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Seattle - 33 jobs in July 2015

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Hiring founding team for Chameleon to make user onboarding amazing for every app.

± Full-Stack Engineer (enable data-driven intelligent onboarding) --- Portland / Seattle

± Front-end Engineer (create an awesome in-app tutorial builder) --- Portland / Seattle

± Full-Stack Designer (help design the company, not just the product) --- San Francisco

Seed-funded (top angels and led by True Ventures), with great customers and two engineer founders. Competitive salary, meaningful equity and all benefits.

We believe work is a meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable subset of life; we want to help you grow personally and professionally, and respect and value your individuality.

Please get in touch via https://angel.co/trychameleon/jobs or email hello@trychameleon.com

(P.S. THESE JOBS MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST - YOU CAN CHANGE THAT BY CLICKING THE LINK ABOVE. If you don't get this reference, you need to either study some physics, or watch Silicon Valley.)


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AWS is looking for Security Engineers of all skill levels!

Locations: Seattle (WA), Herndon (VA), New York (NY), Sydney (AUS), and Dublin (IRL)

All positions are full time with benefits and possible international relocation/visa sponsorship for great candidates.

AWS is one of the world's largest cloud hosting environments and we're looking to scale up its existing fleet of security engineers. We're looking for engineers passionate in the areas of:

* Security engineering

* Red team / penetration testing

* Incident response

* Cryptography

* Network protocols

* Application Security

* Web application

* Large scale automation tasks

* And pretty much any other topic related to Information Security

No prior knowledge of AWS is required, however it would be preferable.

Interested candidates should send their resumes as a PDF to => osmans @@ amazon . com <= with the subject line "HN Thread".

(keywords: cloud, security, information security, and begrudgingly 'cyber')


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Amazon | AmazonUI (AUI) | Seattle; San Francisco | Onsite | Full-Time

AUI is the Front-end platform being adopted on Amazon.com. We are modernizing the company's front end code base, while diving deep on latency, performance, API design, user experience, and cross browser/device compatibility. Basically, we need people who can build libraries, not just use them.

Our team is incredibly customer-centric. For any given situation, we have to make the right choice on behalf of the folks using our platform -- and we have to do it at scale. That may sound cliche, but within the next hour AUI will be used to generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on about 90% of requests across all device categories.

It's a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity. For example, we can run experiments that change almost every page on Amazon.com. We can also impact the page load time for the entire site. Have you ever tried to figure out why your site is 6ms slower? We have.

We use these tools (but don't expect you to know all of them): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Perl, Git

And to give you an idea of who you will be working with, the folks responsible for this articles are on our team: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-...

If you're interested, drop us an email. Heck, you can even drop us an email if you're in Seattle or San Francisco and you just want to have coffee:

    function getEmailAddr( company ) {
        company = company.replace(/\.com$/i, "").toLowerCase();
        return String.fromCharCode(97, 117, 105, 45, 104, 110) + "@" + company + ".com";


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Pivotal Labs New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Denver (we support relocation)

Job Titles: Senior Product Manager, Senior Agile Engineer, Senior Product Designer (Consulting roles)

Pivotal Labs works closely with founders, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and customers to ensure the right product is defined, prioritized, and built. We believe great products are built by great teams, and are followers of Agile (XP), Lean and Balanced Team philosophies.

I'm a Managing Director at Labs -- send me a cover letter/resume at gsiener [at] pivotal.io


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EnergySavvy - http://www.energysavvy.com/careers Seattle/Boston

EnergySavvy is a SaaS company with a mission of re-inventing the way homes and businesses become more energy efficient. We've doubled in size in the last 2 years and are currently hiring a couple key engineering roles for our newest product in Seattle and Boston.

Seattle: Software Engineer: http://www.energysavvy.com/careers/software-engineer Software Engineer - Customer Team: http://www.energysavvy.com/careers/customer-engineer DevOps: http://energysavvy.theresumator.com/apply/uvfm8x/devops-engi...

Boston: Software Engineer - Customer Team: http://www.energysavvy.com/careers/software-engineer-custome... Client Engagement Professional: http://www.energysavvy.com/careers/cep-boston

Feel free to contact christine@energysavvy.com for more information or me at "frank at energysavvy.com".


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The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis) Full time - http://climate.com/careers

Climate is using Clojure to build weather and agronomic models to help farmers maximize their profit while reducing their impact on the environment.

====== Why I love it ======

– Climate is making a huge impact in the agricultural industry.

– I am surrounded by super smart people who all share an attitude of openness and mentorship.

– I work with some of the top scientists in the fields of climatology, agronomy, data science, and remote sensing.

– I build large-scale systems that process and serve trillions of pixels of satellite imagery.

– I am using 20% of my time to work on a brand new product within the company just for the fun of it.

– I release open-source Clojure software as part of my job.

===== Who we’re looking for =====

Specifically, we are looking for senior level iOS engineers with published applications in their background. You'll work in a small tight knit team focused on a specific product.

This is a really impactful position because more of our customers access our products through their mobile devices. You will have a huge creative input into the product.

Our other positions are listed here: http://www.climate-careers.com/

If you apply through this link you should get priority: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?nl=1&k=Job&...

I am really excited about the work I've been doing, I am happy to talk about it in length. If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.


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NCC Group (formerly Matasano Security, iSEC Partners, and Intrepidus Group) - Austin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sunnyvale, CA

It's July, and I can assure you that all of our offices have better A/C than anyone else on this thread.

Many of you will be familiar with NCC Group's legacy US names - Matasano Security, iSEC Partners, and Intrepidus Group. We're now all officially integrated under the NCC Group name and one happy family.

The bottom line: if you love security and research, NCC Group just may be a perfect fit for you.

What do we do exactly? Penetration testing, security analysis, and cutting-edge research into current technologies and attacks (breaking things). You spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. You get to be creative and have a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long and in a year you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time. Not too shabby!

If you want to learn more about us check out our: Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/ Research - https://isecpartners.github.io/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/. We'd love to hear from you!


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ExtraHop Networks, Inc --Seattle, WA --ONSITE

We're the global leader in wire data analytics, a new approach to IT Operations Analytics(ITOA). We provide an invaluable platform for deriving actionable insight from the lifeblood of any IT Ops organization—its wire data. This is a growing team where everyone makes significant, measurable impact.

We're growing fast, and hiring for many roles, but I'll just call out two here:

Digital Marketing Analyst - If you live and breathe web analytics data and know how to leverage it to make great marketing decisions, check out the full Job Description and apply here: http://bit.ly/1BZ58ul

Technical Marketing Engineer - Got experience writing scripts and building and troubleshooting datacenter network environments using common operating systems and software packages? Know Python and Javascript? Comfortable writing and talking about all of this? Check out the full Job Description and apply here: http://bit.ly/1FRNvHO

We're hiring for plenty of roles, so if one of the above doesn't fit, see what else we have open: https://www.extrahop.com/careers/

I love working at ExtraHop. You will too.


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Time Inc / Seattle, New York, Bangalore, London / Full Time, Onsite

Time Inc operates some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, Southern Living, and many others. We are (finally) building out a world class engineering team to partner with our brands to extend their reach.

We've brought in strong technology leadership from the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft.

I've got positions on the following engineering teams; DevOps (SEA, NYC, LON, BLR), Digital Asset Management (SEA, NYC, BLR), Branded Web Properties (NYC, BLR), Editorial Tools (NYC, BLR), Native/Mobile Applications (NYC, SEA).

We are looking for senior engineers and engineering managers with strong engineering fundamentals. We are just getting off the ground, so are looking for people comfortable working in environments with many rough edges.

@radeksimko is one of my team members in the UK and is doing great work on our DevOps effort. He recently became a committer on Terraform[1]. He represents the type of engineer I'm looking for.

Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in learning more. Email in profile.

[1]: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/commits/master?author...


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[ original post ]

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (UW) | Seattle, WA | Developers, Data Scientists, Research Fellows

Tired of spending your time trying to trick people into clicking on ads and buying things they don't need? Put your big old brain to better use by using cutting edge data science to tackle global health and development.

