that allows Postmates to power delivery for any company, which has led to partnerships with Starbucks, Chipotle, McDonalds, and more.

I'm happy to answer any questions at brady@postmates.com


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Hyper (Hyperledger) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-time | Backend

Hyper are the creators of Hyperledger, the decentralised ledger platform without a cryptocurrency. We're primarily working with banks and other financial institutions to take a pragmatic approach to applying this to real world problems, such as clearing and settlement.

Our code is open source and written in Elixir (on Erlang / OTP): https://github.com/hyperledger/hyperledger-server

Looking for:

5+ years industry experience Knowledge of Elixir/Erlang Proven deployments of distributed systems Excellent knowledge of database management, both relational and key-value Proven experience of automating operations Working understanding of cryptography and key management

You would be employee number 1. More info: http://hyperledger.com/about.html#jobs

My direct email: do [at] hyperledger


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[ original post ]

Site Reliability Engineer | Urthecast | San Francisco, CA | https://www.urthecast.com/

I am the head of DevOps at Urthecast. We are looking to build out our SRE and DevOps team pretty quickly. If working for a space company seems like a great job then take a look. We are looking to map the world and provide close to real time imagery from space to governments, business and consumers. Take a look below for the job description.

Must Haves

Linux / CentOS / config management experience / nginx / php-fpm / monitoring experience


Manage platform services to support high-volume mission and business critical applications

Effectively handle multiple customer impacting issues on UrtheCast websites

Act as lead on complex site incidents and drive issues to restoration

Drive proactive efforts to prevent site incidents from occurring

Independently build tools and test major features and capabilities, as well as work jointly with other team members on complex features and complex site issues

Provide technical leadership and do hands-on scripting, tooling, automation for continuous builds, integration, and site restoration

Work with architecture, engineering, and operations teams to develop innovative solutions to attain high availability scalability and reliability

Apply technical & domain expertise to solving day-to-day challenges

Learn more at


You can always email me at mzupan (at) urthecast.com


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Runscope | San Francisco, CA | On-Site | Full-time

Data Systems Engineer

Runscope is looking for a Data Systems Engineer to plan, build, and scale data analysis platforms.

We love the cloud! We run on AWS, build & consume APIs, and are built to scale. We’re looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of highly available services and zero-downtime data systems. We collect A LOT of data. As the founding member of our Data Team, you'll have the freedom to architect and build services to help us make better products powered by data. Making this data available to our customers in real-time will require you to set up robust systems that can power demanding analytics and search requirements.


* Strong software development skills in Python, Go, Scala or a similar language.

* Experience designing, building, monitoring, or scaling data processing pipelines.

* Experience with some or all of the following tools: AWS Kinesis/EMR/Redshift, Apache Spark, InfluxDB, HBase, HDFS, ElasticSearch, Solr, Vertica, PostgreSQL


* Expert level knowledge of HTTP. Can recite passages of RFC 2616. Knows the RFC numbers for the ones that replaced 2616.

* Experience or interest in using machine learning to solve developer problems.

* Experience building developer tools, either internally or as a product (or open source).


Job listing: https://www.runscope.com/work_at_runscope/e55d042e-0ee3-4e99...

More positions and additional info about our team: https://www.runscope.com/work_at_runscope


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-- Who we need

CareZone is hiring experienced devs for: backend (Rails preferred), Android, iOS, and testing in software development.

-- Where we want you

We’d love to welcome you to our Seattle office (Cap Hill) or SF office (Mission) – otherwise, strong candidates can be remote employees.

-- Great stuff we can offer you!

1) Feel-good warm fuzzies

We’re on a mission to help folks manage their medications and health. We receive very kind user reviews, such as:


(Screen shot is from our app store reviews channel in Slack, totally un-edited)

2) Exciting prospects

We’re in growth mode. Yet we’re still small enough that newcomers can be impactful. We’ve figured out how to help people, and we’ve luckily figured out how to make money.

3) Technology

Backend team uses rails and constantly seeks to try new js libraries and gems. We care about having nice git commits, rebase instead of putting merge commits on master, follow a style guide (but have made plenty of changes to it as we see fit), and generally have what we think is a really nice culture around coding, QA'ing, deploying, etc.

Our iOS and Android teams are similarly tuned.

4) Benefits

We're well-funded – so we can offer great benefits that let you focus on making great products. We’re family-first, and flexible with hours and location. You figure out what makes you productive.

-- Apply

Email whatever you think makes you qualified to katy@carezone.com

-- More info

All positions: https://carezone.com/jobs


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Sift Science (YCS11) is Hiring Machine Learning Experts San Francisco, Full-time, https://siftscience.com

Sift Science uses real-time machine learning to fight online fraud. It's a problem that cost U.S. merchants > $12B last year with 70% being a result of organized crime. We are currently seeking ML engineers to join our team to work on our diverse and exponentially growing dataset to employ large-scale, online machine learning and model millions of unique features. Sift is a tight-knit team that likes board games, yummy food, and solving challenging technical problems. Check out https://siftscience.com/jobs or ping us at jobs@siftscience.com for more information :)


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Potato are hiring project managers, Django (Python), front end web, iOS, and Android developers plus UX designers, a Director of Business Development and a Resource Manager across our offices. Freelance & fulltime available.

We're a 5yr old, 90 person agency based in London, UK with offices in Bristol, UK & San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include Google, PayPal, Skype, a number of startups and other agencies such as BBH & Mother.

Our work spans (and sometimes defies) categorisation. Recent interesting projects include tracking an Antarctic expedition, organising the world's artworks, mapping DDoS attacks and Syrian regime defections, and aiding rapid collaboration inside companies.



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Expect Labs - San Francisco, CA - Full Time Software Engineer - Onsite

I am an engineer at Expect Labs, where we're building a platform for adding voice interfaces to any app, device, or website; think of it as the ability to add Siri-like functionality to any domain. We're working on tough machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval problems. We are looking for both backend or machine learning engineers (python, Elasticsearch, node) to power our API and frontend engineers to help us build real applications (Angular, Coffeescript, iOS, & Android) powered by our API.

Check out our jobs page here: https://expectlabs.com/jobs

Please reach out if you have any questions: swaraj@expectlabs.com


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San Francisco

IGN is hiring in many departments, but here are a few that might particularly interest the HN reader. Shipped in 1996, we're not a startup, but most of that code is gone now, and we're keeping things interesting with work spanning desktop (ign.com), mobile web, iOS, Android, and consoles (Xbox One & PS4 native apps).

I'd never thought of it as a value before joining 4 years ago, but there's a lot of happiness derived from a strong common ground (e.g. a passion for games & entertainment) that's not directly related to roles across the company.

Good hunting.

Lead Software Engineer https://social.icims.com/job/Lead-Software-Engineer-Job-US-C...

Product Manager - Video https://social.icims.com/job/Product-Manager-Video-Job-US-CA...

Product Manager - Advertising/Monetization https://social.icims.com/job/Advertising-Product-Manager-Job...

Frontend Software Engineer https://social.icims.com/job/Front-End-Software-Engineer-Job...

Infrastructure Engineer https://social.icims.com/job/Infrastructure-Engineer-Job-US-...


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Uber - San Francisco, CA - http://bit.ly/1ED5x3m

We have numerous open positions in engineering, product, and data science.

Come help us solve hard problems! You also get free Uber credit!

Feel free to email me for more info: <my hn username>@uber.com


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Amsterdam & SF | Full Time | On site | Famo.us WebGL Creative Engineer && UX/UI Designer

www.famo.us/jobs Open source JS framework building a team in Europe: Watch a short video here: https://youtu.be/NqDMFANQ1v8

Glimpse into our SF office: http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/18/tc-cribs-famo-us-the-startu.... Amsterdam office: https://famo.us/blog/famo-us-creative-opens-amsterdam/

Feel free any questions: art (@) famo.us


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Radius is a fast-growing, venture-backed startup in the heart of San Francisco. We're Hiring!

Lead Front-End Software Engineer - Radius Connect: https://goo.gl/yBIcKJ

Senior Python Engineer: https://goo.gl/5cNrEX

Data Software Engineer: https://goo.gl/S1rk7q

Integrations Engineer (Mid-Senior): https://goo.gl/8w2GyQ

Senior Front-End Software Engineer: https://goo.gl/mXzJ8s


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Iterable (https://iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA - ONSITE

Engineering @ Iterable

We're a nimble startup of 8 people (5 engineers) building the growth engine for consumer Internet businesses. Our mission is to build a must-have messaging platform for modern marketers or growth hackers to engage with their users. Customers that rely us for messaging include Yelp, BetterDoctor and MemeBox.

We previously worked at Twitter/Google, and we noticed that every one of these high growth companies would rebuild the same tools and abstractions internally to drive growth. They'd organize some people into a growth team, build software to orchestrate email, push, and prompt messaging, and run experiments.

We've built that ourselves to make those abstractions available to everyone.

There are a lot of interesting challenges in engineering the software - here are a few!

  - Scale our messaging API 
  - Design and write performant, beautiful, asynchronous interfaces 
  - Build integrations with leading messaging platforms: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line
  - Built our content recommendation service
  - Make data visualizations for our email and user data 
  - Design an immutable deployment infrastructure for our platform
I'd also really pinpoint our culture. We're all friends and have fun at work. (I know everyone says that, but that social culture is something we missed at larger companies/startups, so it's something we focus on having at Iterable) Some aspects of our culture that make us different:

  - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values (work when you want, on what you want) 
  - We are chill and empathetic people 
  - The company is completely transparent
Technologies you'll work with:

  - Scala
  - ElasticSearch
  - Postgres
  - Redis
  - AngularJS
  - Play Framework
  - RabbitMQ
You'll get to work with us at our office at 5th & Market in San Francisco. If this sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity for you, please email me: andrew at iterable.com


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Savvy is hiring in San Francisco: Head of Engineering - https://angel.co/savvy-7/jobs/67189-head-of-engineering

Savvy (http://savvy.is) is changing the way the world learns by enabling anyone with expertise to teach. We believe there are more teachers in the world than are actually teaching, and we want to empower more people to learn from each other.

We are looking for a passionate, full-stack web developer to lead engineering at Savvy. This role requires technical chops as well as leadership. We're a small, focused, and ambitious team, so you’ll be working on everything from creating smart & scalable infrastructure to beautiful UI.

Savvy is in the startup sweet spot. There are just a few of us, we've secured our seed funding, and we're ready to go. You will be making decisions that impact the way the business and our culture grow. We're a learning company, so we encourage people to push themselves and learn new skills as part of their work. We'll also connect you with a professional mentor outside the company, and give every employee an annual stipend to spend learning anything they want. We provide good benefits (health, vision, dental) and a great office in the Mission. Also, fairly often, one of the founders cooks lunch for the team.


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Pixlee | San Francisco, CA | ON-SITE | Software Engineer | 100 - 130

At Pixlee, we look for talented, high-potential individuals who aren’t jerks. Our proposition is simple: Pixlee offers a unique opportunity to thrive and grow rapidly in a small-team startup environment operating at big-company scale. Our customers are some of the largest brands in the world and everything you do here affects millions of consumers.

Relevant skills: Javascript, PostgreSQL, Mobile Web, Backbone.js, Scala, Play Framework, Ruby on Rails, Marionnette.js

Contact dennis@pixleeteam.com with your resume.


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San Francisco, CA - Full-Time Tripping.com Full Stack Engineer ---About Us--- Tripping is the world's largest site for vacation rentals. We work with top sites to offer 2.5 million vacation homes in 100,000 cities worldwide. We’re venture-backed, growing FAST, and having fun playing in a $100B market. And we’re looking for Backend Engineers right now, so apply today. ---About You--- You’re smart, driven by logic, and passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems. You love data and you’re obsessed with using it to make the world more efficient. You’ve always set high standards for yourself and you want to be surrounded by smart people who challenge and inspire you to play at the top of your game. We are looking for talented Full Stack Engineers to start ASAP. Tripping is a tech-focused startup, so you will have the freedom to try new things and influence the design and technical direction of the site. ---Requirements--- Strong knowledge of a modern language - PHP, Python, Ruby, Go * Strong understanding of MVC and frameworks * Strong knowledge of big data, database design, and/or search algorithms * Experience with NoSQL and/or RDBMS * Demonstrated ability to write clean, light code * Experience working with Javascript, HTML, and CSS * Experience working with XML, JSON, and REST * Experience working with queueing systems such as RabbitMQ and Beanstalk * https://www.tripping.com/careers/full-stack-engineer


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Tilt (YC W12) - Front End Engineer (Tilt/Open) - San Francisco - Onsite, Full-Time

Tilt/Open builds powerful tools to drive the world’s largest pre-order and crowdfunding projects. We’ve powered some of the most successful and well-known launches, working with companies like Lily, Soylent, Lytro, Navdy, Eero, Plastc, and many more.

We are a small “startup within a startup” team which grew from an experimental side project at Tilt, and many of us have backgrounds as former founders. We’re able to move extremely quickly, while also enjoying the benefits and support of the larger engineering organization and Tilt technology and brand.

We've migrated some of our user flows to a React + Flux stack and are looking for experienced front-end developers to help take this to the next level and own a few of the key experiences. Currently, our primary focus is around the admin dashboard and embeddable checkout flows. We’re looking for team members who pair strong technical skills with an innate desire to work closely with customers to drive the product forward. Beyond our own areas of expertise, we take great pride in being well-rounded, full-stack developers (which sometimes encompasses non-technical parts of the “stack”).

Please apply at https://www.tilt.com/learn/jobs?gh_jid=62904&gh_src=fmsw7p.


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Occipital | San Francisco or Boulder | Computer Vision Engineer

Interested in working with mobile devices for large scale SLAM?

Occipital is a small company looking for more 3D Computer Vision Developers. A lot of our work consists of following the latest developments in computer vision research, and then optimizing them so they run snappily on a mobile device, and then pushing them out to customers with a very quick turnaround. 

Last year, we launched Structure Sensor, the first depth sensor for mobile (http://structure.io, http://kck.st/16BkwuO).

However, fundamentally Occipital is a software company (http://occipital.com/about), and we dedicate a lot of efforts on research in mobile computer vision software. We’ve already released early prototypes of real-time object scanning, indoor mapping and augmented reality demos, but we want to push the boundaries of computer vision much further and enable practical 3D vision on mobile devices.

Additionally, we are interested in people who are passionate about creating applications that exist in the real 3D environment around us, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and are comfortable in exploiting the latest advances in Computer Vision. We regularly accept internships.

