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Baltimore - 3 jobs in July 2015

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Under Armour | Baltimore, MD | On-Site | Fulltime

Looking for Node.js engineers (Scala experience is a plus too). We are rebuilding much of the architecture that runs ua.com as highly available node.js powered microservices. Also will be publishing API's to integrate with recent UA acquisitions MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness and Endomondo.

I'm an engineer at UA, and can be reached at choover(at)underarmour.com


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Baltimore, MD; Reston, VA; FULL TIME

Videology, Inc. - http://www.videologygroup.com/

Internet advertising startup looking primarily for server-side Java developers (if your Java is rusty but you're good, drop us a note anyway). I was working for a start-up called LucidMedia Networks (hence the "lmn" in the e-mail address below), which got acquired by Videology. Our stack is Java with Spring on *nix (Mac for dev, Linux on servers) with MySQL and some NoSQL stores on AWS. The Baltimore office also has a team on a large .NET stack as well, but Java teams are spread across both offices. We have some big projects in the works involving big data and volume as we scale globally and consolidate platforms into best of breed. The Reston office is located right next to the Silver Line metro station.

Contact me directly at sahil_lmn@yahoo.com.

I actually got hired through a HN "Who is Hiring" thread, and I hired 2 people through these threads. These things do work!


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Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA (onsite) - RedOwl Analytics We're hiring rockstars to help RedOwl explode through our Series B fundraising round. We need Ops Engineers, Field Engineers, Acct Execs, Acct Managers, Product Managers, and Data Scientists. Email careers@redowlanalytics.com with your resume and interest!