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Sydney - 4 jobs in July 2015

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AWS is looking for Security Engineers of all skill levels!

Locations: Seattle (WA), Herndon (VA), New York (NY), Sydney (AUS), and Dublin (IRL)

All positions are full time with benefits and possible international relocation/visa sponsorship for great candidates.

AWS is one of the world's largest cloud hosting environments and we're looking to scale up its existing fleet of security engineers. We're looking for engineers passionate in the areas of:

* Security engineering

* Red team / penetration testing

* Incident response

* Cryptography

* Network protocols

* Application Security

* Web application

* Large scale automation tasks

* And pretty much any other topic related to Information Security

No prior knowledge of AWS is required, however it would be preferable.

Interested candidates should send their resumes as a PDF to => osmans @@ amazon . com <= with the subject line "HN Thread".

(keywords: cloud, security, information security, and begrudgingly 'cyber')


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Pageload - Remote - Full time

Pageload (pageload.io) is a new service that aims to make websites faster by acting as a transparent proxy between the origin and a CDN. Pageload is based in Sydney, Australia but has a global customer base and aims to be a global service when publicly launched. Pageload recenly aquired venture captial to accelerate the global rollout. We strongly believe that everyone who wants to work with us does it because it's an area they like to spend time in, be it jpeg headers or shaving cpu cycles off css minifacation. We don't have requirements as to when or from where you work -- that's most often best decided by yourself.

Our platform is [at the moment] built with nodejs. We are (currently) looking for one position:

- nodejs developer: your main job will be to expand the functionality of pageload in terms of what we can optimise (for size or speed) as well as generally improving the application, its resiliency and infrastructure. A strong background in javascript/nodejs as well as experience with C is preferred since that's where you will do most of your work (unless you can convince the team there's a better tool for the job). Experience with Amazon infrastructure is also a plus.

Feel free to shoot us an email to [jobs at pageload.io] or ping me on IRC (jbergstroem@freenode) if you'd like to talk. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Security jobs @ Amazon. Seattle|Austin|Dublin|Sydney http://security.amazon-jobs.com


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Digital Carpenter [ http://www.digitalcarpenter.com.au/ ] | Sydney, Australia

Digital Carpenter is, at the moment, just me. I’m an experienced consultant, full-stack analyst/developer, and entrepreneur. I’ve been running the company since 2008, building products, advising clients and developing custom web applications. I’ve used freelancer and o-desk but now need a full-timer to help move the company in a new and greater direction.

About the job

* You will contribute to the concept, design and development of internal products and custom client applications.

* Write and maintain the front and back-end code for custom client Web Applications.

* Implement written processes to optimise performance.

* Work independently while staying within deadlines.

* Setup and maintain the servers that run the Web Applications.

* There is scope to learn new languages and platforms, and for the right candidate, become involved in all aspects of the client and product life cycle.

* Developing content managed sites using Drupal, including creating custom modules, themes etc.

* Annual salary of around $80k (inclusive of super)

* Full-time Sydney CBD based role. No remote available.

About you

* Enjoys programming and technology.

* Knows at least one back-end programming language really well. (Most new work will be in PHP using Laravel, but you need to be pragmatic about language use)

* Enjoys brainstorming solutions, drawing on whiteboards, discussing options, and understanding problems.

* You know your way around Linux, or are willing to learn.

* Know how to install and configure a database. PostgreSQL would be great.

* Use MVC frameworks, but could also build a site without one (or write their own basic one) if needed.

* Can design and build relational database schemas based on the description of an applications requirements.

* Use a front-end framework like Bootstrap.

* You're fluent in the latest versions of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

* Familiar with Git and GitHub

* Given a design guide, you could easily create a website that seamlessly matches.

* Keen to grow and learn more about business, products, marketing and sales.

* You hit the ground running when given a project code-base.

To apply, email jobs@<company domain name>. Please add a paragraph or so introducting yourself in the body of the email, and attach your CV.