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Las Vegas - 3 jobs in July 2015

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VCE -- http://vce.com Richardson, TX USA / Durham, NC USA / Marlborough, MA USA / Las Vegas, NV USA / Santa Clara, CA USA / Mahon, Cork Ireland

VCE seeks to simplify the data center experience for Enterprise and Service Providers globally. VCE is an EMC Federation Company with investments from Cisco and VMware. VCE has already surpassed a $2B annualized demand run-rate and over seven consecutive quarters of greater than 50% year-over-year demand growth.

Do you want to ride the rocket ship and work on interesting things?

Go here: http://UnicornJockey.com

If you are still in college please consider our Undergrad Engineering Development Program! :)

If you hit escape velocity from college or already graduated -- we're hiring for:

- Principal Software Product Security Engineers

- Sustaining Software Engineers

- Quality Assurance Automation Testing Engineers

- Software Solutions Architects

- Program Managers

Keyword soup: React, Angular, Dojo, SOAP, WSDL, RESTful, XML/JSON, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX; iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, Struts, Spring and Spring AOP/MVC; Jenkins, Maven; experience living the dream with OpenStack, CoreOS, Docker, combinatorial optimization, VMI algo, Data Center Infrastructure Management, OASIS SCA, TOSCA, DMTF OVF, CIM, CIMI, OCP, OGF OCCI, ODCA PEAT, unicorns, turtles, rainbows, sentient cheese wheels, self lubricating sea slugs, FCoTR, 802.1WTFBBQ, obscure Billy Gibbons trivia, Monte Carlo simulation, etc... etc...


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Slickdeals | Las Vegas, NV | Onsite & Full Time

Like most mobile apps built in the past few years when starting up, a lot of shortcuts were made, optimizing for speed to market instead of the best user experience. Our current app was built by a 3rd party vendor. This just doesn't work anymore.

We started taking ownership of our app last year when we hired brilliant & passionate Mobile PM, iOS developer, and Android developer. We're currently in the final stages of rebuilding both our iOS & Android apps from the ground up, fixing the mistakes of the past. It has been a lot of work for everyone, but the end result will be worth it.

Although the job post is for someone who does both iOS & Android apps, don't let that deter you. We're not going to pass up on a talented and passionate iOS or Android developer


p.s. Retaining talent is very important to us. Its not just about free food or a ping pong table. Ask us about more about what we do.


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MaxCDN | Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV | F/T | ONSITE

- Senior Global Network Architect

- Network Operations Center Engineer


- https://www.maxcdn.com/careers/

- http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/89839/network-operatio...