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Pittsburgh - 3 jobs in July 2015

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Duolingo – Pittsburgh, PA (onsite) – full time

Duolingo is the most popular language education platform worldwide. It also just got $45 million from Google, who stated: "Duolingo’s mobile-first, adaptive, and gamified platform is changing the way people are learning languages across the globe."

It's free, gamified and the curriculum is completely science-based and proven to work. You can learn on the go, from anywhere, and dedicate a few minutes at a time. A few facts below! It is also being used increasingly by teachers, schools and departments of education (https://schools.duolingo.com/).

- It's the #1 downloaded app in the Education category on both iTunes and Google Play worldwide - 100 million users! - Selected by Apple as "iPhone App of the Year" and by "Google as Best of the Best for Android", 2 years in a row - Unlike other online education platforms, Duolingo is a completely digital experience meaning it requires constant interaction and is native to computers / mobile platforms. - Lessons are bite-sized so you can learn a language in 5 minutes at a time, whenever you're in line or waiting for someone, with no excuses! - It's 100% free. Our mission: free language education for the world - Duolingo uses machine learning technologies to create a completely personalized experience for each user - Luis von Ahn, co-founder and CEO of Duolingo, is a MacArthur fellow, Carnegie Mellon University professor, and the inventor of CAPTCHA

We're looking for: Software Engineers, Designers and Product Managers to develop the next-generation technologies that improve how millions learn.

More details on our Jobs page: https://www.duolingo.com/jobs Or send your resume and cover letter directly to jobs@duolingo.com


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Bessemer Alliance - Pittsburgh, PA (onsite) - full-time

  About the company
We are a small strategy, design & software startup based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our client base is diverse, ranging from small startups to global Fortune 100 companies. In our first 3 years we have experienced fantastic growth and foresee greater opportunities in the near future. Our client engagements typically involve research, strategy, and design. In addition to client work, we are working on a top-secret, internally-developed product that is slated for limited release in Q1 2015 (it is going to be great). We believe the future is bright and that we possess the ability to make it so. Learn more at http://www.bessemeralliance.com/

  Open positions
Visual Designer - create detailed UI designs for web and mobile applications and contribute to the overall UX vision. All our designers participate in research, facilitation, and synthesis activities, but your focus will be on visual/UI design.

To apply or hear more about the position, just send an email to spencer@bessemeralliance.com


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IBM Watson | Multiple positions | Pittsburgh | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates | Scala; Java; Angular.js; Bootstrap; Python; Ruby; Watson Explorer

IBM Watson in Pittsburgh has several open positions as of this posting.


* Watson Technical Product Manager

* Watson User Interface (UI) Junior Developer

* Watson Quality Engineer

* Watson Support Explorer Engineer

If you apply, please ensure that you apply fully by clicking the link in the email you receive later today. People frequently miss that step and leave their application incomplete!

I’m the software engineer tech lead on the Watson Explorer connectivity team and former consultant with the product's Professional Services team.

We’re looking for folks versed in Java, Scala, and the Ruby on Rails stack. The UI positions are heavily focused on Angular.js and Bootstrap. QA leans Python. We're in new development mode right now, so if you like to start from nothing, you'll like what we're doing.

We do things like TDD, real actual pair programming†, kanban, agile-ish planning (IBM Design Thinking, not some convoluted buzzword bullshit), automated builds, “use the right tool for the job even if it’s not an IBM product”, and daily stand ups that, for the most part, never run past 15 minutes.

We like to have fun, too, having regular board game lunches and evenings, hosting meetup events, weekly communal lunch cooked by one or more of our fantastic cooks, and managers that are incredibly full-of-clue and treat us like the adults we all are.

We try to keep our interview process as bullshit-free as possible. If we think you look good on paper, we’ll reach out for a phone chat and give you the details on a pretty open-ended code test, where you’ll implement a simple library. If we like your solution, then we’ll invite you for a live culture fit and technical interview, in-person if you’re near or remote if not. This process has given us a ridiculously low turnover.

† no, really. We shoot for 50%-75% pairing, otherwise known as “pair when it makes sense”.