Please email dustin@occipital.com


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Smarking (YC W15) San Francisco, CA Full-time on-site

- DevOps engineer - Front-end engineer - Angular+D3

Smarking - By combining big data, analytics, and transportation logistics, the Smarking team is helping property owners, municipalities, airports and parking management companies access predictive analytics and real-time tracking to optimize revenue and staffing, saving hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Email directly to CEO, Wen Sang, at wen.sang@smarking.net

Video: http://smarking.net/videos/smarkingvid.mp4 Website:http://www.smarking.net/ Team:http://www.smarking.net/about.html Media: WSJ http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2015/05/13/smarking-rais... TechCrunch http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/31/smarking-drives-big-data-to...


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Amplitude Analytics - San Francisco, CA

We're hiring backend, frontend, devops, mobile, and test engineers who are looking to work at an exciting early stage startup (20 people) that has grown very quickly over the last 6 months and is about to go through a ton more growth over the next year. We're very generous with salary and equity because we have a high bar for hiring (https://amplitude.com/team).

Amplitude is in the mobile app analytics space, and we're bringing the next level of analytics to app developers out there. Instead of just showing people numbers about their app, we're helping them find real insights and take action based on those findings. Check out our blog (http://blog.amplitude.com/) to learn more about how we think about analytics.

We don't hire for specific skills since we believe any good engineer will pick them up, but some of the technologies we use include: Python, AngularJS, Java, PostgreSQL, Redis, Amazon S3. We spend a lot of time thinking about distributed systems for data processing and querying as well as the user interaction/experience of dealing with a very complex and powerful analytics product. If any of this sounds interesting to you, check out our careers page (https://amplitude.com/careers).

Apply to: careers@amplitude.com


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StackShare - Lead Engineer - San Francisco Bay Area - $70-120K, 1-3% equity

Ruby/Rails/Postgres/JS/HAML: http://stackshare.io/careers#stack

StackShare lets you see all the best software tools and who’s using them. We’re building LinkedIn for the $150B B2B software industry, starting with dev tools. We growing 25% MoM - with startups like Instacart, Coursera, Stack Exchange, Docker, Firebase, and Twilio using our site to share the software they use and connect with developers. We’re the only site that lets companies share and discuss their entire software stack from their programming languages, to their cloud infrastructure, all the way up to their CRM. Our vision is to fundamentally change the way that everyone discovers and decides on software for work. We’re revenue positive (quickly approaching profitability) and we have an awesome group of angel investors including the creator of the Heroku Add-Ons Marketplace and Airbnb’s 1st Employee.

We’re looking to bring on our 1st full-time engineer. You’ll work alongside me, the founder/product lead, and two part-time team members. You’ll influence every aspect of the product from ideation to execution. You’ll have access to the latest and greatest tools, many of which aren’t in GA. You’ll be able to make your own daily schedule and work wherever you’re most comfortable 4/5 days of the week. Email me at yonas@stackshare.io, I’d love to hear from you! Bonus points if you include a link to your StackShare profile :)


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Verbling | San Francisco | Engineering (Node.js, React, iOS)

Full listings at https://www.verbling.com/jobs (summary below)

Verbling (Y Combinator) is helping the world learn foreign languages.


Javascript is crucial to Verbling. We use Node.js on the backend and a Backbone/React-based framework on the front-end. Looking for someone who's excited about getting their hands dirty in all part of the stack.

Requirements: Experience in Node.js; front-end JS development, preferably in a framework like Backbone, Angular, etc. Bonus: interest in spoken languages, open-source contributions, experience in NoSQL; MongoDB, Couch, redis, or similar; React.


We’re looking for someone who is not only well versed in iOS development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in backend code.

Requirements: Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS applications in both the App Store and Enterprise Distribution; Deep knowledge of Objective-C, Cocoa, and Xcode; Experience collaborating on software projects and working in a team environment; i18n experience; Strong debugging skills; Knowledge of algorithms and data structures Bonus: Open-source contributions; Experience in Android development. VISA ok

DEVOPS Part-time contractor. See our jobs page above.


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[ original post ]


San Francisco, CA - close to Caltrain

Experienced iOS, Android, frontend, or fullstack web engineers. We're always open to good DevOps, backend, and data engineers as well.


We're a high-standards group with a lot of pride in our products, code, and people. We understand consumer scale and data (Reddit co-founder & engineers) and aspire to build products that customers love. We've had success due to this, consistently getting 4-5 star reviews on app/play stores and net promoter scores at or above the best in the tech industry.

We're friends and work hard to enable folks to do their best work. Processes are light and trust is high. At 29 engineers we're not so big where you can't know everyone well and have an impact, but not so small where it's chaos and you don't have anyone to learn from. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every other Friday is open time for you to do stuff that helps you be a better engineer.

We're looking for folks that love all of the above and can help us raise our standards. You can apply at http://www.hipmunk.com/jobs if you're interested!


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The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis) Full time - http://climate.com/careers

Climate is using Clojure to build weather and agronomic models to help farmers maximize their profit while reducing their impact on the environment.

====== Why I love it ======

– Climate is making a huge impact in the agricultural industry. – I am surrounded by super smart people who all share an attitude of openness and mentorship. – I work with some of the top scientists in the fields of climatology, agronomy, data science, and remote sensing. – I build large-scale systems that process and serve trillions of pixels of satellite imagery. – I am using 20% of my time to work on a brand new product within the company just for the fun of it. – I release open-source Clojure software as part of my job.

===== Who we’re looking for =====

Engineers of every kind.

Our positions are listed here: https://hire.jobvite.com/j?cj=oTPo0fwQ&s=Hackernews_Satshaba... If you apply through that link you should get priority.

I am really excited about the work I've been doing, I am happy to talk about it in length. If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.


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Slant - San Francisco, CA - FULL TIME

Slant tells people what they should buy. Our vision is to own the consumer experience for discovering products and deciding which one to purchase. We’re currently a small team of three: two experienced developers and a “non-technical” founder whose last job was building satellites for NASA. A major revision to the current product is in the works, but you can see a live version here: www.slant.co. Some info on our investors/advisors: https://angel.co/slant Our tech Backbone-based front-end, with improvements to allow it to run on both client- and server- side, and as both a single- and multi- page app. RESTful backend written in functional Coffeescript on Node.js, with a temporal postgres database that allows for rewinding to a previous state. The codebase is written in Coffeescript, Jade, and Stylus. Entertaining git history. Gratuitous use of Monads.

We're a multidisciplinary team, so we'd love to hear from full-stack/frontend/backend engineers as well as designers familiar with html/css. We're optimizing more for hiring someone talented, rather than for a specific role. If you’re interested in learning more, email me at stuart@slant.co


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Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full time | Many open positions including Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Directors of Engineering, Product Managers and more

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] is the the world’s largest mobile games-only platform, helping developers grow their audience, monetize, and make better data-driven decision. We’re profitable, backed by Sequoia and have a ton of traction in our space, currently being used by 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android Game Developers.

Our technology stack includes Scala, Python, AWS, Git, Kafka, multiple NoSQL storage solutions, Jenkins, Puppet and more. Experience with our stack is a bonus, but not required for all roles. And... you’d get to work in our new office [http://www.officelovin.com/2014/12/11/chartboosts-new-san-fr...].

We're hiring Scala Developers, engineers for our Segmentation and ETL/Pipeline teams, strong back-end developers on our Advertisers engineering team, as well as QA. Our full list of open roles can be found here [https://www.chartboost.com/jobs], but we have many more openings coming down the pipe.

If you’re interested, feel free to apply directly or reach out to talent@chartboost.com.


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Joyent, San Francisco / Vancouver | ONSITE or REMOTE | Software engineer

Recently, the world has figured out what we at Joyent have known for a long time: that operating system containers are the future of elastic infrastructure. While this future has become clear to many, its essential implication remains elusive: that in an all-container world, the old abstraction of the virtual machine becomes prohibitively confining -- a suffocating skeuomorph that incarcerates infrastructure in the past. At Joyent, we believe in containers to our marrow -- and that the transition to native container infrastructure presents opportunities to fundamentally rethink computing, networking and storage systems. We are looking for more people like us: systems generalists who love to cut code -- software engineers who are afraid of neither the biggest of problems nor the grittiest details, who are comfortable in every stage of the software design and implementation process, and who find gratification in seeing their work available as open source. We're seeking engineers who are able to move up and down the stack: at any given time, we may find ourselves debugging a nasty device firmware bug, rewriting a portion of the operating system kernel, instrumenting the networking stack, debugging a virtual machine or interpreter, or developing code for a distributed system to allow containers to be understood or managed -- perhaps all in the same day or as part of the same problem. We expect that you have detailed knowledge of a favorite language, tool or system, but that you are also able to quickly pick up new ones as needed. And while implementation experience is essential, enthusiasm and interest can trump experience; we are willing to take a chance on someone who wants to step up.

We have immediate job opportunities in both downtown San Francisco and Vancouver (both close to mass transit) -- and we are remote-friendly in the US and Canada for those who have a track record of contributing to our open source communities (or who otherwise have a proven ability to work remotely). We are a growing company that appreciates the value of talent -- in terms of things both big (we offer highly competitive salary and excellent benefits) and small (your ACM membership dues are on the house). Join us in forging the containerized future of elastic infrastructure!

E-mail jobs@joyent.com (subject "Software engineer") or DM me on twitter (@bcantrill)


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New York, CrimsonJet - http://crimsonjet.com - REMOTE, INTERNS

CrimsonJet makes Drum Kit and Drum Kit 2, two of the best and most popular music apps in the App Store with 10M+ downloads. Drum Kit has been featured on Apple billboards and TV ads.

Work with and be mentored by the founder who has 7 years of experience developing native iOS apps and 20+ years of programming experience. Learn what it takes to make a successful app and delve into how to run an app business.

* iOS Engineer: Objective-C, SpriteKit, Core Audio, AVFoundation

* Backend Engineer: Ruby, Node.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB

* Growth Hacker: A/B testing, analytics tools like Mixpanel, Heap, Flurry

You'll get to work on one of the most popular indie apps of all time, touching code that reaches millions of people. If you don't have all the above skills, you'll get a chance to learn them. All positions are for interns only.

A passion for music and/or music games is required. Drum experience not necessary. If you like music and code, this is your ideal internship.

Email me at shane [at] crimsonjet.com to apply, including a little about yourself and some projects you're proud of. Include link to Github if you have one. New York or San Francisco preferred, but anywhere is okay.


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Tin Whiskers Technology LLC is looking for a senior-level CS / software engineering position for a unique and rare challenge. We have a strong chance to go to prestigous hardware accelerator program in Shenzhen, China, from July 22 to November 10, 2015, and need a CS person to attend the program with us, and help us perfect the software of our prototype robotic machine. Our company will be given $100,000 to develop a fully working machine that's designed for manufacturing and ready to sell to the general public. We will attend a demo day on the 111th day in San Francisco, and pitch our idea to VC's and media.


* Java, C++, Javascript

* Ability to travel to China

* Free calendar from 6/22/15, to 11/10/2015

Candidates with the following are preferred:

* Project leadership, startup experience

* Strong mathematics background

* Full-stack web developer experience

* 3D printing and/or robotics experience

We will provide:

* Salary, competitively priced for the candidate's knowledge and experience level

* A life-changing experience to travel to the world-capital of hardware manufacturing, in Shenzhen, China to develop a cool product

* Air fare, room / rent, food costs in China

* Vested equity, but this will be on a case-by-case basis.

A quick background on our machine and our company: http://delta.firepick.org

Contact info: hello@tinwhiskers.io


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Bleacher Report • Frontend or DevOps Engineers • San Francisco • full-time or contract

Bleacher Report, the 2nd largest digital sports destination in the U.S. with the #1 sports app by minutes/unique (comScore), is seeking mid-to-senior level engineers with experience designing, building, and shipping applications.

You’ll be helping us:

• Build robust and scalable applications using JavaScript, Ruby, Elixir

• Drive the evolution of our existing stack to a service-oriented architecture

• Improve code quality with testing, automation, and code reviews

• Coordinate with our devops team on releases and the analysis of system performance

• Manage and optimize services within our continuous monitoring platform

Here’s the kind of experience we’re looking for:

• 3+ years using a language (not solely a framework), and the willingness to learn new technologies

• Creating solutions that are extensible, reusable and scalable

Bonus points for:

• Contributions to open-source communities

• Experience with AWS, Docker, Erlang, Redis, Node.js

• Formal computer science education

Read more about engineering at Bleacher Report on our blog http://eng.bleacherreport.com, careers page http://bleacherreport.com/careers/engineering, or contact us directly at eng@bleacherreport.com


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NoRedInk in San Francisco (or remote, up to 6h time zone difference from Pacific)

Full stack rails engineers wanted to make sure that grammer is taught good. Every one's revolutioneyesing educaton but while some student's cant even right the write words.

Then there was NoRedInk.

NoRedInk helps students quickly improve their grammar and writing skills. We've got a small, technically excellent engineering team. We extensively use React.js and Flux in production, and have begun using the compile-to-JS language Elm alongside them. I work here because I get to learn about my practice (as well as my failing grammar skills) every day. I work here because I care about education. I work here because existing online tools for teaching grammar and writing are pathetic. Join us as engineer #7, and improve how grammar is taught.


p.s. Other people think we're awesome, too:



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SnapDocs, Inc. - San Francisco, CA - Software Engineers (rails) - Full Time, Onsite and Remote-leading-to-onsite

About us: We're a small team tackling the huge offline market of consumer lending. It's all papers and fax machines now, and we're going to bust it wide open.

About you: You’ve got 3-6 years experience building web apps. You’re interested in owning a product, everything from calling clients to wireframes to writing code and analyzing metrics. 2+ years with rails is ideal. We are looking at miles and miles of green field, so be pumped about building new things that will immediately go into paying customers' hands.

More about us: We're growing fast (double-digit month-over-month). We do SaaS for non-technical users. Everyday, our clients call and email to say that we're making them happy, and that feels great. We’re becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we’re looking to hire another core engineer to help us expand further.

Details: Our office is in downtown San Francisco, right off of Union Square. We prefer to hire for onsite. But if you want to start remote and move towards relocation, we'd be open to that too. (Our UX guy did just that very thing.) We offer health insurance and generous vacation. Compensation will be salary plus meaningful equity. As an early engineer you'll be shaping this company.

More details: pivotal, git, rails 3&4, Postgres, slack, opsworks, AWS, jquery, balsamiq, coffee (as in... you know... code fuel)

Send an email to jobs@snapdocs.com telling us about yourself.

Please include a resume and a link to github if your profile is informative.


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Engineering Internship – Summer 2015 - Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Sauce Labs makes testing awesome. Developers from startups to Fortune Global 1000 enterprises use our cloud-based service to automatically or manually test mobile and web apps on 350+ browsers and platforms. Our 10-16 week internship program provides interns with the ability to explore and improve upon their interests in a growing start-up environment. Interns should be passionate about problem solving and using computer science fundamentals to collaborate with managers of their team and contribute directly to our product.

