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San Mateo - 7 jobs in June 2015

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Duo Security is hiring in Ann Arbor, San Mateo, and London. We just raised $30M to build/market/sell the next generation of access security. Work with smart and fun people at a fast-growing company.

Engineering (Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA)

- Product Designer, SaaS Scaling Engineer, Senior Windows Software Engineer, Sr. Front End Software Engineer

Product (Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA)

- Senior/Principal Product Marketing Manager

Duo Labs (Anywhere)

- Director of R&D, R&D Software Engineer, Security Researcher, Senior Security Researcher

Marketing (Ann Arbor, MI)

- Creative Producer, Web Designer/Developer

Plus many more positions in sales and customer success.

Full job board (scroll down): http://grnh.se/bqvst2


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Narvar - www.narvar.com - San Mateo (Silicon Valley)

Hiring for front and back end engineering and data science. Jobs posted to angel.co/narvar as well.

Narvar is the complete supply chain management platform that’s helping the world’s best brands improve the customer experience. From consideration to fulfillment, and beyond, our solutions deliver world-class, data-driven experiences to better serve your customers and transform your business.

We work towards improving customer experiences and maximizing customer lifetime value for businesses through a smart, engaging, and analytics-driven approach to supply chain using open APIs and SaaS technologies.

Full-stack Engineer ONSITE: You will be working with every aspect of the product, to develop the experience for our clients and the end consumers.

Front-end Engineer ONSITE: You would be working with the design and development team to constantly create and improve the experience for end consumer while supporting the product team on behalf of our retail clients.

Data Scientist INTERN ONSITE: You will be provided with mentorship and given a choice of problems: starting from one-off descriptive statistics, to developing predictive analytics, to developing production grade, high-volume machine learning APIs.

Feel free to email me (lead data scientist) jeremy at


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Narvar - San Mateo, Full Time, Onsite, VISA

Data Scientist - https://angel.co/narvar/jobs/47508-data-scientist

Narvar is a fast-growing cloud solutions company poised to change and disrupt how businesses handle their Supply Chain Management and customer post purchase experience. We use open APIs, SaaS technologies and are taking a smart, practical and data driven approach to supply chain. We are a well funded startup with several marquee customers. With companies of every size relying on our cloud solutions, Narvar thrives on innovation and succeeds with talented and committed individuals and the best customer service.

The position: We are looking for a self-motivated entrepreneurial data scientist with interests in between engineering, statistics, and product. We have data products for you to help design, build, and deploy including recommender systems, natural language processing, an A/B testing platform, and numerous predictive analytics models. You will be joining a small team and will be able to make an immediate impact. Are you an expert in one domain and want to learn another? Do you own one piece of the data science stack and want to master another? Let's do it!

About the data team: We maintain a set of ML APIs using a microservice architecture. Our tech stack is mostly python code deployed in docker containers using Amazon web services where ever possible. Our data group leans towards an agile methodology for iteration on existing services. We cut code and deploy on a weekly basis. For new products and services we plan a MVP and then get to work. We work inside the engineering organization, closely with product, and provide support for all business units. We work on both internal and customer facing solutions.


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PacketZoom | SF Bay Area (San Mateo) | INTERN | VISA (CPT/OPT processing) ok.:

We're looking for one intern with deep interest in system and network level issues, protocols (TCP/HTTP/UDP based protocols etc) and Unix System level programming in C/C++. Additional interest in mobile programming (iOS/Android at the lower layers of the system) would be a bonus. Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me, CEO/CTO of the company (my user info is in the profile).

You'd be working at our San Mateo office. If you're a student in a US university but far away from the Bay Area, don't worry. We'd make travel and living arrangements for you at company expense. Unfortunately we can't process candidates from foreign universities at short notice (much as we'd love to).

PacketZoom was started with the goal to completely change how mobile devices communicate with the cloud. We've created a tech stack and cloud service to upend the tired old TCP/HTTP stack with a more mobile friendly networking protocol built on top of UDP.

Read this for the background and our motivations: https://packetzoom.com/blog/

Discussed here on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9354279

We ran an Intern program for the first time last year with two amazing interns from Harvard and CMU respectively. One of them wrote a review:


Come join us in the beautiful Downtown San Mateo, CA for a summer of fun combined with occasional hard work and learning.. or the other way round.

Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).


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Collective Health, ( http://collectivehealth.com/ ), San Mateo, CA (Full time, ONSITE only)

We're tackling the employer-sponsored healthcare industry (our favorite analogy is how Tesla takes on several verticals at once, such car makers, dealers as well as the oil industry). We can lower both the first and second derivative of the rising health care cost curve, nationwide. There's some compelling evidence we can do so, if you'd like to chat.

The company just under a year and half old. We punch well above our weight-class with experienced founders, 50+ team members (~ one quarter is engineering), and paying customers.

If you're interested in some challenging work, you should let me know. We've got a ton of interesting problems to solve around distributed systems, data analytics and predictions, complex data modeling, ultra high-availability, security, privacy and more.

We're currently looking for experienced SW engineers up and down the stack, back end, infrastructure, data, dev ops, test, generalist, etc.

Our tech stack is a mix of Go and Java components with Angular on the front end. We use a custom service bus to tie our SOA together, microservices style. We love Docker, CoreOS, postgres, riak, automated testing, and continuos integration.

As a company, we're strong believers in transparency, trust and balance. As an engineering team, we believe good code is easy to read and should have a short "time to understanding". We expect all of our engineers to continually teach as well as learn. We also believe that everyone should write good code, yet balance that against the need to ship.


We're super proud of the company mission, engineering culture and tech stack we've put together and would love a chance to explain it all in detail!



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San Mateo, CA -- Datanyze -- All positions (sales, product, operations, etc.)

Hello, everyone! Jon from Datanyze here. We are backed by Google Ventures, Mark Cuban, and many other amazing investors. We also bootstrapped past $1M in annual recurring revenue and have been break-even or profitable every quarter since we started...not your typical startup!

We've grown our headcount 10X in the last year and have ambitious plans to grow at an aggressive pace in 2015 and beyond. If you love competitive environments and the opportunity to work with the leadership at a hyper-growth startup, please send me an email at jon@datanyze.com anytime!


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Tachyus - San Mateo, CA - 10 open positions

We are revolutionizing the oil and gas industry, well funded, and (most importantly) producing significant revenue. This is the opportunity for the right people to align with us and share in ownership. We are a focused science and engineering driven team working with real physical devices and processes in technology and the natural world. You will work closely with 3 PhDs, 2 Masters of Science, and 4 Microsoft MVPs. We take our Values statement seriously, so read it first and decide. http://tachyus.com/joinus/

Data Physicist

Our data physics team develops algorithms to provide intelligence critical to field operations. You bring your experience doing quantitative analysis (data science) and physical modelling. You must love digging for wisdom in complex data sets and possess fluency in a language commonly used for scientific technical computing (Mathematica, MatLAB, Python, etc). You will solve problems involving reservoir depletion, equipment failure, drilling and completion strategies, and production optimization.

Software Engineers - F#, Python, and Web

We believe that expressive, declarative code is more frequently correct code. The core of our software platform is built with F#, a functional-first, strongly-typed compiled language. We seek engineers who are excited to do full-stack, product-driven thinking.

Our core physics and data science algorithms are written in Python and bridge the gap between pure research code and production-quality algorithms, often scaling up code to run faster on more computers. We seek engineers who are excited to do product-driven thinking, grounded in hard core physics and statistics.

Web Engineers (you know who you are) we use Typescript and an MVVM design on the front-end, and F# for our API layer. Regardless of language experience, the ideal candidate has strong experience implementing web applications which are correct, attractive, performant, and maintainable.

Correctness Engineer

The Tachyus Correctness Engineer is a Software Engineer who specializes in building the infrastructure to prove our software and algorithms produce accurate results. The CE works closely with the entire Engineering organization to prevent, catch, prioritize and eliminate errors in both software and data. He or she is an engineer at heart, preferably with experience writing production code.

Product Manager

We need a Product Manager to work at the intersection of our customers, scientists, engineers, and designers gathering feedback from customers, synthesizing iterations into precise documentation, and communicating clear product requirements to the team as we execute on our ambitious product roadmap.

Just as important, we also have open positions for:

Data Engineer, Senior UI Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Recruiter