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Seattle - 19 jobs in June 2015

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SpaceX flight software is hiring! Most openings are in Los Angeles, but we're also looking for senior engineers in SF and Seattle.

We have openings in a bunch of different flavors:

* C/C++/realtime systems - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7464

* C++/physics simulation - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/4337

* Frontend web development - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7374

* Java/Python/Go automation services

* Dev ops - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/7579

There are a ton of more openings listed in the career site, peruse and feel free ask me any questions


And for a little inspiration, here's a video of our last landing attempt -- the magic sauce was mostly software!



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Distilled (www.distilled.net) is hiring in London, New York City (NYC) and Seattle WA - all permanent, full-time roles. I'm the CEO - hit me up by email with any questions (email in profile).

We have a whole host of open positions: https://www.distilled.net/jobs/

In particular, we would very much like to talk to digital marketing / SEO consultants in any of our cities.

We recently had an all-hands email thread where the whole team discussed what brought them to Distilled, and why they are still here. It got many great replies (including a number talking about how people's friends had typically had 2-3 jobs in the time they'd been with us), but this one stood out:

"A combination of an informal environment, freedom, and high expectations - I wanted a place where I could be myself and grow doing/learning things that I was passionate about, while having lots of smart people around me to collaborate with in doing so. I came from a huge, strictly regimented and siloed company, and was fed up with being told "that's a great idea, but it's not your job", and Distilled seemed to be the polar opposite."


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Amazon | AmazonUI (AUI) | Seattle; San Francisco | Onsite | Full-Time

AUI is the Front-end platform being adopted on Amazon.com. We are modernizing the company's front end code base, while diving deep on latency, performance, API design, user experience, and cross browser/device compatibility. Basically, we need people who can build libraries, not just use them.

Our team is incredibly customer-centric. For any given situation, we have to make the right choice on behalf of the folks using our platform -- and we have to do it at scale. That may sound cliche, but within the next hour AUI will be used to generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on about 90% of requests across all device categories.

It's a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity. For example, we can run experiments that change almost every page on Amazon.com. We can also impact the page load time for the entire site. Have you ever tried to figure out why your site is 6ms slower? We have.

We use these tools (but don't expect you to know all of them): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Perl, Git

And to give you an idea of who you will be working with, the folks responsible for this articles are on our team: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-...

If you're interested, drop us an email. Heck, you can even drop us an email if you're in Seattle or San Francisco and you just want to have coffee:

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Rover.com - Full Time - Seattle, WA - Full Stack Engineer

Rover.com is a place where dog owners can find and book dog sitters in their area. We help owners find quality sitters and facilitate the entire experience, so dog owners can comfortably travel without worry about the well-being of their furry family members. We are a rapidly growing and well-financed startup founded and based in downtown Seattle. We're looking for an experienced Django/Python developer who has experience with one of the following: split testing, search algorithms and/or machine learning.

Our style: - Dogs in the office. Bring yours, too! - Lightweight, Agile processes constantly improved with retrospectives. - Fully automated testing and deployment system. Just merge your branch and it ships. - Integrated teams with developers and designers work side-by-side. - Data-driven decision making with A/B testing.

If you’re up for all of this and ready to hang out with a bunch of dogs, give us a shout. We’re excited to hear from you!

This position is based at Rover HQ in Downtown Seattle. Competitive salary & benefits depending on experience. Candidates must be eligible to work in the US. To join the team at Rover, check out http://jobs.rover.com


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Dato | Seattle, WA | https://www.dato.com/

Dato is at the forefront of machine learning technology, committed to bringing predictive analytics to the masses. Work with an amazing engineering team with a vision, and deliver real customer value every day. Our platform encompasses prototyping, data exploration/visualization, model building, and production tools, and we offer the opportunity to work on the whole stack. Help move the industry forward in the world of predictive analytics and intelligent applications!

Frontend Dev: Work with React.js/C++/Python to build delightful experiences for our users.

Backend Dev: Development, integrate and deploy internal and third party services to production. Design, implement, and monitor long running services to the benefit of our product and customers.

Job descriptions here: https://dato.com/company/careers/index.html

Interested? Email jobs@dato.com


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Hey all, Ivy Softworks is looking for talented, motivated team members in Seattle. We're doing a new take on the startup incubator that we're calling an Innovation Studio.

Check out our website and shoot us an email using the contact in the footer if you have any questions.


Current open positions:

    GUI Craftsman – Hybrid Web Application Developer
    Platform Development Engineer
    Software Development Engineer – OS Internals
    Distributed Systems Engineer – Cloud Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Operations Engineer
    Distributed Graph Engineer
    Software Development Engineer – OSX
    Data Scientist
    Software Development Engineer – Windows
    Software Development Engineer – Test


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[ original post ]

-- Who we need

CareZone is hiring experienced devs for: backend (Rails preferred), Android, iOS, and testing in software development.