We are looking for interns to join our Web Development team:

- Actively contribute to the Sauce Labs user experience that enables customers to be successful at test automation

- Gain full exposure of the web stack all the way from the frontend, APIs to the backing database

- Increase your understanding of software architecture, style and design through feedback from your peers

- Power our front-end development with exciting technologies such as Angular.js, Backbone.js, WebPack and Grunt

Specific responsibilities depend on your background and experience. At the end of the internship, interns will get the chance to present on their contributions to the company.


- Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or above in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience.

- Software development experience using Python.

Interested in becoming an Engineering Intern at Sauce Labs? Send us your resume, a quick introduction and links to your projects at: recruiting@saucelabs.com


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PipelineDB (YC W14) | Systems Engineers and Frontend Engineers | San Francisco | Full time | jobs@pipelinedb.com

We're on a mission to build a new type of database for a modern world in which information is constantly moving, and moving fast. PipelineDB runs SQL queries continuously on large volumes of streaming data, giving companies the capability to easily develop scalable, realtime applications and services using only a familiar SQL interface. No application code is required. This inherently involves solving a lot of big problems, many of which are novel. We’re looking for creative engineers who appreciate the value and freedom of choosing their own projects, approaches, and working with other top talent in a low distraction, streamlined work environment. Our small team has backgrounds from Berkeley, MIT, Facebook, Locu and AdRoll, and we're all doing exactly what we want to be doing: building a groundbreaking new product out of thin air. As an early stage engineer you'll ultimately own a very large part of the product. Which part of the product you take charge of depends on where your interests are, but there are several different potential areas of focus. You'll be entrusted to make sound architectural decisions as well as implement your vision effectively. We are well funded by top investors including SV Angel, Susa Ventures, Data Collective, Paul Buchheit, and more. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, please send your resume and a quick blurb about yourself to jobs@pipelinedb.com.


* Full medical/dental/vision insurance * No set work hours--work when you feel smart * Choose your own setup * No vacation policy other than that it is strongly encouraged * Large equity ownership


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HelloSign - https://www.hellosign.com - San Francisco, CA


HelloSign is a leading provider of eSignatures, allowing users to sign documents when, where, and how they want. We've seen tremendous growth and now we're taking it to the next level by launching a fully featured API that allows clients to integrate our eSignature functionality directly into their own website. We're just shy of 40 people and are hiring!

The top 3 technical positions we're currently hiring for are:

Lead QA Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/69005#.VW0W12RVi...

API Technical Support Rep - https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/53830#.VW0W1mRVi...

Software Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/hellosign/jobs/35126#.VW0W12RVi...


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Mirror | San Francisco | Software Engineer, Interface Engineer (Web, QT), Product Designer

Mirror is a smart contracts platform. We are leveraging blockchain technology to provide hedging and risk management tools that are more accessible, affordable, and globally available than their contemporary counterparts, and with minimized counterparty and clearing risk. Our vision is to realize the promise of the Bitcoin blockchain as a global, decentralized, cryptographically-assured fiduciary system. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are making peer-to-peer contracts, available to everyone everywhere.

We have raised $12M and are assembling a team with capabilities in cryptocurrency, cryptography, distributed systems, functional programming, cross-platform desktop application development, comprehensive software assurance, and design to build new kinds of financial platforms and decentralized p2p markets. If this interests you please contact us below and reference this post.

Details: https://angel.co/mirror

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/mirror


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Chute (YC W2012) - http://getchute.com - San Francisco, CA or Itapema, BR or [REMOTE] (US time zones)

We're hiring full-stack engineers to build our marketing technology platform that is used by Coke, Condé Nast, Starbucks, Benefit, Vogue, ESPN, NBC, NYT among others, as well as many independent developers.

We work with the latest technologies and <3 open source (https://github.com/chute). We analyze images and videos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover the best, most-interesting content for our customers and then enable them to use those images in their own marketing.

For our backend, we use Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Node.js and Go (plus Python on the data science front). We're running on AWS, Postgres, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Kafka + Storm. On the front-end we're using React/Flux/ES6 (transitioning from Backbone/Marionette).

For more info: http://getchute.com/jobs or email us: hiring [at] getchute [dot] com


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Okta - SOMA, San Francisco

We are Enterprise SSO and Identity Management Company/Platform.

Great colleagues. Seasoned executive team. Funding from World Class VCs.Our team includes some of the smartest, most creative and innovative people you'll ever meet.

Whether you work for Okta's engineering, sales, marketing, business development or customer success team, one thing is certain - you'll find colleagues that will engage, inspire and challenge you. We're a passionate group of people who believe that cloud architecture is here to stay. And our laser-like focus on customer success and technical/operational excellence has enabled us to be a leader in identity management.

It's a fast-paced, agile work environment and we need the best and the brightest to help us change the world. Building and selling the future of IT is no small feat - you love challenges, work hard, play nice with others - and if you know your way around a ping pong table, that doesn’t hurt either.

Please visit for a list of open positions: https://www.okta.com/company/careers.html

Email: vimarsh.karbhari@okta.com


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iCracked (YC W12) San Francisco or Redwood City, CA

Our company is just under 100 strong with offices in the Bay Area, London, and Berlin and the iCracked engineering team is currently 12 individuals. We are looking to grow that to ~25 in the next 12 months. Our system currently consists of our website, 3 sets of custom built business admin tools and 3 iOS apps (1 consumer and 2 enterprise).

Revenues have gone from $1.7M in 2012, to $>17M in 2014 with massive growth estimated for 2015. We are a graduate of YCombinator (W12) and one of Forbes Top 20 Most Promising Companies. Backed by the preeminent Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley and growing like crazy. We are poised to dominate a massive global market with backend technology that can be applied to a variety of different markets in the future.

Back End Engineers- https://www.icracked.com/careers/job?gh_jid=36814

Front End Engineers- https://www.icracked.com/careers/job?gh_jid=6133

iOS Developer- https://www.icracked.com/careers/job?gh_jid=6130

Additional Benefits:

Competitive Compensation Meaningful stock plans 401(K) plan Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits Catered lunches and dinner Fully stocked kitchen Team retreats New workstation, hardware and software Health Membership Two offices to work from; our headquarters in Redwood City, and office in San Francisco Flexible Vacation Policy Anyperk Membership


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Bugsnag - San Francisco, CA


We're helping software teams focus on building great software by building automated crash monitoring for web and mobile apps. Half of a typical developer’s time is currently spent finding and fixing bugs; we aim to bring that number as close to zero as possible, by automating the entire error monitoring process.

* Lead Operations Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/bugsnag/96421958-f597-46e3-b12e-ae2184...

* Lead Frontend Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/bugsnag/72d44059-903c-4e7c-b064-6eb89c...

We already work with some of the world's fastest growing companies like Square, GitHub, Mashable, Goodreads, Buffer, Heroku (and thousands more). We’re currently doubling revenue every few months and we're now expanding our team.

Email me (james at bugsnag.com) to talk more!


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Senior Software Engineer: Rails - San Francisco at Instacart (FULL TIME/VISA NEEDED?OK)

Instacart is building the best way for people to shop for groceries. Whether on mobile or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep in minutes. You can choose from a variety of stores like Whole Foods and Costco, as well as local grocers, and able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create an experience for our customers that is absolutely magical. Join us!

What You’ll Be Doing

Executing a variety of projects to extend and enhance our Instacart web applications. Building new features to create an experience nothing short of magical. What You Should Already Have

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or equivalent preferred Demonstrable projects and results from 2+ years of relevant experience Ruby on Rails experience, or a willingness and ability to dive in and learn extremely quickly Experienced with HTML & CSS as well as web and mobile tool kits Superior analytical skills and a strong sense of ownership in your work Experience working with open source, cloud-based web and mobile platforms Comfortable working both alone and in teams of various sizes Self-motivated drive to build, launch and iterate on products under pressure What We’ll Set You Up With

Competitive salary and equity, based on experience Comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage Laptop and peripherals of your choice A smorgasbord of food while you work, including lunch and dinner catered daily A fulfilling, challenging adventure of a work experience An incredible team of hackers and hustlers

Please email resume to derrick@instacart.com if interested.


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Distilled Labs is reimagining how technology can help with note taking. We believe that although tablets have enormous potential to transform note-taking in school and in business, they've failed to catch on because pen on paper is still good enough. We have some innovative ideas that we think will push electronic note-taking from being "cool but kinda gimmicky" to being indispensable.

We're currently just the two founders: two engineers who have founded successful startups together in the past. We're well funded and have distribution in place if we deliver.

What's in it for you:

● Greenfield development and the chance to do it right, right from the start

● Solid compensation in upper quartile for SFBay

● Participation in the entire product, and ownership of your part

● The chance to have your work used by millions of people

We'd love to talk to you if:

● You have deep experience in either Android or iOS development

● You care deeply about your craft

● You have broad knowledge of other technologies, because you're a curious person

● You care about having your software used by real people for real reasons

I'm one of the founders - shoot me an email at rod@distilledlabs.co


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RINSE | San Francisco, CA and Santa Monica, CA | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for two years now, and our customers love us on Yelp!

We have a number of open positions:

1) We are hiring a Designer in San Francisco to move our product, website, and apps to the next level. We're a consumer-facing brand with interactions across mobile, web, email, and even SMS. We're also advertising across multiple media. Since our brand centers around a seamless and friendly experience, this is a prime opportunity for a designer who wants to have a central role in a 'rocket ship' startup.

2) We're also hiring a Marketing Manager in San Francisco to manage our creative campaigns, optimize funnels, and control CPA while comparing to LTV. This is a data-driven role, so analytical strength and ambiguity tolerance are critical attributes.

3) We're also hiring a Senior Operations Associate for our Los Angeles office. Responsibilities including managing a rapidly-growing team of drivers, and communicating with our customers and vendors. This is a great opportunity for a smart person with 'hustle' who wants to get in early on an expanding local office with.

4) Rinse continues to search for a qualified Senior Software Engineer. We're primarily a Django / Python shop with a fair amount of javascript and even a little Java thrown in.

Interested in the burgeoning delivery startup scene? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly.


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Location: San Francisco, CA

Subject: Drone Startup Hiring UI/UX Designer.

We're hiring an experienced designer who’s motivated & excited to take our user experience to the next level.

At Airphrame (www.airphrame.com), our goal is to deploy a fleet of flying robots, potentially 10,000's across the world, that are constantly updating geophysical data (such as 3D point cloud sets) for mapping platforms, environmental & civil engineers, and other industries that can utilize such data. We've been in business 3 years, have recently raised 5M Series A, and have paying customers who love us. Our data is invaluable to maintaining utilities infrastructure (dams, powerlines, highways, rail, etc). In the future, robots (for delivery, cars, etc) will depend on good mapping data to navigate the physical world - and we will be an essential part of that.

Founded by three engineers: Mechatronics, Unmanned Systems, and Software, we have a dynamic environment with offices in MidMarket SF and a robotics laboratory (aka adult treehouse) in Oakland. You could be one of our early core teammates.

About you: BS/BA in Design or related experience. 4+ years’ experience designing user interfaces. Expert Photoshop, HTML and CSS skills. Passion for applying user-centered design processes while working collaboratively with cross-functional teams. Solid understanding of how design impacts user conversions & other metrics. Can distill complex ideas into a simple, straightforward interface. Strong visual design capabilities, including composition, layout, information hierarchy, typography, color and motion. Excited to join a small team.

APPLICATION PROCESS Please send an email to: jobs at airphrame.com, subject: [Position Name] Please include portfolio link or design samples


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San Francisco, CA

Earnest – Software and Data Engineers of all levels – https://www.meetearnest.com/careers

Want to revolutionize finance?

Earnest is a next generation financial technology company intent on improving consumer finance. We are looking beyond traditional metrics like credit scores and using data science and software to reinvent lending.

Our technology team is made up of data scientists, software engineers and data engineers that decide how they work best. We believe this allows for people to take greater ownership and approach problems creatively. We find value in code reviews, pair programming and paying down technical debt. Every day we are deploying code and launching features with few internal bureaucratic barriers to get closer to our vision of a better, more just bank. We’re constantly reflecting on how we can improve our product and processes, and will quickly push towards better solutions as they come. We value diversity of perspective, and evaluate ideas on merits, not seniority.


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Omniata - http://omniata.com/careers/ - San Francisco or Helsinki - Full Stack Engineer - Full time, visa

Omniata enables the entire digital organization - marketers, product managers and data scientists - to run their business based on data. It creates an integrated view of consumers across devices, providing tools to optimize the user experience in real-time. Omniata integrates analytics, CRM, engagement and A/B testing platforms into a single all encompassing solution.

We are looking for a talented full stack engineer to help us take our service to the next level and change how our customers view their business critical data. As such, we hope you have keen interest in big data, data visualization & building modern web interfaces and REST APIs. You will work alongside product managers, business analysts, designers and other engineers to spec up and implement new parts of our service. This will involve writing code for both browser and server, which interfaces with our back end event data store.

As a full stack engineer you will be responsible for creating the front end of Omniata's service that allows our customers to make the most of their data. You’ll need to have the ability to quickly go from a set of wireframes and requirements to a working web app while taking customer needs and changing priorities into account.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required. Familiarity with AngularJS is a plus. Experience with any server side web stack such as: Java, Rails, Node as well as any Python or PHP framework is also assumed.

To apply, drop a one line email with a link to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile to careers-sf@omniata.com or careers-hl@omniata depending on whether you're applying to San Francisco or Helsinki.


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Sense - San Francisco - https://sense.io - VP of Engineering

We’re building a cloud data science platform to power the future of science and business. We're a VC-backed seed stage company and are working with some of the largest companies in technology, finance, and pharma.

We're looking for a VP of Engineering to help scale our engineering efforts. We view this role as a late-stage cofounder. You'd be responsible for managing engineering and accelerating product development as we scale. Our stack consists of Go, Kubernetes, Node.js, Docker, React, and Angular.js. You should have strong knowledge of cluster scale distributed systems and a passion for building efficient engineering processes.

Compensation: We're willing to offer competitive salary and significant (late stage co-founder) level equity to the right candidate. If you're looking for such a role, email us to start a conversation.

Email: tristan@sense.io

Website: https://sense.io


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KAMCORD | San Francisco, CA | https://www.kamcord.com/

* iOS Engineers: https://jobs.lever.co/kamcord/8480c014-d88c-4d2a-8286-2b99c9...

* Android Engineers: https://jobs.lever.co/kamcord/054e810f-fc88-46ea-9b50-65e9c9...

* Technical Sourcer: https://jobs.lever.co/kamcord/e89844df-ea55-4a33-81f3-e34df7...

