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Portland - 6 jobs in July 2015

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Hiring founding team for Chameleon to make user onboarding amazing for every app.

± Full-Stack Engineer (enable data-driven intelligent onboarding) --- Portland / Seattle

± Front-end Engineer (create an awesome in-app tutorial builder) --- Portland / Seattle

± Full-Stack Designer (help design the company, not just the product) --- San Francisco

Seed-funded (top angels and led by True Ventures), with great customers and two engineer founders. Competitive salary, meaningful equity and all benefits.

We believe work is a meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable subset of life; we want to help you grow personally and professionally, and respect and value your individuality.

Please get in touch via https://angel.co/trychameleon/jobs or email hello@trychameleon.com

(P.S. THESE JOBS MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST - YOU CAN CHANGE THAT BY CLICKING THE LINK ABOVE. If you don't get this reference, you need to either study some physics, or watch Silicon Valley.)


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Simple | REMOTE or Portland, OR

Simple is a company working hard to transform online banking. We have ~250 employees and we're a subsidiary of BBVA Compass.

We're hiring for security engineers - people with a strong background in information security who are also comfortable writing code to help build out new security features. As a security engineer at Simple, you'd be working alongside our developers to build new security features for our customers, such as two-factor authentication. You'd also be contributing to the secure design of our internal systems.

We write code in Scala, Clojure, Go, Ruby, Python and JavaScript, but we don't expect you to be an expert in all of these technologies right from the get go.

Our code runs on Ubuntu Linux in AWS and is built around immutable snapshot-based deployments with a strong focus on automation. If you don't have experience with these technologies but are willing to learn, we'd love to talk to you.

You'd be joining on as the 8th member of the security team (which includes me). Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at dy1an@simple.com or check out the job posting here: http://banksimple.theresumator.com/apply/NOpz7x/Security-Eng...

More generally, we are also hiring for backend engineers, frontend engineers, mobile engineers and operations engineers. You can find each of these positions listed here, on our general Careers page: https://www.simple.com/careers


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Oregon Health & Science University | Scientific Programmer | Portland, OR | ONSITE | Full Time | Relocation available

We are seeking a skilled scientific programmer to develop genomic, imaging, and clinical analysis applications on a distributed data / workflow management and analytics platform currently under development. This position will work in a team oriented software development environment, following best practices such as code sharing through GitHub and development of structured software APIs. A successful candidate will contribute to the international development of standardized APIs and data schemas, and develop implementations compatible with such APIs, ensuring that the system is interoperable within the emerging community ecosystem of software tools.


+ Develop custom analytics and data management applications to facilitate one or more of the following: large-scale genomic data analysis; machine learning methods to infer genotype-to-phenotype predictive models; analysis of quantitative imaging data.

+ Work with the platform development team to implement scalable cloud-enabled workflows to disseminate analytical advances to the research community.

+ Establish and maintain standards for structured software & systems engineering, including requirements, design, code, test, quality, configuration & release management and project management.

+ Provide documentation and user support allowing computational researchers across campus to access and re-use analysis tools.

+ Maintain well-curated, highly structured, transparent omics, imaging, or clinical data resources.

+ Develop tools to integrate commonly used open source bioinformatics software applications.

+ Participate in leading international efforts aimed at establishing best practices and standards for genomic data representation and analysis.

The job posting is available at: https://ais.ohsu.edu/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/irc/ca...

If you have any questions, feel free to send a note to novast@ohsu.edu.


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Rentrak | Portland, OR | Full Time, Onsite | http://www.rentrak.com

Rentrak is a media measurement company. In short, we crunch a huge amount of data for TV networks, movie studios & etc to give them meaningful viewership statistics. We've been around for 25+ years, and we've necessarily changed a lot in that time (we started out contracting with video rental stores). We're certainly not a startup, but we have a comfortable culture and a strong OSS focus.

We're hiring mid and senior system administrators and DevOps engineers. We're looking for experience with the following:

* Linux (mostly CentOS)

* Configuration management (especially Puppet)

* Large-scale database management (Postgres)

* AWS, VMware & virtualization tools

* Storage infrastructure (NetApp, etc)

* Monitoring tools

* Python and Ruby for DevOps; also a plus for other positions.

* We have at least one opening for a Windows admin, too.

We're also looking for software engineers at all levels. Our existing infrastructure is generally in C++ and Perl, and new products are generally in Python or Ruby. Our focus is on handling massive data sets. Big data & MapReduce technologies, OLAP, large-scale SQL-based DBs, and distributed system experience would all be great.

Feel free to contact "colin.hyzy at rentrakmail.com" for more information. Thanks!


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Ride with GPS – http://ridewithgps.com – Portland, OR

Looking for a capable iOS or Android developer. We currently have one very talented dev focused on our iPhone/Android apps that you would be working closely with.

We're a very small & effective team (7 of us), and we all ride bikes in some fashion (road / gravel / mtb / etc). Very passionate customers and great working environment.

Shoot me an email if you want to know more: zack@ridewithgps.com

For more details: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/sof/5090421157.html


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[ original post ]

Plunk | Business Development Manager | ANY MARKET | Full-Time

Plunk is a digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR. We are currently looking for more Business Development Managers to help grow our business in a variety of markets. You will work to be an advocate locally and understand which partnerships make sense for Plunk as we grow to reach new clients.

For more information, or to apply please send your resume and information to jobs@plunkus.com

To check out Plunk you can go to http://plunkus.com