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Shenzhen - 1 jobs in June 2015

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Tin Whiskers Technology LLC is looking for a senior-level CS / software engineering position for a unique and rare challenge. We have a strong chance to go to prestigous hardware accelerator program in Shenzhen, China, from July 22 to November 10, 2015, and need a CS person to attend the program with us, and help us perfect the software of our prototype robotic machine. Our company will be given $100,000 to develop a fully working machine that's designed for manufacturing and ready to sell to the general public. We will attend a demo day on the 111th day in San Francisco, and pitch our idea to VC's and media.


* Java, C++, Javascript

* Ability to travel to China

* Free calendar from 6/22/15, to 11/10/2015

Candidates with the following are preferred:

* Project leadership, startup experience

* Strong mathematics background

* Full-stack web developer experience

* 3D printing and/or robotics experience

We will provide:

* Salary, competitively priced for the candidate's knowledge and experience level

* A life-changing experience to travel to the world-capital of hardware manufacturing, in Shenzhen, China to develop a cool product

* Air fare, room / rent, food costs in China

* Vested equity, but this will be on a case-by-case basis.

A quick background on our machine and our company: http://delta.firepick.org

Contact info: hello@tinwhiskers.io