Kamcord has raised over $25M in funding and is growing fast. We’re building a social network centered around gameplay videos for the world’s 1 billion mobile gamers. Using the world’s first mobile gameplay recording and sharing technology, we reach hundreds of millions of mobile devices a month.


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Since 2009, Venmo has been connecting and empowering people through payments. Venmo has been hailed as “the crown jewel of all finance apps” by Forbes, and nominated “#1 app college students should download right now” by Buzzfeed. With Venmo, you can make and share payments instantly on your iPhone or Android device (or online), for free. Pay for dinner, split rent, or just say hello. Venmo makes sending and receiving money fast, simple, and fun. At Venmo, we believe that innovation is fostered in an environment that values intellectual curiosity and the joy of learning. We are changing the world from our offices in New York and San Francisco, and we'd love for you to join us!

Platform Engineer (Python): http://grnh.se/vdoc7t

Web Engineer: http://grnh.se/dlaqy3

Lead Security Engineer: http://grnh.se/vy4ew6

Android Engineer: http://grnh.se/s6jb1a

iOS Engineer: http://grnh.se/kyr102

DevOps Engineer: http://grnh.se/jyf8et

Android QA Engineer: http://grnh.se/qxpcl4

iOS QA Engineer: http://grnh.se/lix1d5

UI Engineer: http://grnh.se/o56ila


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Android Dev San Francisco, CA

email: val@instamotor.com

Instamotor - Mobile First Used Car Marketplace

tl;dr - We're technical, funded with an exceptionally long runway, you'd get to build your own Android Dev Team

Our team is small and highly technical. We are experienced when it comes to iOS but we're looking for help when it comes to Android. Our iOS app focuses on speed, efficient data-sync between thousands of objects, and strong UX. We'd like to bring someone onboard who can bring the same discipline to Android development.

What You'll Be Doing

You will be the first Android Engineer at Instamotor. You will own the app and have your hands in everything (including broader company direction).

We're looking for

2+ years of software development experience and at least 1 year of Android app development experience. We don't care about degrees, but we do care that you know what you're doing. Very strong development skills in Java, Android SDK, and good general programming skills Superior analytical skills and a strong sense of urgency and ownership in your work Proven customer facing application development, troubleshooting, deployment and application performance tuning experience Proven ability to build, launch and iterate on apps under pressure A love for coding and ability to code quickly What We'll Set You Up With

Competitive salary and equity, based on experience Comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage Laptop and peripherals of your choice A fulfilling, challenging adventure of a work experience An incredible team of hackers and hustlers In your application, please include a short note about your background and interests, your Github username, and/or links to any projects that represent your skill set.


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San Francisco, CA - Academia.edu - Full Time Onsite

We're a team of 12 engineers (18 total) building an Open Science platform to bring the world's research online, available to all, for free. With over 22M registered users (that's a user-to-engineer ratio of 1.2M to 1!) and growing at 10% per month, we're looking to reach to 60M registered within the next year. We're currently working on products which accelerate the speed of paper peer review and publication.

We're hiring full-stack engineers, front-end engineers, an infrastructure engineer, and a product designer. We use Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, Backbone, and React on AWS. We're 3 blocks from the Montgomery BART station. Check out our hiring page at https://www.academia.edu/hiring.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like to chat: kevin@academia.edu, software engineer. Check my profile for more contact info if needed.


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TrueCar is hiring Rails, Python, and devops engineers in Santa Monica.

If you're a Rails engineer, we're hiring in San Francisco and Austin, too.

See http://truecar.com/hiring.html for the full scoop.

We're using Rails and Python (Flask) to serve out all kinds of APIs as well as consumer-facing web experiences and internal tools.

Let's see; what else?

* We're remote-friendly.

* Benefits are exceptional: health premiums are 100% paid for (not only for you, but your whole family), we match your 401k (up to 3% of your contributions), and give stock options and performance bonuses.

* Our Santa Monica HQ is right by the beach and Third Street Promenade, so expect fresh air and plenty of food options.

* A meaningful subset of some of the technologies we use: Ruby on Rails, Python, Flask, Redis, MySQL, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch.

Send an email to me (jgo AT truecar.com) and I'll personally see to it that your resume and/or GitHub profile get looked at. Or heck, even if you're not applying but just have questions, drop me a line.


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REX Computing (http://rexcomputing.com) is a new DARPA funded Bay Area fabless semiconductor startup building a new processor architecture providing the highest energy efficiency compared to all other general purpose compute systems (including top of the line CPUs, DSPs, GPUs, and FPGAs). Founded by two Thiel Fellows, REX just closed its first (not yet announced) financing round, and is posting here on Hacker News about 2 weeks before we will be looking elsewhere. Competitive salary offering and equity will be offered as we are now hiring our first ~5 engineers, with three positions listed below. We're looking for people who are excited about the possibilities of new semiconductor startups, processor architectures and making the worlds best chip, and the positions below are not all encompassing... if you are interested in revolutionizing the semiconductor space, and excite about making a completely new processor from the ground up (with the full resources to go and do so), please send an email to thomas [at] rexcomputing.com !

Feel free to ask any other questions here! Our website is relatively vague, but I'm happy to answer most questions here, and a lot more over coffee!

Also note that the titles are not final, and as we are building a team from scratch, our early engineers will be forming the company around them.

REX Computing | Compiler Developer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | Citizen | LLVM ; Compilers ; Backend

REX Computing | RTL/Verilog Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | Citizen | RTL ; Verilog ; VHDL ; ASIC ; FPGA

REX Computing | VLSI/Digital Chip Design Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area | On site ; Remote] | Full Time | Citizen | FPGA ; ASIC ; Synopsys ; Cadence



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Judicata - Software Engineer - San Francisco

Judicata is building the most advanced legal research, analytics and artificial intelligence tools in the world. Ours is a highly collaborative environment that fuses engineering, law, product and design. Building an ontology of the law requires a deep understanding of natural and legal language.


We’re looking for software engineers with 2+ years of experience, including significant backend development, and a passion for organizing one of the most complex logical systems in the world. Having a B.S./B.A. in Computer Science or a related field is required, along with strong communication skills for collaborating, not just within our engineering team but with our legal team as well.

Candidates should be excited about transitioning between applying NLP and graph theory techniques to writing frontend code and optimizing database queries.

Our stack includes Python, Django, JavaScript, Java, PostgreSQL, AWS, git and gerrit. Experience in each of these is a plus but not required.


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Say Media - Full Stack Engineers, Senior Front End Engineer (San Francisco, Portland OR), DevOps (San Francisco, Portland, REMOTE), Engineering Manager (San Francisco)

Say Media is building a platform for digital magazines. This year we're scaling from 50 million page views to 500 million. Come help us do this.

Say is well funded and a fun place to work at, with great work/life balance. We're looking for good engineers who enjoy learning new technologies. Our platform is Python based with an Angular front end, but it's okay if you don't have experience with these yet.

I'm not a recruiter, just a programmer who enjoys working at Say. You can see our jobs at http://www.saymedia.com/jobs, or email your resume to me and I'll pass it to the right person (email in profile).

* Note: due to the wait for H1B visas we're not currently considering international candidates, except for remote devops.


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Private Internet Access | West Hollywood, CA or San Francisco, CA or REMOTE | Ruby on Rails & DevOps Engineers


We're one of the world's leading VPN service providers and are looking for Ruby on Rails engineers and DevOps engineers to help us manage our growth and build out new features. Our stack is completely Ruby-based, so the ideal DevOps candidate should be comfortable with Ruby scripts.

We're a remote team (unless you happen to be based in the LA area, in which case you'd want to come work from our beautiful office in West Hollywood hills), and all of our collaboration happens over Slack and Trello, with the occasional email.

Email jobs@privateinternetaccess.com with your resume, a link to your GitHub (or some other site where we can see your code), and what makes you interested in our company. Don't forget to mention you're from HN!


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Fenix International - Full Stack Web Developers (San Francisco, CA; or Kampala, Uganda)

Looking for web developers (with a focus on the backend) who want to work for a solar power company that is providing pay-to-own solar products for people off-grid in East Africa. The job would be working on our Django-based web application that runs our financial platform that allows our customers to pay for power as they use it until they've paid off the entire device.

More information on Fenix: http://www.fenixintl.com/

Job posting: http://fenixintl.theresumator.com/apply/Rfr3xP/Software-Engi...

It's a lot of fun, has some awesome (but not too much) travel to East Africa involved, and you're helping to provide electricity to those who really need it!


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Famous Industries | San Francisco | Amsterdam | Full Time | On Site

Each of our 5 teams are hiring:

Framework Team: Sr Framework Engineer - Looking for excellent JS knowledge and a desire to write the Famous Framework

Cloud Services Team: Sr Software Engineer & Sr Systems Engineer - Full Stack and Backend peeps

Engine (Platform) Team: WebGL & JavaScript Engineers - If you want to push the code that makes famous.org

University Team: Curriculum Software Engineers - If you're a passionate and creative educator.

Creative Team: Interactive Designers & WebGL Software Engineers - If you're all about the visual.

Feel free to email me if you have questions m(at)famo(dot)us http://famous.co/ http://famous.org/ https://jobs.lever.co/famo.us?lever-source=hackernews


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Tempo Automation -- San Francisco, CA


Front End / Back End / Software Generalists

No one went to engineering school to write boring e-commerce websites. Come help Tempo Automation build the future of manufacturing robots. We are hiring engineers number four and five as front end and back end developers. These two engineers will assist us in building robot infrastructure and putting a user interface on the robot. No robotics skills are required. Candidates should roughly have the following skills:

* College degree in CS/CE/EE or equivalent experience.

* Good python back-end chops -OR- decent front end JS skills.

* Flexible software generalists are our preferred applicants.

* We're a Linux shop, so candidates must be able to navigate a command line.

* Experience with MongoDB, OpenCV, iPython, Pandas, Numpy, and similar packages are a big plus.

Please send a resume and a portfolio of past work to katherine[at]tempoautomation.com.


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Mixmax | Web or Cloud Engineer | San Francisco | https://mixmax.com

We're a growing, tight-knit team looking for a full-stack engineer.

Mixmax’s mission is to do the impossible with email. We believe everything you do today on the web should be possible in any email. We launched a Gmail plugin earlier this year that brings apps (interactive content and workflows) to Gmail and it's been a huge success. Here's our Twitter wall of love - https://twitter.com/MixmaxHQ/timelines/560278179810533376 - and we recently won at Launch Festival (http://www.launchfestival.com/). Already thousands of customers depend on us for their daily productivity. We have an A++ list of investors that previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft & Square.

We’re an incredibly mission-driven, diverse and fun-loving team. We value personal and professional growth equally and have built multi-million dollar products together in the past. We're based in downtown SF.

Stack: Node.js, Express, Meteor, Redis, Mongo, Handlebars, AWS

Check us out at mixmax.com. Email hello@mixmax.com and let’s grab coffee!

   _____       _                      _   _               __                _ _ 
   \_   \_ __ | |_ ___ _ __ __ _  ___| |_(_)_   _____    /__\ __ ___   __ _(_) |
    / /\/ '_ \| __/ _ \ '__/ _` |/ __| __| \ \ / / _ \  /_\| '_ ` _ \ / _` | | |
 /\/ /_ | | | | ||  __/ | | (_| | (__| |_| |\ V /  __/ //__| | | | | | (_| | | |
 \____/ |_| |_|\__\___|_|  \__,_|\___|\__|_| \_/ \___| \__/|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_|_|


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Clever (YC S12) - Software Engineer - San Francisco

Right now the market for educational software is a mess. It’s incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and they have no information about the students who are using their software. On the schools’ side, large districts are spending tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps they’re purchasing. Teachers know there’s great software out there, but the challenge of getting 30 kids to log in correctly makes using it impossible.

At Clever, we’re working to change that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. We’ve grown fast: after two and a half years, we’re moving data for a quarter of all K-12 students in America (16M kids), and 36,000 schools are using us to manage their education apps. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things: -a single place where schools can easily manage and analyze all the software they’re using, and -a single identity that students can use to see everything they’ve learned across multiple apps.

We’re a team of 60 (25 engineers) based in downtown SF. We’re looking for full-stack engineers who like:

-Go, Coffeescript and Python (or are willing to learn)

-big responsibilities (there are 700,000 students on the platform per engineer here)

-hard technical problems (managing a huge, constantly updating data pipeline)

-tech talks on everything ranging from the history of hip-hop to neuroscience to exoplanets

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs#software-engineer, or check out what we’re working on at https://github.com/clever.


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Full Stack Engineer at LaunchKit, downtown San Francisco -- https://launchkit.io/

LaunchKit is building kickass tools for mobile makers, and we are looking for our first web engineer (besides founders). We've launched a few simple web-based tools, but in the next few months we will launch a platform that will change how mobile devs build and maintain native UI -- first for iOS, later for Android.

Our server-side stack is skit (http://skitjs.com/) over python/django/celery/postgres/redis/etc. and we have tons to build. Come help!



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librato.com & papertrail.com, San Francisco CA

Librato and Papertrail recently joined forces with Pingdom as part of the Solarwinds Cloud family. We're respectively industry leaders in metrics and log/event management/analysis-as-a-Service. We process billions of events in real-time every day for tens of thousands of users with a small team of ~20 engineers.

We're looking to expand our engineering teams to help build the next generation of real-time IT analytics products. We're looking for great frontend engineers, data pipeline engineers, designers, etc. We're a modern shop that practices chatops and continuous delivery using tools like Slack, Github, Asana, AWS, Salt, etc

You can find a list of current openings at http://solarwinds.jobs/jobs/?q=librato+papertrail


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Nylas | San Francisco, CA (Mission) | Onsite | Frontend (JS), Design, Backend (Systems+Ops)

      _   _       _
     | \ | |     | |
     |  \| |_   _| | __ _ ___
     | . ` | | | | |/ _` / __|
     | |\  | |_| | | (_| \__ \
     \_| \_/\__, |_|\__,_|___/
             __/ |

Hi! We're Nylas and our team is building the next generation email platform, starting with beautiful APIs. Developers depend on our APIs, so we have to be reliable, up all the time, and fast. We have more data for a single user than in most startups' entire database. That means big technical challenges to solve as we scale our fledgling distributed backend. We've also been working on a new email client, and we're looking for product designers and front-end engineers.

We're using React, Flux, and Electron. More here: http://www.nylas.com/blog/splitting-the-atom

== More about us ==

• Backend: Python, Flask, gevent, nginx, MySQL, AWS, and Debian.

• Frontend: Coffeescript, React, (Re)Flux, WebSQL, Atom Shell (NodeJS + Chromium)

• Like open source? Us too-- check it out: https://github.com/nylas

• We're 40% women on our team of 13 (12 engineers), including 1 of 2 cofounders. We want to make that number 50%.

