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Kansas City - 1 jobs in July 2015

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[ALL REMOTE] SpiderOak, multiple positions. Bias in favor of decent overlap with US Central timezone. Very occasional travel to Chicago or Kansas City will be required.

SpiderOak is expanding out, building next-gen products to help bring the same privacy to cloud computing as you’d expect from personal computing. There are multiple positions open, ranging from entry-level tech support positions to higher level development and management positions. We’re a global team of engineers, with 8 years of history behind us in building SpiderOakONE and SpiderOak Groups, and customers from the average Joe to Fortune 500s and the government. Be part of a growing team at an exciting time for privacy on the internet.

* Product Manager [$75k-$100k]: Help manage all aspects of product development, and make sure that product development stays on-track and on-time. Guide products from inception to completion, with involvement in everything from development to support to documentation to pricing. See more at https://spideroak.com/articles/product-manager

* JavaScript UI Developer [$75k-$100k]: We're building our next-generation products making full use of HTML5 technologies. If you've experience with building effective and amazing UIs in React, please see more at https://spideroak.com/articles/javascript-front-end-develope...

* Python / Django Developer [$75k-$100k]: Love Django? We need a Django-head to help us build out our web-driven products, from components for SpiderOak Groups to our website to backend internal tooling. If everything from SQL and Python to CSS and HTML is your thing, see more at https://spideroak.com/articles/django-developer

* Customer Relations Representative [$36k]: Be the hero that our users need and deserve. Upward mobility within the company certainly possible as well. See more at https://spideroak.com/articles/customer-support-representati...