IHME has spent nearly a decade bringing global health statistics into the modern age, working with the Gates Foundation, NGOs, and governments around the world to better understand and address problems related to health and development. We're up to 250 employees now, with hundreds of collaborators around the world. Our flagship Global Burden of Disease project has been cited tens of thousands of times and has effected real change.

For developers, we have postings for javascript, databases, and drupal. We're also looking for a scrum master and project officers. There's postings for data analysts and researchers right now, and there are some data scientist roles that should be posted soon. Contact me if you're interested.



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Distilled (www.distilled.net) is hiring in London, New York City (NYC) and Seattle WA - all permanent, full-time roles.

We have a whole host of open positions: https://www.distilled.net/jobs/

In particular, we would very much like to talk to digital marketing / SEO consultants in any of our cities.

We recently had an all-hands email thread where the whole team discussed what brought them to Distilled, and why they are still here. It got many great replies (including a number talking about how people's friends had typically had 2-3 jobs in the time they'd been with us), but this one stood out:

"A combination of an informal environment, freedom, and high expectations - I wanted a place where I could be myself and grow doing/learning things that I was passionate about, while having lots of smart people around me to collaborate with in doing so. I came from a huge, strictly regimented and siloed company, and was fed up with being told "that's a great idea, but it's not your job", and Distilled seemed to be the polar opposite."


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Join the best little startup at Microsoft.

The Azure DocumentDB team is hiring - http://jobs.documentdb.com/

Building NoSQL awesomeness; located in Redmond, WA (near Seattle).

=== What is DocumentDB? ===

Azure DocumentDB is Microsoft’s multi-tenant distributed database service, purpose-built for managing JSON documents at the Internet scale. Inside Microsoft, several large applications have been using DocumentDB in production.

=== Who are we? ===

We are a small and nimble team of systems engineers inside the Azure Data Platform Group (DPG) which builds services like SQL Azure and HDInsight. Joining our team is a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best systems engineers in the industry who are tackling challenges that will continue to shape the industry.

We believe that building a novel database from ground up is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a ground floor opportunity to build a large scale distributed storage system. The team culture values results, operating with a sense of urgency, engineering quality, technical excellence, and grassroots innovation.

=== Contact Us ===

Send us an email at: askdocdb {at} microsoft.com


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Amazon Demand Forecasting | Seattle / New York | Full-Time | On-Site

Amazon's demand forecasting team is responsible for predicting sales on the millions of products that Amazon makes available. Our team solves tough engineering problems on large data sets using machine learning. We're looking for experienced engineers who love data, think analytically, and are interested in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with regards to predicting demand.

If you have 3 years of experience in software, are interested (or carry experience) in ML or big data applications, and want to learn more about a team just getting started in mining the vast datasets that Amazon has on tap to make forecasts -- I'd love to chat or buy you coffee. Email smai@ (amazon.com) with your resume and a brief introduction.


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Axon (part of Taser International) | Seattle | Local - relo available

We're leading the charge in developing body cameras and other wearable computing devices for law enforcement. We have opportunities in mobile, embedded systems, backend services, and other areas I can't talk about publicly.

Here's a good writeup from The Atlantic on what we're up to: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/04/the-bi...

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more. Email is in my profile.


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LabKey Software https://www.labkey.com/ | Seattle, WA | Front-end developer, Senior software engineer, Marketing manager

We're looking for exceptional people to help scientists attack some of the most challenging problems in the world. Our team partners directly with biomedical researchers working to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases (HIV, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, asthma, allergies, and others); we learn about their science and unique needs, and develop solutions to their data management and analytical challenges. We release everything we develop as open-source software, accelerating research in labs and networks throughout the world. We are serious about developing high quality software, delivering innovative solutions, and contributing to the research community, but we're just as committed to maintaining an enjoyable, collaborative and flexible work environment.

LabKey Software is headquartered in Seattle, with a development office in San Diego.