• Our sunny Mission office is more lived-in than tidy. Think art studio, not corporate. Our team is more likely to end up in Yosemite or on a bike ride together than drinking at the latest startup event.

• We have a flexible vacation policy and value personal responsibility and ownership. Benefits include full health, dental, vision, commuter, and lunch at the office every day. Some remote work / work-from-home is OK too.

Apply at https://www.nylas.com/jobs and mention HN. We love it when candidates let us know what draws them to the job, and we encourage applications from women, LGBTQ folks, and people of diverse backgrounds. Some recent press: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/27/next-gen-email-platform-nil....


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Position: Full stack engineer (Javascript / Node.js / Backbone)

Location: SF

Company: Localize (https://localizejs.com/). We're a fast growing, engineering-focussed company building tools that simplify website localization and translation.

You'll have control over large parts of our product and can meaningfully impact our direction. You'll receive a huge equity grant alongside of a competitive salary with full benefits.

Apply: Email jobs@localizejs.com


We're looking for engineers who really shine in two or more of these areas:

— Experience with our stack (Node.js, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Handlebars, Less)

— Familiar with native browser APIs (ability to interact with DOM w/o jQuery)

— Understanding of MVC patterns

— Basic UI design skills

— Experience with early stage companies or building products from the ground up

— Interested or experienced in marketing, distribution, sales;

— Fast learner, autonomous, inquisitive, analytical


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ZeroCater//San Francisco,CA//On-site//Fulltime//Profitable Startup//

We’ve built the #1 way for companies to feed their people. ZeroCater is a marketplace that connects companies with great local restaurants and caterers. We’re feeding hundreds of companies, ranging from newborn startups, to the Fortune 100.

We’re here to build something people love. We’re a scrappy company that’s scaled to tens of millions in yearly sales on little funding.

We’re based in San Francisco and backed by investors like Y Combinator and the creator of Gmail. We’re looking for people with an ownership mentality who want to work with like-minded folks to build something great.

The roles we're hiring for:

- Full stack engineers - Front-end developers - Data Scientist - VP of Engineering



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AdRoll - San Francisco

If you like Python, JS, C, D, Lua or Erlang, and petabytes of data, this is your dream job. AdRoll is one of the fastest growing adtech company, already producing $100M+ in revenue with a small engineering team.

Analytics is so critical to us that a large part of the stack, including our high-performance, in-memory data backend, is developed in-house in Python (Numba), Erlang, and C. Read more here



I'm happy to tell you more by email (ville@adroll.com) or over coffee in SF. PS. Btw, we write our own convex optimizers, if machine learning is close to your heart - ping me for more info.


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Gliffy - San Francisco, CA (SOMA) Sr Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer at Gliffy working on the SaaS diagramming application. I found out about Gliffy from the 'HN: Who is Hiring?' from last july, and I love it here. So I figured I would post another Who is Hiring since my team is looking for a Senior Engineer.

------About the Application------

Gliffy (https://www.gliffy.com/)


* play! framework (So some experience with Java, Scala or another JVM language is required)

* Mysql

* Node.js microservices (Understanding of js necessary, but node.js not required)


* Ember

* HTML5/Canvas

------About the Company------

Gliffy is a profitable, bootstrapped startup that currently has 23 employees.

Gliffy benefits highlights:

* Everyone can work from home Monday and Friday

* Quarterly Bonuses

* Equity plan available

* Employer 401k contribution

* Health + Dental insurance

If you are interested see our posting here: https://www.gliffy.com/jobs/


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Locus Energy: http://locusenergy.com/

San Francisco, CA. Remotes, interns and those needing visas are encouraged to apply.

About us: We’re dedicated to the proliferation of sustainable energy solutions. To that end, we build software to monitor, analyze and manage the performance of tens of thousands of solar power systems. We’re a mature startup with a close-knit team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our organization provides some structure while still leaving plenty of opportunities to make your mark. We’re not perfect but constantly improving. We value folks who offer a new perspective and play nicely with others.

About you: You’re passionate about sustainable energy and want to play a part of pushing our society in that direction. Nothing would excite you more than wedding your engineering prowess with your dreams of clean, green energy. You write a failing test before fixing a bug. You are thoughtful, curious and ask questions when you don’t understand. You take ownership of your responsibilities and see them through to the entire development lifecycle from design to maintenance.


- Conveniently located in downtown SF, a few minutes' walk from Montgomery St station

- Relaxed work atmosphere. Flexible working hours and work from home policies.

- Health insurance, 401k, and all the other benefits of a real company

- Fruit, snacks. Bagels and lunch each provided 1x a week.

- A spacious new office complete with a living room couch, big screen TV, PS3 and darts.

We are looking for both frontend and backend engineers that are familiar with any combination of Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript (especially Ember, Angular or Backbone), and MySQL. For more details, head here: http://locusenergy.com/company/careers/.


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Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

About Sauce Labs: We are a tight-knit team working to transform how software testing and development gets done. Our platform makes Selenium testing, JavaScript Unit testing, manual testing, and mobile application testing hassle-free. Sauce lets you test your mobile and desktop web apps instantly across 350+ OS/Browser platforms & debug easier with videos and screenshots.

We are currently looking for:

Core Engineers

Customer Support Engineers

Senior Software Engineers (Core)

Senior Software Engineers (Web Backend)

Senior Software Engineers (Web Frontend)

Senior Systems Engineers, Operations

Software Engineers (Full-Stack Web)

Software Engineers (Mobile R&D)

Software Engineers (Web CMS)

System Administrators

If you’re interested in joining Sauce Labs and would like to learn more, please visit: https://saucelabs.com/careers


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Impart Co | Dev | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa Transfer | Scala; Akka; Spark; Mesos

We are building a web/mobile replay and analytics platform giving you very granular insights to understand the broader "happy path" of customers.

Impart is looking for a seasoned backend development dev. We are looking for Scala, Akka, Spark and/or general backend developers to help us create some of the early code to manage a highly data centric application at scale.

We are also looking for critical iOS/Android mobile engineers to lead the development of the mobile agent/library to give the same excellent experience to mobile customers.

We are funded but haven't released a product yet. Email me dan@impart.co

Currently limited to on-site in SF, CA for now, contact me if you aren’t in SF but are still interested, maybe we can figure something out long term.


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thredUP | Senior Software Engineer - Operations | San Francisco, CA (on-site) | Full-time | React/Flux, Rails

thredUP is the leading online shop for buying and selling like-new women’s and kids’ clothing.

We have hundreds of thousands of items in inventory, all of them unique, which makes for some really interesting inventory automation and management challenges. We build our own tools to manage our distribution centers. thredUP is growing and our engineering team is still small, so you’ll have a great chance to make an impact.

There are some other nice things about working here - one of the most diverse teams you’ll find anywhere, a focus on professional development, and some neat perks (Work from home Wednesday!). I am one of the engineers - if you are interested or would like to know more, feel free to shoot me an email (ryan at thredup.com).


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Simply Hired | SF BAY AREA |Full time Onsite Python Developers-Mid Level to Senior Engineers wanted


Simply Hired is a tech company based in Sunnyvale, CA that operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. We help connect jobseekers to jobs and have over 30 million unique visitors per month! Our engineers are some of the most talented in the bay area. We use cutting edge design concepts to build software that millions of people use. Ready to take your career to the next level? Join Simply Hired! We offer the following perks: 1)Visa sponsorship, 2)Great Medical, Dental, Vision benefits 3)Stock Options 4)Gym Reimbursement 5)Fully stocked kitchen and catered gourmet lunches M-F 6)Happy hours/ Fun offsite events

Email: avni at simplyhired dot com with your resume for consideration.


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ClickTime - San Francisco, CA (Onsite, full time)

We're a small (27 person) company that helps people become more productive every day. Our time and expense tracking solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide.

We're currently hiring software developers:

Front End (Javascript-rich, utilizing AngularJS on top of Bootstrap): http://www.clicktime.com/company/jobs#op-50992-front-end-dev...

Back End (Clustered SQL database and REDIS, web services in C# on .NET):http://www.clicktime.com/company/jobs#op-50994-back-end-deve...

Questions? Feel free to email me at sdabby@clicktime.com.


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Tilt (YC W12) - Front End Engineer ( Tilt.com ) - San Francisco - Onsite, Full-Time Tilt is looking for strong frontend engineers to help us build the next generation of social crowdfunding. The public site team is responsible for the Tilt.com domain, the main portal where users learn about the company and join Tilts with their friends to make amazing things happen. Our users access the site through a variety of devices (mobile and desktop) and a variety of browsers (we support IE9+ and the latest of each of the "evergreen" browsers), and we want each of their interactions to be a great one. Please apply at https://www.tilt.com/learn/jobs?gh_jid=8116


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PacketZoom | SF Bay Area (San Mateo) | INTERN | VISA (CPT/OPT processing) ok.:

We're looking for one intern with deep interest in system and network level issues, protocols (TCP/HTTP/UDP based protocols etc) and Unix System level programming in C/C++. Additional interest in mobile programming (iOS/Android at the lower layers of the system) would be a bonus. Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me, CEO/CTO of the company (my user info is in the profile).

You'd be working at our San Mateo office. If you're a student in a US university but far away from the Bay Area, don't worry. We'd make travel and living arrangements for you at company expense. Unfortunately we can't process candidates from foreign universities at short notice (much as we'd love to).

PacketZoom was started with the goal to completely change how mobile devices communicate with the cloud. We've created a tech stack and cloud service to upend the tired old TCP/HTTP stack with a more mobile friendly networking protocol built on top of UDP.

Read this for the background and our motivations: https://packetzoom.com/blog/

Discussed here on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9354279

We ran an Intern program for the first time last year with two amazing interns from Harvard and CMU respectively. One of them wrote a review:


Come join us in the beautiful Downtown San Mateo, CA for a summer of fun combined with occasional hard work and learning.. or the other way round.

Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).


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CloudFlare, Inc

Locations: San Francisco, CA, US; London, UK; Singapore, SG; VISA ONSITE

CloudFlare is the leading edge network performance and security company -- with customers ranging from "mommy blogger" WordPress blogs all the way through large, highly dynamic sites like HN, Reddit, and many enterprise sites. There are all the challenges of making the Internet better from a performance perspective as well as trying to drive security forward for everyone.

We're rapidly growing and always looking to fill a variety of roles (we started 2015 at 128 and are looking to double every year...), but a few in particular.

https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team has a full listing. Please apply through the website.

1) Principal Engineer -- we're looking for someone who can help re-architect the parts of our site which are starting to show scaling issues (a high class problem to have). A lot of our stack is in PHP and Postgres stored procedures, but there's no requirement it remain so, and no requirement you be a PHP expert. We're very interested in fully transitioning to Go and a microservices architecture, so we'd highly value someone who is familiar with the transition. http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/cloudflare/principal-engineer/...

2) VP Engineering -- Our team is growing rapidly (and >50% engineering), and we're looking for an engineering leader with a people-first philosophy. We're looking for someone with a track record of snipping great products and who can build great organizations where engineers love to work. http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/cloudflare/vp-of-engineering/c...


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The Honest Company | Santa Monica, CA, Austin, TX & San Francisco, CA

The Honest Company passionately believes in creating not only effective, but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes. While e-commerce direct-to-customer shipping has been our largest success, our retail partnerships are rapidly growing with our products now in Target, Costco, WholeFoods, and Nordstrom.

Check out our office:

-- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/02/jessica-alba-honest... ====================== Our stack:

-- Ruby on Rails backend for our E-Commerce Site (Python and/or Node.js experience perfectly fine) -- Angular.js and themed Bootstrap on the front-end -- Our warehouse currently runs off an in-house created Ruby server -- TDD with rspec, capybara, and jasmine tests keeping things stable -- RabbitMQ is our main queueing system -- Datastores - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached -- iOS app in the app store - Honest Baby ==================== Positions Available:

-- Full-Stack Engineers (Jr., Mid. Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/2S988b/Senior...

-- Back-End Engineers (Jr., Mid, Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/2S988b/Senior...

-- QA Automation Engineers https://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/ACBhkm/Mobil...


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Rackspace, Inc. - San Francisco, CA - Software Engineer

  ------ Who We Are ------
We are the Cloud Metrics team at Rackspace.

We run a metrics-as-a-service API.

We created the Blueflood open-source metrics engine and API (http://blueflood.io).

We make it easy for developers to store and scale their metrics.

  --- Software Engineer ---
Focus on time-series data and make Cloud Metrics a world-class engine for metrics of all shapes and sizes.

Scale Cloud Metrics' infrastructure: help our large and growing Cassandra cluster run as smoothly as possible.

Engage the growing open-source community around time-series data and metrics analysis and visualization.

Optimize Cloud Metrics' deployment, continuous integration and testing processes.

  --- More Information ---
To apply, just shoot us an email:

* hiring@blueflood.io

Job Posting:

* https://uscareers-rackspace.icims.com/jobs/12755/software-de...

Useful links:

* http://docs.rackspace.com/cmet/api/v1.0/cmet-devguide/conten...

* http://blueflood.io

* https://github.com/rackerlabs/blueflood


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Zoomer is building a new take on food delivery - a platform to handle an extraordinarily high volume of concurrent deliveries from restaurants that already deliver (i.e. pizza, wings, sandwiches, etc.). We’re bringing much needed change to local high-volume delivery restaurants that are still doing delivery the way they’ve always done it. Our restaurants and their customers love the service, and our order volume is surging. You’ll make a real impact working to build and scale Zoomer as we continue to grow to new restaurants and territories.

We have amazing investors behind us, including Y Combinator (S14), First Round Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Eric Ries, Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo and others. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground-floor - we’re making key hires to build our core team. You’ll have a ton of impact – lots of freedom to evolve our platform, stack, and apps. We follow strong dev practices, put an emphasis on testing, and deploy rapidly.

Help us build cutting-edge technical solutions to:

  - tough logistics problems, quickly routing orders to optimal drivers in near-real-time.
  - on-demand prediction and forecasting models
  - scalable compute and data infrastructure
  - multiple mobile apps - for restaurants and drivers - on both iOS and Android
  - range of complex real-time frontend interfaces
Our stack: We have an AI backend service that handles order routing, multiple mobile applications – for our drivers and restaurants, and several Ruby on Rails applications for customer-facing/internal services. We’re using Angular.js and CoffeeScript on the frontend. Our data team uses Python.

The roles we’re hiring for:

  - Ruby on Rails engineers
  - Artificial Intelligence engineer
  - Data engineer
  - DevOps engineer
  - Data scientist
If this sounds interesting and you'd like to learn more, please apply here: http://www.zoomerdelivery.com/#jobs


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Zaption (http://www.zaption.com) || San Francisco, CA

Full-Stack Web Engineer (Node.js, MongoDB, Knockout.js) || Full-Time

Zaption is an education-technology startup that's fixing video learning. Teachers and trainers use our web app to turn online videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc) into interactive learning experiences that engage students and deepen understanding. We're a very small (7-person) team that is funded, growing, and has real customers and revenue. We're looking for a dev who's interested in education, besides being good with JavaScript, having some experience with Node.js/MongoDB, and being able to wrangle HTML/CSS.

