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Chattanooga - 3 jobs in July 2015

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Carbon Five | Chattanooga, TN ONSITE |Test Driven Web Developer | http://www.carbonfive.com/

Carbon Five Web Developers have 2 or more years of professional web development experience and already understand that deploying untested code to production is betting against the future. You're a productive member of your team, but you're not yet ready to lead teams. Maybe you want to lead some day, but need the support to get there; or maybe it's just not your thing. You should...

★ Have experience with JavaScript and Ruby.

★ Have strong communication and collaboration skills.

★ Enjoy pair programming (we may not pair all the time, but everyone pairs).

★ Be curious about other languages and platforms (Go, Swift, iOS, ...).

★ Enjoy being given goals and finding ways to achieve them.

★ Value Agile XP Practices (Iterative development, Refactoring, TDD/BDD, CI/CD, ...).

★ Prior consulting or freelancing experience is a bonus.

★ We're currently using Ruby (mostly Rails) and JavaScript (Node.js) on the back-end. On the front-end we're building sophisticated clients with HTML5/JavaScript and Native iOS (Obj-C, Swift). That's where we are today, but there's no telling how that might evolve over the next few years. We’re always trying new things to see what works for us and our clients.

Our developers get a tremendous amount of experience because of how we work with one another and with our clients. Carbon Five is a great place to learn a ton and have a great time doing it.

How to apply

Please send an email to info@carbonfive.com


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Chattanooga, TN Full time - on site

Bellhops has been exploding in popularity because we’re solving a problem that every American has had: moving. We’ve decided to attack this industry that hasn’t seen innovation since Henry Hohnsbeen invented the clipboard. We’re changing that by building a great organization of problem solvers who are at the top of their game. We're a hard working team that has a great time together.Join us at our Chattanooga, TN Headquarters. The city is home to the first municipal gigabit network in the nation, and was described by Outside Magazine as the best outdoor city in the country.

Tech: Python/Django Developer, DevOps Engineer, Sr. Front End Developer, Mobile Developer (iOS and/or Android)

Marketing: Digital Advertising Specialist (with SEM and SEO background)

Contact: careers@getbellhops.com Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/bellhops/ and angel.co


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San Francisco, LA, Chattanooga, London, Mumba - Full-time / Onsite OpenTable

We've got a ton of job openings; mostly in the Node.js space, but also for .Net engineers, Devops, front-end engineers, DBAs, non-node JS devs. Pretty much everyone.


I joined 4 or 5 months back and am very happy here. SF Office has a great nerdy culture; lots of tech talks, hosted meetups, engineer-friendly policies (sane WFH, good vacation, 20% policy, 'boyscouting' (fixing code unrelated to what you're working on) is encouraged). I very much enjoy working here, and I think most engineers would too.

Email me: mmanfrin@opentable.com