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Menlo Park - 1 jobs in July 2015

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Crowdpac -- http://crowdpac.com/ -- Menlo Park, CA

Data Integration Engineer (python)

The data science team applies cutting-edge algorithms to what candidates say, how they vote, and how they network and fundraise to measure their positions and priorities. In 2015 our mission is to expand our coverage to more locations and new forms of information.

As a member of the data science team you will:

- Design and implement a scalable ETL framework for a variety of structured and unstructured data

- Collect, clean and analyze data to create content for our website and media partners and drive product strategy

- Contribute to our transition from a relational database system to a distributed data system

- Contribute to development of new algorithms to improve our products and learn advanced data science methods

Required qualifications include:

- BS/BA in computer science or a related discipline (e.g. Information Science), or equivalent work experience

- Strong knowledge of computer science and data architecture fundamentals and best practices

- Advanced skills in Python

- 1+ years of professional experience working with large real-world data sets

- Startup energy and enthusiasm

Preferred qualifications include:

- Proficiency in SQL

- Experience with distributed computing and data storage environment (Spark, Hadoop, Hive, etc)

- Knowledge of a variety of ETL solutions and products

- Interest in politics and social policy

To apply email data@crowdpac.com