If you're interested, email charlie@zaption.com


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San Francisco | Angaza | Backend Developer - ONSITE

Angaza builds technology to solve global energy poverty: we enable solar energy solutions to be financed for off-grid consumers. To do so, Angaza develops a mix of custom hardware and software---built on the Python ecosystem---for some of the most demanding and dynamic markets in the world, including Africa and India. We are a for-profit company, based in California and Kenya, that aims market forces at the linked challenges of climate change and global development.

More information about our backend dev position: http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/backend-developer/


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Rally Health - Various Engineer positions | www.rallyhealth.com | on-site only in SF, DC, Chicago

  -Full stack (scala/play + angular)		-Full stack (C#/.NET MVC + angular)
  -Front end engineer (angular + SASS)		-DevOps engineer (AWS, Chef, MongoDB)
  -.NET release engineer (Jenkins, Nuget)	-QA Engineer (python/robot)
  -Mobile architect				-Mobile engineer
  -Site reliability engineer			-Director, IT Security
  -InfoSec engineer				-Data analyst
We're looking for lots of great people to join our team that's aiming to make all aspects of healthcare better for consumers. Our Wellness product (https://www.rallyhealth.com/our-product/) is the best wellness program on the market, Marketplace makes enrolling in insurance as easy (or easier) than TurboTax, and Connect helps find the doctor you need in your area (and in your plan).

We'll be growing a lot more visible in 2015 and into 2016, starting with a partnership with comedian Kevin Hart[1] which we're all pretty excited about.

Our Chicago office is on a .NET MVC stack and SF and DC are on Scala/Play with mobile teams as well. I can answer more detailed stack/tech questions if anyone is curious.

The benefits are great, including $0 deductible for employee health insurance (and dependent coverage isn't much more), catered lunch every day w/ snacks and drinks everywhere, and unlimited vacation (that we're heavily enouraged to use).

If you have any questions, you can email me (ryan.stelly@rallyhealth.com) but otherwise, all postings are available at https://www.rallyhealth.com/about-us/ Cheers!

[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rally-health-and-kev...


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Simply Hired | SF BAY AREA |Full time Onsite Python Developers


Simply Hired is a tech company based in Sunnyvale, CA that operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. We help connect jobseekers to jobs and have over 30 million unique visitors per month! Our engineers are some of the most talented in the bay area. We use cutting edge design concepts to build software that millions of people use. Ready to take your career to the next level? Join Simply Hired!

We offer the following perks:

1)Visa sponsorship, 2)Great Medical, Dental, Vision benefits 3)Stock Options 4)Gym Reimbursement 5)Fully stocked kitchen and catered gourmet lunches M-F 6)Happy hours/ Fun offsite events

Email avni at simplyhired dot com with your resume for consideration.


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Zenefits Hottest startup of the year http://www.zenefits.com/jobs SF bay area/Canada VISA

• San Francisco, CA - Software Engineer, full stack (Full Time) 2+ yrs exp.

• San Francisco, CA - UI Engineer (Full Time) - JavaScript, Ember.js, HTML, CSS.

• Vancouver, BC - Software Engineer, full stack (Full Time) 2+ yrs exp.

Our Tech Stack: Website running on Django/redis/RabbitMQ/Celery. Backend: Python/AWS

We are building a kickass engineering team in SF to work on hard and totally new kind of technical problems. We are disrupting the whole Heath Insurance industry which is taking off in US now by providing free software.

We are looking for engineers who can take a concept from inception to market. The process is extremely autonomous, with little to no, management. You are the PM, tester & developer, building full-stack, who coordinates with our in-house designers. Our revenue model is one of the best in the world and we have seen the hyper growth like no other company in the world. We have penetrated only 0.6% of the market. This is without considering international growth and upselling to big companies.

We're hiring for engineering offices in San Francisco, CA, USA and Vancouver, Canada

More info: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/14/zenefits-financials/

Startup of the year 2014: http://onforb.es/1IoK3aU

Google us: https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=zenefits

To apply for job: http://www.zenefits.com/jobs

To learn about the company and challenges: lgomez@zenefits.com


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CreativeLive - ONSITE San Francisco, CA - Full Stack Javascript Engineers (all levels of experience)

Angular, MongoDB, Nodejs (Hapi, mongoose)

We're hiring! come play with all the javascript things!

We're looking for smart resourceful people, javascript experience not essential, full stack experience not essential - great opportunity for frontend or backend developers to gain experience in full stack development.


More about us at: https://www.creativelive.com/


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Trulia - San Francisco - Full-time - On Site - Backend devs, mobile devs, eng manager.

It's rare to find a company that made it from startup to successful business and yet still innovates like a startup and still has huge opportunity in the space. Finding a place to live is a complex problem and we can continue to make it easier for millions of people.

Come work with an amazing group of people, building important things, in a supportive environment that actually balances engaging work and life outside of work.



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Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com

We launched in February on the iTunes Store ("Best New Apps") - http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/26/mobile-search-david-vs-goog... We also won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

WHAT WE DO: Vurb is creating a single app mobile search and sharing experience - partnering with services like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between different apps to find something, we're delivering a cohesive experience in one place - an app you'll use every day.

INVESTORS: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint + others.

APPLY IF: You are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship quickly. Examples of challenging problems that you could help us solve include:

- Manage and index millions of objects around places, events, movies, etc with blazing fast read-write access

- Develop search relevance and content discovery infrastructure on millions of objects and TB’s of data

- Develop mobile apps for not only scaling app performance but architecting the app to support a growing number of services and verticals


* Full-stack Engineer / DevOps - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend, devops. JavaScript, node.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Product Designer - strong mobile UI/UX skills

* Growth Lead - drive growth initiatives across product and marketing

INTERESTED? http://vurb.com/careers | jobs@vurb.com


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[ original post ]

TrueCar (www.truecar.com / www.true.com) is hiring in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Austin offices!

TrueCar acquired Carwoo (YCS09) in January 2014.

The company has been around for 10 years and went public 1 year ago.

The company has big plans over the coming years and is looking for good developers to help us grow from $1.5B to $10B+

Priority positions include Mobile Developers, Ruby Developers, Python Developers, and Designers


A peak at life at TrueCar in our SM office: http://bit.ly/1EZZz9A

REMOTE considered for the right candidates. Most VISA situations handled.


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[ original post ]

San Francisco, CA - ZenPayroll - VISA

ZenPayroll is building dead-simple, delightful payroll software for small businesses. In only 2 years, we've grown to process payroll for more than 10,000 companies, and process billions in payroll for small businesses around the world.

Team culture is a huge part of what makes ZenPayroll special. We have a team of super-sharp, passionate, hard-working, and friendly software engineer. ZenPayroll is in a hyper-growth, adding thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of employees to our system every month. We've just raised a $60M Series B, led, by Google Capital to help take our company to the next level.

Some of the technologies we use: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, React.js, MySQL, Redis.

Our Engineering Blog: http://engineering.zenpayroll.com/

Benefits/Perks: https://zenpayroll.com/careers

Full-Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenpayroll/jobs/28115#.VW0n5FxV...

Growth Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenpayroll/jobs/53835#.VW0n5lxV...

Product Support Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenpayroll/jobs/27718#.VW0n6FxV...

Security Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenpayroll/jobs/63608#.VW0n6VxV...

IT Support: https://boards.greenhouse.io/zenpayroll/jobs/66928#.VW0oU1xV...


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Good Eggs - San Francisco, CA, Full Stack Engineers


=== About us ===

Good Eggs brings local, farm-fresh groceries right to your door! We are a technology focused company with a CTO who previously founded Carbon Five, an exceptional agile development shop. See our Engineering Blog and Github account:



We have a great mission (https://www.goodeggs.com/philosophy) - to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide - and everyone here is deeply committed to it. We have expanded to 4 cities - New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco - and our investors include Sequoia Capital, Harrison Metal, Baseline Ventures, Collaborative Fund and Westly Group, among others.

There are ~20 of us on the engineering team and we’re actively growing. We’re building next-generation web and mobile applications with JavaScript across the stack, including Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, and CoffeeScript. The team has been built from the ground up with practices around test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous deployment.

== About you ===

Ideal Candidates Will Have:

* 3-5+ years full-stack web application development in Ruby, Python, Java, or JavaScript

* TDD experience / experience with pairing / Continuous Deployment

* Domain expertise in: e-commerce, billing, payments, or warehouse distribution software



I’m an engineer at the company, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me: daryl(at)goodeggs.com


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————— Underdog.io ——— New York, New York ——— https://underdog.io —————

We’re looking to hire employee #5 (data engineer) and employee #6 (UI/UX designer #1).

Today, Underdog.io is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect amazing people with founders and hiring managers at top startups.

We don’t charge placement fees because we’re not recruiters. We’re building technology to reduce the noise of the job search and match. We started Underdog.io because we experienced the pains associated with (1) hiring while working at top startups in NYC and (2) looking for new opportunities.

Our platform is currently live in NYC and SF, where we work with 130 awesome startups. We’ve had to turn away one of every two companies that have tried to join the network.

As we scale, we’ll focus on building tools for candidates to organize, search, and discover new job opportunities. In our view of the future, job candidates don’t receive unsolicited outreach from recruiters and companies don’t pay placement fees for the vast majority of their hires. Job search is organized, and talented candidates have more high-quality options.

We’re built with Python/Flask, Javascript/Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, and S3. Here's a recent blog post written by one of our engineers about how we solved a recent technical challenge: http://blog.underdog.io/post/119558043297/scaling-underdog-t...

If you want to learn more about our first four months, here’s a blog post: https://medium.com/@joshuagoldstein/our-first-four-months-bu....

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Sorry, we can't sponsor visa candidates.

Keywords: NYC, Developer, Dev, Python, Flask, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, S3, https://underdog.io/


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San Francisco

Check out UpCounsel, we are a legal marketplace connecting small businesses with lawyers, making the legal experience amazing. We work with a lot the companies that posted above me with immigration, patents, trademarks, llc/corp formations, and tons of contracts.

We are hiring everything from product managers, sales execs, growth engineers, data analysts and everything in between. Reach out to me directly for an intro: brad [at] upcounsel.com



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ReadMe.io (YC W15) - San Francisco - Local

Remember that magical feeling you had the first time you used Stripe or Twilio? We're bringing that to every API or code library.

We're looking to make our first hire! Come help us change the way developers consume APIs and code libraries. We're looking for front/backend developers with a huge product focus to help shape our company.

OUR STACK: Node, Angular, Mongo



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Outbound (YC W15) - https://outbound.io

San Francisco, CA | on-site only | relocation possible.

Looking for server/devops engineers to be engineer #3. We write Go and AngularJS. Store data in MongoDB. Use Firebase, AWS, Twilio, Mandrill, Mailgun, Sendgrid, APNS and GCM.

You will be in the ground floor and responsible for building the foundation of our system. No legacy systems to support. Come in, design and then build.

We're funded, have paying customers and very good growth. Email travis[at]outbound[dot]io if you're interested.


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Woopra is hiring a lead front-end engineer. Woopra is a leading customer analytics cloud service in San Francisco. We're looking for a front-end developer to help develop our single page Javascript application.

* Minimum JS experience: 3 years

* Deep understanding of Javascript

* Expert in at least one framework (AngularJS, Ember, React, etc...)

* Appreciates pixel perfection

* Expert in Grunt or Gulp

* Expert in GIT

* Worked with Data Visualization (highcharts, d3.js etc...)

Our team is small and passionate, we do things very fast and ship code at least once every day. You'll be working directly with the founders. Contact elie@woopra.com.


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HERE maps | Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area | Web Developer / Tools Engineer

Nokia HERE is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business. HERE Reality Lens (https://realitylens.here.com) utilizes advanced reality capture technologies to collect, process, and publish petabytes of street-level, aerial, and indoor spatial data to customers in over 72 countries around the world. These software and data services, the sixth largest on AWS, allow users to visualize high-resolution 3D panoramic and oblique imagery while interactively measuring, mapping, and modeling.

As Web Developer / Tools Engineer, you would:

- Create Canvas/WebGL and DOM-based solutions integrating 2D maps, 3D imagery and LIDAR point clouds.

- Design and implement web-based tools for managing live operations and other shared platform services using a Node.js technology stack.

- Integrate software with HERE platforms, processes, pipelines, and products.

- Design data models for SQL and NoSQL databases and caches. (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis).

Please have:

- Experience with Cloud Computing platforms and Linux (e.g., Amazon AWS).

- Experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript using client-side frameworks such as Angular.js, server-side frameworks such as Express, and full-stack frameworks such as Meteor.

- Experience modeling and implementing scalable and robust data storage in any of MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

- Experience achieving quality and user satisfaction metrics for customer facing web applications.

- A thorough understanding of all things HTTP, including patterns for RESTful design, scalability, and security.

- Good computer science fundamentals including an understanding of data structures and algorithms, their runtime and storage complexities.

To apply, please use this job post at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sof/5053881133.html . I am also recruiting a Java backend and C# front-end engineer on craigslist for my team.


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HandStack | SoMa, San Francisco, CA (remote, intern ok) | Mobilize thousands. Fast. | handstack.com

Are you passionate about politics, community organizing, activism, or connecting people?

HandStack is Meetup + Trello. We provide an unprecedented ability to mass-coordinate people for political campaigns, events, projects, and causes.

==positions== We'll be part of a SF accelerator in June-Sept. Looking for developers with experience in one of the following: Ember JS, Firebase, and Cordova.

Reach out to jess (at) handstack dot com. We're happy to chat!


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Storehouse - San Francisco, CA (onsite) - https://www.storehouse.co/jobs

Storehouse is looking for sharp, creative engineers with a desire to build beautiful software, inside and out. Our team is small and you’ll play a key role in shaping our company, our product, and our culture. Our large (and rapidly growing) community loves Storehouse, and your contributions will be critical to our growth.

Open positions: Backend, iOS, Android


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Zesty (YC W14) | San Francisco, CA (or remote) | https://www.zesty.com/jobs

We're hiring Rails and Ember engineers.

If you’re interested in building the kind of back-end systems that power Uber and Lyft, Zesty is a way to get in on the very ground floor of an engineering team with similar challenges. You’d be one of the first 5 engineers to join and would work closely with our founders.