-- Where we want you

We’d love to welcome you to our Seattle office (Cap Hill) or SF office (Mission) – otherwise, strong candidates can be remote employees.

-- Great stuff we can offer you!

1) Feel-good warm fuzzies

We’re on a mission to help folks manage their medications and health. We receive very kind user reviews, such as:


(Screen shot is from our app store reviews channel in Slack, totally un-edited)

2) Exciting prospects

We’re in growth mode. Yet we’re still small enough that newcomers can be impactful. We’ve figured out how to help people, and we’ve luckily figured out how to make money.

3) Technology

Backend team uses rails and constantly seeks to try new js libraries and gems. We care about having nice git commits, rebase instead of putting merge commits on master, follow a style guide (but have made plenty of changes to it as we see fit), and generally have what we think is a really nice culture around coding, QA'ing, deploying, etc.

Our iOS and Android teams are similarly tuned.

4) Benefits

We're well-funded – so we can offer great benefits that let you focus on making great products. We’re family-first, and flexible with hours and location. You figure out what makes you productive.

-- Apply

Email whatever you think makes you qualified to katy@carezone.com

-- More info

All positions: https://carezone.com/jobs


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The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis) Full time - http://climate.com/careers

Climate is using Clojure to build weather and agronomic models to help farmers maximize their profit while reducing their impact on the environment.

====== Why I love it ======

– Climate is making a huge impact in the agricultural industry. – I am surrounded by super smart people who all share an attitude of openness and mentorship. – I work with some of the top scientists in the fields of climatology, agronomy, data science, and remote sensing. – I build large-scale systems that process and serve trillions of pixels of satellite imagery. – I am using 20% of my time to work on a brand new product within the company just for the fun of it. – I release open-source Clojure software as part of my job.

===== Who we’re looking for =====

Engineers of every kind.

Our positions are listed here: https://hire.jobvite.com/j?cj=oTPo0fwQ&s=Hackernews_Satshaba... If you apply through that link you should get priority.

I am really excited about the work I've been doing, I am happy to talk about it in length. If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.


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[ original post ]

BrandVerity |Seattle, WA| Full-time Onsite Python Developers

At BrandVerity we think big and we don't cut corners. The internet is full of bad guys trying to trick unsuspecting users and make a quick buck. Our mission is simple: Clean up the internet. We're a small company and the only way we can deliver on this mission is if everyone we hire is talented, passionate, and committed to doing things the right way.

We do a lot of web crawling to trace the flow of web traffic, or identify places where their brand is being used incorrectly or inappropriately in specific offers, free form text, or even images. Directing a crawl against big chunks of the web and filtering the results to find the needle in the internet haystack has many challenges, and certainly puts our core work in the "Big Data" realm.

We're looking for an experienced engineer who is a strong individual contributor but also wants to share their experience with some extremely capable but more junior team members. We’re very collaborative, and our engineers are some of the best communicating people around, because we appreciate that even if you can solve a problem well, being able to communicate about it is just as important. The strong developer we’re seeking will have the foundations to easily adapt to a new stack, so we’re not looking for specific skill buzzwords. Experience with Python, AWS, and non-relational data storage would help you ramp up faster, but we’re willing to invest the time if you come with the right stuff but not the same stack.

If this sounds worth having a conversation about, please drop us a line at jobs@brandverity.com


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Seattle WA | Vancouver BC | REMOTE https://antsquare.com

Antsquare is seeking an experienced and self-driven back-end focused developer to help build our company's core services and infrastructure. Daily tasks can and will include creating & maintaining RESTful APIs for our web and mobile clients, building tools to streamline our development process, and optimizing our full stack (DB disk access, caching, network calls) for killer performance.

Our current technology stack is Node.js / Postgres / Mongo / ElasticSearch / Redis. You're welcome to use any new tools or languages you find fun and interesting (as long as they interface with our existing infrastructure!)

You are ideally:

- Resourceful - able to learn quickly and think critically

- Passionate about writing maintainable and testable code

- Familiar with Git/Mercurial or another version control system

- Experienced with JavaScript or languages that compile down to JavaScript

- Familiar with at least one RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, etc)

- Familiar with at least one NoSQL database (Mongo, Redis, etc)

Antsquare is building the next generation of mobile retail marketplaces. We focus on buying and selling goods within the local community.