We're growing quickly, so if another of our typical roles (https://www.labkey.com/careers/uncategorised/typical-job-ope...) is your dream job we'd love to hear from you.



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Okta | San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto | Full Time

Our team includes some of the smartest, most creative and innovative people you'll ever meet.

Recently, we are Named the 'Only' Leader in Gartner's IDaaS Magic Quadrant - https://www.okta.com/resources/idaas-leader-gartner-magic-qu...

Whether you work for Okta's engineering, sales, marketing, business development or customer success team, one thing is certain - you'll find colleagues that will engage, inspire and challenge you. We're a passionate group of people who believe that cloud architecture is here to stay. And our laser-like focus on customer success and technical/operational excellence has enabled us to be a leader in identity management.

It's a fast-paced, agile work environment and we need the best and the brightest to help us change the world. Building and selling the future of IT is no small feat - you love challenges, work hard, play nice with others - and if you know your way around a ping pong table, that doesn’t hurt either.

And we’re just getting started.

Open Positions: https://www.okta.com/company/careers.html

Please e-mail at: vimarsh.karbhari@okta.com


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Nimia — https://app.nimia.com — Seattle, WA — Senior Software Engineer (Python/Javascript) — Full Time

We are building a home for great footage. Independent filmmakers and agencies can license, share, and archive their 4k video. See our quick intro here: https://app.nimia.com/video/35785/demo/

We are small. You will help decide what to build, what to improve on, and even how to market ourselves. We are in constant communication with our users. Sales, marketing, legal, and engineering meet up frequently to collaborate. We want team members who care about the product and each other.

== Position ==

You will be engineer #3. Responsibilities will depend on strengths and interest. Some possibilities:

  - API & Infrastructure
  - UI / UX
  - DevOps
  - Marketing / SEO

  - Experience with Django, Rails, or a server side javascript framework
  - Experience with a client side javascript framework such as Backbone or Angular
== Our Stack ==

We use Python, Django, NodeJS / IO.js, Backbone, SASS, Elasticsearch, Redis, Saltstack, AWS and some other bits and pieces.

Contact alec@nimia.com and please include:

  * 3 references
  * Github profile and/or personal website
  * Resume


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Tableau Software | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

Tableau Software is a company on a mission. We help people see and understand their data. After a highly successful IPO in 2013, Tableau has become a market-defining company in the business intelligence industry. Tens of thousands of companies and organizations have chosen Tableau. From the executive suites of Fortune 500 companies to the jungles of Central America, from immunology research labs to high school robotics club meetings, our software can be found anywhere people have data and questions. Check out all of our products at: www.tableau.com/product-tour.

Highlighted positions (full list at https://careers.tableau.com/):

* Information Security Analyst - https://bitly.com/1cXgwem Looking for a seasoned security incident handler who can help build out our internal and external IR processes, as well as help teams architect systems in a secure way. * Systems Engineer - http://bit.ly/1Ks7xPF

Apply by PM'ing me on Reddit (same username) or by clicking the apply button on the post. Feel free to reply with any questions. Cheers!


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[ original post ]

Hey all, Ivy Softworks is looking for talented, motivated team members in Seattle, WA and San Fransisco, CA (SF SoMa). We're a startup that builds startups and are providing an alternative to early stage venture capital though the creation of an Innovation Studio. We are looking for entrepreneurs seeking a new adventures. Check out our website for open opportunities: http://www.ivysoftworks.com/careers/

Current open positions:

    GUI Craftsman Ð Hybrid Web Application Developer
    Platform Development Engineer
    Software Development Engineer - OS Internals
    Distributed Systems Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Operations Engineer
    Distributed Graph Engineer
    Software Development Engineer - OSX
    Data Scientist
    Software Development Engineer - Windows
    Software Development Engineer - Test
If you are experienced and looking for specialty not listed, we're always on the lookout for those who our idea resonates strongly: shoot us an email. Some of the languages we’re looking for: C, C++, Ruby, Python, Javascript, and more. We’re developing on Windows, Mac, and Linux Positions are ONSITE.


