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Brisbane - 3 jobs in July 2015

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Accelerated Concepts | Rails Developer | Downtown Tampa, FL | Full Time | Onsite


Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise wireless cellular network data hardware and services. We specialize in the development of solutions for primary network access, wireless 3G/4G backup connectivity, device monitoring, and centralized management. We also provide industry leading Linux based OEM platforms services from hardware design to complete solutions including management, inventory, and configuration. We are a small company with about ~30 employees, some of which are located in Brisbane, Australia.

The position is for work on our Accelerated View platform, a monitoring & reporting application that supports thousands of devices.

Our tech stack:

* Linux

* Ruby on Rails

* TorqueBox

* MySQL / Oracle

* Rust

* Git

* Jenkins (CI)

About you:

* Strong background in web application development

* Strong rspec / automated test experience

* Passionate about solving problems

* Familiar with agile methodologies

About us:

* Competitive salary

* Benefits - Medical / Dental / Vision / Life / FSA / HSA / 401k

* Remote work with VPN

* Great work environment

If you are interested please send an email to michael.zaccari [at] accelerated.com


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Insight Informatics - http://libero.com.au/ - Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia or REMOTE within Australia

We're a team of 12 responsible for delivering a world-class Library Management Platform to Public, Corporate and University Libraries around Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide the best set of tools that empower libraries to build communities, simplify their day to day running and provide exactly what their members need.

Full Stack/Front-End Developer: We're entirely web-based but our stack is quite unique (InterSystems Cache, React, Python, ASP.Net, Go, Solr, Docker, AWS). We're after experienced people comfortable on the front (and preferably back) end to help make the library industry more awesome.

Shoot us an email at seb@libero.com.au to chat if you're interested.


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Tanda: https://www.tanda.co

Brisbane, Australia (sorry, no remotes)

Paying your staff in Australia is ridiculously complicated. We make it a lot easier.

Looking for Software Engineers (stack is Rails/Postgres/standard related stuff, all of which you can easily pick up). Also keen for Customer Success Consultants (http://www.seek.com.au/Job/28962804), and part time Sales Superheroes.

Students/recent grads/interns welcome. We hire for attitude over aptitude.

Perks: awesome exciting work with a great team. We're one of the fastest growing startups in Brisbane and intend to keep it that way. Also free breakfast.

More info - alex@tanda.co (I'm one of the founders so ask me anything)