Send applications to jobs@antsquare.com


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[ original post ]

Qualtrics | Seattle,WA | Full Time

I'm part of a small team of 20 engineers and growing at Qualtrics-Seattle. We're currently working on a scalable data visualization platform call Vocalize or Voice of the Customer http://www.qualtrics.com/vocalize/. This product takes data from Qualtrics' Research Suite platform (industry leading survey platform) and provides actionable information for our clients. Some of the tough problems we're tackling are: big data, data visualization, external data integration, and supporting a wide range of customers.

If you're interested in working with Node.js, Angular, D3.js, and Scala, there's plenty of opportunity for that here.

Please email me dseigle @ qualtrics.com if you're interested in learning more check out our careers page link below. I've also included some links on Qualtrics Culture, a blog post from our Director of Engineering - John Thimsen, and our latest press release.

Latest Press Release: http://bit.ly/1HpKrIc

John Thimsen Blog: https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/author/john-thimsen/

Qualtrics Culture: https://youtu.be/aekXU98D_5k

Job Descriptions(all levels-click on engineering): http://www.qualtrics.com/careers/


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[ original post ]

We're a stealth start-up in the cloud/systems market (our target customer is us: engineers). Founded by previously successful YCombinator portfolio alumni with great connections in the industry and the investing community.

This time we want to build something big. Our product makes open source developers happy. It also makes users of open source software happy.

We're in YC Summer 15 class and we're talking to engineers who're interested in joining very early on with significant equity upside (but we offer a salary as well). We will be flattered if you'd consider to sit down with us, discuss the vision and possibly pick holes in it and help us fix them.

  Our Backend Needs:
    - Golang and C
    - Filesystems and network protocols
    - Security
    - Linux internals and containers

    - Looking for an opinionated front-end UI/UX expert.
    - Teach us how it's done. We're backend people, we need your help.

    - Bay Area
    - Austin
    - Seattle
Contact: jobs@gravitational.io


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Seattle/NYC/Philly Looking for full-stack devs for Curalate as we tackle some of the gnarliest problems at the intersection of computer vision and big data. Info here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/curalate#.VWxvCJNVikq

--Responsibilities: You'll be expected to dive into our stack and toolkit, and start shipping code on day one. We're not hiring code monkeys; you'll be given substantial feature ownership, and we'll expect you to contribute product ideas as well as code.

We're not language zealots; we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

-Languages: Scala, Javascript -Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard -Databases: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, CloudSearch -Frameworks: Finagle, Storm, Scalatra, Lift -Front End/Mobile: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Ionic (Production experience with any of these technologies is not required. However, candidates will, at a minimum, want to have experience with an object-oriented language)

--About You: We’re much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. While we're not looking for any specific industry experience you should have at least two years of experience and come prepared to join a fast-moving team. Above all else, we're looking for others who are as excited about the potential in this space as we are, and who will be willing to join us in moving fast and breaking things as we execute against that vision.

--About Us: Curalate is the leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web and a partner to more than 500 of the world’s most-loved brands. We’re a passionate team of visual thinkers, makers, and storytellers dedicated to helping brands create authentic connections with consumers through images. And we’re building something really powerful.


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[ original post ]

EnergySavvy - we're hiring software engineers (Onsite - Seattle & Cambridge,MA)

We're a cleantech startup dedicated to re-inventing the way homes and businesses become more energy efficient. We're a python/django shop but hiring for a few different dev positions- check them out here: http://www.energysavvy.com/careers#jobs

If you like dinosaurs, you've come to the right place.


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Shift Labs (YCW15) is looking for our first embedded systems hire in Seattle.

We’re a Y Combinator backed company creating innovative and simple devices for fast-growing healthcare sectors. Our customers range from home health care patients in the US to expectant mothers in emerging markets. That means we build devices that use creative design and engineering to develop technologies that help provide better care around the world. We’ve got ambitious goals and global plans. If you want to build technologies that make a difference in people's lives, we want to talk to you.

Job Description:

We’re a growing startup looking for a team member to take a leadership role on the embedded systems side of our product development. If you have a strong knowledge of product development, embedded electronics systems and programming (with an emphasis on power management), and the ability to anticipate product, engineering, and consumer needs, read on!

If you enjoy building tangible things, can think at a systems level, and want to do meaningful work that helps improve the world, email us at jobs@shiftlabs.com.

Location: Seattle, WA


· You enjoy talking to customers and are able to explain technical concepts to non-technical users. · You have worked in a startup-like environment (unstructured, ambiguous, resource constrained). · You have experience with manufacturing products and scaling production. · You work well with engineers, marketing, sales and other stakeholders at the company. · You have exceptional organizational, collaborative and communication skills. · You are curious and have the ability to learn quickly and become an expert in new technologies, markets, etc. · You can engage in both tactical and strategic thinking. · You’re open to participation in broad tasks related to the business, including recruitment, resource planning, marketing strategy, etc.