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[ original post ]

Bonanza.com is looking for a full-stack developer with the grit to hack on Ruby/Rails at scale. We serve nearly 50,000 merchants, helping them sell 15 million items across numerous buying channels. Measured by visitor traffic, we are one of the highest volume Rails installations in Seattle.

The Full Stack Developer at Bonanza will work across a variety of projects, gravitating toward those that are most stimulating for them. Our philosophy is that developers are most productive when they are given projects that best combine their talents & interests.

Because of this customization between "person" and "projects," it is difficult to prescribe in advance the specific tasks that will comprise this job. But here is a representative sample of the challenges we're working on:

* How can we make a buyer's search experience as relevant as possible when 50,000 items match their query?

* How can we build the stickiest possible mobile buyer experience? Does that vary on tablets?

* What's it like to use the best toolset for managing an inventory of 100,000 items?

* Can we use natural language recognition to estimate the selling price of an item based on its title and category?

* What is the sexiest layout for a webstore theme?

Our challenges range up and down the stack, in a variety of technologies. If you like working at scale, to make improvements in the lives of entrepreneurs, there's plenty for us to get done together.

More info: http://www.bonanza.com/jobs

Apply: jobs@bonanza.com


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[ original post ]

Seattle | Onsite | Mid & Senior Engineers


Visa Sponsorship available

/* We're changing the way law enforcement uses technology. Our mission is to protect life and truth, making the world a safer place through smart devices and software services. We need brains and passion to make it happen. */


iOS - from low level bluetooth to interface

Back End - Facial Recognition, Data Processing, encryption @ scale, more

Firmware - RTOS & Linux

DevOps - Build automation for varied/complex operations


Front End

//contact if interested: jbrande[at]taser.com


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[ original post ]

Seattle | PicMonkey.com | Senior Backend Engineer

Here's us: looking for an engineer to work on our backend services, facilitating both our mobile and web platforms. As a small team, every member works across the entire stack from tooling/deployment all the way to HTML/CSS. We like walks in the park and keeping work fun but insanely productive.

Here’s you: hella smart in the DevOps world. You love collaborating and are able to take projects from start to completion with minimal direction. You are excited about working with a small but mighty team of engineers who are hammering away at a major delivery in the next few months, where your contributions will be essential.


* Writing and maintaining Ruby scripts to create and deploy new infrastructure to AWS.

* Writing and maintaining Chef cookbooks, roles and environments.

* Building, maintaining, and deploying Java web apps (Spring framework, Hibernate)

* Building, maintaining, and deploying JavaScript web apps (Express, WebSockets)

* Building, maintaining, and deploying Python web apps (Django)

* Honing your skills in advanced database analysis/optimization

Skills & Requirements

* Commercial software development experience, using Java/Python/Go/PHP/Ruby/similar, and MySQL.

* Nice to have: experience with payment systems

* Nice to have: experience with NoSQL systems

* Nice to have: designing services for mobile clients (and/or building those clients yourself)

If this sounds like thing of wonder to you, send your resume to jobs.engineer@picmonkey.com


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[ original post ]

Uber - Seattle, WA - Full Time

Uber has recently (3 months ago) opened an engineering office here in Seattle. We believe in owning things, and as such the engineering team here is focused fully on Uber's Scalability (think sharded database, service routing, service discovery, byte protocols replacing http, etc.).

The team is building out fast, and so far we have been putting together a great team of talent with a healthy mix of alumni from the area (Facebook, Foursquare, EMC/Isilon, Amazon, Microsoft, and several local startups). The working environment is ideal -- best ideas win, the tooling strives to let builders build, and individuals think of themselves as owners and not renters.

Come enjoy working for a hot tech startup at home in Seattle... help us build out our new office's culture... exposure yourself to amazingly tough engineering challenges...

Looking for:

- Software Engineers interested in scalability / distributed systems



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[ original post ]

PayScale is hiring a full-stack software engineer and senior software engineer in Seattle, WA, onsite, full-time. We have a service that tells you how much you should be paid in real-time and we're moving it forward with React, ES6, AWS, NServiceKit, and more. You'd be reporting to me (@alexzdangelo, Web Architect).

http://jobs.payscale.com/apply/xz2JUr http://jobs.payscale.com/apply/9J16ZG

What's it like to work at PayScale? Lots of laughter. People have lunch together. Wine and board games on Fridays. There is a buzz in the air. Feels like a startup with the stability of an established company.

