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Mexico City - 1 jobs in July 2015

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A Different Engine. Dev/Design | On-Site FT or Off-Site Contract | SF/NY and Mexico City (see note)

We're an interactive agency that design and build apps for emerging media platforms. We do web, mobile, Smart TVs, Game Consoles etc.

We're looking for UX and Visual designers and software engineers in our Brooklyn or San Francisco Offices. We commonly work with NodeJS/Angular/React etc both backend and frontend JavaScript, some Rails, and a tiny sprinkling of PHP.

Its a great learning opportunity for smart, motivated, folks right out of college as you'll get a chance to work on several cool projects throughout the year.

We are also always looking for a few reliable remote freelancers (AWS Devops folks!) that can help round out our team as needed.

Finally we're looking to open a Dev office in Mexico City at a competitive salary. If you're located in Mexico City we're happy to chat as well.

You can reach us at jobs@adifferentengine.com or reach me (Mike a Founder) from my HN profile.