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MUBI :: San Francisco, CA :: Senior Engineer

MUBI is hiring a senior software engineer to start growing our San Francisco team. We are a VoD company with a focus on bringing the best films to our customers around the globe. What sets us apart is true editorial credibility in the film world, and a strategy where we built traction with a cinephile audience first before throwing money at massive content deals. We have run very lean for a number of years to find product-market fit and we are now at an inflection point where we will scale the subscriber base and generate real profits. If you have been looking around the Valley and concerned that valuations are out of control and investors are chasing too many flimsy business models, then you should take a look at what we're doing.

The product is a streaming service and social network currently available on the web, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Samsung Smart TVs, and several more on the way. It is build primarily of Ruby, Rails, Backbone + Marionette, and the usual client-side frameworks. We are heavily invested in Chef for configuration management, both at Engine Yard where we host our main applications, and also for newer infrastructure such as our custom-built CDN that we are tuning to deliver a better QoS than off-the-shelf vendors can provide.

The position is for the first engineer to be sitting next to me (Co-Founder & CTO) and our Head of Product in our San Francisco offices. Although we were founded in Palo Alto, currently the CEO and bulk of our team is based in London due to the UK being our primary growth market. We are now looking to move the product and engineering center of gravity to San Francisco in a run up to make the US a primary market in 2016 and beyond. You would be #9 software engineer overall, and will play a strong role in defining the architecture of our application. Strong ruby and rails skills are ideal, though this can be substituted by strong web and backend development skills in similar languages and architectures. VoD and client-side video app development are a bonus but not required. You will have significant opportunity to define your own position and work on any area of our technology where you can add value.

If you are interested please contact me by email, which can be found on my MUBI profile at https://mubi.com/users/2


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Translation Exchange | San Francisco | Ruby Full-stack Engineer, Frontend engineer & UX/UI Designer

We're a small venture-backed team working on an advanced localization platform for mobile & web applications. ONSITE only please.

Email jobs@translationexchange.com if interested. http://welcome.translationexchange.com/jobs


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Accuvit | San Francisco | On Site | Full Time Data Engineers/Data Visualization


We are looking for two data engineers - one backend to work with our data scientists on productionizing their pipelines, and one visualization specialist to design beautiful data representations in tools such as Tableau, Chartio, Closurescript, etc.

Excellent comp, meaningful equity, full benefits and a beautiful workspace in the Presidio.

Send resumes: alex@accuvit.io


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Open Garden (San Francisco, CA - onsite) the creators of FireChat are hiring Android engineers:


We are working on a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. Open Garden is agnostic with respect to the underlying data link technology and can currently use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.


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mPath - http://mpath.com/careers - Palo Alto / San Francisco, Remote

mPath is a new type of productivity app for businesses. Most people don't need all of their business data on their phone – just the pieces that matter to them. With mPath, regular folks can modify the app for their needs (without coding). All of this takes between a few minutes and a few hours. We connect to existing data sources like Salesforce and Box.

Right now, we have a small but very talented team. We're looking for a few more folks. Some of these openings haven't been listed on the site yet, so hit us up at:

interested [at] mpath dotcom

1. iOS Engineer - Swift/Objective C

2. QA Automation Lead - build a testing program

3. Senior Web Services Engineer - DropWizard, Docker, AWS

4. Web Services Engineer - Dropwizard, Phoenix

5. Web UI Engineer - Sinatra and React


Check out our careers page or ping me if you want to know more. http://twitter.com/asagray


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Swipe Labs (San Francisco, CA) — Seeking a Lead Designer who'd be design hire #1. We're looking for a jack of all trades (Visual, UX/UI, Interaction). We're heavy on animations, transitions. This is a founding-level opportunity (1% equity @56M valuation). If interested please reach out to Marwan Roushdy (CEO / Cofounder) — marwan@joinswipe.com


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Capital Peers – San Francisco, CA – Full-time (local only)

We are a B2B Financial Technology company focused on bridging the gap between institutional investors and small real estate funds. Small real estate funds often are a source of risk in the form of Ponzi Schemes, failed compliance and style drift (investing in assets they are not supposed to). Our business eliminates those risks and helps institutions make investments in funds that would have been impossible prior to us launching.

I am the founder with 5+ years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and 3 years at BlackRock (the world’s largest asset manager). http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamvanhest

I left BlackRock to start this company and I now have two part-time people and I am in late stage negotiations with several full-time people. We are currently scheduling meetings with angels and VCs during the last two weeks in July and expect to be funded shortly after. We will be renting office space in SOMA, hopefully in between BART and Caltrain.

I am interested in meeting people who would consider a position in FinTech or finance and are looking for a new opportunity between now and the conclusion of our angel raise in July.


Senior Software Developer – I would like to recruit a senior developer with a lot of experience who is comfortable leading the development team. We will be automating a lot of work and we will be designing interfaces for institutional investors. I programmed the current site in rails but I am language agnostic, as long as it is a modern language (rails, node, python etc.) You would be considered a founding team member with equity that reflects that and a salary that matches the founding team salaries. (again, local only)

Finance / Real Estate – Senior finance or real estate manager - Founding team member with deep real estate, asset management, or investment banking experience. This role (like the founder’s role) will involve business development as we ramp the customer base and you must be comfortable picking up the phone and talking to clients. You also must be comfortable managing a small team and help them develop. Generous equity will be granted and the salaries of all ‘founding’ team members will be set equal to each other.

Please reach out to the founder at william@capitalpeers.com


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UI/UX Designer @ Orion (http://orionlabs.co) San Francisco, CA

We're looking for an experienced designer to help take our mobile apps to the next level.



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Heroku - Python Systems Engineer - San Francisco (Remote OK)

That’s right, Python! Heroku still runs lots of Ruby, but we also run production services in Go, Erlang, Node, and more. We’re seeking a systems expert to join the Heroku Connect team.

See more here: https://www.heroku.com/careers/37


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MyFitnessPal | San Francisco, CA | Local only | Frontend, backend, mobile and data roles open.

MyFitnessPal is helping millions of people worldwide live healthier, happier lives! Come make a difference with us and check out all of our opportunities here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/jobs


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Curoverse, Inc is hiring for full stack developer position, come work on Free Software for the next generation of Big Data analysis for genomics and beyond:



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Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA (onsite) - RedOwl Analytics

We're hiring rockstars to help RedOwl explode through our Series B fundraising round. We need Ops Engineers, Field Engineers, Acct Execs, Acct Managers, Product Managers, and Data Scientists. Email careers@redowlanalytics.com with your resume and interest!


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Growth Hacker in SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley

Need someone to help grow portfolio companies @ http://www.bertramcapital.com/

and launch startups like: http://www.happyapps.io/


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Blackboard - Austin, SF - http://www.blackboard.com

We're hiring at Blackboard - we're overhauling all of our products, many from the ground up. Open roles for Android, IOS, angular, etc. Impact the lives of 30MM college students.


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SF (Burlingame) - DevOps Engineer/SysAdmin - Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

We're the leading hosted collaborative drug discovery informatics platform. Scientists around the world manage, analyze and securely collaborate around their data using CDD Vault. This type of collaboration is crucial to research on under-funded diseases like Tuberculosis and Malaria and also provides a strategic, competitive advantage in commercial markets.

Our long list of customers (https://www.collaborativedrug.com/pages/who) includes academic labs, biotechs, big pharmas, government laboratories, as well as leading funders of collaborations like the NIH, the EU FP7, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We're small, profitable, and growing.

As the first full-time member of the operations team, you will be in charge of the infrastructure used to deliver the CDD Vault application. We have cabinets in two data centers, and have begun deploying an on-premises version of our application to customers with specific security requirements.

We believe in infrastructure-as-code. We are looking for someone who is already skilled at automating infrastructure management, or someone who has a SysAdmin background and a strong desire to strengthen their coding skills. You will be given significant leeway to do your job the way you think is best.

The ideal candidate has experience with a lot of the following:

* Linux/Unix * Firewall and VPN configuration * Automated configuration management * Hardware monitoring and troubleshooting * Database replication, backups, and monitoring (MySQL) * Network and OS security hardening, monitoring, and auditing

...and a desire to learn about the rest.

You must:

* Be local to our Burlingame office or willing to relocate * Be able to participate in weekly on-call rotation with two other employees (we get paged outside of normal work hours less than once a month, and with your help we'd like to make incidents even less frequent) * Be independent, meticulous, and result-driven

To apply, please contact me at the email address below with your resume and a brief explanation of why you would like to work with us. The email address has been gzipped, base-64 encoded and reversed to ensure that you are a human who can use command line tools.



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Patreon, the subscription crowdfunding service, San Francisco (near Civic Center BART)

is hiring Python developers (Flask), JS developers (Angular and React), DevOps (Ansible and AWS), test engineers, SREs, internal tools people, and basically everything else.

email me, jesse@patreon, if you have questions.


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Showpad - seeking brilliant back-end/full-stack web developers to own projects they're barely ready for.

We're a Series B startup, focused on Mobile/SaaS. We're in SF and Belgium, invest in our culture, and are growing exponentially.


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August (august.com), San Francisco, Full-time

We are hiring firmware, backend, iOS and android engineers to help us redefine home access control. Connect with us at jobs@august.com.


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[ original post ]

Firebase is hiring folks at Google. Roles: DevOps, Interaction Design Location: San Francisco, ONSITE Ping me: andrew@firebase.com if interested.


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[ original post ]


NCC Group

Atlanta. Austin. Chicago. New York. San Francisco. Seattle. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time, work visa sponsorship available


Long-time Hacker News readers will be familiar with Matasano Security, and will expect to see us post in this thread. This month, there will not be a post from Matasano Security. Effective today, there will no longer be a Matasano Security. Instead, we're officially rebranding as NCC Group.

In late 2012, Matasano was acquired by NCC Group joining iSEC Partners and later Intrepidus Group. Since that time, we've been working together, cross staffing projects and benefiting from each other’s expertise. It's been a slow, steady process of increasing cohesion. We've reached the point where we need to assume a single identity, that of NCC Group.

Being a part of this process as it unfolds reminds me a bit of watching the Voltron cartoon series as a child in the '80s. The show featured pilots each commanding their own robot lions. Robot lions are fierce, powerful beings. But when they came together they'd form Voltron - a giant humanoid robot with the lions compromising each of it's parts. I like to think this is what's happening at NCC Group. What were previously separate companies each well accomplished in computer security are becoming a single even more formidable entity. "Form arms and body! And, I'll form the head!"

So, what does this have to do with hiring?

Growing a larger company requires a larger number of individuals. We still need candidates with the same skills as always; programming, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, web application building/breaking, adversarial thinking. We need people who understand technology and can identify flaws in how it's implemented. We need those who can look at a security weakness, and accurately gauge it's relative risk to the organization. And we need folks who can communicate that risk to multiple audiences, in varying levels of detail.

There's no better time than now to join us. Our integration effort has opened up opportunity within the company to focus on areas of specialization, advance skills, and take on ever more complex projects and challenges. If you've always wanted to be part of something new, but found yourself averse to the risk of early stage start ups, joining us now might be a way to do both. We're stable but we're evolving and changing, and our employees will shape what we become.

If you want to learn more about us check out our: Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/

Please, bear with us on the sites above. We've migrated a boatload of content, and it's likely there will be some website wrinkles. We'll iron them out as soon as we can (mostly we'll just keep breaking interesting software).



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[ original post ]

HelloFresh San Francisco Bay Area

We are the leading global company in the expanding online recipe kit delivery market. We are growing VERY rapidly and are in need of three new members on our team: Production Supervisor, Production Manager, & Assistant Director. These positions are at our distribution center/warehouse in San Francisco, but we are moving to the East Bay in the coming months. We offer complete transparency, benefits, weekly team lunches, and of course, recipes to take home and experience yourself!

Please apply if you are: • A natural leader who can motivate people and get the most out of your team • Proactive, ambitious, and assertive: you take ownership of your work and think beyond the scope of a given assignment • Entrepreneurial and can make things happen • Excited to work in a fast-paced environment with constant change and limited direction, comfortable making split-second decisions with far reaching consequences • Passionate about our business: a foodie or an operations and problem-solving zealot

Production Supervisor: You will be on the floor leading and supervising a team of hourly leads and crew, ensure quality, health and safety standards are maintained, keep thorough counts of inventory, follow instructions and communicate with managers when appropriate and perform day to day administrative duties such as printing & creation of spreadsheets.

Production Manager: We are looking for someone who has strong project management skills and experience with building or improving inventory management, order management, and warehouse management systems and processes. You will develop operational procedures for executing handling and disposition of products and outgoing shipments. You will be responsible for achieving all operational goals, and tracking and improving accuracy and productivity levels, driving strategic planning and forecasting, and motivating, developing, and managing 40+ employees.

Associate Director: We need a highly analytical general manager to help lead our expansion! You will help us oversee the start to finish process of delivering hundreds of thousands of meals across the country, ensure accurate receiving, inventory, and fulfillment, build and manage a team of managers, supervisors and hourly crew.

Preferred Experience: • 4+ years of management experience in fulfillment center/warehouse operations; prefer food service/e-commerce experience • At least 3 years of management experience in Receiving, Inventory Control, and/or Order Fulfillment • Have a MBA and/or a background in management consulting, operations, e-commerce, or investment banking from a top-tier firm

If interested, please send a short note & resume to Blake @ HelloFresh.com Thank you!


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[ original post ]

[Front Row Education (San Francisco, CA) www.frontrowed.com]

Haskell web engineer to join fast-growing education startup that changes how over a million young students learn math.

Our mission is important to us, and we want it to be important to you as well: over a million kids learn math using Front Row every month. Our early results show students improve twice as much while using Front Row than their peers who aren’t using the program.

You’ll be one of the first engineers on the team, which means you’ll have an immense impact on our company, product, and culture; you’ll have a ton of autonomy and responsibility; you’ll have equity to match the weight of this role. If you're looking for an opportunity to both grow and do meaningful work, surrounded and supported by like-minded professionals, this is THE place for you.

Front Row is one of the very few organizations in the world that use Haskell in production for most of their systems and is an active member of the Haskell community, including the Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group.