What does the team do? We’re building significant new features and products using modern technologies while still modernizing our existing codebase. Lots of opportunities to learn new technologies, evangelize them to the broader team (not just developers but sometimes to designers, content writers, and marketing), set best practices, and establish the foundation for the front-end of all sites. Experimentation is highly encouraged.

Recent projects include putting PayScale.com on Amazon CloudFront, incorporating React into the build tools, building a pilot for a new product, and organizing a hack day with our friends at Chef.

We use React, ES6, gulp, Bootstrap, Less, Webpack, Babel, JSHint, ESlint, node, npm, mocha, etc., in addition to C#, IIS, ASP.NET, and Amazon Web Services. We write unit tests. We're working on the mobile strategy and exploring React Native for mobile development.

What we'll do

Help you grow in your career. Offer mentoring. Encourage normal work hours. Hackathons every three months. Lots of fun activities.

What you'll do

Full-stack development with focus on the front-end. Research and evangelize best practices and modern technologies. Work across teams and products alongside a highly functional, world-class development team.


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Glowforge - Seattle, WA - Full-time

We're looking for (more) full-stack web software engineers. We could also use an amazing visual/UI designer and a senior electrical engineer.

We're 6 months into building the a consumer-friendly laser cutter/engraver (and the the software to operate it). We call it a 3D Laser Printer because we're rolling in some pretty tremendous 3D-oriented features. The stuff we're building is straight from the pages of science fiction.

We're well-funded ($9M) and founded by three technical founders (one YC alumnus) with 7-9-figure exits.

Jobs page here: https://jobs.lever.co/glowforge


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Attack Pattern / Seattle, WA & Los Angeles, CA / Onsite, Contract and Full-Time opportunities

Attack Pattern is looking for senior to principal engineers across a variety of technologies to transform ideas into world-class digital experiences for our clients. We pride ourselves on being a place developers want to work.

We're looking for C#, Java, iOS and Android development experts to join our tight-knit team of 12 and help out our clients in the digital distribution and interactive media space.

Learn more at http://attackpattern.com/careers/ or email gabe <at> attackpattern.com


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Goodreads | San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and Seattle | Engineering full-time

We're the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations; we'd love to talk to you if you share our passion for technology and the impact we can make with it on readers and the book industry.

We are hiring engineers for several parts of our site, including our UX, Back End, iOS, Community, Android, Authors, and Social Reader teams.

Please check https://www.goodreads.com/jobs for descriptions of any of these and reach out to katd@goodreads.com if you have any questions.


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Outreach.io | Seattle, WA | Full-Time | On-Site


Outreach.io is looking for full stack developers to help us build the future of sales communication. We have a javascript front-end using React, with a Rails API backend.

We have real customers, real revenue and we're growing quickly. If you're interested, you can send me a link to your LinkedIn profile, wes at outreach.io


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zulily | Seattle, WA | Full Time | Onsite

zulily achieved $1B+ in online retail sales in 5 years, second only to Amazon. The Core Engineering and Personalization teams are looking for Software Engineers to build Machine Learning platforms to power the shopping experience. We use Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Spark, Hadoop, and bigtable - all in production today. We use those technologies to drive production algorithms that incorporate bayesian inference, multi-armed bandits, matrix factorization, and collaborative filtering.

Learn more and apply here: http://www.zulily.com/careers/position/150257 (lead engineer) http://www.zulily.com/careers/position/150226 (se 2)

or email me directly: jreagan [at] zulily.com

Our engineering blog: http://engineering.zulily.com Our open sourced projects: http://github.com/zulily


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Wordfence ; Seattle, WA; FULL TIME ; REMOTE

Full-time PHP Developer with Security Emphasis

Do you want to work in information security? How about being able to work anywhere on the Planet? On a beach in Hawaii, or taking your lunch break fly fishing a stream in Alaska.

