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Paris - 5 jobs in July 2015

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Placemeter, NYC or Paris, full-time, ONSITE

Placemeter (http://www.placemeter.com) is an urban intelligence platform. We quantify the movement of modern cities, at scale.

We ingest any kind of video to analyze pedestrian and vehicular movement, revealing hidden patterns and strategic opportunities. We use proprietary computer vision technology to gather data from live streams and archival video. We take privacy very seriously, designing our systems to yield useful data without identity detection.

We are looking for:

* Embedded Software Engineer (http://grnh.se/4uypew): We recently announced our custom sensor which is designed to attach easily to a window and runs proprietary Placemeter algorithms to extract data from the scene outside the window. As part of a small team you will be involved in all aspects of developing the current and future versions of the sensor. Looking for mid-level to senior engineers, 2+ years of experience with embedded/small devices.

* Data Production Engineer (http://grnh.se/1t3reu): As a member of the Computer Vision team you will be the crucial link between algorithm development and production data delivery. You will analyze data produced by our algorithms from real-world video, evaluate its quality, identify problems and work on solutions together with Computer Vision engineers. You'll also manage our large QA video database against which we test any code changes. Ideal for a recent grad who wants to gain more experience in Computer Vision.


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Stupeflix | Paris | https://about.stupeflix.com/jobs

We're a small team of engineers passionate about video creativity. We make Replay (replayapp.com), 2014 App of the Year in 34 countries, demoed on stage at Apple Keynote, 8M downloads and just getting started.

Currently hiring Android, iOS, full stack web developers, and computer vision specialists. Join us!


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Wiredcraft (http://wiredcraft.com/) -- One of our offices: Shanghai, China

We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure. We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://sweepboard.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin this year.

We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

We are looking for full-time or interns:

- Developers; front-end (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS), backend (node.js, Python), ops (Python, Go).

- Designer director; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content strategy, color ,theory,...).http://careers.wiredcraft.com/jobs/design-director/

- Technical project manager; you're comfortable fitting entire technical architectures in your head, you have a burning desire to see things done.

- Online marketing intern; we'd love some help with growth hacking our products and marketing our services like there's no tomorrow. http://careers.wiredcraft.com/jobs/online-marketing-intern/

- Business Development; if you are in Washington DC, Berlin or Paris, understand enough of our space and would like to help us grow our services, shoot us an email.

Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html


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Paris, France - LiveMentor - Full-Stack Ruby/Rails Developer

We help people learn better and faster by connecting them with the mentor they need.

As first technical employee, you'll have a determining impact on our culture and product. Current team of 5: CEO, operations lead, CTO, product lead, and marketing lead.

Full-time, ONSITE (mostly)

Complete posting (in French): https://www.livementor.com/a-propos-de-LiveMentor#fullstack

Drop me a line at gregoire@livementor.com


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London, UK

HAIRCVT is changing the way the people of London and Paris get their haircut. We’re flipping a £10bn industry on its head and we’re looking for our second tech hire to help us do so.


Full details are on Workable: