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Eindhoven - 1 jobs in July 2015

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Klets (https://klets.com) | Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Customer Support & Happiness | INTERN, ONSITE

At Klets we bring customer chat to all businesses in the world. We believe that chat is a great communication medium but it's underused for communication between companies and their customers. Especially B2B companies nearly exclusively use phone and email, and this is simply because there have been no good chat-based solutions to fill this gap. Klets fixes this. We launched a month ago and are seeing impressive traction and adoption.

We're looking for an intern who wants to make our existing and potential customers extremely happy. Your role will be very flexible and very much open to your own wishes and (study) needs. It's a plus if you have a clue about online marketing and can write (blog) well. You'll be studying something related to marketing, business or communication right now, and we'll tune the opening to match your studies. The fact that you, a non-programmer, are looking on Hacker News for internships gives you an immediate edge.

Most of our customer support (obviously) goes over chat, so it's important that you enjoy chat and text messaging. We find that customer support via Klets makes complete strangers have fun and crack jokes with you, so it's certainly a fun job. We'd also love for you to contribute to our marketing strategy if that's up your alley - content marketing, growth hacks - anything you can think of, really.

We'd like you to live relatively nearby but we're open to a big part of your work to take place remotely if necessary. So if you're in (or near) the Netherlands but not near Eindhoven, no biggie, with a combination of trains and remote work we'll make things work just fine.

We're a very young startup, and in our stage, there is no real difference between sales and customer support, and even marketing (because a great product with great support tends to market itself to some extent). If you're looking for a place to really significantly contribute to a startup's growth, get in touch.

Interested? Chat with us on https://klets.com/klets (no login or signup needed)

(we're not interested in recruiters and intermediaries - please don't get in touch)