We are a fast growing information security company. You will be working for us remotely full-time, with full benefits including medical, dental, 401K and a generous stock options package.

We are a team of four full-time employees and a handful of contractors. We’re fast moving, nimble, self managing and work in a relaxed atmosphere. Rather than working for a mega-corp, you will be working in a company where your work has real impact in the fun high-growth stages of our evolution.

We use apps like Slack, Fogbugz and Dropbox for our workflow. Each team member is World-class at what they do. We have flexible working hours and we are a diverse team ranging in age and location from Maine to Redmond to Knoxville to Florida.

All permanent positions will involve a trial period of approximately 1 month with a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week. You will be paid for this time and it will be used to evaluate whether both parties want to pursue a permanent position.

We have the following position open:

Full-time PHP Developer with Security Emphasis

For required skills, please see our blog (post is too long for HN).


If you think you are a fit for this role, we want to hear from you. Please use the application link below to apply and note that as part of the application process we require that you include some source code. The application form has all the information you need. (Links to a form on Workable)


Full post is on our blog:



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Security jobs @ Amazon. Seattle|Austin|Dublin|Sydney http://security.amazon-jobs.com


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Message Systems is hiring in Seattle and Columbia Md. Seattle: Operations Engineer: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/operat... Sr. Operations Engineer: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/senior... SRE: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/site-r... Chief Information Security Officer (Seattle or Columbia): https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/chief-...

Columbia: Application Software Engineer: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/applic... Sr. Application Software Engineer: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/senior... Software Engineer Platform: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/softwa... Software Engineer-Sustaining Engineering: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/softwa... Software Test Automation Engineer: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/softwa... Systems Administrator: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/system... Technical Business Analyst: https://www.messagesystems.com/careers/open-positions/techni...


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Curalate (NYC, SEATTLE OR PHILLY!) Apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/curalate#.VZQmUxPBzGf

Curalate is the world’s leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web. We help brands tell their story through imagery in order to drive consumer engagement, build brand awareness, and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with consumers. Our team consists of startup veterans, social media savants, pixel pushers, and big-data bosses. Oh, and we’re building a platform that’s already in use by hundreds of the world’s leading brands.

We're not language zealots; we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase.

Full Stack Engineers - Languages: Scala, Javascript

  -  Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard

  -  Databases: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, CloudSearch

  -  Frameworks: Finagle, Storm, Scalatra, Lift

  -  Front End/Mobile: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Ionic

DevOps - Build and Deployment: Jenkins, Chef, Packer, Asgard

  -  Frameworks/Infrastructure: AWS, Finagle, Storm, Scalatra, Lift, Kafka, ZooKeeper

  -  Datastores: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, CloudSearch

  -  Front End/Mobile: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Ionic

  -  Languages: Scala, Javascript

Front End (Solutions) Engineer - As a Front End (solutions) engineer, you’ll play dual roles of web developer and technical project manager. As a web developer, you’ll write tight HTML, CSS, and Javascript to seamlessly integrate and customize Curalate’s products. Your work will be highly-visible -- over five million customers will see it every day -- so the margin for error is small. Because Curalate’s DNA is that of a software company, you can expect best-of-class tooling and processes (think code reviews, linting, etc.) to support every integration you work on.

Product Manager - - Work with founders to document the long-term vision into a coherent roadmap.

  -  Translate long-term vision into actionable short-term and medium-term roadmaps.

  -  Write goldilocks specs -- enough to get the feature built, no more.

  -  Work with design and engineering teams to research feature feasibility and cost review specs (functional specs, wireframes, and visual designs)

  -  keep products on track by rapidly removing roadblocks identity, gather, and analyze success metrics

Product Design - - Create interaction models, screen designs, and UI details that promote ease of use and optimize the user experience

  -  Manage multiple projects, working closely between product and engineering

  -  Iterate on your ideas quickly and effectively

  -  Obsess over details and consistency, but see the bigger picture

  -  Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product and executive team

  -  Own and maintain our product style guide