## Must haves

- You have functional programming experience

- Extreme hustle: you’ll be solving a lot of problems you haven’t faced before without the resources and the support of a giant organization. You must thrive on getting creative in order to get things done

- Fast learner: you'll be drinking out of a firehose every single day for a very long time, you should be very comfortable with that

## Very nice-to-haves

- You understand networking and have experience developing distributed systems

- You have experience with RDBMS

- You have production experience with a functional web stack in Haskell / Clojure / Scala / OCaml etc

- You're comfortable with the Behavior-Driven Development style and Continuous Delivery

- You have worked at a very small startup before: you thrive on having a lot of responsibility and little oversight (we call it the "don't be derpy" rule)

- You have worked in small and effective Agile/XP teams before

- You have delivered working software to large numbers of users before

- You have done system and network administration and are comfortable working in the Linux environment

- You have implemented deployment strategies for cloud infrastructure

- You have experience scaling distributed systems and designing large scale web backends

Full description and application at https://frontrow.workable.com/


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[ original post ]

Scribd | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full-time; Intern | Onsite | Visa (from anywhere) | Software engineers of all types metafriendly

Scribd (YC '06, "Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired EIGHT full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app with more reviews than Wikipedia, with a small mobile team)

* Data science / data analysis (using big data tools like hive to analyze an amazing proprietary dataset)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Product manager and design (UI or UX) roles too

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!) in the center of the startup world in San Francisco. Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

You can read more about our "Netflix for Books" service here http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz or check out our tech blog at http://coding.scribd.com. Last month we launched the first "Netflix for Comics" - really exciting stuff! More here: http://wrd.cm/1MbaBA6

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jaredf at scribd.com.


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StitchFix - San Francisco, CA - [REMOTE OK!] - http://stitchfix.com

We're doing TONS of hiring, and solving some REALLY interesting problems. I just joined as Principal Engineer and I'm loving it. The business is an advanced algorithms & machine learning recommendation engine applied to a Women's Fashion e-commerce / subscription service.

In english, we send our clients an outfit every few weeks, our algorithm and our stylists choose the perfect outfit for our customers, and they LOVE it. Just search instagram for hashtag "#stitchfix" and see how many of our customers post happy pictures of themselves receiving this month's "Fix'. Our customer referral-to-friend statistic is off the charts.

We're hiring for these roles: Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer, Head of DevOps, Lead iOS Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Product Designer, UX Designer

On the business side, it's a startup but we're profitable and we're not planning on seeking additional funding! Its amazing to be part of a company that is experiencing so much growth and success.

On the Engineering side, we're solving some really interesting problems. The Principal Engineer role which I just started is a very interesting type of position. We do not have Product Managers, and Principal Engineers are responsible for a part of the business (I'm responsible for part of the consumer facing web site). They are responsible for driving the product forward, working with all the stakeholders and then also implementing the solutions. I'm only 2 weeks in and I already think this is how all companies should operate (sorry PM's!)

There is an entire separate department we call AA (Algorithms and Analytics), they are also hiring like crazy. They are working on really advanced machine learning recommendation algorithm and with every little improvement of the algorithm they can see real impact of increased sales and increase customer-sat (Tim Cook's favorite quotes stat, which stands for Customer Satisfaction)

Anyway...don't let the industry put you off, the smartest, most driven but nicest people work here and you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least consider it :)

Check out our engineering and algorithms web site: http://technology.stitchfix.com/ and here is our jobs page https://www.stitchfix.com/careers.

Email me at gsteinitz (at) stitchfix (dot) com and I can answer any questions for you, or connect you with the hiring manager depending on which job you're interested in.



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[Front Row Education (San Francisco, CA) www.frontrowed.com]

Systems Engineer with DevOps focus to join fast-growing education startup that changes how over a million young students learn math.

Our mission is important to us, and we want it to be important to you as well: over a million K-8 students learn math using Front Row every month. Our early results show students improve twice as much while using Front Row than their peers who aren’t using the program.

You’ll be one of the first engineers on the team, which means you’ll have an immense impact on our company, product, and culture; you’ll have a ton of autonomy and responsibility; you’ll have equity to match the weight of this role. If you're looking for an opportunity to both grow and do meaningful work, surrounded and supported by like-minded professionals, this is THE place for you.

Front Row is one of the very few organizations in the world that use Haskell in production for most of their systems and is an active member of the Haskell community, including the Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group.

- Be able to work quickly and without handholding or supervision. You will have great autonomy. We're a small team and everybody easily pulls twice their weight

- You're morbidly well-organized, love documenting and obsess over continuously improving existing processes

- Relentlessly automate ALL the things: this is not a sysadmin position, this is developer position that removes the need for most system administration

- You're not religious about any technologies, tools or approaches: the landscape of devops changes every day, new tools emerge, new techniques become trendy. A great devops engineer stays up to date with the emergent technologies, but is committed to using the right tool for the job, whether that's an allen wrench or an immutable cluster

- You must care about being great at what you do. Front Row engineers are craftsmen who take pride in their work

- Must thrive on both technical breadth and depth. As a Front Row Systems Engineer, you will be taking care of setting up, maintaining and scaling a wide variety critical supporting infrastructure that makes running our applications possible and pleasant

- Experience working with cloud APIs, configuration management, deployment

- Experience running, maintaining and scaling RDBMS - we're heavy Postgres users and deal with a lot of critical data

- You love sharing your knowledge and teaching others about systems engineering and devops. Front Row has a very active culture of sharing of knowledge and best practices. As our first Systems Engineer, you will be setting much of the technical culture for the organization.

Full description and application at http://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/70963


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CAPITAL ONE: Senior Product Manager | San Francisco, CA (ONSITE) | rin.chon@capitalone.com

The founder and CEO of our company, which went public in 1994, mandated that we digitally reimagine our business and bring design to the forefront of our products. He challenged us to disrupt the banking industry and become a tech company that also happens to be a bank. Our San Francisco based team, D3 (Data + Design + Disrupt) embraces this mandate by following a human-centered approach for product development and by creating new B2B business models grounded in financial transaction data. We are a small entrepreneurial team that operates more like a startup than a $46 billion dollar bank. We are using data to build a new marketing platform for Fortune 500 retailers from scratch.

We need you to: -Help define product strategy and roadmap based on the Customer Development process for a new B2B marketing platform used by national retailers. -Collaborate with our data scientists, designer, business analyst, and developers to create insightful and actionable data visualizations. -Independently lead day-to-day execution of the roadmap and project management including wire frames, pilots, timeline planning, user stories, etc. -Use your analytical side to productize insights uncovered by our data teams and work with external partners to test these insights in a hypothesis-based approach followed by building a scalable product.

Preferred skills and knowledge: -Have deep knowledge of digital advertising channels, strategies, and attribution models. -Demonstrated use of the Customer Development process to build products. -Proven ability to execute quickly and simply with a strong bias towards action. -Demonstrated analytical mind that can turn data analysis into a product.

Basic Qualifications: -Bachelor’s degree or military experience. -At least 5 years experience in a product-management role.

=========================================================== At this time, Capital One will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position.

No agencies please.

Capital One is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace. Capital One promotes a drug-free workplace.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to gender, race, color, age, national origin, religion, disability, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/assignment, citizenship, pregnancy or maternity, protected veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable national, federal, state or local law.

Capital One will consider for employment qualified applicants with a criminal history in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable laws regarding criminal background inquiries, including, to the extent applicable, Article 23-A of the New York Correction Law; San Francisco, California Police Code Article 49, Sections 4901-4920; Newark, New Jersey Ordinance 12-1630; and other applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding criminal background inquiries.


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Flexport | San Francisco Flexport is a platform for global trade. We make it easier for the next generation of brands to get their products to market. Paul Graham says, "Flexport is one of those rare startups that will not merely satisfy its market, but grow it. There will be more international trade because of Flexport, and international trade is a very big thing for there to be more of." We've raised $6.9M seed from great investors including Google Ventures, Bloomberg BETA, First Round Capital and others. And we've reached product-market fit with over $1M in monthly revenue. We're now looking to build out our engineering team here in San Francisco. Senior Front-End Engineer Flexport is looking for talented front-end engineers to join our team here in San Francisco. This is a high impact and high ownership opportunity for self-starters interested in solving real-world problems and streamlining the inefficient industry of global trade. You’ll report to our CTO, Amos Elliston, who previously co-founded Geni, where he helped build and spin out Yammer. What You’ll Do * Create tools that make it easier for companies of all sizes to participate in global trade * Help build intuitive, highly efficient and performant interfaces to automate the repetitive parts of logistics What You’ll Need * Awesome coding skills and Computer Science fundamentals * Next-level analytical problem solving talent * Experience in a fast-paced work environment. You ship quality code quickly. * A product-first approach to building software. You care about the real world functionality of your programming. * Experience with one or more modern javascript frameworks. Our Stack In the frontend, we use React for the views, organize the data flow with Flux architecture, and test our application with Jest. We use a hybrid version of Bootstrap styles mixed with hand-built Sass components as our CSS library and are moving away from Bootstrap as we continue building our apps. We follow OOCSS methodology and use Hologram for documentation. On the backend, we're a Rails shop riding on AWS and Postgres RDS. Using Rspec we believe in just enough testing to provide full coverage without introducing a lot of change friction. Our architecture is light-weight and modular in nature adhering to the fat models, skinny controllers ideology. Our Process Flexport engineering is a close-knit team where everyone reviews each other’s Github pull requests. We are expected to learn from our peers and help others learn. Code is released almost everyday or whenever business requires. Our continuous releases are integrated with Travis and Github. Benefits * Competitive salary * Full Medical, Dental, and Vision Package * Considerable equity in a company growing at breakneck speeds Come talk to us about the chance to forever change the face of global trade in a professional atmosphere that encourages individuality and responsibility. Apply To apply please email jobs@flexport.com with your resume and some information about you, your work, and why Flexport might be the right next step for your career.


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Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/ ; we're unfortunately are not hiring remote or part-time at the moment as we're committed to building a strong internal engineering culture at this stage before opening the doors more.

Entelo's mission is to help organizations build great teams. Our goal is to help any organization recruit for any of their open roles. We've currently built a powerful people search engine that indexes hundreds of millions of social profiles and looks for signals to predict who may be more receptive to a career change. It's our belief that the the HR/Recruiting world deserves many of the same powerful tools that sales and marketing organizations have had, and it's our responsibility to deliver on this mission.

The Hacker News community has been great to us as we've made 4 engineering hires through the HN community. We care about building a thoughtful and considerate engineering environment with true work-life balance and personal flexibility (to my knowledge, no one works more than 50 hours in the office and we're flexible with work schedules).

We're currently looking to rapidly expand the engineering team. Here are a few of our open roles:

-Sr. Backend Engineer/Architect. Salary Range: $140k-180k

We're looking for someone to advance our backend infrastructure. We index hundreds of millions of profiles, and this requires crawling, parsing, normalization (data is semi-structured) and matching of these social profiles. We're currently using a stack that includes Scala, MongoDB, Golang, Java, ElasticSearch and AWS although we've been considering using Amazon's new Postgres solution.

-DevOps Engineer. Salary Range: $110k-140k

We're looking for our first dedicated DevOps engineer as we've currently been doing DevOps by committee. We're looking for someone that isn't rigid in thought and is open to using tools/technologies to solve our internal upkeep problems. We take a software-centric approach to DevOps and do try to use a modern stack here: Docker, New Relic, Loggly, PagerDuty, Rails, ElasticSearch but we're open to those that may have more traditional DevOps experience but open to using newer technologies.

-Full-Stack Rubyists. Salary Range: $100k-$170k (wide range depending on experience and ability to play some of the other roles)

We're always in the market for talented full-stack engineers. Our stack includes Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AWS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Redis, ElasticSearch

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at jon at entelo.com. I'm the CEO of Entelo and happy to be a part of this community.


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Expensify-San Francisco, CA-Fulltime, Programmer Extraordinaire

Hey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck!" (Google "expensify" to read more.) We're getting crushed under an ever-growing pile of super awesome work, and I need one bright soul to help us dig our way out. I can guarantee you fun, an amazing opportunity to learn, and the siren's call of distant riches. But only if you are all of the following:

- An incredibly hard worker, even when it's not so fun. There is a ton of work to do, and a lot of it downright sucks. After all — we do the sucky work so our customers won't need to. I need you to buck up and grind through server logs, user emails, source code, and bug reports, without complaint or supervision, and come back asking for more.

- A cool person to be with. Not a crazy party animal, just someone we can trust, rely upon, hang out with, bounce ideas off of, and generally interact with in a positive way, both personally and professionally. In fact, this is one of the most stringent requirements we have: would you be fun to hang out with day and night on some remote, exotic beach? This isn't a rhetorical question, either: every year we take the company overseas for a month and work incredibly hard while having a ton of fun. We've done Thailand, Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia and the Philippines. We just went to Portugal...where do you want to go next?

- Super talented, in a general way. We're going to throw a ton of work at you of every possible sort, and you need that magic skill of being able to figure it out even if you have no idea where to start. On any given day you might bounce between super low-level coding, super high-level technical support, marketing-driven data-mining, updating our user documentation, inventing/designing/building some new feature, etc. This is not a code monkey job — you're going to be a full participant in the process, and you need to bring your own unique blend of skills to the table.

- Specifically talented in a programming way. You can instantly visualize solutions to problems big and small. Your code is always clean, well commented, has good nomenclature and indentation. You can switch on a dime between C++, PHP, Bash, Cron, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dwoo, SQL — not because you know them all, but because you're the sort of person who can just pick it up and figure it out. If you're this sort of person, you'll know what I mean. If not, then this position isn't for you.

And there are a bunch more, but odds are if you got this far, nothing I can do would stop you from applying. That's a problem because while I know you are awesome, it's actually really hard and time consuming to find you in the midst of the literally hundreds of other applications I get from everyone else. So this is where I'm going to ask my first favor: can you make it really easy and obvious how great you are, so I don't accidentally overlook you?

There are probably many ways to do that. But the easiest way to do that is to check out we.are.expensify.com and send in an application(which you can find at http://we.are.expensify.com/apply). We are excited to hear from you!


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Pied Piper|San Francisco, CA|Internships|Full-time

Pied Piper is a data compression startup based out of Silicon valley. Using our revolutionary “middle-out” algorithm, we find long-range structure in your files to create the most efficient encoding of your data. It’s just as exciting as it sounds!

We're currently looking for strong developers on all levels of the stack to join our cutting edge technology team. You should apply if you're proficient in Python, Ruby, JS, Clojure, Java, Erlang, COBOL, Haskell, Fortran, MIPS, C/C++, Swift or Android.

If you're interested in changing the world with us, drop us your resume at piedpiperjobs@gmail.com and get ready to be a part of something amazing.


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<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body>

<h1> Hustler-Engineer WANTED to join the Founding team </h1>

<h2> Yes, we've edited this post as html code to capture your attention. Read below why we did this </h2>

<p> We do Folksreviews.com, it allows anonymously check reputation of any person. Shoot an email for additional detail if needed </p>

<p> We need a fellow hustler, with engineering skills to join us. About you - Seasoned specialist in tech Located in SF or willing to relocate here onsite *You have already build cool stuff. But ambitious enough to ship the next big thing. </p>

<p>I'm the founder of the company - shoot me direct email


https://folksreviews.com </p>

</body> </html>


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San Francisco, CA - RockYou

RockYou has a few openings for:

Sr. Data Engineer (PHP/Java/Hadoop) Sr. Linux Systems Engineer Server Engineer