Required Skills: · Expert at embedded software development · Expert at electronics circuit design, testing, and PCB layout (digital and analog) · Experience with electronics design for manufacture, dealing with suppliers, including putting together electronics manufacturing packages to get production quotes. · Capable in ultra-low power design · C and C++ experience


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[ original post ]

Clustrix | San Jose and Seattle | www.clustrix.com | visa ok

Clustrix is looking for systems engineers to work on, our query planner, storage, and other areas of our database (replication, HA, fault tolerance, performance, etc)

There are multiple openings listed our website: http://www.clustrix.com/company/careers/openings/


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[ original post ]


NCC Group

Atlanta. Austin. Chicago. New York. San Francisco. Seattle. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time, work visa sponsorship available


Long-time Hacker News readers will be familiar with Matasano Security, and will expect to see us post in this thread. This month, there will not be a post from Matasano Security. Effective today, there will no longer be a Matasano Security. Instead, we're officially rebranding as NCC Group.

In late 2012, Matasano was acquired by NCC Group joining iSEC Partners and later Intrepidus Group. Since that time, we've been working together, cross staffing projects and benefiting from each other’s expertise. It's been a slow, steady process of increasing cohesion. We've reached the point where we need to assume a single identity, that of NCC Group.

Being a part of this process as it unfolds reminds me a bit of watching the Voltron cartoon series as a child in the '80s. The show featured pilots each commanding their own robot lions. Robot lions are fierce, powerful beings. But when they came together they'd form Voltron - a giant humanoid robot with the lions compromising each of it's parts. I like to think this is what's happening at NCC Group. What were previously separate companies each well accomplished in computer security are becoming a single even more formidable entity. "Form arms and body! And, I'll form the head!"

So, what does this have to do with hiring?

Growing a larger company requires a larger number of individuals. We still need candidates with the same skills as always; programming, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, web application building/breaking, adversarial thinking. We need people who understand technology and can identify flaws in how it's implemented. We need those who can look at a security weakness, and accurately gauge it's relative risk to the organization. And we need folks who can communicate that risk to multiple audiences, in varying levels of detail.

There's no better time than now to join us. Our integration effort has opened up opportunity within the company to focus on areas of specialization, advance skills, and take on ever more complex projects and challenges. If you've always wanted to be part of something new, but found yourself averse to the risk of early stage start ups, joining us now might be a way to do both. We're stable but we're evolving and changing, and our employees will shape what we become.

If you want to learn more about us check out our: Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/

Please, bear with us on the sites above. We've migrated a boatload of content, and it's likely there will be some website wrinkles. We'll iron them out as soon as we can (mostly we'll just keep breaking interesting software).



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[ original post ]

Remote (or offices in Seattle)

Pathable, Inc is hiring! http://pathable.com


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[ original post ]

Amazon Web Services security team is hiring. We're looking for security-minded engineers at various skill levels. Our positions range from journeyman support engineers to principal engineers.

Locations: Seattle WA, North Virginia, Dublin Ireland (EU), Sydney Australia

Positions: http://amzn.to/AwsSecurityOpportunities

Questions: @z1g1 or via email aws-itsec-hacker-news [at] amazon [dot] com.

== Full ==

Key focus areas include:

* Recognize, adopt, utilize and teach best practices in security engineering: secure development, cryptography, network security, security operations, systems security, policy, and incident response.

* Collaborate to ensure that decisions are based on the merit of the proposal, not the proposer. When none of the proposals is the obvious winner, you are still decisive, able to disagree and commit to the team’s decision

* Demonstrate high capacity and tolerance for extreme context switching and interruptions while remaining productive and effective

* Participate in efforts to promote security throughout the Company and build good working relationships within the team and with others across Amazon

* Partner with teams throughout the Company to develop pragmatic solutions that achieve business requirements while maintaining an acceptable level of risk

* Solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context

* Maintain an understanding of the Internet threat environment and how it affects the company

* Find and fix flaws in existing company systems and sites

* Leverage current state of network and application security tools and how they can benefit the company

* Maintain knowledge and skills required to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape

* Participate in efforts that create and improve the company’s security policies

* Work under extended, extreme pressure, handle situations calmly and lead incident response teams effectively

* Proactively support knowledge sharing within the team and across the company

* Help recruit the very best people for Amazon through active participation in the overall recruiting process

* Large-scale security engineering Cloud security experience is obviously a plus, but not a firm requirement.

Full Listings are available here: http://amzn.to/AwsSecurityOpportunities